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Old 8th August 2010
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Old 21st August 2010
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Very good keep it up

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Old 7th September 2010
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Old 8th September 2010
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Where the story yaar

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Old 9th September 2010
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very nice story

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Old 12th September 2010
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nice one man

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47 is ur age dear....all the best....enjoy

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Old 31st October 2010
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Originally Posted by me_a_magician View Post

Namita was sipping the drink very slowly and loved the attention she was
getting from this young college guy. It was really flattering for her
being still compared with a young college girl. Sudesh was playing the
game slowly he already has won the battle when his letters were accepted
by her still he was not sure whether those letters have been torn away
or kept by her. Vikas trying to involve himself asked Sudesh, "Apni
Girlfriends ko kabhi love letters bhi likhte ho kya?" Just for a second
Sudesh and Namita's eyes met and she lowered her eyes,." Letters to kuch
khaas girls ko hi likhe jaate hain, maine bus ek girl ko letter likhe
hai." "Achcha kise" Asked Vikas. Namita's heart was beating very fast
she quickly emptied her glass of whisky. But Sudesh continuous referring
of her as a girl was making her feel good. "Ye main abhi nahin bata
sakta kyonki uska jawab nahin mila hai." "Theek hai bhai jawab mile to
zaroor batana" "Zaroor". He carefully winked at Namita. Vikas caught
that but acted otherwise.

Sudesh again made pegs for all three of them and asked Vikas "Just last
one for all". The authority in his voice was such that they both took
their glasses. "Bhabhiji kisi din aap mere saath college chalna @jeans T
shirt mein, dekhna saab aapko meri girlfriend samjhenge." She quickly
looked at her husband hoping he would be angry with this, but Vikas was
smiling, "Idea bura nahin hai Namita ye bhi pata chalega ki abhi bhi
tumme wo baat hai ki nahin." "Aab chodo bhi dono hi mere peeche pad
gaye." Namita showing mock anger. Both men laughed. All of them sipping
their drinks and again for Vikas it was very difficult to control and
Namita was also getting the effect now. "Bhai ab main khana kaise serve
karoongi?". "Are fikar nahin bhabhiji main help karoonga na." Sudesh
again winked at her, which again made her blush. One thing was sure for
Sudesh that she is in his grip now. Vikas also feeling sad that his
faithful wife of 8 years is attracted towards this young lad he also got
the idea that this is the first time that both have come close and
nothing has gone between them before today and it was also giving him
some sort of pleasure he has never experienced earlier. Vikas feeling in
control now but was acting like he is out of his senses he just lay
there half closing his eyes. "Lagata hai inko jyada ho gayi hai, main
khana lagaati hoon.". "Ok".

Namita got up and went inside the kitchen. Sudesh did no attempt of
going behind . Vikas felt this strange as he was expecting him to go
with Namita and taking some advances in the kitchen, Sudesh was thinking
otherwise, he thought "jo mazza husband ke saamne flirt karne mein aa
raha hai wo wahan nahin, aur ye saala to ludak gaya lagta hai. Phir abhi
to puri raat baki hai." Dinner was taken quietly by all of them. Vikas
was acting like he was drunk like never before but he was fully aware
that how his beautiful wife was being seduce every moment by this
college leader.

After dinner they all made themselves comfortable on floor and after
dishes Namita went inside her bedroom and when she came out Sudesh's
eyes almost popped out as she was in her nighty. It was a three piece
pink nighty. Her milky boobs her shapely smooth legs and her smooth arms
all were in decent expose in front of his hungry eyes Vikas also shocked
by her bold move but didn't reacted as we was acting to dizzy and just
about to sleep She came and just sat beside Vikas in front of Sudesh.
They again started chatting whereas Vikas seems the least interested She
was asking Sudesh about his family and his native and he also telling
her everything never leaving his eyes from her shapely body. She is also
feeling his eyes roaming all over her body and loving exposing her body
to a stranger for a first time.

Vikas at the moment is getting the maximum pleasure watching his
beautiful wife exposing so much in front of him. He acted sleepy and
started making sounds of snoring. "Lo Boss to so gaye, inke kharrate
main aapko neend aa zaati hai bhabhi ji?" Namita bit embarrassed by this
said "thodi der mein band ho jayenge." "Boss so gaye to mujhe chalna
chahiye?" he tested "Are baitho na abhi neend nahin aa rahi hai" Her
answer relieved both the men. "Actually khana kha kar pant mein baithna
bhari ho raha hai." "Oh main inka night suit de deti hoon". "Are nahin
koi lungi ho to de do" She brought a silk lungi of Vikas and handed him
Tum change karo main rahul ko dekh kar aati hoon. Sudesh in front of
Vikas changed into Lungi and Vikas got the shock of his life when he saw
from his half closed eyes that Sudesh after wearing Lungi has put down
his under wear and carefully put it inside his pants pocket and put the
pant on a sofa nearby and again made himself on the floor. He has also
opened few buttons of his shirt showing his broad hairy chest.

Namita came and sat beside Vikas but this time a little closer to
Sudesh. "to aap mere saath date par aaogi" He again asked "Kya karoge
date par le ja ke?" She asked "Ghumenge phirenge aish karenge aur kya?"
"Kya aish karoge" "jo possible hoga". Sudesh and Vikas both men have
stiff dicks now. "Maine to jab se aapko dekha hai yehi tamanna ki hai".
"Kya date par le jane ki?" "Nahin aapke saath aish karne ki".

"Yeh kaisa sota hai" his tone suddenly changed about Vikas. "Abhi soye
to subah 10 bajetak nahin uthnewale." "Chootiya hai saala". Vikas
shocked at this sudden change. Namita was also shocked but was not as
angry as she should be. "Kya bol rahe ho" "Aur kya itni sexy wife ko ek
jawan ladke ke satth de kar so raha hai, chutiya nahi to aur kya hai,
Chootiya Gaandu hai?" He asked again. His sudden use of abusive words
had taken Namita by surprise Vikas also was getting the erection of his
life and he thought he would ejaculate very soon.

"Sun - tune mere letters ka jawab nahin diya?" He now using Tu instead
of AAP. "diya to tha, wohi saree pehni thi jo tumne likha tha pehn ne
ko." Sudesh deliberately made the slit of his lungi open exposing his
hard dick and heavy balls but kept casually talking as is nothing had
happened. "par kuch jawab deti to mazaa aata na." Namita was shocked
when she saw his dick and balls she lowered her eyes but couldn't hide
her blushing face. "Ye bata is gaandu ke saath teri kaisi gujar rahi
hai?" "Theek hai" Vikas was surprised that she was not objecting when
Sudesh used the word "Gandu" for him. "Roz deti hai isse". "Nahin".
Namita's pussy was also getting wet by this sexy atmosphere. She was
glancing at Sudesh's huge dick and balls every minute. Sudesh seeing the
effect of his throbbing cock on this housewife started rubbing his cock
with his hand once in a while but making no further attempt, but just
kept talking. "To hafte mein ktni baar deti hai?" "ek" "Bas, main kehta
hoon na saala Gaandu hai.." "Tere ko jyada karne ka man nahin karta?"
She didn't answer "Bol karta hai ki nahin" . "karta hai". "kitni baar"

Vikas was shocked, his wife was telling every intimate details of them
to this guy and never once she objected humiliating words used for her
hubby. "Tere jaisi sexy maal ko bhukha rakh kar so raha hai chutiya
saala." He opened his lungi and showed his rod to her and asked, "Aisa
lauda hai uska". Her eyes popped out with shock and kept staring at his
throbbing hard cock for a while - it was twice as big as her hubby's.
Vikas also admitted when he saw with his half close eyes. "bol aisa
lauda hai" "nahin" "phir kaisa hai dikha zara". She looked questioningly
at him. Vikas also a bit shocked by this and in his fear his cock began
to shrink very fast. "haan saale ki pant khol kar dikha mujhe" "Agar uth
gaye to" "Darr mat agar utha to saale ki Gaand marroonga yahi tere
saamne" "chal khol kar dikha". Namita very carefully opened his zip
stretched down his undie and bring out a limp cock in her hand it felt
like dead mouse. "Isse kaise chodta hai ye tujhko" Sudesh stood up with
his proud erection and came close to her "doosre hath se isko pakad le"
Namita hesitatingly put another hand on Sudesh's big cock, it felt
burning hot in her soft hand.

Sudesh getting the thrill of his life time, never in his dream he
thought that he will make this beauty his slave. Vikas again feeling
excited and his cock also beginning to grow in her hand. "Chal chhod uss
Gaandu ko aur le ise chakh." He put his hand over her head and forced
her a bit to take his dick in her mouth. She opened her mouth a little
and he forced his dick inside - he kept rubbing her cheeks and said
"thoda aur khol saali pura lund lena hai tujhe" She opened her mouth
wide and he pushed his cock deep inside up to her throat. It gagged her
a bit but she kept sucking it. Vikas cock grew a little seeing his
lovely wife giving head so easily to this boy. He got this pleasure
hardly one or two times in this whole eight years. "Wah - ye hui na baat
mazaa aa gaya." He then brought out his cock and made her sit right
beside her hubby and then he too sat down and then he said, "mujhe
chumma de" She without hesitation grabbed his face with both hand and
furiously French kissed him he also grabbed her body hard and they
kissed furiously for long just a few inches away from Vikas. Sudesh
grabbed her boobs over her nighty and squeezed them hard, She was
breathing heavily. Namita whispered, "Bedroom mein chalein". But they
were so close to Vikas that he could hear then also. "Nahin - yahin
chodunga tujhe tere is gaandu husband ke paas." "Bole to ise jagaa doon
aur phir chodu." "Nahin please ise sone do". She also put Vikas's cock
which was considerably harder now inside his pants and zipped it. "kyon
pati ka lund dekh kar sharam aa rahi hai." Sudesh smiled. Namita kept quiet.

He removed her nighty and soon they both were naked and lying beside
Vikas. Sudesh was so aroused by the fact that her hubby is sleeping
beside that he almost made her lay sticking with Vikas and Vikas whose
nasha was gone with these events was experiencing all this very closely.
Namita though afraid that her hubby might wake up still she was so wet
and desperate at the moment that she only think about a brutal fuck
nothing less. Sudesh was laying naked over her body and kissing her
slowly all over her body.

"Saali kab se tujhe chodne ki soch raha tha aaj mauka hath laga hai wo
bhi is chutiye ki baazu mein. Bol tujhe kaun si position pasand hai?"
"yehi" "kisi aur position mein choda hai is gaandu ne?" "nahin" "phir
tujhe kaise pata chalega? Koi baat nahin aab to sab ka maja doonga
tujhe." "karo jaldi" Namita got desperate. Sudesh enjoyed that, "karo
kya karo". Namita understood that he is taking advantage of her deperate
situation. "Chodo Mujhe" She cried "Phir se bol , mera naam le kar bol."
"Chodo mujhe Sudesh chodo jaldi daal do please fuck me Sudesh fuck me."
This satisfied Sudesh's ego and further humiliated Vikas and put is cock
over her dripping pussy and pushed hard. "aaahhhhhhh" It went inside
with a brutal force and reached the depth where she never experienced so
far. She pushed her hips upwards to meet his thrusts and soon they were
fucking in a rhythmic motion the rhythm also felt by Vikas. And he
ejaculated in his pants, to hide his vibrations during ejaculation he
immediately turn back towards them. Seeing her move Namita was afraid a
bit but Sudesh assured her, "Don't worry ye nahin uthega aur utha to
gaand marwayega. Chal le le mera. Bol maza aa rha hai ki nahin?' "haan
bahut mazaa aa rha hai please fuck me hard zor se" "le saali zor se le
le"." Is chutiye ne kabhi aisa choda hai?" "nahin kabhi nahin" he then
turned upside down and she was on top of him She has seen such poses in
movies and pics but never experienced this but soon she found the rhythm
and there fucking went on smoothly he grabbed both her juggling boobs
and squeezed them hard. Namita has never experienced such wonderful
fucking earlier and she already has come twice but this stud is
unstoppable and fucking her like a mad horse. She lovingly kissed him
again and keep bouncing her ass of his balls and was now verge of
another climax but Sudesh also has increased his thrusts and started
squeezing her boobs harder, She also increased the rhythm and both
breathing heavily came together he ejaculated tones of cum inside her
and due their position lot of cum dripping out of her cunt over his balls.

simply superb , magician bhai bahut zabardast likhte ho . mujhe ye namita story itni erotic aur sexy lagi k maine story padte padte teeno characters ke naam change karke vikas ko mera naam , namita ko apni wife ka aur sudesh ko apney us friend ka naam de diya jiska lunn mere lunn se x2 hai aur tattey mere se x3 size ke hain . main us friend ki school mein bund liya karta tha aur uska 9 inch ka lunn choosa karta tha
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I've written a lot of stories about desi women in shalwar kameez wearing heavy boots, who are dominating by nature and use their slaves like dogs.

Pls DONOT advertise other sites/forums on Xossip. Consider this as your last warning, if you are found doing it again it will result in an IP ban. Please see THIS for more information.


Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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continue hindu muslim sex stories.

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