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Old 8th January 2012
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How to Seduce Males (For Ladies)

Saree is considered as the most sensuous, elegant dress made for ladies in teh world. It makes any men to keep looking at the beauty of a lady who wears saree. Saree makes a lady look sensuous, sexy and beautiful

The sari is a length of cloth measuring from about 4 to 8 meters by about 120 centimeters (13 to 26 feet by about 4 feet), which is draped around the entire body.

The personal pleasure of draping saree unstitched fluid garment over and around the body, adjusting it with little tucks and pulls to suit one's own particular form, is sensuous. It creates a picture of flowing grace that conceals as much as it reveals. Though the saree is simply a rectangular piece of fabric, after a lady wears it make her look so sensuous and make any men look at her from head to toe.

I have put some sexiest saree pics. Read below to know how to wear a saree and make men mad about your sexy body.

1. Choose the Saree

The saree you choose should be very attractive. Try to choose bright colored or dark colored saree. Make sure that it is semi transaprent. Sarees with more designs or chamkis will not make more attractive. See to that saree will have very simple design but more attractive. Get sarees with less chamkis. Than silk saree, cotton saree the satin sarees, semi transaprent sarees makes man to keep seeing you and your body. Other ladies may also be jealous about your sexy looks.

2. Panties

Before wearing anything of your beautiful body, you will be wearing panties. When wearing saree, panties are optional. Since you will be wearing petticoat (long skirt), no one will know whether you are wearing a panty or not. But I prefer you ladies to wear a panty. Whenever we hungry men see you ladies from behind we see your ass first. If your ass is round and stiff it makes us more sensual. So choose your panty so that the panty will hold your ass properly and make it perfect. Panties gives your ass a perfect shape. But suppose if you want your ass to juggle and seduce hungry men then dont wear panties. Ladies juggling ass makes any men create tent in his pant. But also if you sexy ladies wear panty, we men can see the panty line (the sexy V shape of your panty elastic) clearly from behind which is also more attractive and any men I can bet you will imagine about your sexy soft panties you wear. So think before wearing a saree whether you are planning to juggle your ass and create tent in the hungry men's pant or show them your sexy soft panty line and make hungry men think about your panty and masturbate. Below are some pics I have tried to put so show you the panty and the panty line how it looks. Will search more pics.

3. Wear Petticoat

Petticoat is nothing but a long skirt which ladies wear before wearing a saree. Petticoat are necessary when you wear a saree. While choosing a petticoat, select the matching color for your saree. I have seen many ladies wearing same color petticoat of what they wear saree. But I prefer if you wear a light shade of the saree color, for example if you are wearing pink color saree, try to get light pink petticoat. Do you know why sexy ladies? Whenever you ladies sit and put your one leg on your other leg, we can see your petticoat, that time the shade of saree color and petticoat color looks dark and light which gives an elegant look. But at the same time if you are wearing dark colors like black, dark red, marron sarees, try to wear the exact matching colored petticoat. otherwise it may look awkward.

One more important thing ladies, please keep this in mind. I have seen many ladies tieing their petticoat above the belly button (navel). This will make men not to look at you only. Because we hungry men like to see the belly, hip and especially the sexy belly button you have. Swear this is a gift for you ladies. You are lucky and great to have these assets. Shave your pubic hairs neatly before you wear a petticoat. While tieing the petticoat make sure that it fits your ass perfectly. I mean to say when you wear a petticoat it should be correct fit at your ass part. Tie the petticoat just one centimeter above the ass crack. Do not tie it too above. And also do not tie it too below. Try to make men feel hungry to see your sexy assets rather than showing everything. So I suggest, you sexy ladies to tie the petticoat just 1 centimeter above your ass crack, its ok if slightly your ass crack is visible, but dont show much dears. In front, if you are not shaving your pubic hairs, the hairs may be visible if you tie the petticoat below your belly button. So shave your pubic hairs neatly. While tieing your petticoat make sure you are tieing it below your belly button and it should be as if the pussy if almost visible. But dont not show too much. So keep in mind, from behind 1 cm above your sexy ass crack and infront below your sexy belly button.

Below are some pics of Petticodes and petticode color codes

4. Choosing Bra
Bra plays very important role for any kind of dress you ladies wear. But when you are wearing saree, I suggest you sexy ladies, to wear a pointed Bra rather than cup or round shapped bra. Hope by this time you would know the reason. If you are wearing a cup bra or a round shapped bra, your boobs will not be projected properly to seduce any guys. So think before choosing your bra when you are wearing a blouse and saree.

So when you wear a bra, make sure that your bra is of good quality. Do not buy bra of low quality. Because the elastic used in low quality may create rashes in the under boobs part. There are many branded companies which provide a shapely, good quality bra. Try to get some bra which push your boobs upwards and keep the boobs stiff, so that your boobs are projected front clearly. If you do this after wearing saree, the side view will be sensuous and mind blowing. Pointed bra makes the saree pallu to sit stiff and also give an elegant look for a Indian lady with good boobs.

Ladies if you don't have proper boobs size then I suggest you to wear a padded bra. So that atleast your boobs look little projected. But ladies with good boobs structure please wear pointed bra.

Remember ladies, your boobs are the main attraction when you wear Saree. So keep them projected, stiff and seducing.

I will put some pics of pointed bras . Just check them and let me know if I was correct.

Here are some nice pics of projected boobs. Have look and then decided sexy ladies.

to be continued.....................

Coming next

5. Blouse stitching
6. How to wear Saree to look sexy and seduce hungry men
7. Types of Sandals to wear
8. Other accessories to wear when wearing sarees
9. Hair styles for saree
10. How to walk, stand while wearing saree

Please give comments to continues. Ladies if you liked this article please leave a message. will give more tips.

Please DO NOT post any personal information like email id or phone number in a public forum. If you do so, it might result in a lot of spam flooding your inbox, for which Xossip will not be responsible.


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Old 12th January 2012
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How to Seduce Females (For boys)?

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Old 20th January 2012
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Old 20th January 2012
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Old 5th March 2012
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nice tips

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Old 5th March 2012
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Old 4th May 2012
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Old 4th May 2012
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Old 26th May 2013
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come on dude continue

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Old 26th May 2013
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nice..Thank you..I dont wear saree.Can you tell me tips for wearing churidar or jean top?
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