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This is a novel by Samit Bhai taken from Hotfile
My name is Anita Singh. I live in a small town of Uttar Pradesh. Presently I am 32 years of age, married. I got
married at the age of 25 to Rajesh, who was a shop-owner. My married life started smooth and I was happy with
everything. Rajesh and I shared a very good and close relation. My sex life also was quite regular and satisfactory.
But bitterness in my life started when Rajesh and I decided we are going to have an issue after two years of our
marriage. When even after one year of unprotected copulation I was not getting pregnant, we were very concerned.
There was pressure from my in laws also. I was really confused why this was happening. I had my periods regularly
and physically also I had a very developed figure from my teenage itself. I never thought that I could land up in
such a problem!
I was 27 years then, had a somewhat fair complexion, 5 feet 2 inches height, oval face, and amply built. As I said I
had a developed figure from my teens with 32 breast size and flaring hips from my college days. I was conscious
about my diet so that I do not add additional flesh on my hips. I always got a good male attention on road or at any
gathering, which I could sense, though I was pretty conservative in dressing. In that sense I was very shy
regarding these matters, which was really due to my upbringing and the small town we lived in. I was adequately
gifted by god at proper places in my body though with somewhat heavy bottoms. I was pretty active and fit with
regular menses.
Rajesh took me to a number of doctors. I was very shy initially though we went to female gynecologists. But I felt
very embarrassed in that process of examination where each time I had to open my sari, salwar kamiz, or whatever
I was wearing and even pull down my panty. To tell honestly I had a real turn on when the doctor touched my
private organs for examining purpose, though she was a female I got triggered she was actually examined my
breasts or nipples or my hairy pussy. I instantly got wetness down there and it reflected very apparently on my
panty, which was rather uncomfortable for me. The doctors gave medicines and asked for lab tests, but there was
no result.
Rajesh then took me to the city doctor, but I made him very clear that I would go for a checkup only to a lady
doctor. But all those resulted in nothing positive. My mother-in-law took me to homeopaths, who also could not yield
any result for me. The relation between Rajesh and me was also getting bitter. At the same time I realized I was
not at all getting any sexual pleasure out of copulation, rather it seemed to be an exercise to achieve something.
Days went by and I did not even realize that another year was gone! I was 28 years by then. I remained so
depressed all day and had a real hard time.
Then one day Rajesh told me that he has decided to go to a male gynecologist who is an expert in infertility cases
in the city again. I was really very rigid about not going to the male gynecologist out of my shyness. I think any
normal lady would avoid that because the fact remains you have to expose your breasts and pussy in front of a
male, may it be for examination purpose. So I was really rigid on my stand about avoiding a male doctor and before
this could land up in a harsh confrontation between my husband and me, one of my neighbors, Meera, had a proposal
to my mother-in-law.
If I can quote my neighbor’s words to my mother-in-law,
”Aunty-ji, you have tried so many doctors for Anita, but you did not get any result. Anita told she even went to the
city for a checkup. You applied homeopath also, but she is not yet blessed with a child. Look at her; she looks so
depressed all day. Why don’t you take Anita to Rampur to Guru-ji’s ashram Aunty-ji? Two of my relatives got
result; they were childless for 4-5 years. They went to him, took “diksha” and his herbal medications changed their
lives. And our Anita is only married for three years! Before her case goes too worse, you make a visit to Guru-ji, as
he can do miracles.”
Its not that we had not heard of this sadhu-baba at Rampur, but his ashram was very far off from our town. He
had cured some critical diseases and some childless cases also. I was really searching a way to avoid this male
doctor checkup and at the same time a hope to get a child made me readily jump into this proposal. My mother-inlaw
also convinced my husband by saying,
“Rajesh, I think what Meera says makes sense. Since we have tried some doctors and tests were all normal, lets not
waste more time on that right now. These sadhu-babas really can do miracles and as Meera was saying the herbal
medicines worked for his relatives who were childless for 5 years.”
In my mind I was so thankful to Meera for her timely idea. At that point I was indeed trying my best to avoid
probing my body by a male gynecologist, but little could I guess that this ashram visit would actually be a shameful
remembrance for me lifelong. The way I was exploited in the name of “diksha”, in the name of “treatment”, and in
the name of “jagya” makes me feel so ashamed even today, after so many years. I was exploited so very cleverly
and emphatically at every level and my desire to get a child was so high that I allowed everything crossing every
limit of decency and modesty.
It was one week stay in the ashram of Guru-ji at Rampur and within that period I had to allow at least half a dozen
males to enjoy my 28-year-old fully matured figure from all angles – seeing, touching, examining, groping, squeezing,
and all one can think of except fucking, because that crowning was done by Guru-ji himself! I had to shed all my
shyness and was virtually treated like a slut during my treatment under Guru-ji. I am really amazed when I look
back at those seven days about how I allowed all that! Probably Guru-ji’s mesmerizing personality and my eventual
desire to get the child at all cost made me act such lewdly from a shy modest housewife.
Rampur. Guru-ji’s ashram was situated here, a small village, which was surrounded by mountains on all the sides.
There was a big pond with very clear water just beside the ashram, which made it like a heaven with cool breeze
blowing and there was absolutely no signs of pollution. My mother-in-law came with me. Rajesh ultimately was not
able to make it with me, my mother-in-law took me there. There was a substantial crowd waiting for darshan of
Guru-ji. We had made an appointment so that we could talk privately to him regarding my problem. I was a quite
afraid seeing Guru-ji, who was hugely built, almost 6 feet in height with a stout figure. He was wearing a saffron
dress and his voice was calm and reverberating. A feeling of obedience would automatically come seeing and
listening to this man.
My mother-in-law narrated about my purpose of visit and Guru-ji listened to it very intently. There were two more
persons who were his disciples probably in that room apart from me, my mother-in-law and Guru-ji. One of them
was taking some notes as my mother-in-law was detailing my problem.
Guru-ji: Mata-ji, I am glad that you have brought your bahu to me regarding this problem. I want to make one thing
very clear that I cannot do miracles, but if she takes ‘diksha’ under me and performs what I suggest faithfully, she
would not return with empty hands. Mata-ji, the treatment path is not easy in these cases and if your bahu can
walk on that path, there is no reason why she would not have a child in a year’s time. Of course, provided after the
treatment, she meets with her husband on my suggested days.
The words were so convincing that I was more than eager to take ‘diksha’ under him and start the ‘treatment’ at
that very moment. My mother-in-law also expressed the same to Guru-ji.
Guru-ji: Mata-ji, before you agree you should first know my norms. I do not keep any devotee in darkness. There
are three stages in achieving the coveted goal of being a mother here. They are ‘diksha’, ‘herbal treatment’ and
‘jagya’. Your bahu has to stay here for five days at a stretch to complete the diksha and the herbal treatment
starting from a full moon night. If I feel that is enough to attain the goal, she might leave on the sixth day, but if
a ‘jagya’ is required depending on her case, she would have to stay for another two days making it 7 continuous
days. She has to abide by my ashram rules, which my disciple will tell you.
We were listening to his mesmeric voice and I must say it had some hypnotic effect. I did not see any offensive
norms in what he said and so was my mother-in-law and I gave the nod to take ‘diskha’ and do the ‘treatment’ under
Guru-ji: Sanjeev, please note down her personal details before proceeding and let her know in details about ashram
rules and regulations. Beti, you go with him to the next room. Mata-ji, you can ask me if you have any other
questions and concerns other than this issue.
I alighted from the ground and followed Guru-ji’s disciple, Sanjeev. We went to the adjacent room and he asked me
to sit to the couch that was there in that room. He remained standing. He was around my age only, around 35-40
years with an average body and a calm, smiling face.
Sanjeev: Madam, my name is Sanjeev. You just don’t worry since you have come to Guru-ji. I have seen several
women who benefitted from his unique and very special treatment. But you have to obey it completely as he says.
I said, “Yes of course. I will definitely try to do that. I have been suffering for this now almost three years.”
Sanjeev: Don’t worry Madam. Let me now tell you about what you have to do. You will appear here next Monday
afternoon before 7:00 p.m. That day is a full moon night, so you will have ‘diksha’. Madam, please do not bring your
sari etc. as our ashram has a dress code and you will be given saris, which are specially washed with herbal
detergents, and also Madam, no ornaments are allowed here. Actually speaking we offer everything here, so there
is no need to bring anything.
I was a bit puzzled about the “sari” part, as I have not seen any woman in the ashram till then. He just mentioned
about wearing the saffron sari, but what about blouse and petticoat. I cannot just wear a sari. Sanjeev probably
understood what I was wondering.
Sanjeev: Madam, you must have noticed that Guru-ji told me to note your “personal details”, so you do not worry
about blouse etc. In our ashram we provide everything staring from hair clip to slippers.
He laughed a little and I also was relieved. Still I was wondering about my undergarments; will the ashram provide
that also I was puzzled!
Sanjeev: Madam, please answer to my questions honestly. And Madam one thing please do not feel shy here and
don’t be introvert because you have come here for a goal and we are just here to make you achieve that.
I felt very confident hearing Sanjeev’s words, otherwise was a bit nervous.
Sanjeev: Do you have regular periods Madam?
Me: Yes, very rarely do I miss.
Sanjeev: When did you last have an irregular period?
Me: Three to four months back may be. I took some medicine and cleared it.
Sanjeev: What’s your approximate period date Madam?
Me: 22nd or 23rd of a month.
Sanjeev was noting down as I was answering. So he was not in direct eye contact with me, so I was finding it easy
to answer such personal questions. Otherwise I have never talked about these to anyone except to the doctors I
Sanjeev: Madam do you have heavy periods or moderate? Do you feel any additional pain, discomfort other than the
Me: Moderate, 2-3 days. No, normal.
Sanjeev: Okay Madam, rest of the more intimate details will be taken up by Guru-ji when you will be in the ashram.
I was a bit comfortable hearing that though was thinking on what “intimate details” would the Guru-ji take from
me. Sanjeev continued the conversation and I almost stammered answering his next question feeling very shy
sharing this sort of information to an unknown male.
Sanjeev: Madam, now about ashram dress code. We will give you four herbal washed saffron saris for your sevenday
stay. Generally I have seen that is sufficient, but we do have additional also if needed. What is the size that
your wear? I mean blouse…
Me: Err, I mean why do you need that?
I knew that was foolish to ask, but it came out just spontaneous and went into a more uncomfortable conversation.
Sanjeev: Madam, in our ashram we provide sari, blouse and petticoat to the women who come for ‘diskha’ and
‘treatment’. So for that only I need the size.
Me: Okay, its 32.
I noticed Sanjeev noted the figure and looked for a second directly at my erect boobs under the cover of my
blouse and sari as if trying to measure the 32 size through his eyes.
Sanjeev: Madam, since mostly the women who come for ‘diksha’ to Guru-ji are from rural areas and as you also know
many of them do not wear any undergarment, we have no provision for that. But since you are coming from the
town, please carry your undergarments, but remember to get it sterilized here herbally, as you are not allowed to
wear anything, which is nonsterile after ‘diksha’.
I nodded with a smiling face and was a lot relieved hearing this.
Sanjeev: Thanks Madam. You can leave now and appear here on Monday afternoon. .
I returned with my mother-in-law who sounded very optimistic about the Guru-ji as she had a talk while I was in
the other room with Sanjeev and she assured me not to get tensed being there alone, but to faithfully obey Guru-ji
as he instructs. I was happy overall, but little could I anticipate what was in store for me in those seven days in the
Next Monday, I went out with my mother-in-law again for Rampur to Guru-ji’s ashram. In my bag I practically took
nothing, as Guru-ji’s disciple Sanjeev told that everything would be available there, except for a spare set of
clothing including a sari, blouse and petticoat and some money for emergency purpose. I took two sets of my
undergarments and one set I was already wearing and thought that it would be enough for seven days.
Sanjeev greeted us with smiling faces. We went to Guru-ji and he gave ashirwad to both of us and after some
general talks, my mother-in-law went back and I was all alone in the ashram with Guru-ji and his disciples. Today I
saw two more disciples apart from Sanjeev and another one I had met the other day.
Guru-ji: Beti, be comfortable here. Can I call you by name?
Me: Certainly Guru-ji.
I was feeling a bit uncomfortable in front of five males, as I was the only woman there. They were all looking at me.
I was wearing a light colored cotton sari with matching blouse. Though my breasts were erect as usual through my
blouse and sari pallu, I noticed none were looking at that as most males do when they first meet me. Finally looking
at Guru-ji’s calm eyes and listening to his soothing voice, I was getting normal and comfortable.
Guru-ji: Okay Anita, let me introduce you to the members of my ashram. Sanjeev you have already met, the other
ones are Rajkamal, Nirmal, and Uday. During the time of ‘diksha’ Sanjeev will guide you and others will help you
during the ‘treatment’ in different phases, which I will tell you clearly later. Now you take rest and I will meet you
at 10:00 p.m. for ‘diksha’. Sanjeev will steer you through.
Sanjeev: Please come Madam.
We went to a cozy small room, which Sanjeev referred to as ‘my room’ with an attached toilet, where I found a
very large mirror, where one can see almost the full figure, which seemed quite unusual to me, as we generally have
small mirrors in bathrooms. There was also a clean white towel, soaps, toothpaste, etc. nicely kept as is in a hotel.
In the room there was a cot, a dressing table with comb, hair-clips, sindoor, bindi, etc., a chair and a cupboard in
that room. Sanjeev gave me a cup of milk and some snacks to eat.
Sanjeev: Madam, you take rest and let me know if you need anything extra apart from what is available here. Then
after an hour I will come and take you for ‘diksha’, which is actually the sterilization process of your mind and body.
That is the starting point of your journey to reach your goal Madam. By the way, if you can hand over your bag as I
will check and allow only those as per ashram rules to be kept along with you.
I was a bit taken aback by the last part of his words, especially “I will check”.
Me: I have brought nothing as you said.
Sanjeev: But still Madam, I have to check. Don’t be shy here. I will be with you throughout your stay here.
He took my bag without waiting for my permission. He took out the money-purse from it. Then he took out the
couple of white brassieres that I have brought with me and put them on the bed. I was looking at the floor in utter
shyness that an unfamiliar male was handling my inner wears. Now he took out a blue panty and waited sometime
and held it in the air as if he was trying to guess how that little thing can hold my pumpkin like ass. Thankfully he
did not look at me and then took out some handkerchieves, and the spare sari, blouse and the petticoat that I had
brought. Finally he took out one last item, my white panty, and put that on bed too.
Sanjeev: Okay Madam, so I will take your extra sari, blouse, and petticoat and keep that in office as you are not
allowed to wear outside clothing. I will give you the ashram sari, blouse, and petticoat when you will go for ‘diksha’
and also a nightdress for sleeping. Also I am taking your inner wears for sterilization and will return you tomorrow
I had nothing to say, but to nod my head. He took my undergarments and again he stopped a bit on my panty. It was
so awkward for me. Then came the bumper question from him, which turned me red instantly.
Sanjeev: Madam, I will also need your err.. I mean your bra that you are wearing right now for sterilization
Me: But, how can I give it right now… I stammered.
Sanjeev: Madam, I will have to prepare the boiling herbal solution for washing and it takes a lot of time doing that.
So I was asking you to hand me over, it would save time and labour for me.
He was saying in such a cool voice as if it’s so normal. I had really no reasoning for this and had no other
alternative, but to hand over my bra and panty to him. For once it did not struck me that I will have to remain
without my undergarments till the next morning, as Sanjeev said he would return them next morning after
sterilization, and all these males in the ashram would know that very well and its not that I will remain all along in
my room, I will have to go for ‘diksha’ and would have to move around in front of male eyes without my bra on, which
would automatically be a sexy exhibition for any male.
Me: Okay then, if you can come after sometime, I shall hand it over.
Sanjeev: Don’t worry Madam, I will just wait here. How much time will it take to…
He deliberately did not finish as it was very apparent what he tried to say.
Me: Okay, as you wish.
Saying that I went inside the toilet. Sanjeev waited in the room. I noticed that the toilet door was more of a half
door leaving a gap at the top. Soon I realized why it is like that because there was not a single hook in the
bathroom to keep clothes. One has to keep on the door top, that’s why the gap is left there. But soon I also
realized that Sanjeev was there in the room and he would see the clothes that I keep on the door from within the
room. So he will clearly have an idea to what extent I was undressed in the toilet as I keep the clothes on the door.
My ears were getting hot at this thought, but also considered that I must be thinking a bit too much, as they are
after all devotee and lead a sage life.
I faced the door and started opening my sari and quickly unwrapped it from my body. I kept it on the door top and
then started to open the knot of my white petticoat and had to wriggle a bit as it was sticking to my fleshy bottom.
There was a large mirror in the bathroom, as I said earlier, and I saw that my panty was displaying more than
covering my large ass cheeks. This was a problem with me, I tried several brands, but unfortunately every panty
that I wear automatically shrinks towards my ass crack and cover practically nothing of my buttocks. I was truly
looking very obscene like that with my blouse on and panty squeezing in my ass crack. Hence I quickly got out of my
panty and was about to keep it on the door top, but the very thought that Sanjeev must have noticed my sari and
petticoat hanging on the door made me change my mind, as if he sees my panty there, it would be very apparent
that I am now naked. Hence I kept it on the dry portion of the floor and started unbuttoning my blouse and bra to
get completely naked.
It was just the partition of the door between Sanjeev and me and I am stark naked here and he is just a few feet
away behind the toilet door. I turned red and was feeling a flow in my pussy already. I was standing with my blouse
and bra in my hand and noticed that they were soaked in sweat, especially the armpits of my blouse and the cups of
my bra. I kept the blouse on the door top and picked up my panty from floor and observed wet marks on my panty
too. So I thought that I would wash them and then give to Sanjeev for sterilization. At that very moment Sanjeev
Sanjeev: Madam, shall I take your left over garments for a wash and you can wear the spare ones that you have
brought. They must be all sweaty in this humid weather.
The voice was so near, I was astonished. He must be very near the toilet door and have been noticing I am keeping
my sari, blouse and petticoat on the door top! I was a bit shaken by his voice and quickly wrapped the towel around
my completely naked body though I was quite secure behind closed doors of the toilet. I replied in a meek voice.
Me: No, no, its okay.
Sanjeev: What okay Madam, you will feel fresh wearing the new set. But Madam, do not take a bath now, as before
‘diksha’ you have to take a bath.
I gained composure by that time and thought Sanjeev’s idea was better as I need a change of my dress as I had
sweated a lot. Before I could give him a green signal to bring my spare dress, he himself was proactive.
Sanjeev: Madam, I am taking your sari, petticoat and blouse for a wash and will keep the spare one that you have
Giving me no time to react, I saw that the sari and petticoat vanished in a flash from the toilet door top. Now I
have literally nothing to wear except for my inner wear. The blouse also was gone in a moment. I don’t know what he
did with them but his comment shocked me.
Sanjeev: Madam, it seems you sweat a lot in your armpits, the blouse is totally wet there, and the back is also
somewhat wet.
I m the one who is known as the [email protected]!

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He was ogling at me I noticed and I tried to limit my movements to restrain the jiggling movement of my round,
freely hanging breasts.
Nirmal: I can wait and you can have your dinner and if you want anything more I can bring that.
Me: So kind of you Nirmal.
I pulled the table on which the dinner was kept near the cot and sat on the cot to have the food. But as soon as I
sat I became very conscious as my nighty rose up a fair distance exposing my knees completely. And without even
looking up to him, I could bet Nirmal’s eyes were glued to my exposed legs and knees.
Nirmal: Madam, you take your dinner and I will sit here.
Saying that without even giving me any chance to stop, he sat on the floor some feet away from me. Initially I
thought that since they lead a sagacious life, they are habituated to sit on the floor and moreover, there was no
chair in the room, so Nirmal sat on the ground. But the next moment I comprehended the wickedness of this dwarf.
Being a small man his eye level is itself much lower than normal males and now sitting on the floor, he was actually
getting an upskirt view.
I was extremely alert the next moment, as I was not wearing a panty even and closed my legs as far as possible. I
tried to stretch the cloth of the nighty a bit lower, but my plump ass was not allowing that. I looked down at Nirmal
and his eyes were on my legs, but there was a dissatisfied facial expression also as I had closed my legs and believe
me, it again made me smile. It was so funny looking.
I finished my dinner as quickly as possible and went to the toilet to wash hands. Since Nirmal was seated still, he
enjoyed a very appealing rear view of my swaying buttocks in that short nighty from a low angle, which was
accented when I had to bend to pick up the towel from the floor, which was kept for drying purpose, but dropped
somehow from the wall hook. Believe me, it was not a deliberate effort from my end at all, but that dwarf was
lucky enough to get an unrestricted view of my prominent inviting ass cheeks as the material of the nighty
stretched as I had to bend down.
Nirmal left within some moments after that with the tray and bid me “good night”. But his eyes said as if he was
rewinding my bending down posture in his mind. I was feeling very uncomfortable as a woman. When he left, I went
to bed, but was restless. I was constantly thinking did I cross the limit in front of Nirmal, what did he saw actually,
was I looking too indecent in that bent position? Ultimately I got out of bed and went to the toilet straight and
reproduced the scene before the mirror, as the toilet-mirror was almost life size, as I told before.
I bent down to touch the wet floor of the toilet and looked through my legs at the mirror behind. Oh my god! I am
looking so very tempting in that pose with my full round buttocks on display with my nighty rising up as well
exposing my fair legs adequately. Any male would love to see a matured woman in that compromising pose. I was
shocked to see a slight hint of my long ass crack also through the nighty! It was natural though as I was not
wearing a panty. I was feeling so ashamed, so guilty, and cursed myself. After some moments I went to bed
somewhat dejected with me and with the mantra to be ‘more careful’ on the future days in the ashram. I muttered
“Jai Linga Maharaj” for my actual goal, of conceiving a child, several times before going to sleep.
“Madam, Madam!”
I woke up hearing that voice. It took a bit of time to regroup myself from sleep, pulled down the nighty, which had
pushed up exposing my fair and firm thighs and got out of bed. It was a female voice! I was really surprised by that
as I did not see a woman there at least yesterday, nor did I notice that on the first day when I came to the
ashram with my mother-in-law. I opened the door and there stood a middle-aged plump woman with a smiling face.
“Madam, my name is Meenakshi. I am Guru-ji’s disciple. I did not meet you yesterday as I was out of station for
some days and had reached this morning only.”
I looked at her now attentively. Meenakshi was elder than me in age, probably 35, somewhat dark in complexion
with an oval face with very prominent womanly assets. She was wearing the ashram dress code. I asked her to come
Me: Oh! A bit of relief seeing a woman here.
Meenakshi: Madam, there is no difference in male and female here. Guru-ji treats every disciple equally. So you
don’t worry at all. Jai Linga Maharaj.
I also chanted the ashram theme mantra and asked her to wait, as I wanted to go to the toilet first. When I came
back to the room, I found Meenakshi had already cleaned and prepared my bed and was cleaning the room with a
Meenakshi: Madam, please get ready quickly as we need to be in front of Guru-ji at 06:30 am. Here are your
sterilized undergarments. Sanjeev handed over to me as they are dry now.
Me: Thanks a lot. You know yesterday the whole evening I was braless in front of these males. Think of my
condition. And to make things worse, I really had a torrid time with this blouse yesterday.
Saying that I pointed the blouse to her. She smiled.
Meenakshi: Yes, Nirmal told me its cups are smaller for your breast size.
I was bewildered time and again seeing the porousness of each event in the ashram! Everyone knows everything
here regarding me! Did Nirmal also tell everyone what grand view he got of my ass as I bent in front of him? I was
Meenakshi: But no problem Madam, take Guru-ji’s permission and I will do the needful.
Me: For a change of blouse size, do I really need to bother Guru-ji?
Meenakshi: Yes Madam, as per ashram rule we need to inform any change to Guru-ji, even if it is related to our
I showed her how awkward my position was as I was unable to button the two upper hooks of my blouse.
Meenakshi: Madam, you look very appealing with the buttons open. Your ones are standing erect even without the
I blushed, but felt proud. I have got this compliment before also.
I turned from her now and wore my bra. It seemed I was wearing it after an era, though it was only few hours on
last evening. I felt so secured wearing that and hastily wriggled up my panty with both hands to my waist and
completed wearing my sari in another couple of minutes.
Closing the door, we went ahead to Guru-ji. As Meenakshi walked in front of me I appreciated in my mind even
being a female of her heavily swinging hips below her sari. Though she looks very round in every part of her body,
starting from her face, her boobs, and obviously down her bottoms, she seemed very agile and walked at a brisk
pace and I was hurrying on to keep pace with her.
Guru-ji was sitting in a meditation position and welcomed me with a smiling face. There was no other disciple
present then. Within the next couple of minutes before Meenakshi left the room what I saw was totally
unbelievable to my eyes. I have never seen such things done so openly!
Meenakshi: Guru-ji before you start talking to Anita, will you please listen to a problem of mine?
Guru-ji: What is it Meenakshi?
Meenakshi: Guru-ji, I had an acute pain last night in my waist and now though the pain is very less, I am still
Guru-ji: Hmm. May be some sort of muscle ache, unless you have injured anything. Let me see. Come here.
Guru-ji was sitting on the floor. We were standing some feet away. Now I remained still and Meenakshi went
forward and stood absolutely in front of him. To tell the truth the situation was such that Guru-ji’s face was just
in front of Meenakshi’s honey pot. Then she turned back and faced me. Now her heavy buttocks were almost
touching Guru-ji’s face! Now I saw Guru-ji stretched both his hands from that sitting position and touched her at
the waist first and asked about pain. Meenakshi nodded.
Then what Guru-ji did turned my ears hot even. He started palpating Meenakshi’s hips quite directly over the sari
with both hands. As I was standing at an angle I could see every movement of Guru-ji’s hands on Meenakshi’s hips.
First it was light palpation and then after a moment he was virtually kneading both ass cheeks with both hands. It
was looking more arousing as Guru-ji was doing this from a siting posture! Meenakshi’s rear portion was very round
and copious in regard to any woman and thus Guru-ji’s palms even when stretched fully to press were unable to
cover it fully. I was quite surprised to see Meenakshi’s face, which was so normal. This went for a few moments
though and before Guru-ji stopped, I noticed he just squashed her firm ass cheeks with both hands as a final
squeeze. Meenakshi was standing still so far, but due to the heat that must have generated in her due to such
vigorous ass fondling moved about a bit and faced Guru-ji.
Was I unnecessarily thinking dirty about Guru-ji? My mind consoled me that this might be the process to trace the
culprit muscle causing pain in the hips. But whatever, the way was very direct and definitely this should not be done
in front of others, as it might lead to a wrong thinking.
Guru-ji: Meenakshi, you need to use hot compress on your hips and waist and take this medicine twice daily.
Saying this, Guru-ji pulled out a box from his side and opened it and I saw there are at least 40-50 small bottles
containing medicated colored solutions. Meenakshi left the room taking the medicine. Guru-ji now turned to me and
asked to sit.

Guru-ji: Sorry Anita to keep you standing. I hope you are feeling much better now getting back your
He smiled looking at my eyes. I nodded subtly feeling the natural shyness to such comments, though I must admit
that I am slowly getting familiar to it.
Guru-ji: Anita, from today I will start your treatment. Jai Linga Maharaj.
Me: Jai Linga Maharaj.
Guru-ji: Let me get some more details from you regarding your married life. Don’t be shy and do not hide anything.
The mind must open up. You should tell me or ask me about anything and everything that comes to your mind. Your
issue is such if you do not open up, your treatment will not be perfect.
I nodded again.
Guru-ji: I just noted shyness in you when I mentioned about undergarment. Why Anita? Till such time you feel
these are natural and normal things, your diksha is incomplete. As you are wearing a bra, I am wearing a brief under
my clothes. What is there to be shy of, tell me?
Me: Err… Yes Guru-ji. Nothing.
Guru-ji: Okay. How many times in a week did you copulate?
Me: Twice a week in general.
Guru-ji: Did you get full satisfaction after the intercourse?
I nodded my head.
Guru-ji: Did you feel you were fully aroused Anita while doing it or did you feel it could have been a longer process
or a different style or anything of that sort?
Me: No Guru-ji. I never felt like that.
Guru-ji: Okay, then apparently most things are normal and mostly as you have regular periods. Tell me Anita, in one
session how many times did you copulate? Once or more than once.
I was already feeling hot in the ears and my cheeks had turned red too out of womanly nervousness answering such
things to a male.
Me: In the first few months of marriage twice, but for the last one year, its once only.
Guru-ji: Anita, in the earlier days, did you have discharge from your vagina twice? Were they amounted the same?
Me: Yes, but frankly speaking on some days, I did not discharge the second time, but my husband discharged.
Guru-ji: Hmm. Do you discharge heavily?
Me: No, not much. I mean…
My nervousness was gulping me from saying such private things.
Guru-ji: Tell me Anita. Regroup your words and open your mind.
Me: Actually I feel till now a days also that there is something ‘hot’ that remained within me and did not come out
even after the process is over.
Guru-ji: Okay Anita, relax. I have got the needful information.
There was silence for some moments, as Guru-ji closed his eyes and was meditating.
Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj. Look Anita, your pregnancy will come only if you discharge more during intercourse.
What I gathered it seems you are not getting aroused enough to get total discharge of your fluids. This often
happens to couples, which is not very concerning. But the concerning part can be if even if you are aroused fully,
your vaginal discharge is inadequate.
Guru-ji gave a pause as if inviting the natural question from me.
Me: If it’s not adequate, what happens Guru-ji?
Guru-ji: Look Anita, if discharge is scanty, the number of ovum produced is also less and the pregnancy chance
decreases significantly. But be relaxed my dear, as there are ways to pull out your full vaginal discharge and also
herbal medicines to enhance it. But you need to obey my guidelines in toto.
Me: Guru-ji I would do anything to get pregnancy. I am really frustrated now. I will do exactly as you order.
Guru-ji: Good Anita. But remember it’s easier said than done. The first thing I will need is the measure of your
vaginal discharge. Do you masturbate?
I was feeling thirsty now. I have never in my life faced such a question and was really feeling very, very
embarrassed. I never tried such things. Whatever happened was natural with me. Its not that I didn’t get
discharges before marriage, but they were all natural, through dreams mostly, and at times some brushing or
groping in trains, buses, etc. and thinking about them later in bed with a pillow may be.
But now I was feeling puzzled how could I get a full vaginal discharge, as for that I need to be aroused fully, only
imagination would not lead to that. Most importantly, my husband is not here also.
Me: Yes, Guru-ji, very few times do I masturbate and the discharge also is very less.
Guru-ji: Anita, you need to do exactly as I say. I need the measure of your vaginal discharge and based on that
further treatment will be planned.
Me: But Guru-ji, without my husband… I cannot lie down with…
Guru-ji: Anita, what are you thinking I don’t know? Are you expecting that I will ask you to lie down with another
man to get your full discharge? I know you are a housewife and your social limits.
I nodded and was somewhat assured now. But still I was not clear how would I get fully aroused if I do not lie down
with a male!
Guru-ji: The first part of the treatment is mind control. You have to only respond to actions on your body naturally
and wipe out everything else from mind. Do not think who is with you, where you are, but just respond normally to
situations that I will give you. Control your mind to the actions only. It will be done so very naturally, just like we
are talking now and so don’t worry at all, it’s just a treatment process. Jai Linga Maharaj!
I nodded to Guru-ji though perceived little about what exactly will be the treatment like.
Guru-ji: Let me summarize for you what will be the plan. First the medicine part. You will take this herbal drug in
the morning after your first urine in empty stomach and at bedtime. The dosage is written on the bottle. Okay?
I nodded taking the medicine bottle from him.
Guru-ji: This is the second herbal extract that you will always take when you will go out of this ashram. And here is
an oil with which you need to massage your full body before taking bath in the noon. And every shower you take
must be with herbal water as you did during your diksha. I feel you start applying the oils from tomorrow, and not
Me: Okay Guru-ji. I felt very fresh after the herbal water bath.
Guru-ji: Yes, the herbal extract helps to rejuvenate your organs and energy level. But remember that the oil I just
gave you must not be applied on your breasts. For that, this is the oil, which should be used. I hope there will be no
confusion if you can remember that the breast massage oil is green in color. Okay?
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I nodded taking the medicine bottle from him.
Guru-ji: This is the second herbal extract that you will always take when you will go out of this ashram. And here is
an oil with which you need to massage your full body before taking bath in the noon. And every shower you take
must be with herbal water as you did during your diksha. I feel you start applying the oils from tomorrow, and not
Me: Okay Guru-ji. I felt very fresh after the herbal water bath.
Guru-ji: Yes, the herbal extract helps to rejuvenate your organs and energy level. But remember that the oil I just
gave you must not be applied on your breasts. For that, this is the oil, which should be used. I hope there will be no
confusion if you can remember that the breast massage oil is green in color. Okay?
I nodded like an obedient student. I could realize my nipples jumped up within my bra hearing the words “breast
massage” from a male.
Guru-ji: Anita, you will get the guidelines regarding your massage from Rajkamal. You have probably not conversed
with him because he remains busy most of the time, as he is the ashram cook.
Me: Yes Guru-ji. I have not talked to him though saw him yesterday when I came here.
Guru-ji: And now for the mind control part. This is very important. You keep this special soaking pad and wear it for
the next couple of days whenever you go out of the ashram.
Guru-ji handed me over a small white square shaped cotton pad, which looked like a big handkerchief folded to
form a square. I was in a dilemma what to do exactly with it though Guru-ji said to ‘wear it’.
Me: How do I wear this Guru-ji?
I probably asked the most silly question of my life!
Guru-ji: Anita, I already told you that I must know how much discharge you are having when aroused and this is a
specialized pad with a measuring litmus paper within it, which will enable me to gauge that. You will have to place it
within your panty over your pussy hole.
My ears turned red instantly hearing this. I avoided eye contact from Guru-ji out of womanly shyness. Hearing the
words “panty” and “pussy” directly from a male made my condition worse, as the nipples grew more and so were my
copious upper treasures giving me a tighter sensation, as my blouse was already stretched enough.
Guru-ji: Put it within your panty in such a way Anita so that it does not get shifted. It needs to soak every drop so
that I get the correct measure. I hope you can manage that.
I nodded right away looking at the floor and wanted to end this discussion desperately. I felt like if I allowed more
on this topic, Guru-ji might ask to lift my sari to my waist and he would actually put his hand within my panty to
show me how to wear this pad.
Me: Okay Guru-ji. I got your point.
Guru-ji: Fine. Anita, I want you to have at least two orgasms per day for today and tomorrow. Remember, every act
that you will face might seem to be highly outrageous, but is actually a part of your treatment. So you must be
taking it sportingly and allow for the incidents to happen in its natural path. Jai Linga Maharaj!
Me: Jai Linga Maharaj.
Guru-ji: Anita, I also want you to participate in daily chores that we do. If you feel, you can help in the kitchen.
Similarly if you feel, you can participate in pastime like yoga, swimming etc. in the afternoon.
Me: Okay Guru-ji. I will definitely do that which would suit me.
Guru-ji: You can go now Anita. You will get instructions from me via my disciples what to do, where to go, etc. Have
faith in Linga Maharaj.
Me: Thanks Guru-ji. Jai Linga Maharaj!
I went out of his room and went back to my room. I was still tense about the mind control part. As Guru-ji said, I
have to ‘take it sportingly’, but obviously being married was pretty much worried to experience two orgasms in a
day without my husband. I only had such intense sexual pleasures in the early part of my marriage days. I consoled
myself at the same time that there is no other way out, as Guru-ji needs to know if my discharge is normal or not.
At around 10:00 am Nirmal came tapping at my room door. By then I already had a herbal bath. It was so
refreshing and bathing in front of the life size mirror in my toilet was as if making me more shameless. The general
10-minute long bath got extended, as I stayed nude there for some more time appreciating my youthful figure in
the mirror. Before that I went to the kitchen and got introduced with Rajkamal and helped him with some
vegetable cutting also.
Nirmal: Madam, please get ready. Guru-ji said to take you to the tailor as you are having problems with your blouse
Me: But I did not tell Guru-ji in the morning about this. How did he know?
Nirmal: Meenakshi told Guru-ji.
I thanked in my mind to Meenakshi. She saved me from taking such an intimate issue to Guru-ji. And the way Guruji
asks direct question would have been another blushing episode for me.
Each time I see this dwarf I feel amused. I noted that his eyes were roaming more on the lower portion of my
figure. Realizing that I consciously avoided turning my back to him while talking.
Me: Where is the tailor? Does he stay in the ashram?
Nirmal: No Madam. But not far at all, it’s only five minutes walking from here. Madam, I will not go with you; Uday
will come and take you, as he is dedicated for outside visits.
Me: Okay Nirmal. You can send Uday.
Nirmal: Madam, please make sure to take the medicine before going out of the ashram and to wear the pad.
He left the place with a wicked smile. I was again taken aback. This nitwit also knows that I need to wear the pad
within my panty!
I closed the door and had the medicine as per dosage and then went to the toilet with the pad. Since I need to
place the pad securely, I decided to get out of the sari and petticoat completely. So again I had to strip to an
almost bikini posture as I had my bath only sometime ago. I pulled my panty half way down my fair buttocks and
placed the pad covering my pussy hole and pulled the panty up again. The touch of a foreign body on my pussy
instantly gave me a turn on. But I tried to distract my mind from it and quickly wore my petticoat and sari. My
blouse as usual clung to my tight boobs with the upper hooks open, but at least I felt assured that I would get a
proper blouse to wear, as I need to stay here for 5-7 days now.
Uday had a charming personality, but with a very well built body. He told me he teaches yoga here and is very
active in sporting events like kho-kho, kabbadi, swimming, etc. Any woman would like his physical structure and
honestly I also appreciated in my mind his physique. We went out of ashram and took the way by the big pond just
outside the ashram. I noticed there was not much residence, only a few and very scattered.
As I tried to walk swiftly to match Uday’s steps through the grass filed, I began facing my common problem. I
clearly felt my panty sliding off my smooth buttocks and getting shifted to a side due to my speedy walk. I know in
no time it will roll into my ass crack if I do not walk slowly. Though the pad was secure in the front, I felt very
uncomfortable within even though this was nothing new to me, as it’s the same story with almost all panties I wear.
I had no other option but to walk a bit slowly and thankfully Uday did not ask me why I decelerated.
Soon we reached the tailor’s place. It was a small hut, so to say. As we knocked an elderly man came out. He must
be at least 55-60 years, almost my father’s age. He was wearing thick spectacles and was wearing a lungi. He
appeared very feeble.
Uday: Master-ji, our Madam is having some problem with her blouse, can you see if you can correct that.
Master-ji: But I right now I am busy taking measurements. It will take some time.
Uday: Okay Master-ji, she will wait for a while.
The tailor looked at me. His eyesight seemed to be weak, as he looked quite a while at me through his thick glasses.
At that time another man came out of the house, he was middle aged, may be around 40, very thin, also wearing a
Master-ji: Ramlal take Madam inside. I am coming from toilet.
Uday whispered in my ears that Ramlal was Master-ji’s brother, who helped him in his tailoring and that they can
stitch a blouse in only a couple of hours. Since it took at least a week to sew a blouse by our town’s ladies tailor, I
was quite impressed hearing it.
Uday: Madam, I really have nothing to do here now. I would advise you to get a new blouse stitched by Master-ji. I
will go to the village and pick you up from here in an hour.
I nodded knowing nothing what waited for me there and Uday was gone.
Ramlal: Come with me Madam.
His voice was very harsh and he looked rough too. He was ogling like most males at my upright breasts. He led me to
a very small room. There was a sewing machine at the right side, a sari hanging diagonally on the left, and a heap of
colored clothes. The room was undoubtedly humid, as there was no ventilation except the door. A dim bulb
illuminated the room and a table fan was giving air. Since I came from outside, it took some seconds to get
accustomed to the light and I noticed a girl was standing there also at one corner.
Ramlal: Sorry for the inconvenience Madam. There is not much space here. Master-ji will finish taking the
measurements of this girl and then attend you. You sit on this stool till such time.
I was about to look intently at the girl who was standing at the corner of the room, but saying the above Ramlal
forwarded me the stool, but kept on holding to that. I was rather irritated by his act, because if I sit now I will
have to put part of my buttocks on his fingers and naturally I reacted heatedly.
Me: What is this? How can I sit if you hold the stool like this?
Ramlal: Madam, don’t get angry please. I am not sure if it can take your weight. Yesterday only one toppled and got
I understood and smiled on my own seeing the condition of the stool.
Me: Yes, your stool looks like you in health.
The girl who was standing there also laughed at my comment. Ramlal of course smiled big like a rascal showing his
teeth, but did not remove his fingers from the stool top and I had to sit on that as he was supporting it. I was
conscious enough not to sit on his fingers directly, but the position was such, his fingers got partially pressed
between my firm ass cheeks and the wooden tool as I sat. I cannot say about Ramlal’s feeling, but I bet he must
have enjoyed the roundness of this 28-year-old housewife, but the very contact of male fingers on my smooth
bottom triggered my heartbeat. I promptly compelled him to leave the stool and adjusted on it myself.
I looked at the girl now. She was a teenager wearing a ghagra-choli. Clearly she was not wearing a bra and her
nipples were quite evident through her thin blouse. I looked at Ramlal’s eyes to see whether he was eyeing them,
but was shocked to find he was instead eyeing my cleavage! I instantly adjusted my pallu, which was displaced, to
conceal my cleavage and to stop the free show he was getting due to the two open hooks of my blouse. By this time
Master-ji was back.
Master-ji: Madam, sorry to keep you waiting. I will finish within five minutes.
Then what happened in the next five minutes was more appalling and I had never seen such offensive thing done in
a tailor shop in my life.
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. Master-ji went up to the girl who came for a choli stitching and took all measurements with
his hands, I mean stretching his fingers! There was no tape, though there was a measurement string. I was
dumbstruck. Master-ji took all measurements starting from her sleeves, her shoulder, her back, her armpits, and
obviously her twin cups with his fingers and Ramlal verified that with the measurement string and jotted down in a
notebook. I noted that the girl was quite nonchalant in spite of continuous stroking and touching of her youthful
boobs by Master-ji. I felt my heart would miss a bit when Master-ji took a measurement with his thumb poking
exactly the girls’ upright nipple and his middle finger touching her boob base.
The measurement was over soon and the girl went away. Now I had to ask the obvious to this tailor duo.
Me: Master-ji, why don’t you use the tape for measurement?
Master-ji: Madam, I have more faith in my hands rather than on the tape. I am stitching blouse for 30 years now
and there has been little complaint from my customers. Madam, don’t think since I stay here means I stitch only
for villagers, my blouse go to the metro cities also. I also stitch undergarments for 10 years Madam, and I had no
major complaints on such delicate things also. And all are done based on my finger measurements.
Master-ji seemed determined to convince me about his style of taking measurement.
Master-ji: Madam, look at your side to that heap. All those bra and panty would go to the cities and you would
purchase that in attractive packs from shop. If this method was not correct, could I run this business for such a
long time Madam?
I looked at the heap of colored clothes, which though I noted entering the room, but due to the dim light was
unable to perceive what they were and moreover I came from direct sunlight from outside. Now visibility was clear
and I noticed a heap of brassiere and panty of different colors. I really had no idea that these can be stitched as
well like the blouse.
Me: I thought Master-ji that the undergarments we buy are machine-made.
Master-ji: No Madam, not all. Some like these are hand-made too and these also are hand measured on different
He paused for a second and continued.
Master-ji: Madam since you are from the town, you feel shy seeing me take measurements like this. But believe me
Madam, this actually gives a better fit to the blouse. If I give you an example, you might understand, there are so
many types of toothbrush in the market, isn’t it? Some with an angled top, some with curvy bristles, etc. etc., but
Madam why so many variations? Because the toothbrush is not that flexible moving on our denture unlike our
finger, which is so very flexible.
I was listening curiously now, though he was old and feeble, was explaining in a nice way.
Master-ji: Same is the case here Madam, tape is not the best tool to measure female anatomy. Fingers and hand
flexibility is a better tool.
I was more or less convinced by Master-ji’s narration and did not want to bother too much on this issue. Afterall,
it’s a just five minute measurement session.
Master-ji: Okay Madam. Let us come to your problem now. What is the problem with your blouse? This one also is
sewed by me only.
Master-ji had a smile on his face now. Ramlal by this time was busy with the sewing machine stitching some cloth.
Me: Master-ji though it is 32 size as per the ashram, the cups are too small for me.
Master-ji: Ramlal, give Madam a 34 size blouse to try out.
I was surprised that he did not even bother to see my blouse once to look for the problem.
Me: But Master-ji I wear 32 size.
Master-ji: Madam, when you said you are having problem with the cups, first let me fix that, other things can be
altered in the machine in a minute, isn’t it?
Ramlal searched from the cupboard and came to me with a red blouse. He stretched the material and saw the
blouse cups and looked offensively at my twin peaks and handed me the blouse. This scoundrel’s looks were so dirty!
Ramlal: You go to the back of that sari and change Madam.
Me: But I cannot here change like this…
I was not finding the proper words. The sari cover level was only till my bust line and secondly since the room was
too small the proximity was too close for a woman to change clothes with males present there.
Master-ji: Madam, have you noticed my spectacles? I cannot even see clearly objects a couple of feet away through
these thick glasses. Madam, you are absolutely safe here to change.
Me: No, no, I am not saying that…
Master-ji: Ramlal, bring some tea for us.
That was a masterstroke to convince me. I had little to counter his words now. I did not argue any more and went
behind the sari at the corner of the room. I faced the wall deliberately as the place was so very exposed. The sari
diagonally tied up to wall hooks was not an adequate cover at all.
Master-ji: Madam, there is a lot of dust and dirt on the floor. It would be better if you do the drop your sari on
the floor.
Me: Okay Master-ji.
I said ‘okay’, but found that if I do not drop my pallu on floor, I will have to hold it with one hand, but that way I
cannot change my blouse because I need both hands free to open my blouse hooks and to take that off my body. I
found that only way is to tuck the pallu in my waist and change.
I opened my blouse completely and was in my bra now. I was feeling very relaxed as that Ramlal was not in the room
and took the 34-size blouse off the wall hook and wore it. After putting on all the hooks, I felt the blouse was a bit
loose everywhere, on my cups, on my shoulder and at the base of my boobs too and was not fitting me.
Getting me pallu back on my shoulder I went out in front of Master-ji though knowing very well that Master-ji
would check my blouse and I will again have to drop the pallu off my upper treasures.
Master-ji: I thought it would have been better if you had taken off the sari completely Madam, as I will have to
take check your blouse and you may have to try another one for exact fitting. It will be uncomfortable for you each
There was no need to complete the sentence I thought and interupped.
Me: Yes Master-ji. You are right.
Since Ramlal was not there, I took off my sari in front of Master-ji. I got out of it and Master-ji helped me to hold
my sari so that it does not reach the dirty floor. I was surprisingly not feeling uncomfortable without a sari in
front of an unknown male, especially considering Master-ji’s age and poor eye vision. So now I was more or less in
the same state like the teenage girl whom I saw initially in the room. The only difference being I am wearing my
inner wears, which the girl was not.
Ramlal just then entered the room with tea.
Ramlal: Madam, have this tea, this is a special one with...
He stopped abruptly seeing me in that state. My matured pointed boobs were enough to turn this scoundrel’s head
and through my thin petticoat layer he could probably make out my well-formed thighs also. I thought I should not
give much attention to his looks.
Ramlal: … with ginger Madam.
Ramlal kept the tray on the dirty floor before I could stop him. The floor was not only dirty, but I noted
cockroaches and small rats running around here and there!
Me: Why is the condition of this room such Master-ji?
Master-ji: Madam, I am sorry for that, but in the initial days I tried to kill these insects etc., but this place seems
to be a breeding place of these animals and with time, I am habituated with them.
He smiled though I was not at ease at all in that room with the dirt and the insects.
Master-ji: Have the tea Madam and then I will check your fitting.
Saying that he bent down and picked up a cup and sipped tea. Ramlal was already sipping sitting on the machine. I
also took a couple of steps forward and bent down to pick the cup from the tray on the floor. As I bent, I realized
my blouse was creating a gap with my boobs and my mangoes almost popped over my bra. I knew the valley between
my wheat-colored breasts was getting exposed, but I had to pick up the cup from the floor. So, I tried my best to
hide my deep cleavage with my left hand and picked up the cup swiftly. Seeing me do that I saw Ramlal chuckle. The
Master-ji: Okay Madam, lets check your blouse now.
Saying that he came near to me, within one foot. I was just slightly breathing heavily as a male came so close to me.
He was taller than me and as he looked down at my blouse-covered boobs, with each breath, the top of my boobs
were getting slightly more visible to him over my blouse. I blushed a little on my own.
Master-ji: It looks far from fitting Madam. Let me check exactly how much loose it is.
As Master-ji got closer to me, I could smell the sweat of his body. The smell of male sweat made me took a deep
breath. He started to check the sleeves of my blouse first. He started with my left hand and inserted one finger
through the sleeve end and touched directly on my arm. He continued this for a while and was slowly rubbing his
finger on my left arm while touching the cloth.
Master-ji: Ramlal, sleeves lose by 5 strings. Let me check the back now. Madam, can you turn round and face
Ramlal was noting in a notebook behind me. Now I turned my body to him to face him and he openly gazed at my
erect breasts. How irritating! The room, being small and congested, was hot also and I was sweating now. My
armpits were wet already and I lowered my eyes to note that wet patches in my armpits were evident on the
blouse. At that moment, I almost stirred up at Master-ji’s comment. For a while though I noted that Master-ji was
not touching the back of my blouse despite the fact that I had turned, but I was more concerned about that
Ramlal’s gazes.
Master-ji: Madam, please don’t mind but I must say that your panty is more ill fitting than this blouse.
Me: What?
Master-ji: Madam, madam, please do not get angry at my words. As you turned back the light fell in such a way on
your back that I can clearly see through your petticoat. If you don’t believe my words, ask Ramlal to come this side
and check.
Me: No, no. No need to check anything. I trust your words.
I had to admit that I trust my tailor’s words that he has seen my panty through my petticoat and somehow
resisted Ramlal to come to my backside to check that. My hands automatically went on to my ass out of womanly
shyness and I stupidly tried to cover my round ass with my palm.
Me: But how do you know…
Master-ji thankfully intercepted in between because I did not know what to ask actually.
Master-ji: Madam, I don’t know where from do you buy these, it has shrunk like a rope.
I thought for a while and concluded that there is no harm telling the truth to this old man and the tailor is the only
person who can find a solution for me regarding my panty problem. Thinking on that line, shedding all my shyness, I
told Master-ji about it.
Master-ji: This is not a problem Madam at all. Look at that heap. At least 30-40 panties are there and none of
them would curl up to the center like your one. Ramlal, bring one from there and I will explain the problem to
I was somewhat scared now out of natural shyness to talk regarding my panty in front of two males. I quickly tried
to shift Master-ji’s focus.
Me: Master-ji, please understand my priority. Please fix my blouse first. I cannot stand like this forever. If you
can get this done first…
Master-ji: Right, right Madam, I must finish with your blouse first.
I was breathing quite heavily and automatically standing with my legs spread a little, as I felt wetness slightly
building up in my pussy. Master-ji started to stretch the back of my blouse to see how loose it was. In the process,
he also was rubbing my smooth back with his fingers. I felt he pulled the back of my blouse and I felt his hot
breath on my bare back. Instantaneously his warm touch and breathing made my nipples jump within my bra. I
thought Master-ji must have been clearly seeing my bra strap inside, as he has pulled the back of my blouse a fair
I was feeling a bit uneasy and shifted a bit and by doing that I invited more mess, as my round ass globe directly
hit Master-ji in his crotch area and I felt his firm lund within his lungi poking its head. He also must have felt the
firmness of my full ass. I blushed and giggled on my own thinking the hardness of his lund considering his age.
Master-ji: Madam, it is quite lose at your back too. Ramlal, 7 strings at the back U and 4 strings on the side U.
I nodded in agreement. Master-ji then walked in front of me and he took his face towards my blouse and now being
so near could clearly see my mammaries going up and down. He got his face even closer to my mangoes on the
pretext of checking the fitting. Master-ji was so near to me now that I could feel his breath bouncing off my
boobs. I did not mind anything, as I knew his vision was poor.
Master-ji: Madam, it is lose from the front too.
He said while pulling my blouse a little in the front to see how loose it was from the front. As Master-ji pulled my
blouse, I saw that rascal Ramlal’s eyes almost popped out, as the scene was extremely sexy now.
Master-ji: Madam, now raise your hands up and be in that position as I take the measurement.
I lifted my hands and naturally my firm boobs exposed more over my blouse due to this stretching and more of my
cleavage was on display to these two males. As I was sweating also and with my arms extended, the outline of my
bra was more evident from the front also. Master-ji now put his right middle finger to the side of my heaving left
breast and the thumb extended on almost my nipple. I clearly shivered by this unique sensual hand measurement.
This man was directly touching my boob standing in front of me in the name of measurement and I have to allow
that. Thankfully it was a swift process and then Master-ji brought the middle finger at the center of my breast
where the thumb was and stretched the middle finger to the hooks.
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Master-ji: Ramlal, cup one full H and quarter.
Ramlal noted that and also measured the stretched fingers of master-ji with a string and noted that.
Master-ji: Madam, now I need to know how tight you want the blouse to be so that you are comfortable.
I nodded without knowing how he would guess that.
Master-ji: You might feel a bit odd, but that’s my process for first time measurements. Madam, just think as if my
palm is your blouse cover. I will press slowly and you have to only signal me when you are most comfortable
regarding the tightness on your cups.
Oh! My god! What does this old thug say! He plans to cup my breast openly now! And he feels this is ‘just a bit odd’
for a married woman of 28 years. I would slap any male doing that to me. I had to object to this.
Me: But Master-ji is there no other way to…
Master-ji again tried to convince me.
Master-ji: Madam, you are facing this problem with the 32 size blouse ashram gave you. It was measured on a
thinner female than you, so if you do not give the exact size, either it will be lose there or too tight.
Me: Master-ji, actually, I would have been comfortable with a tape. Please.
I said in a pleading voice. I do not know what went through Master-ji’s mind, but he agreed to me!
Master-ji: Okay, okay Madam, if you are not at ease, I will not force you. I will stitch it as per your cup size. It will
certainly be slightly lose or tight and you will have to adjust.
I was so much relieved. And just then happened a frightful incident. Ramlal screamed like anything and jumped to
my side almost colliding with me. Master-ji also went a couple of steps back and pulling my hand held me back.
Initially I did not notice anything, but when I looked at the door, there were a couple of snakes standing there.
Ramlal: It’s a cobra Master-ji. Beware.
Master-ji: Yes, I have seen that. No one should move now.
The snakes were almost guarding the doorway and if they proceed towards us there was nowhere to move, as the
room was too small. The snakes were quite big and slowly moving their heads and seemed to keep a watch on us. I
was very much frightened seeing snakes so close. Ramlal seemed to be also very scared, but Master-ji was
relatively cool. Master-ji said he encountered snakes here before, but never in the room like this. For the next few
minutes, Master-ji tried many ways like making a move towards them or throwing an article to them and virtually
left no stone unturned, but was unsuccessful to turn those snakes away.
I was sweating profusely now, in the heat and also due to fear.
Master-ji: There is only one way we can get rid of these snakes. We need to offer them milk and they might drink
and move away, otherwise any moment they can attack us.
I also thought that’s a good idea and probably the only way to get out of this dreadful situation.
Ramlal: But Master-ji, I have to go out to bring milk for snake, but they are on the doorway and surely would bite
me if I try doing something silly.
Me: Right Master-ji. No one can go out. Then what to do?
Master-ji thought for a while and then said, “Madam, you can only save us from this situation.”
Me? I was very astonished. How can I help out this situation?
Master-ji: Madam, you have the natural milk. Please get out some milk and feed these snakes, then only the snakes
might go.
I was simply dumbstruck!
What does this old ruffian mean? I need to squeeze out milk from my breasts for these snakes! I was getting
confused. But due to this awful situation, I could not even work out in my mind of an alternative too. There were
droplets of sweat on my exposed breast area and I could realize I was sweating more throughout my body due to
this abnormal situation I am in.
Master-ji: Madam, please think with a cool head. Milk will satisfy these snakes and we might be saved. It will take
only some minutes for you to get it from your breasts.
Ramlal: Madam, please. I also have a bowl here for my eating purpose in which you can get out the milk.
I understood the situation, but since I was childless till then, milk formation was not there in my breasts. These
two males did not know that. I had no other way but to reveal that to Master-ji.
Me: Master-ji, I mean err… I do not have a child till now. So, you can understand probably that…
Master-ji was witty enough to get what I meant and exclaimed, “Oh! I can understand Madam, but then the only
hope is also gone!”
I was so thankful that Master-ji understood me at once, but that rascal Ramlal was after me.
Ramlal: But Madam, I have heard if proper sucking is done on the breasts, unmarried females can also produce milk.
Me: Just shut up! Master-ji, please…
Master-ji: Ramlal, don’t talk rubbish. What do you mean? You will suck Madam’s breast and milk will come out? Milk
will only form in Madam’s breasts after she gets pregnant at least once. Didn’t you hear that Madam has not been
pregnant till now.
I was feeling very embarrassed, as Master-ji instead of speaking in general terms, told Ramlal using my direct
example. Me being a matured married woman could not escape the heat hidden in those words and was feeling the
womanly tightness in my boobs. I could not look directly to Master-ji in some shame and had to adjust my bra from
the sides to accommodate my heavy breathing.
Simultaneously I was sweating profusely and my white bra was now very clearly visible over my blouse and below
also, I began to look indecent, as the thin layer of petticoat was now soaked with drops of sweat on my thighs. I
looked down from the corner of my eyes and realized that my petticoat was clinging to my well-formed thighs in a
lewd manner. I pulled and jerked the cloth of the petticoat in a reluctant way so that it did not look very obvious to
these males.
One thing was puzzling for me that the snakes were not approaching us; they both remained stationed at the
doorway only. They were gently swaying their heads standing in an upright position. And due to their strategic
position it was impossible for anyone of us getting out of this room without being bitten by them.
Ramlal: But Master-ji, then what to do?
There was silence for a while and then Master-ji came up with an idea, which was the most bizarre and weird I
have ever heard.
Master-ji: Eureka!
The old man almost jumped and both Ramlal and me were surprised seeing his reaction.
Master-ji: Please listen to me carefully Ramlal. You can save us.
Ramlal looked equally puzzled as me.
Master-ji: Listen to me carefully. I can see only one way of getting the milk and get rid of these snakes. But since
Madam does not yet have developed milk in her breasts, I have this plan.
He paused. I wondered what he is up to!
Master-ji: Madam, these snakes will not be able to differentiate between milk and a white liquid. So what I feel is
we can fool the snakes with a white liquid, which is not actually milk. Ramlal, you will masturbate here and pour your
fluid in the bowl and we will fool the snakes with that white solution.
There was pin drop silence in the room, only the slight hissing of the snakes could be heard. I did not know what to
say. Even though I appreciated in my mind the idea, but looking at the practical angle was highly scared. An
unknown middle-aged lower class male will masturbate in front of me, a grownup lady of 28; that too married!
I was truly feeling very edgy and uncomfortable now and could not counter also as I do not have any alternative way
to get rid of this situation. Giving milk to snake to get rid of them seemed to be the wisest decision to me.
Ramlal: Master-ji, will it work?
Master-ji: Nothing works, Ramlal, till we try. Madam, I know it will be somewhat uncomfortable for you, but as you
do not have the milk in your breast, you can also realize…
Me: I can understand Master-ji.
What would I say more? The very thoughts of this idea was giving me a wild turn on and more so as I was not fully
dressed also for a long time now.
Master-ji: Ramlal, do not waste time, as anytime the snakes may proceed to us.
Ramlal: Master-ji, how can I do it fast? I need the time. I need to think.
At this comment, I could not stop laughing and Ramlal probably was encouraged seeing me reacting positively to
such a ‘hot’ issue.
Ramlal: Madam, this man will not be able to remember when he last did ‘that’, and he is telling me to do it fast.
I again giggled at his comment, which I knew I should not, but I was somehow feeling quite aroused at this
development. Little did I know that the medication, which I took just before leaving the ashram with Uday, also
had its effect on me.
Master-ji: Okay, okay, if needed I will show you what I can still do.
Ramlal: You will surely get a heart attack Master-ji. Am I wrong Madam?
I had to smile and nod at this lower class filthy discussion. Ramlal was now about to start and I was having a
pounding in my heart with my nipples fully taut within my bra. Ramlal turned to the wall and took off his lungi, now
he was in his underwear and vest only. I saw he took both his hands towards his crotch and started with the
process facing the wall. He was time and again turning his head looking at the door too at the snakes.
After some moments he confessed reality.
Ramlal: Master-ji, I cannot think of anything at all. The scariness is more in my mind due to these snakes. My lund
is not getting erect Master-ji.
There was silence. Ramlal was facing us now and he was holding on to his dick within his underwear and I could
clearly make out its position. His underwear was of thin material and I saw his lund was hanging like a big banana.
Master-ji: Hmm. What to do then? Madam?
I had nothing to say and before I could say anything also Master-ji bowled me over.
Master-ji: Okay Ramlal, do one thing. You look at Madam and try to masturbate. Seeing a female should help you.
Me: What?
Master-ji: Madam, if looking at you can help him, let him. We need the milk that’s all.
Me: But Master-ji this is absolutely…
I was feeling so ashamed that my voice choked. My feeble resistance was not enough to stop these males.
Master-ji: Madam please cooperate. Madam, if you feel very shy, you can do one thing, you can turn to the wall and
Ramlal will see you from behind and try to masturbate.
Ramlal: Yes Madam, I will try this.
The rascal was now smiling very wickedly. Seeing no other alternative, I agreed and went a couple of steps towards
the wall and turned my back to Master-ji and Ramlal.
I was almost tongue-tied as I had never been in such a state before or after marriage. I did notice on road or at
gatherings males staring at my erect boobs or my swaying hips, but not such deliberate thing ever happened. Ramlal
must be gaping at my full ass now as I was facing the wall. I remembered while I was combing my hair in our
bedroom once, my husband commented ‘looks a big ripe pumpkin darling’ looking at my petticoat-covered ass. I do
not know if Ramlal was thinking the same. My petticoat string was tied just at the curve of my waist to my hips. I
wish today I had tied it a bit up towards my navel. My bulging ass cheeks must be appearing very alluring and more
so as my panty had long ago curled like a ope in my ass crack.
Ramlal: Madam, you look so beautiful from the backside. Thank god, you are not wearing the sari, it covers so much
of your treasure.
Master-ji: Madam, Ramlal is so correct. You back is very attractive.
Master-ji also now joined Ramlal in praising my figure. I had nothing to say and could only utter, “Please do it fast.”
After a gap of few seconds, there was another request coming from that scoundrel Ramlal.
Ramlal: Madam, still I cannot concentrate, these snakes are moving their head so much that my eyes are going
towards them.
Me: What can I do for that?
I was a bit irritated now, but Master-ji quickly controlled the situation.
Master-ji: Ramlal, you come close to Madam and I will keep an eye on the snakes. Don’t fear. Madam, you also help
him a bit to masturbate quickly.
Me: What more shall I do?
Master-ji: Madam, you can do a lot. Right now, you are only standing like a statue Madam. I think if you can be a
little bit cooperative and can just err… I mean if you can move your waist in rhythm, the work will be easier for
Me: What do you mean Master-ji?
Master-ji: Madam nothing much. Just as the snakes are constantly shaking their heads and keeping an eye on us,
you just hold the wall and move your waist rhythmically just like a dancer. Madam, please consider the situation for
Ramlal also – these poisonous snakes behind and we are asking him to…
Me: Okay, okay I understand.
And what did I understand? That I have to sway my petticoat-covered hips in rhythm so that this scoundrel Ramlal
gets excited and get his lund erect. I thought it’s no use wasting time and started as Master-ji suggested. I lifted
both my arms slightly upwards at the level of my eyes and held the wall and started moving my hips in a flowing way.
I remember my school days when I used to be in dance class and that experience is coming handy today!
Master-ji and Ramlal both exclaimed with positive reactions at my hip movement and I had to tell them that in my
teenage days, I used to take dance lessons. I turned my head for a second and saw Ramlal was in close proximity
now, and his eyes were glued to my swinging ass. I was feeling very, very hot now doing all this. I continued with my
gyration and heard deep breathing of Ramlal at my back, as there was hardly any sound in the room. I myself was
getting horny now and was feeling the tightness in my bra, as the very idea of myself moving my ass like a dancer to
get a male masturbate!
After some moments I heard nothing and felt restless and turned towards Master-ji and Ramlal. I realized that my
pussy had started flowing fluids due to the heat generated in me from this abnormal, but erotic situation. I simply
blushed seeing Ramlal’s erect lund looking like a protruding rod within his underwear and he was constantly stroking
it with both his hands. It was looking certainly very tempting to me, and for that matter, to any matured woman
this is a very welcome sight. Ramlal was slightly taken by surprise by my turning to him and he stammered.
Ramlal: Its err… not done yet Madam.
I was getting thrill now from the situation and I felt like being naughty. I wondered how this was happening within
me? I am such a homely housewife, so conservative in dressing and approach, so shy about exhibitionism, so
sensitive to male touching and groping; little did I know that the medication was also guiding my senses now. Looking
directly to Ramlal’s eyes for the first time probably, I smiled.
Me: How long will it take Ramlal?
Master-ji: Madam, I think he needs a little more assistance from you.
Me: Tell me that Master-ji, I am not an astrologer, I cannot read his mind.
I could not take my eyes off Ramlal’s erect dick. I was feeling really hot now seeing that ‘ready rod’, and I was
breathing heavily, my 28-year-old youthful body getting taut for that lund.
Master-ji: Madam, you just continue your semi dancing posture, and please allow Ramlal to touch you on your…
Master-ji deliberately left the sentence incomplete to see my reaction, he was an experienced man and readily saw
that I had little objection, as by now I was in full womanly ‘heat’.
Master-ji: Madam, I promise he will not touch you anywhere else. I think this will readily get his fluids out of him.
In normal circumstances, I would have given a tight slap if a male wants to touch me on my ass, though it’s not that
unknown males have never touched me there. In the crowded trains or buses, I had no doubt felt their hands over
my sari or salwar on my firm globes, both upper and lower, but it cannot be compared to today’s incident.
Honestly I felt like being touched now. I even felt like removing my blouse and bra completely because of the heat
in the room and also within my body. It not only made my bra wet with sweat, but also my heaving flesh was trying
to as if break the shackles of my undergarment. I readily agreed to the proposal, but obviously tried not to show
Me: Okay Master-ji, as you say, but please do it fast.
I turned to the wall again and started to swing my hips like a dancer holding the wall in front of me. This time I was
more eager to do this action and swung my hips more in a circular fashion. I must be looking awfully vulgar being a
28-year-old woman with a matured figure doing this hip movement wearing a blouse and petticoat and hence
naturally Ramlal was also up to the task in a flash and I felt his grip on my right ass check almost instantaneously.
Ramlal: What a gaand you have Madam. It’s so smooth and firm.
Master-ji: When it looks so good, must be good in taste also.
I heard Master-ji and Ramlal’s chuckles. Ramlal was pinching hard on my macro-sized bottoms each time I swung my
hips to the right and to the left. His pinches fell on my ass cheeks, just covered by the thin petticoat, as my panty
had already bunched up to my ass crack and I was quite sure Ramlal could feel that with his fingers and readily
identified that only the thin layer of cloth was separating his fingers from touching a 25+ lady’s naked ass cheeks.
Master-ji: Madam, you are looking too sexy from the back. Ramlal, you are so lucky.
Ramlal: Master-ji, you do not see these things at this age and better keep an eye on the snakes.
We all laughed at his comment. I was laughing shamelessly stirring my round bottom and getting pinched there at
random by that scoundrel. I thought if someone pulls up my petticoat to my waist, my ass cheeks would surely look
red by this vigorous pinching. My pussy was all wet by now and had a heavy flowing. I realized soon that Ramlal had
taken both his hands off his dick and was stroking my gaand now. He cupped my each ass cheek in each palm and
was squeezing those like an air horn, as I swung my ass with more force now due to his rough fondling.
Master-ji: Ramlal, be quick, the snakes are advancing!
There was an alert from Master-ji. I do not know whether Ramlal at all heard it, as he was so much engrossed in
crushing my gaand with both hands. I was writhing in ecstasy due to this male fondling on my very sensitive organs,
the ass and was muttering in sexual pain. I just then felt Ramlal had taken his palms off my gaand and I thought he
must have heard Master-ji’s alert.
No way. Ramlal was now demanding more! Till such time he was touching and squeezing me and now without even
taking permission, he started pulling my petticoat up from my back exposing my fair legs.
Me: What are you doing. Stop. Stop. Master-ji!
I was enjoying every bit of his touching over my clothes, but now I was suddenly afraid of getting molested by this
ruffian. Before I could offer a substantial resistance, he took the advantage of being at my back and lifted my
petticoat almost to my thighs and grabbed my thighs with his rough hands. His fingers were touching the naked
skin of my midthigh almost and he buried his face on my round ass. It was a very sensuous position for me. A male
grabbing me from behind, pulling my dress above my knees, touching me on my firm thighs, and at the same time
rubbing his face on my gaand! Master-ji did not interrupt and I had to be in this compromising position for some
significant time meekly struggling. L
Lastly I cried out when that rascal bite me on my firm ass cheek over my petticoat and started poking his thick
nose into my ass crack. My panty was already bunched up there and now he was thrusting his nose hard there and
honestly that was a terrific feeling. Simultaneously his hands embraced my naked thighs under my petticoat.
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Me: Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!
I could not take that any more and started cumming heavily. My whole body was writhing in sexual delight and the
pad inside my panty was fully wet now. My resistance was getting weaker and Ramlal seeing the opportunity without
any delay crawled his fingers over my silky thighs and went up and up to touch my most private organ. Though I was
adequately covered by my petticoat on my hips and in the front too, Ramlal’s hands made me naked inside.
I had sexual pleasures with my husband no doubt, but this was entirely different, a new sexual feeling as if due the
abnormal situation buildup and the people. Ramlal also in no time had his fluids coming out of his lund and this time I
had his ‘lund darshan’ also as he poured that hot white fluid into a bowl. This was the first time I was seeing a male
dick apart from my hubby’s! I could hear my heart beat seeing that black rod oozing the white fluid. Oh! What a
site! All women love that, but not to go in waste like this, but to be in their honey pots.
I now tried to do mind control as Guru-ji advised me in the morning. I already had my first orgasm out of the total
four I need in two days as per Guru-ji. I quickly adjusted my clothing, though there was not much left to do. Ramlal
stood there half naked with his lund hanging like a banana again as his erection was gone due to the discharge. My
condition was also like Ramlal’s penis, fully exhausted.
Master-ji now took the bowl from Ramlal and kept a safe distance and offered his semen to the snakes and to my
utter disbelief the snakes started sipping that! But after gulping some, they lifted their heads from the bowl and
thankfully turned back and left the room quietly. We all were so relieved and the whole episode ended there.
Not much happened after that, except for Master-ji did give me a better fitting blouse tallying the measurements
noted in the notebook and I wore that in front of these two males taking my present blouse off and giving them a
clear view of my fair, smooth back and midriff, the only cover being my bra strap, and then I wore my sari, and
before I left…
Master-ji: Okay Madam, all’s well that ends well. We are saved from the snakes. Thanks for your cooperation. But
do let me know if you feel a problem with this new blouse. I will send a couple more through Uday.
Me: Thanks Master-ji.
Master-ji: And Madam, when you get time from ashram in the afternoon, you can come down here and I can solve
the problem with your panty also.
I nodded and came out of the room. I was quite exhausted and feeling pretty much ashamed too about what
happened just now in this tailor’s room.
Uday came back to the tailor’s place in another 10 minutes and till such time I had to tolerate Ramlal’s ogling at my
youthful figure. Coming back to ashram first thing I did was to take a bath and the herbal waters seemed to work
wonders for me. I was so fresh again and honestly felt like having another orgasm. Before that Nirmal came to
take the pad, which I was wearing within my panty. He told that Guru-ji would replace a new one after each of my
outdoor visit. I took rest in the afternoon after lunch and was time and again recapitulating what I did with
Master-ji and Ramlal. My ears turned red as I thought of Master-ji taking my blouse measurements, me doing a
half-dance for Ramlal’s masturbation, and finally Ramlal’s rough touches on my lower part of the body. I could not
sleep properly due to these horny thoughts.
At around 05:00 p.m. Meenakshi came to my room.
Meenakshi: Madam, are you too tired?
Me: No, no. On the contrary I am quite…
I stopped for a moment. Is she aware of what happened at the tailor’s place? Uday seemed to be unaware when I
came back with him, as he did not ask me anything. I was feeling very shy to ask Meenakshi directly though she was
a woman.
Meenakshi: Then fine Madam. You can go to visit the fair, which is very popular here. Its some distance away
though, but should not be a problem if you start now.
Me: Which fair are you talking about?
Meenakshi: Madam, its an annual fair which takes place in a nearby village. And here we all will be busy, you might
feel bore.
I thought that would not be a bad idea, as I had nothing much to do in the ashram right now. Guru-ji and others
would also be busy, as devotees from outside would come for a ‘darshan’ now. Hence I readily agreed.
Meenakshi: Okay Madam, here is your new pad. Also please take the medicine. I will send Uday after 5 minutes
when you are ready.
Meenakshi went off swaying her big bottoms. Surely this woman has very attractive hips I thought in my mind. I
closed the door and went to the toilet. Each time changing this pad was irritating. Like all women, I also was not at
all enjoying pulling down my panty frequently. I had the medication and went to the toilet to change my nightdress,
which I was wearing, and had a face wash and got dressed in five minutes. Uday was again my companion.
Uday: Madam, the fair is a bit far off from here and it’s not a walking distance.
Me: How do you plan to go then?
Uday: Madam, we will take a bullock cart. It will be here any moment as I had informed him prior.
Me: Okay. But how long will it take?
I had never been on a bullock cart, so was keen to ride it. The cart arrived and we got into that.
Uday: Madam, it will take some time and you can enjoy the village scene as we travel.
It was not a bad experience, though the cart was moving very slowly. The scene outside was also very nice and a
cool breeze was making me feel very refreshing. I was thankful to Master-ji for this blouse and it fitted very well
on my copious boobs over my bra. So overall I was feeling very comfortable.
Uday was telling me about the history of the fair and the village. But when even after half an hour we did not reach
destination, I was feeling restless.
Me: How much more time will it take Uday?
Uday: We have only covered half the distance Madam. Since the cart cannot go faster, it will take some time.
Initially it was okay, but now sitting like this with my knees folded made me feel a slight pain at my waist and
knees. At the same time, as the road was very undulating, my boobs were jiggling too much within the tight clutches
of my bra and every now and then I was doubting that my bra hook at my back will get opened. I pulled my sari pallu
properly over my upper treasures as a precaution in front of a male. The place inside the cart was also not adequate
and moreover Uday was also sitting close, so I could not shift much and remained in that posture.
At last we reached the fair and it took an hour to reach there. The whole of my waist and buttocks were paining. I
noticed Uday did some freehand stretching getting out of the cart. Myself being a woman was unable to do that
what Uday was doing in the open. I was having ache in my knees, hips, and waist and thought that if I go to the
toilet first, it might be a safe place to stretch myself a bit, so that I feel more comfortable before entering the
Me: Uday, I want to go to the toilet first.
Uday: Okay Madam, but since this is a village fair, I doubt there will be a separate toilet. Let me ask someone.
Uday came back with a negative answer.
Uday: Madam, here there is no such ‘toilet,’ ladies generally go behind the shop for toilet purpose.
I was in a dilemma, as I cannot tell Uday now that I do not want to urinate, but wanted to stretch myself. He
guided me to the back of a shop.
Uday: Madam, I will stand here, you go and do it there.
I was in a situation of complete amazement. How can this man ask me to urinate almost in an open space?
Me: How can I do it here?
I was almost perplexed. I am not a 10-year-old girl that I can urinate like this? There was a bush at the back of
the shop whose height will hardly cover my knees and though it was evening time visibility was very clear. Moreover,
my added anxiety was it will not only be Uday who could see me clearly, but also there were some village people
standing here and there who would concurrently get a free view of my urinating.
Uday: Madam, this is a village, do not feel shy.
Me: What do you mean? Just because this is a village, you mean to say I should lift up my sari to my waist in this
open space and should not feel shy?
Uday: Madam, madam, don’t get annoyed please. In the village you will not get a protected toilet like the town.
Please understand.
Me: Uday, come on, there are so many people around. Simply I cannot sit here shamelessly. Sorry. Let us go to the
Uday did not try any more to persuade me to urinate in that open space and I got rescued from another humiliating
situation. The fair was held on a small area and it was quite crowded by rural people, but still there were some
shops of ornaments, garments, etc. which interested me. It took almost an hour to cover the fair, as the crowd was
heavy. Due to the crowd, I had to walk close to Uday and time and again my ‘always erect’ firm breasts were
brushing against his elbow. Initially I tried to avoid that, but due to the moving crowd I did not mind it later.
After sometime, it created a problem for me. Now I could realize Uday was doing it purposefully and keeping his
elbow in constant touch with my blouse-covered mangoes and since within bra, they appeared very firm and he was
constantly elbowing them. Uday must have thought that I was deliberately walking close to him so that my wellformed
boobs touch his elbow, but in reality it was due to the crowd that I had to walk like that. Honestly I was
also enjoying a bit, but I realized with time that Uday was now overdoing it considering we were in a public place.
I was walking on his right and Uday now was virtually circling his right elbow on my left boob constantly pressing it.
The act was so deliberate as people coming from opposite direction could clearly see it. I was feeling very
cumbersome, but could not tell Uday anything. Moreover, due to this constant rubbing, I was also getting heated
and my boobs grew in size and were so tight within the bra that Uday’s right elbow was almost getting a spring
action from my firm upper globes. That probably encouraged him more, as hardly does a male get such tightness
from a married woman’s boobs.
I stopped at a shop and was checking a pair of earrings and Uday also stood close by me. Now I could sense his
deep breaths on my shoulder.
Uday: This would look nice on you Madam.
Saying that, he handed me an earring and a matching necklace. Though I did not want his suggestion, but he poked
his nose into it. I tried that the earring and it looked decent to me.
Uday: Madam, also try the necklace and if you feel you can buy it. I have the money.
The shopkeeper also encouraged me wearing the necklace along with the earrings to check overall. I was about to
wear the necklace, when Uday unnecessarily tried to help me.
Uday: Madam, you relax, I will fix the necklace fastener on your neck.
The shopkeeper I noticed was smiling hearing that. There were two to three more customers in the shop also who
were also looking at us. I did not want to argue and attract more attention and agreed to Uday. But what he did
certainly crossed the decency limit in public. He just shifted a little, went behind me, let the necklace fall on my
upper chest area, and started fixing the hook near my neck. Then from behind in an almost hugging posture he
dragged the necklace down touching my both breasts adequately over my blouse. And as if trying to make the
necklace flow properly on me, Uday felt both my tight mangoes with his palms, which I comprehended without a
doubt. The shopkeeper and the others also did not miss that and I felt very clumsy being treated like that in a
public place.
The shopkeeper seemed more eager now to hold the mirror in front of me and forwarded a few more earrings and
Uday: Madam, try this, this also looks nice.
Me: No Uday, I think this is pretty fine.
I could understand his intention, but he and the shopkeeper also insisted me to try another and then pick one. I
wore the second earring set and Uday was ready to wear me the necklace. This time he was more bold and I almost
gasped, as he in the process of wearing me the necklace was directly touching my breasts in front of the
shopkeeper. This was a longer necklace, which extended below my boobs and this gave him more opportunity to
grope me. He dropped the necklace from my neck to its full size. He was standing just behind me and placed his
arms across my upright boobs and pressed my cups as if adjusting the necklace up. I was standing within his arms
shamelessly and people were watching me.
Uday very cleverly took the mirror in his left hand from the shopkeeper and held it in front of my breasts as if to
show me how good the necklace was looking on me. This way the shopkeeper for the moment was unable to see my
breast area and taking the guard of the mirror, with his free right hand, he first cupped my right breast and then
gave it a very good squeeze from over my blouse.
Uday: I think this one is better? What do you feel Madam?
I was in no position to talk as I could feel his right palm was still cupping my breast. I looked to my side and was
almost traumatized to see two young boys were watching us. Uday was not looking at anything I suppose and this
time he almost covered my whole right breast with his palm and gave me a series of tight squeezes. All these
happened in a span of few seconds and I could not resist being groped so openly with people watching me.
Finally it was over and we bought the second earring set and the necklace and mixed with the crowd again.
As evening advanced I noticed there was more crowd in the fair and in that small place there was much pushing
going on. This time since the crowd was jostling through the narrow passages by the shops, I had no other option
but to hold Uday’s hand, otherwise I would be left behind. Walking was now becoming increasingly difficult and I
had to keep one hand in a protective fashion otherwise every now and then a passing elbow was touching my milk
I tied to behave with Uday very normally as if I paid no attention to his naughtiness in the ornament shop and took
it as being unintentional. Uday was also trying to gauge my reaction to his advances and seeing apparently no
resistance made further moves.
Uday: Madam, these village people are not cultured, just be alert.
Me: Yes that I can see, the way they are pushing around.
Uday: Madam, do one thing, instead of holding my hand and walking behind me, you come by my side and then I can
in fact protect you also.
I thought that was a good idea, I nodded to him, and came to his right side. Uday indeed had some other plans. I
noticed that he put his arm on my right shoulder right away pretending to protect me from the crowd coming from
opposite direction. My whole body was now almost touching his masculine torso as I walked. In no time I realized
what he is up to. Uday now was embracing me over my shoulder with his right hand, which was now only an inch away
from touching my breast, acting as if he protecting me from incoming people. And from each impact of the passing
man, he took full advantage and began touching and feeling my heaving breast.
In a jiffy before I could say or do anything Uday was cupping my right breast again! This time he seemed very
confident and turned me instantly on fire as he was resting his fingers on my boob as we walked. I looked down at
my breast shamefully to find his fingers acting almost as another layer over my blouse. As the pushing was more
now, Uday made the most of it and was virtually massaging my conical peak in his right palm. I was getting
adequately aroused now due to this continuous male touching, holding, and squeezing of my youthful boob.
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This went
on for some minutes and with time Uday’s squeezes were beginning to get harder and he almost toyed with my
blouse-covered flesh. Once I felt he was poking one of his fingers and trying to trace my nipple over the blouse and
bra cover. I noticed that each of the men who were passing us had their eyes on Uday’s hand and on my mammary.
I could not take it anymore and was feeling very ashamed allowing such things in public. Being a 28-year-old
matured woman I was enjoying his touches and was already wet in my pussy, but this was crossing decency limits as
I was in the open. Today in the morning when I crossed all limits of decency still I was in a confined area. I had to
stop Uday from his advances.
Me: Uday, please behave yourself.
Uday: Sorry Madam, but the crowd is so unruly they are coming on to your body
Uday gave his excuse and I did not wanted to argue on that, but now was really feeling the urge to urinate due to
the heat generated in my body.
Me: Uday, I want to go to toilet once. That time I could not…
I thought there was no need to complete my sentence. Uday had already taken his hand off my breast area and now
guided me jostling through an alley to the back of a shop. Since now it was late evening, there was darkness though
there were electric bulbs glowing throughout the fair. I observed that though the area was not absolutely dark, it
was not possible for the fair people who were at a distance to make out anything. But the problem here was
absence of a proper bush behind, which I can sit and pee. So I was a bit hesitant again.
Uday: Madam, what are you waiting for now?
Me: Can’t you see there is not even a bush here.
Uday: But Madam, no one is noticing you in this darkness. You can go to that corner and…
Me: What darkness? I can clearly see you.
Uday: Madam, come on. Okay I will not look at you while you…
He smiled very meaningfully at me, but I ignored his tease and wanted to me absolutely sure before getting into
any more humiliation at this age.
Me: And if someone comes here?
Uday: Madam, how long will take? It’s just a matter of some seconds!
I was simply not assured as I knew it will take some time for me as unlike other women just pulling up my sari,
sitting down, and peeing off will not do. I will also have to pull down my panty, which is never easy for any woman to
do quickly, and additionally I have to set the pad inside my panty suitably also.
Uday: Madam, if you stand here like this someone might actually come. So go and sit in that corner and I will be
guarding you.
Uday was saying things in such a casual manner as if his presence does not matter to me at all. I again inspected
the place. It was semi dark, true, but at the same time it was open on all sides except one side where the shop was,
and anyone coming up to that place would be able to see me very clearly. Never in my life had been in such a
Ultimately things boiled down to the fact I have to urinate in that open space and that too in front of a male. I was
feeling so very shy, but had nothing to do in this regard.
Me: Uday, please turn back and do aware me if someone comes in.
Uday: Madam, if I turn back, you can I see if anyone is coming or not.
I understood very well that he would not miss this opportunity to see me peeing. Any male for that matter would
grab this chance to see a 25+ woman urinating in front of him. The situation was such I was simply helpless, as I
needed him to stand there at least to see if anyone was coming.
I noticed Uday’s eyes as if lit up when he eventually saw that I agreed to pee in front of him. I went to the corner
beside the shop, which was approximately about 10-12 feet away from Uday. I could go no further because there
was too much illumination from lights of other shops. I slowly turned my back to Uday and was really feeling very
shy doing this, but had no other alternative now. I bent down a little bit and with both hands quickly pulling up my
sari and petticoat almost to my hips. The cool gentle breeze almost made me shiver when I felt it on my exposed
thighs. My thighs are fairer than my body complexion like most women and quite well formed and plump. I could not
resist looking behind once to see Uday.
Uday: Madam, do not look back. Do it quickly.
Uday was looking at my exposed legs and commanding me. I briefly saw his left hand was on his crotch; he must be
stroking his dick seeing a married woman in such a compromised state. I did not waste time anymore and did what I
needed to do. I quickly dropped down my panty to my knees and took the pad in one hand and while I was doing that
my whole bottom virtually remained exposed and Uday must have had a grand view of my naked buttocks though I
tried to keep my sari as a cover as much as possible on my hip area. When I squatting I knew my huge naked ass
was fully exposed in front of Uday’s face due to his proximity.
The hissing sound of my peeing was adding to my shame. I again looked back to see if anyone was coming and what
Uday was doing, but to my surprise I did not see Uday standing there! I could not move my head much in that
squatting position. My urination was almost complete and I was much relieved as the hissing sound of my urination
was creating more embarrassment for me.
Uday: Madam, beware!
I was shocked and horrified as I heard Uday’s voice almost by my ear. I could not see him a moment ago at my back
because he has come up almost to my front now. I was simply stunned seeing him in front of me, as my whole pussy
along with my legs and thighs were completely uncovered and I was still discharging my urine. Uday could see my
pussy hole with the thick bush of hair above it very clearly. My god! I never ever in my life faced such a humiliation.
My face also reflected my utter shock and shame seeing Uday looking bluntly at my naked pussy.
Uday: Madam, madam, don’t panic. You are actually sitting on an ant heap and so I wanted to alert you.
Me: You get out of here first.
Uday: Madam, you have watered their heap and ants will now come out in scores. So be very careful.
He did not move a bit and his eyes enjoying the sight of his lifetime probably to see from the front a matured
woman peeing out. I could not sit like that any more and got up with drops of urine still coming out of my hole and
quickly pulled my sari down with my left hand as I was holding the pad in my right hand. Uday almost dragged me
out of that ant heap and I noticed that what he was telling was absolutely true. Red ants were all over that place
triggered to come out by urine.
I could not walk properly as my panty was still down around my knees. I need to pull that up and put the pad also.
I could not meet Uday’s eyes as to what happened some minutes ago. I still could not digest the fact that he
actually has seen me urinating in the sitting posture. I do not know what was going through his mind, but he seemed
quite normal!
Uday: Madam, we are getting late now slowly. We should make a move.
Me: Yes, I also do not spend any more time here.
I said so though I was thinking how to put it before Uday that my panty is still halfway down my legs below my sari
and petticoat.
Uday: Okay Madam, then you can just wait here or at the ornament shop and I will get a bullock cart.
Me: No, no Uday. Not again in that snail like vehicle. I have had enough of aches in my waist and knees.
Uday: But Madam …
I interrupted him, as I wanted to know if an alternative transport arrangement could be made.
Me: Why don’t you try to get some substitute transportation?
Uday: Madam, I told you there is nothing much available in this route.
After some continuous pleading from my end, Uday went out to search for something other than that bullock cart
and asked me to wait in front of the ornament shop. I told to myself that it would be real painful to travel in that
cart again for an hour if Uday fails to get an alternative conveyance. Now that Uday was away I also wanted to
wear my panty properly and place the pad also. I noticed that there were some people coming where I urinated a
few minutes ago and hence had to leave the place and tried to look for a secured place.
I was walking in somewhat baby steps as my panty, which was around my knees, was hindering me to walk
comfortably. Soon I found the back of another shop, where there was very minimum light and there was no one
there also, and felt it to be a safer place. I chose a corner and quickly pulled up my sari along with my petticoat to
my waist and pushed my panty towards my crotch area. I felt the gentle breeze again on my naked thighs and as I
was about to put the pad within my panty just over my honey pot, I heard two voices. I almost froze as whole of
the lower part of my youthful jawani was entirely exposed then. I looked up here and there, but could not see
anyone, but I am sure I heard two voices. After a few moments since I could not trace anyone in the semidarkness,
I continued with my job and got the pad inside my panty and flowed my sari down and finally when I was adjusting
my pallu over my breasts, again I perceived the voice.
“Please, please, someone would come.”
“There is no one here. Don’t worry.”
Since there was darkness here, my eyes took some time to adjust and now I could clearly see that just a few yards
away a male and a female were standing close by the cover of a tree. They seemed engrossed in themselves and did
not notice I was there also in the dark. I moved a little to get a clearer view. The man was middle aged, but the
female was a teenage girl. The girl was wearing ghagra-choli, which is the common dress here for women. The scene
was indeed steamy as the man had hugged the girl and was trying to kiss on her lips and girl was eluding his lips by
constantly moving her head. I noticed that the man has now cupped one of her boobs over her choli and the girl’s
resistance was getting weaker. In no time the girl was stroking her fingers through the hairs of the man and they
were lip-locked. As they were kissing, I saw that the man now took one of his hands off her boobs and cupped her
tiny ass over her ghagra. Seeing such hot activities from such close proximity made my nipples grow hard right
away. I was getting great pleasure peeping like this. As the man was energetically squeezing the girl’s young boobs,
my right hand also automatically went towards my tight boobs and touched my nipples. I noticed the girl was now
almost gasping, as the man descended from her lips to her boobs. He was almost biting her boobs over her choli and
pulled up her ghagra with his embracing hands almost to her thighs. I could not stop myself pinching my own nipples
over my bra and blouse seeing this very passionate sight. Immediately I felt hint of precum within my pussy also
and feeling quite thirsty seeing this ‘live’ show.
“Paro, Paro, where are you?”
The couple behind the tree and myself both almost froze to this voice. I noticed an old man was searching probably
for that girl calling her name, must be her father or a relative. As soon as the old man crossed us to a safe
distance, I noticed the girl adjusted her dress and ran away immediately and the man followed suit in the opposite
direction. I was cursing the old man, as I was thoroughly enjoying the scene, and now that everything was over I
came out of the darkness adjusting my bra a little to breathe easy, and went towards the ornament shop to wait
for Uday.
Uday came after some minutes with a smiling face.
Uday: Madam, you should thank your luck. You don’t have to go in the bullock cart.
I was so pleased to hear that not knowing what actually was waiting for me in the next hour. I never anticipated
that this auto rickshaw ride would also be a memorable one like my tailor’s encounter with Master-ji and Ramlal.
Me: Thanks Uday. What have you arranged?
Uday: An auto rickshaw Madam.
Me: Thank god Uday.
Uday: But Madam, in this part people doesn’t travel in rickshaws as you travel in the cities. It’s basically a good
carriage here. So you might face a little problem with goods loaded in that vehicle.
Me: Still it’s hundred times better than that slow cart and definitely it should take lesser time.
Uday: Of course Madam. It should take 15-20 minutes only.
We went out of the fair and I did not feel it necessary to mention what I say to Uday. The rickshaw was standing a
bit far away. There was not much light outside the fair arena and the moon was also not there in the sky. I could
well see goods tied already at the top of the rickshaw and also to its sides by rope.
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Uday: Madam, this is Mishra-ji. This is his auto. Fortunately he is going towards our ashram.
Mishra-ji was an elderly man, visibly obese, and fifty plus for sure. He was completely bald headed. He was wearing
a dhoti and a bush shirt. Uday introduced me to him.
Mishra-ji: Beti, you will have some difficulty I can understand, as there is scarcity of space in my rickshaw due to
the goods, but if you can tolerate me and my rickshaw for 15 minutes, you will reach ashram.
I smiled to his words and felt at ease due to his age and also as he was addressing me as “beti”. Since there were
packaged goods in the front seat too, hardly any space was there to sit except for the driver. Hence Uday, myself,
and Mishra-ji sat at the backseat of the auto rickshaw. Mishra-ji boarded first, followed by me. I was surprised to
see something black sitting at Mishra-ji’s foot as I got up.
Mishra-ji: This is my pet dog Moti. Wherever I go, he follows me. But he will not create any commotion, be rest
assured Beti.
I sat beside him and his dog was looking up at me. Thankfully Moti was a small sized dog, but I could not make out
his breed though I love dogs among the household pets. The dog apparently looked well behaved and did not react
seeing unknown faces. I noticed that there were a couple of packets on the seat too, as there was no other vacant
space to keep them in the auto rickshaw. Naturally the sitting area was cramped, more so because of Mishra-ji’s
overweighed body.
Mishra-ji: Beti, you can see my size. You might just struggle sitting in this short space and for that do heavily
curse me. May be by that I lose some kilos and next time when I allow someone to sit in my rickshaw, he or she
gets a better ride.
We all laughed at his prank including the driver. Frankly there was very little place for Uday to squeeze in the
backseat. I tried to move as much as possible maintaining decency to Mishra-ji, but then also Uday could marginally
touch his ass to the seat. The auto rickshaw started on its way immediately as we boarded. For accommodating me
Mishra-ji took his left arm around me over my head on the seat top and my face was now so close to his armpit that
I could inhale the odour of his sweat from his shirt.
Mishra-ji: Beti, are you a little better now?
I nodded and shifted an inch more to him almost gluing to his body so that Uday could sit a little better and he was
now able to move his ass in between my thighs and the auto seat boundary. In the process I realized his right elbow
already touched my thrusting left boob and was feeling its softness. I did not want to encourage him at all in front
of the elderly man and so just gently pushed his elbow with my left hand.
Mishra-ji: All three of us own big garage spaces to park our cars.
Uday laughed on this comment, but I could not grasp what that old man meant.
Me: I could not get you Mishra-ji.
Mishra-ji: Beti, I mean we all have heavy bottoms and thus when we garage ourselves in this seat, we all need big
spaces to park our...
It was not required to complete his sentence and we all laughed at the comment. I must say this old man had a
decent sense of humor. As we laughed I realized that Uday was again trying to elbow me taking the advantage of
the semidarkness within the rickshaw. I did not disapprove him this time, as I still could not shrug off the erotic
scene that I enjoyed in the fair. As someone dips his finger in a bowl of oil, Uday, seeing me not hindering his hand,
started dipping his right elbow to the depth of my rubber-tight boob.
Mishra-ji: Oh! My head!
There was a bump, which the driver probably missed, and since the rickshaw was going at a fair speed, it jerked
strongly. The driver immediately slowed down and I inquired out of courtesy to Mishra-ji if he had hurt himself
Mishra-ji: I bumped it on the rod Beti.
Mishra-ji pointed towards his forehead and I turned a bit towards him and tried to see what happened to his
forehead. As I took my hand towards her forehead, he held my fingers and showed the area where he was hurt.
Me: You remove your fingers from forehead and let me see if there is any cut or not.
As he dropped down his hand and since my right arm was lifted to see his forehead, his elbow directly pressed on
my right boob. I did not mind that and moreover he was calling me “beti”, so no other thoughts came to my mind at
all and I was really eager to see his bumped forehead. As he was tall, even in the sitting posture I had to stretch
myself and in the process the side of my right boob was entirely open. I felt Mishra-ji’s left elbow was digging
deep on my right boob under my raised arm. Since there was absolutely no place to shift or move I felt he had no
other option but to place his left hand there to accommodate me to see his forehead.
Mishra-ji: Hope its not cut or bruised?
Me: Could not see very clearly Mishra-ji, but seems okay.
Mishra-ji: Please check it a bit Beti.
As I was feeling his forehead with my fingers for a bump, I felt elbow was now firmly placed under my raised
armpit and was pressing my juicy mango. Moreover, Uday seeing the chance increased his naughty handwork. He was
now elbowing me more deliberately and with more force. He was almost circling his elbow tip on my taut flesh within
my bra and blouse. So, now I was in a position where two different males were elbowing my mangoes in a moving
auto rickshaw though I was sure Mishra-ji’s touches were not purposeful.
I completed inspecting Mishra-ji’s forehead and tried to bring down my arm, but then only, Mishra-ji’s pet dog that
was lying so far at his feet jumped up to his lap. The old man trying to provide accommodation for his dog virtually
poked his whole elbow into my tight boob feeling very adequately the firmness of it. Now to assist Moti to sit on
his master’s lap, I had to keep my right arm at Mishra-ji’s back on the seat top. I realized that this actually made
me more vulnerable as my whole of right boob remained unguarded.
Uday: Madam, I think this is the right way to extract some space for each of us. As you have kept your hand
behind Mishra-ji, let me keep mine also behind you. That way you will also get some space.
Mishra-ji: Uday seemed to be getting intelligent by the minute, isn’t it Beti?
Again there was a roar of laughter. Moti also barked twice I do not know why. At that moment a cycle coming from
the opposite side was flagging us to stop. The driver stopped our vehicle and the man on the cycle informed us that
there was an accident half a kilometer ahead and road was closed, so we should take the left turn from here.
Uday: Oh god! That’s a pretty lengthy route Madam.
Me: How long will it take via that route?
Uday: 40-45 minutes at least.
Mishra-ji: No use thinking on that. It’s just a matter of additional half an hour.
Our auto took the left turn and off we went. Since this road was not a main road, the lighting was not adequate
here and the road was also more bouncy. My heavy boobs were jumping within my bra quite a bit now. Uday was the
first one to take advantage of this situation. Now that his right hand was behind me at my back, he with each jerk
was embracing me tighter. I looked through the corner of my eyes to Mishra-ji and thankfully he seemed busy with
his dog on his lap. Uday was now getting a free access to my right boob as my right arm was lifted and he was sort
of embracing me with his hand going behind my body. He was now very easily cupping and squeezing my unguarded
right breast below my sari pallu. I was thoroughly enjoying that though was conscious enough to keep my pallu in
place so that the old man could not see anything.
Suddenly the auto rickshaw braked seeing a bump or whatever, but the effect was thoroughly embarrassing for
me. As the vehicle braked, Uday was actually cupping my right boob from the underside; the sudden brake made his
fingers dug in my boob. Mishra-ji’s right arm was in a folded position on his dog’s head just a few inches from my
boob; the sudden brake brought his palm directly over my boob also. It was like two men holding my one boob and
both their hands met in that sudden brake!
Mishra-ji: What nonsense is this? Drive slowly and keep your eyes open. There is no hurry.
Mishra-ji rebuked the rickshaw driver and he apologized. But there was no apology to me from any of the males for
touching my boob in that sudden jerk. By this time Uday had shifted his hand from my breast to my shoulder at my
back. I was rather comfortable at this approach from him. Mishra-ji’s fingers were still nimbly touching the
sideline of my right boob as the dog had also shifted its position somewhat by that jerk.
Mishra-ji: Beti, are you okay? Hope you are not hurt anywhere?
I was feeling confused as while this old man was talking to me now, I could feel his fingers were brushing on the
bulging cup my blouse. I scolded myself in the mind for thinking ‘differently’ about this old man. He is so caring!
Me: No, no. I am absolutely fine.
The auto rickshaw moved on, but now at a slower speed. Uday was not still for a moment. He was now caressing my
back over my blouse and tracing my bra strap. I almost trembled as he traced my bra strap from my shoulder and
started moving down over my back to the hook over my blouse. I was trying to talk normally so that the old man
does not understand about the naughty acts going ahead just beside him.
Me: Moti, look here. Tu tu tu tu… Do you like me?
Mishra-ji: Moti nod your head.
While all this silly talking were going on round that dog, Uday’s middle finger and thumb were actually busy picking
up my bra strap and was pulling it slightly from my body. He was like playing with it, pulling and leaving it the next
moment with each jerk. No woman can sit comfortably if someone is playing with her bra strap like this, but still I
was trying my best because I was getting (s)excited by these acts. Uday probably was fade up after sometime
doing that and moved his right hand down my blouse towards my butts. I shifted slightly forward as if to cajole
Moti, which aided him to place his hand between the seat and the back of my body. I felt his hand was moving down
tracing my spine and was on my waistband now.
In the meantime, I was trying to cuddle Moti so that Mishra-ji also did not notice what Uday was doing. Mishra-ji’
was to my right and he had put his right hand almost in an embracing position on the dog, which in effect brought
his fingers very close to my right boob. Since my right hand was also at his back to make space his fingers were
actually poking my right boob every now and then with the vehicle jerking. Initially I was not minding that thinking
of his age, but once I felt his thumb rubbed on my nipple over my blouse and bra. I thought it must have been
unintentional, but the touch was making my nipples harden.
Mishra-ji: Beti take Moti in your lap. I think he will stay there.
Me: No, no. If he bites?
Mishra-ji: Beti trust him. He will not bite your… after all he is not your husband.
I blushed hearing this chitchat. Mishra-ji laughed loudly probably to make me feel at ease.
Mishra-ji: Hope you did not mind anything beti by my naughty words.
Me: Its okay. You have a good sense of humor.
I was still blushing in front of this old man. I brought my right hand from the back of Mishra-ji to take Moti in
both hands. He tried to place Moti to my lap, but since the dog was getting restless coming to an unknown lap, I was
a bit scared.
Mishra-ji: Beti don’t fear. Moti is very well behaved. Chu. Chu. Moti, be still.
The old man had to turn a bit now towards me and with his both hands he was still holding the dog, as it was
struggling in my lap. I was feeling Mishra-ji’s touch on my fingers as we both were trying to hold the dog. Uday
seeing Mishra-ji turning towards me was not moving his hand. He was touching me around my waist and trying to
insert a finger into my petticoat. Thankfully he remained still now, but the restless dog was giving me a hard time
because in controlling the dog, Mishra-ji was pressing my juicy mangoes with both hands from the front. What he
was doing, though he was almost my father’s age, would excite any matured woman. But I still felt it was
unintentional on his part and he was earnestly trying to control the dog only.
After some moments, Moti was quiet and sat on my lap close to my boobs. By that time I had enough gasps as
Mishra-ji’s fingers pressed and rubbed on my 32-size breasts a number of times with Moti in his hand. Uday did
not waste any time as he saw the dog was quiet and started inserting his finger inside my petticoat and was trying
to touch my panty I understood. Thankfully I knotted my petticoat very securely and he was not able to insert his
finger to any significant length.
Mishra-ji: Beti let me keep one hand on Moti so that I can control him if he does any mischief.
What should I say? Though the approach was very humble from the old man, but this would actually enable him to
touch my erect bulging boobs almost constantly. I nodded and this time he turned towards me significantly and
asked me to shift more towards him so that he can easily manage his dog. Where should I shift I thought to
myself? If I shift more the posture he is in practically I will have to sit in his lap! Still on his request I shifted a
bit and now my silky firm globes of my buttocks were almost on his thighs and he could very well feel the roundness
of my big ass. Honestly I felt he had no ill intentions, because it was all situational demands.
Mishra-ji: Now it is better Beti. I think you are comfortable.
Yes, sitting almost on the thighs of a 50+ man for a 28-year-old woman has to be ‘comfortable’. I indicated
agreement and this time I was somewhat shaken by his bold movement. The dog was revolving his head to and fro
and he placed his palm on its head and I noted though his palm was there on the dog’s head, the fingers were
almost cuddling my left boob. I almost gasped at his action and honestly it was no way a fatherly touch though he
was still calling me “beti”!
Mishra-ji: Beti now that I have my hand on Moti, you are safe. You can also hold him freely now.
I could not by any means think that he was touching me on purpose. His voice was so normal, his approach so caring,
his elderly age, and his calling me ‘beti’ was making me feel guilty thinking in that ‘dirty’ line. I started taking his
touches as situational and started not to mind them. Uday had now left the ‘inserting his finger in my petticoat’
project and was more eager to touch and press my smooth butt cheek and surely I had more juice in my ass than
anywhere else and he must have been enjoying a lot touching me there. I shifted again a little bit forward as he
was not able to get an entire handful. Now that I shifted a little he was able to freely move his hand and squeeze
my flesh there very comfortably. I also was in the seventh heaven getting an ass squeeze again by a different male
on the same day!
Suddenly there was a jerk again and I felt in trying to hold Moti more securely, the old man’s palm fell on my heavy
left breast. It certainly was a spongy and bouncy reaction for him from my rubber-tight boobs and the situation
was such I could not object to his palm on my breast. The road was adequately dark now and for the first time I
felt Mishra-ji was not the fatherly figure that he appeared. He was clearly not holding the dog’s head by his palm,
only the arm was guarding it, and instead his palm was more or less directly over my pallu covered blouse. Honestly
I was also feeling incredible as one male was caressing my large ass cheek and now another hand was on my upper treasures.
I m the one who is known as the [email protected]!

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Guru-ji’s drug effect was making me act like a slut in this auto rickshaw!
Moti was calm for only these moments and he again started struggling. The more Mishra-ji tried to control the dog;
it was more of a massage for my milk tanks.
Mishra-ji: Beti, it seems Moti is not that comfortable on your lap. You can put him down on the floor.
Me: Yes. He is not sitting quiet for a moment even.
Mishra-ji: May be for Moti it is from frying pan to oven.
Uday could not stop laughing on that. He also gave a quick tight pinch on my ass over my sari to appreciate that. I
too giggled shamelessly.
But as I put Moti on the floor of the auto rickshaw, he did something, which I was not at all expecting. The dog
started sniffing my feet enthusiastically and in no time inserted his head within my sari. It was real precarious
situation for me. Uday also seemed surprised seeing that as he stopped coaxing my buttery hips.
Mishra-ji: Moti, Moti, what are you doing dear?
Moti was totally nonchalant to his master’s calls and I could feel the wet nose on my naked legs below my sari and
alarmingly it was moving upwards.
Me: Ouch!
Mishra-ji: What happened beti?
Moti was now gently scratching my knees with his legs and sniffing my naked lower thigh area. I did not have to
reply to Mishra-ji as the dog’s head below my sari was very evident now between my legs. I was feeling so hot by its
wet touches, which I could not probably express. The dog was licking the beads of sweat on my inner thighs now.
Me: Ooooooooh! Aaaaaah! Please get it out.
Mishra-ji: Beti, don’t worry. I am getting him out.
Uday: Madam, don’t move much, the dog might bite you.
Mishra-ji: Moti, Moti. Come here good boy.
It seemed to me that the dog was more into his sniffing and licking under my petticoat and sari as he heard his
master’s call. I could feel the dog’s wet nose onto my naked thighs and as it was licking, its saliva on my naked skin
was making me shiver as if in sexual pleasure. I was getting moistened in my pussy now, the flow getting heavier.
Mishra-ji: Beti, he is not listening to me. You need to pull your sari a bit so that I can catch my Moti.
Me: Please do whatever, but get that thing out. Ooooooooh!
The dog was now slowly approaching more towards my crotch as he crawled up within my sari. My thighs were all
wet now by his cold nose and hot tongue, the combination was turning me wild. My thighs were generating heat now
generously and I was in no way less aroused by this dog in comparison to any male!
Mishra-ji: Okay, okay.
Now I as if gave license to the old man to lift my sari!
Mishra-ji: You keep calm beti, I will pull up your sari and get out Moti.
I was in a very poor shape in front of two males now and was more or less struggling to sit properly on the auto
rickshaw seat, almost wriggling my body in ecstasy by the acts of this naughty dog. Mishra-ji bent a little and
started pulling my sari off my legs upwards along with my petticoat. Uday seeing my condition held my hand with his
left hand and embraced his right hand around me over the seat top. Getting the support I leaned on to his body and
he did not miss this opportunity to cup my breasts again. But since Mishra-ji was in front of me, he was clever
enough to put his hand below my pallu and started gently coaxing my full boobs.
Mishra-ji exposed my fair legs in no time and bunched my sari around my knees. Moti was trying to move his way up
more seeing Mishra-ji trying to catch him. It seemed to be a game for the dog and in the process was making me
shamelessly exposed and horny at the same time. Mishra-ji’s touches were now completely devoid of the fatherly
care and he appeared to be a changed man from a caring father like figure to a greedy old man. For Mishra-ji,
getting the opportunity to pull up the sari of a matured housewife like me, it was highly rewarding so to say. He not
only bunched the sari and petticoat up at my knees, he was caressing my fair and shapely legs intensely. He seemed
not interested to get out the dog at all and now was trying to pull my sari up forcefully above my knees to see more
of my naked jawani.
Since I was siting with Moti between my legs, I had to spread my legs a lot to accommodate the dog and as a result
Mishra-ji was almost off his seat. Hence it was not easy for him to pull up my sari anymore. The old man was not to
resign so easily and I was amazed to see his muscle power at this age, he with his left hand fervently cupped my
round hip-side and made my leg rise slightly from the seat and pulled up the sari.
Me: Ouch! Please don’t…
Though that was my natural womanly reaction, but I enjoyed every bit of it. I was now practically naked from my
waist on my right side by the old man’s lewd handwork. Moti at last was exposed out of my sari. Giving me no time
to react to get rid of the dog, Mishra-ji lifted up the remaining sari cover that I had over my left thigh to Uday’s
side making sure I become completely naked down my waist. Thank god I was wearing a panty otherwise I would
have been sitting in the moving auto rickshaw with uncovered pussy with two males!
Mishra-ji did not stop, neither did Moti, nor Uday!
Moti was still busy with his sniffing work and currently with my exposed skin the dog went up unhindered up to my
panty and was sniffing that area. The dog’s saliva was all over my bare well-formed thighs and I tried to wipe them
with my free hand, one hand being held by Uday. At that moment my feminine ‘shame’ was overtaken by
sensuousness. I was discharging now more than earlier, as was aroused tremendously. The dog was between my legs
supported on my naked knees with its tail up and poking its nose over my panty to sniff my vaginal fluids.
Uday was having a squeeze of his life. He was initially milking my right boob over my blouse with some decency
under the sari pallu. By ‘decency’ I mean as the auto rickshaw was jerking he was kneading it and was only stroking
or caressing it gently. But now seeing my compromised condition, he was virtually mauling me like anything. He
cupped my right boob very tightly with all his fingers firmly gripped on my juicy mango and was not at all releasing
it from his palm! I was simply gasping for air by this treatment of Uday. With his left hand he was holding my hand,
which was making the journey more passionate for me.
Mishra-ji seemed as if was determined to make me fully exposed in this moving auto rickshaw. He was now directly
caressing and rubbing my naked moist thighs. Moti had made them wet and when I tried to wipe it dry Mishra-ji
interrupted by holding my hand. He then began to do the wiping of my smooth silky thighs with his free hand. His
rough palm on my completely uncovered thighs was making me go wild and this elderly guy was gyrating his palm in a
very sexy manner, to say the least, starting from my knees, slowly up my thighs, and reaching till my panty. I could
clearly make out the dog’s nose and Mishra-ji’s fingers poking on my panty. Thankfully Guru-ji’s pad was rescuing me
from direct touching on my choot.
As the auto rickshaw went on its way at a rather slow pace, my humiliation in the hands of two males and a dog
continued. I realized both my hands were now arrested, one by Uday and the other by Mishra-ji and hence I could
hardly resist physically to whatever was going on. Moti was now fully on my naked thighs, sitting there, and sniffing
my pussy area and also moving his nose up towards my protruding breasts. Mishra-ji was somewhat satisfied
caressing my uncovered curvy thighs and took his left hand towards my hips. He forced me to lift my hips a little
bit and in a flash pulled the remaining sari and petticoat from below my heavy buttocks to my backside towards the
seat. Now the only cover down my waist was my meager panty and as I sat again from the lifted position, I felt the
cold seat touching my completely bare ass cheeks. My panty as usual had bunched up in my ass crack. Feeling the
seat on my naked ass I almost had a fresh cumming.
Me: Ooooooooooooooh! Please. Please. What are you doing?
I had to tell something now as things have gone just too far. But who was listening to me I doubted.
Me: Take the dog off. That’s all I want.
Now what Mishra-ji and his pet dog did made me cum thoroughly and I had a full orgasm. Uday only played a
support role. He was thankfully not progressing any more apart from my right boob, but he virtually oozed out all
juices from that I believe. Moti was now progressing above and his nose was now on to my bosom area almost. Due
to Uday’s constant pressing and cajoling and things happening, my sari pallu had shifted from its place exposing my
left breast. Uday was kind enough to keep the pallu on my right breast though his palm was acting as a better cover
for it for a long time now.
Mishra-ji now left my hand he was holding and took his left hand to my back. I was shocked to see it was not going
towards the top of the seat and instead going towards my panty-covered butts. With his right hand he almost
dragged me to lift my base again and simply put his left palm below my right ass cheek.
Me: Ouch!
The old man made me sit on his palm now and must be thoroughly enjoying this erotic posture. With each jerk of
the rickshaw, I was wriggling and pressing on his palm and his hand was sandwiched between my heavy bottoms and
the auto seat. I had never had such an experience in my life sitting on the palm of a male! But to tell honestly it
was a heavenly feeling. Fluids were pouring out of my pussy now. Moti equally rose to the occasion like his master
and started licking my blouse covered left tit.
Me: Stop this dog Uday. If it bites me there…
I could not complete the sentence in the thrill I was getting. The old man’s hand below my fully naked ass was
taking me to seventh heaven. I was thoroughly enjoying this threesome and especially sitting on a male hand!
Mishra-ji: I am there to cover you beti, don’t worry.
Saying this he pinned the last nail to my coffin and put his palm just in front of the dog’s tongue, which was licking
my blouse. He did not wait a moment to take hold of my free left boob, which was now totally uncovered off my
pallu. He grabbed it and gave it a very tight squeeze and two different men palming my boobs made me reach my
orgasm. My body jerked in the hands of two males and the dog was watching now. At last Moti took his nose and
tongue off my body!
Me: Ooooooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Stop pleeeeeeeeeease.
Frankly speaking the dog actually had no intimate part of my body to sniff now, as I reached the peak of my
orgasm. Mishra-ji and Uday clawed my tits very securely; Mishra-ji’s other hand crushed under my broad ass cheek
as I was sitting on his hand. Uday’s other hand now went to my panty front poking it. Both males were utilizing to
the fullest this unbelievable chance to expose and molest a married woman. I could sense the heavy breathing of
Mishra-ji near my shoulder, as it was probably too much for his age. I cummed desperately now and with my free
hand grabbed Moti to my breast.
After some moments, I discharged every bit of my honey in Guru-ji’s pad within my panty and my body was giving
way after this unusual indecent sexual build up. I noticed Uday also slowly took off his hand off my right breast
and I felt my bra had completely soaked in the heat of his squashing, if I can say so. Mishra-ji was somewhat
reluctant to remove his hand off my breast, he was still feeling the firmness of my left boob. His hand was still
under me and my heavy ass cheek was pressing his hand with each jerk of the vehicle and he was truly assessing
the roundness and firmness of my ass like anyone else had done before in my life.
The auto rickshaw driver warned us that we are again taking the main road. Fortunately due to the goods loaded he
could not see me.
Mishra-ji: Beti adjust your sari, otherwise any driver coming from opposite side would cause an accident.
Uday laughed at this comment, and I also smiled as I had thrown off all my shame. I looked down at my body and
delivered a long breath seeing my condition though I was feeling very satisfied. I was a bit puzzled as even getting
this sort of a wild excitement and orgasm, I am not getting that huge urge to get fucked. Under normal
circumstances, definitely if I had allowed that much liberty to this old man and Uday, I would force them to fuck
me or vice versa, which any woman would do if she is taken to such heights of eroticism. I wondered may be Guruji’s
drug is playing some role, because what happened in this moving auto rickshaw would definitely kick out Guru-ji’s
preaching of mind control. In the morning I was definitely aroused to the full, but I would beyond doubt refrain
from any further involvement with those low class people like Ramlal or Master-ji.
I regrouped myself quickly as I realized that I was on road. But my sari was stuck in Mishra-ji’s hand on which I
was still sitting. The very thinking of sitting on a man’s palm made me blush, yes still, even after such slutty
behavior and I lifted my ass a little and the old man readily pulled his hand out and took Moti off my lap. Moti was
again the well-behaved dog, as he looked initially when I boarded the auto! I quickly pulled down my sari to cover my
fully exposed thighs and legs. I was thankful in my mind to find that my sari pallu was still clinging to my breast. I
appropriately covered my blouse-covered treasures and at the same time found Mishra-ji adjusting his crotch
within his dhoti, probably stroking his lund and relaxing and consoling it for missing the free fuck! I smiled to
myself at my own naughty thinking.
Mishra-ji: Beti it seems milk has sipped out of your mammary. Shall I give you a handkerchief to wipe it?
Me: No, its not milk, its your dog’s tongue-work.
Uday: Madam is still childless Mishra-ji and hence has come to Guru-ji.
Mishra-ji: Oh sorry beti. But Guru-ji’s treatment will definitely help you to get pregnancy.
‘I do not know about pregnancy, but if I go on allowing unknown males to touch my body so liberally, I will surely
become a whore soon’, I thought to myself.
The auto rickshaw ride was soon over as we reached the ashram. Mishra-ji bid me good-bye and as I was
descending from the vehicle, for one last time I felt very clearly he cupped the flesh of my round ass with his
hand, as if helping me to get down. I could not meet Uday’s eyes and straightway went to my room and entered the
toilet. In the twinkling of an eye, I pulled off my sari off my body, as I desperately needed a shower. My petticoat
also reached the floor in no time and also pulled down my panty, the back of which was almost stuck in my ass crack.
So I had to juggle my heavy buttocks to pull it down, which is now almost a regular phenomenon whenever I had to
pull down my panty in the toilet for shower or urinating.
Then suddenly I noticed that one of the hooks of my blouse was broken and was hanging, which I did not notice in
the semidarkness of the auto rickshaw. . It was not the upper one, but third from the top, must be due to Uday’s
extreme pressing on my tits. I also noticed that the flimsy cloth of my blouse was also torn at that juncture, as if
someone poked a finger through it. I never got such a long and constant squeeze on my boob in my lifetime, what I
got today, and believed little that the blouse could do to sustain such cuddling! I needed to mend it via Master-ji.
My bra was also moist with sweat and I was so relieved pulling that off and being completely nude. I put aside the
wet pad at a dry place and took a very long bath trying to wipe off the guilt that I accumulated the whole day being
a housewife.
Nothing much happened more and frankly I was not expecting any more! Nirmal did come once to take my pad and
also served me the dinner. Meenakshi did come to ask me how was the fair and the wink of her eye told me that she
was aware of my sensuous evening humiliation. Sanjeev came with a pair of spare blouses, which Master-ji had sent
matching my size and also with the message that I need to attend Guru-ji at 06:30 am in the morning. I was so
much exhausted after discharging fully twice in a single day with such a heavy dose of exposure and purposeful
handling by males that I immediately fell flat on bed after doing my minimum chores.
I was feeling so hot that almost pulled up my nightdress to my abdomen and remained hugely exposed with no
undergarments. I fell to sleep quickly, very natural, and honestly had a very tight sleep. I did dream that night, but
that was very haphazard and I could not make out anything of it though remembered the presence of the snakes
and Mishra-ji with his dog in the dream.
I m the one who is known as the [email protected]!

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I wake up at Meenakshi’s call and quickly got up, adjusted my dress and opened the door. She told to be at Guru-ji’s
room within half an hour. I used the conveniences and was ready with a bath by that time. I wore a new sari and one
of the two blouses that Master-ji sent. This blouse certainly went befitting on my heaving bosom. I deliberately
did not wear my panty now, as I would again have to pull that down while fitting the fresh pad. I was feeling
refreshed and as if recharged after the herbal bath.
Guru-ji was performing some puja. The room was quite smoky and there was no one else apart from us. Guru-ji was
as usual wearing his saffron attire. I waited for 5 minutes as he completed his puja.
Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj. So Anita, tell me, how was your day yesterday?
Me: Jai Linga Maharaj. I mean, err…
I could not utter more. What should I say? I enjoyed the male massages and kneading enormously, much like a slut?
Guru-ji probably understood that.
Guru-ji: Okay Anita, I can understand it was morally very painful to adjust to such treatments you being a
housewife, but seeing your wet pads yesterday I assessed how much pleasure you extracted.
Me: Yes I had heavy discharges both times.
Guru-ji: Good Anita. But I do not want you to concentrate on any other thing till today and as was yesterday you
have to respond to situations appropriately.
Me: Guru-ji, can I ask you something?
Guru-ji: I know probably what you will ask. You had your discharges but you did not feel the urge for intercourse.
I nodded my head in agreement, as I was about to ask that very question only.
Guru-ji: It was due to the medication that you are taking. I just want to measure your discharges and nothing else.
For that you have to compromise a little, that’s all.
Me: Guru-ji, don’t say ‘a little’, I had to be extremely shameless to …
Guru-ji: Yes, yes, I take my word back, but afterall it will help me assess your position for pregnancy.
He paused very little and continued looking at my eyes.
Guru-ji: Today is Bodh Purnima and I want you to offer puja at ShivNarayan Temple, which is the largest temple in
this area. Uday will take you there. I will have very heavy gatherings here, so Nirmal, Sanjeev, and Meenakshi will
remain busy. In the afternoon, I want you to visit the Mukteswari Temple to attend the ‘aarti’.
Our conversation concluded and I alighted from his room. Again I had the feeling that Guru-ji was eyeing my
undulating large hips under the sari, as he viewed me from ground angle. I was conscious that I was not wearing a
panty and so was more alert probably. I went to my room, but did not have my breakfast, as I would go for the puja
and after some loitering in the ashram and gossiping with Meenakshi, I went to my room to get ready to visit the
ShivNarayan temple. Little did I know what sort of embarrassment and humiliation awaited me in a sacred place
like a temple!
Uday: Madam, are you ready?
Me: Yes. How far is the temple Uday?
We both tried to act normally towards each other. I had taken my medicines and had worn the pad and was ready
to move on. Uday had a good physique, as I already mentioned and after yesterday’s incidents, I was finding Uday
quite ‘lovable’ if I can use that word. His presence was giving me happiness. He was clean shaven today and was
looking handsome too.
Uday: Not much time Madam, we will take the bus and it should take 10 minutes.
We walked through the field to access the main road to avail the bus. Today Uday was walking much closer to me
unlike the time we went to Master-ji. I was holding his hand at times to keep pace with him. I do not know what was
happening in me, but I felt like spending more time with Uday. We took the bus and naturally it was a bit crowded.
Uday today was protecting me in the true sense. We boarded the bus and Uday was just behind me with his arms on
my side. I was also taking aid of him more than necessary now, for example, as I pushed people in the bus to get in
I was holding him with one hand. As Uday held the rod above my head, I was holding the same area, our fingers
touching constantly. As the bus traveled, I felt his muscular body was so secure to lean on and of course as I leant
my heavy buttocks was directly pressing on his crotch. But unlike yesterday Uday seemed to be very well behaved
today, may be as the bus journey was very short and our destination came in no time.
I noticed many people alighted from the bus at the temple stop and as I got out of the bus I did not hesitate to
adequately press my protruding firm boobs on Uday’s back as he was in front of me. As I pressed my blousecovered
breasts hard over his back, Uday turned slightly and smiled back at me recognizing probably me effort to
attract him towards me. I was really not very eager now to go to the temple, but to spend time with Uday, but my
man seemed reluctant and was heading towards ShivNarayan temple.
Me: Uday, can I say something?
Uday: Certainly Madam.
Me: Do I really need to go to the temple? I mean is it a must?
Uday: Yes Madam. It is Guru-ji’s directive and everything has a purpose and a goal as you know also now.
Me: I know. But what I mean is… if we… I want to say…
Uday: Madam, you don’t have to say anything. Now you go to the temple and offer the puja.
Me: But Uday. I want to… how can I say that?
Uday: Madam, you don’t have to say that. I can understand.
Me: You are an absolute duffer. If you understood, you never would ask me to go to this temple now.
Uday: Madam, you go for the puja now and in the afternoon though Guru-ji has asked you to go to Mukteswari
Temple, I will not take you there.
Me: Promise?
Uday: Yes Madam. It’s a promise.
I was happier now as I could bend this man towards my intention. I know that today I need two discharges for
Guru-ji’s assessment and honestly, I wanted one of them to get through Uday.
Me: My god! Such a long line!
Uday: Yes Madam, it takes a long time to get in, as the deity is in the ‘garva griha’.
Uday and myself did not stand in the line and went behind the office of the temple. A middle-aged man was waiting
for us there I presumed. Uday had a talk with him and introduced me to him as “Pande-ji”.
Pande-ji: Madam, do not worry much about the line. Actually the extra time consumed is because of the regulation
of only one devotee is allowed at a time in the garva griha to offer puja.
Me: Oh I see.
Uday had left the place. Pande-ji was around 40 and was strongly built. He had thick beard and I noticed he had
lots of hair on his arms and seeing that concluded he must be having a hairy body. Frankly I like hairs of male body
and I am lucky that my husband possess the same. Pande-ji was wearing a white dhoti and white shirt. I also
noticed there was a boy standing nearby watching us. He was a teenager 15-16 years.
Pande-ji: Chotu, you keep the line and then quickly have a bath. Madam, please come with me, no need to stand in
this direct sunlight, let the line proceed inside the temple, then we can queue up.
Chotu went off and I followed Pande-ji on his way more inside the temple area. There were small hut-like
structures and pandas of the temple dwell here I could understand.
Pande-ji asked me to sit on a ‘khatiya’ on the courtyard of that small hut. The cool shade was a welcome site for me
with the small hut and a tree and two cows tied there. I sat on it and immediately realized that the hard coiled
ropes of the khatiya were actually stinging on my soft ass cheeks. I was pretty uncomfortable and was trying to
stretch my panty within my sari to cover my ass, but found that very hard to do in that position and could only
shift my body weight from one ass cheek to the other to get some relief. I was also unable to tell Pande-ji the real
problem out of womanly shyness. The rope was so coarse that it was poking me even over my sari and petticoat.
Pande-ji: Madam, are you not feeling okay sitting on the khatiya?
I had to admit ‘yes’ to Pande-ji and he readily came up with a bedcover.
Pande-ji: I can understand Madam. Since you are not used to khatiya, the rope is stinging your soft flesh.
I had to gulp that provocative comment from the man and since the khatiya was low down and as I tried to get up
seeing Pande-ji coming up with a bed sheet, my pallu slipped. I must say I was a bit careless and though quickly
covered my heavy blouse-covered bosoms, the man had a very distinct view of my deep cleavage and part of my big
bubbly mangoes, as he was right in front of me and I was standing up from a bent seated position. In my mind I
thanked my luck that at least Master-ji sewed me a fitting blouse, otherwise I would have been in a more
humiliating position with two of my top buttons open. I noticed that my white bra strap was visible by the side of
the left cup of my blouse. I slid my finger within the blouse and got the strap covered and this I had to do in front
of this man’s eyes and naturally Pande-ji’s eyes were riveted on my tits.
As Pande-ji was putting on the bed sheet on the khatiya, I tried to adjust my panty and gently smacked my bottoms
with my right hand and also massaged them softly, as it was still paining. I thought no one was watching me do that
as Pande-ji was engaged in my front with the bedcover, but I never realized that the lad was back and was standing
right behind me. I was more than abashed seeing him, as I knew what he saw and more importantly what I did. I
saw the boy was smiling looking at me and at the same time looking at my flaring hips time and again. I could not
look straight at him though he was a young boy because of shame.
It was a complete candid sequence and any woman would feel ashamed if such an action is capped by male eyes. I
actually first stretched my sari pleats on my buttocks and traced my panty over my ass crack and tried to stretch
it over my ass cheeks. In the process I bent forward very faintly accenting my round bottoms towards the boy and
he must have seen my fingers scratching my sari-covered ass to search my panty line. Then I self massaged my ass
cheeks one at a time with my right hand to feel comfortable. That’s all!
I sat on the khatiya with the bedcover on. Pande-ji went inside the hut and after some moments came out with a
‘thali’, which had all sorts of puja ingredients.
Pande-ji: Chotu you take your bath quickly and by that time I will get the milk for Madam’s thali.
I noticed that the tap was just few feet away from me and Chotu prepared to take the bath there. Pande-ji also
went towards the tree some 10-12 feet away to get milk from the cow. Chotu was wearing a half pant and a shirt
and he willingly took off the shirt and wrapped a towel around his waist and took off his pant.
Pande-ji: Chotu do not get the towel wet.
Chotu: But, then how I can take the bath?
Pande-ji: Come on Chotu, why are you feeling shame in front of Madam?
Pande-ji paused a little.
Pande-ji: Madam, just see this little boy’s shame? He cannot take a bath in front of you.
I laughed softly and was about to say something, but Pande-ji continued.
Pande-ji: Is Madam a small girl like your friend Rupa that you are getting ashamed? Madam must have seen many
boys like you taking bath in front of her. Isn’t it Madam?
That was a provocative hint I thought from Pande-ji and had to ignore it. Pande-ji was now milking a cow with a
tumbler in between his knees.
Me: I will not mind Chotu. You go ahead. No problem.
I said innocently not knowing what Pande-ji and Chotu actually meant in their conversation. I never could imagine in
my wildest dream that Pande-ji was indicating Chotu to take shower naked in front of me!
Chotu: Okay Madam then I also have no problem. Please warn me if Rupa comes.
Me: Who is Rupa?
Pande-ji: Rupa dwells in the next hut Madam. His girl friend.
Myself and Pande-ji had a mild laughter. Chotu now without any inhibition removed the towel from his waist. He was
just a few feet away from me and probably deliberately he was facing me now. I was almost shocked to see Chotu
completely naked now. His young dick was already tight, probably seeing my ass stroking. My eyes could not
concentrate anywhere else but on the open hanging dick of this young boy. His lund was standing like a banana in
the air as he started pouring water on him. His pubic hairs were quite thin I noticed almost like a girl.
I was already breathing quite heavily and my nipples growing within my bra seeing the bath of this 15 year old boy.
Chotu was very crudely washing his pubic area, especially his raised dick, and the worst part was he was facing me.
As he made the slightest moves, his erect tool was almost dancing and making me miss a beat. Out of womanly
arousal reflex, my legs started parting a bit, but I made myself control that.
Pande-ji: Hey Chotu, soap your body properly.
Chotu: I cannot do it better.
Pande-ji: Wait then, let me come.
Pande-ji approached me with his tumbler of milk and kept it in front of me.
Pande-ji: Madam, these young lads, they are so naughty. Let me soap him properly. You just keep an eye on your milk
Pande-ji smiled while he said the above. I wondered what he meant by ‘your milk’!
Pande-ji went up to Chotu and started rubbing his body with the soap. I noticed the rubbing was very short lived on
his upper part and came down to his penis soon. Pande-ji was virtually coaxing his lund with one hand and twitching
his balls with the other effectively making me feel very hot. My hand was automatically on my boobs and my thighs
were slowly parting seeing this erotic act. I thought if Pande-ji did it for some more time, Chotu surely would have
masturbated. Thankfully it ended soon and Chotu dried off his naked body and was dressed up.
I noticed that he was not wearing any shorts and just wore a fresh half-pant and a shirt. Pande-ji came forward
now after washing his hands and poured milk from the tumbler into a small bowl in the puja thali.
Pande-ji: Madam, just see, how thick the milk is.
Me: Yes. There is no added water at least as we get in town.
Pande-ji: No Madam, it’s absolutely pure, like breast milk.
Saying the last couple of words, he made sure to look up at my upright twin milk tanks below my blouse. I could not
say anything to such comparison. Chotu saved me and as he was ready now we were on our way again to the main
temple building. I was carrying the thali now as it was fully ready.
Me: Pande-ji, I see all women standing in the line with kumkum on their forehead. Why is that so?
Pande-ji: Yes Madam, you will also have that. It’s a custom of this temple. Now comes the tough part Madam
standing in this queue.
We stood in the queue now and this place was within the temple. The long line went outside the gate in the open.
The place was not adequate here as it was a thin passage and men and women queued up there. The line was jam
packed, to say the minimum, and it seemed they are standing for a long time there as almost everyone looked tired
and sleepy. Pande-ji stood right behind me and Chotu was in my front. The pressure of the people in the line made
me stand in body contact with both the males.
Since Pande-ji was fairly tall in comparison to me and standing right behind me, my sixth sense told me he was
trying to look down my shoulder straight into my blouse. From the corner of my eyes I noticed that my pallu had
shifted a fair bit in the hustle and bustle of the queue exposing my wheat colored upper chest area. Since I was
carrying the puja thali, both my hands were preoccupied and I had to helplessly allow Pande-ji peep into my blouse.
Just then, another panda came with a bowl of kumkum and put a bindi sort of mark on my forehead.
There was quite a bit of pushing going on in the line and Pande-ji was taking every opportunity to press more onto
my back. What could I say as I myself could see the pushing around in the line. So I stood dumb as if not minding
this. My pallu had slipped quite a bit now off my shoulder and was partly resting on my arms exposing substantial
portion of my upper treasures. As my ample breasts tightly filled my blouse I could bet Pande-ji was enjoying what
he was seeing.
Getting no reaction from me, as per the natural nature of all males, Pande-ji also was encouraged. In the beginning
he would only press during a pressure in the line, but now he kept pressing against my curvy figure even when there
was no pushing. I could realize his crotch area was openly pressing against my soft full buttocks. I was a bit
alarmed as Pande-ji slowly began to move his pelvis up and down against my ass. I looked around as I was standing in
a public place, but was assured that everybody was busy with themselves and concerned about the slow movement
of the line.
I m the one who is known as the [email protected]!

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