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Old 15th May 2007
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After 12 yrs trial i fucked forcefully my Moms sister(Pinni)

Hallo Guys,

this is really a very erotic story, iam a guy from Andhra, my childhood though was a decent one, the god permitted me to see so many sexual activities before my eyes. For example i have seen my dad fucking nurses after clinic hours, and then sometimes i have my parents fuck each other , well i had my holes to peep in, i was a natural peeping tom. Infact i got even to see my neighbour aunty sleeping on her lovers lap when neighbour uncle was out ...that is another interesting story. But reading stories here i wanted to some how trap my long term dream of fucking my pinni ( moms sister in telugu)....She is a erotic figure.... he is good and fun loving and all , but when it comes to fucking her i really love her moans and ass shaking.

Well it all started like this , one day when i was in tenth , i finished my exams and stayed back in same town , where my aunt used to live , my uncle was a govt employee who was a store incharge in village to sell seeds to villagers on govt prices, but he was not sound enough for boozing daily, and had addiction to boozing.

My lust for her started one day, when i was in holidays, he got up from bed and was scolding her , i was in bed still and got up for that shouting, i saw her she was shivering with fear , he went near her and said , give me coffee or you will have to face the things , Lanja ! ( means bitch in telugu). She kept quiet, he slapped her and she dressed herself quick and gave him coffee , he sipped and i was sitting on bed planning to run away from there. While moving outside , he called her said , you know what you have to do today.? she said with fearful eyes ....ok, but not yes...I thought he was speaking abt food and stuff...but it was not true... as soon as she saw him off at street end , she began sobbing, i went to her and asked her to come with me to our place( to place where we stay , our parents and things) , she said , no i cannot leave my kids , i said we will take them along, but she was hesitant , abt my dad ....i asked her why, she said , iam a kid and should not be interested in listening or asking abt all these. I insisted why, as i was expecting a neat story as i knew my dad will never let go any female with a pusssy, so , she said , your dad is nothing special than your uncle , he is equally bastard...while she was saying this , the house owner knocked on the door, his name is yaadgiri, and his servants name is dastanna, he came in and before she said something, he caught her throat and said , bitch you are mine today, i came out slightly to see who was that , but this guy was known for his notorius things, and i have seen him coming to my uncles house often to get him drunk by taking him outside, i think now that he was successful in that... she said, no no , leave me! are you mad? , kids are inside, then he asked to tell us to lock the room from inside, and to tell us that she has to do some work in owners house, i just pretended as if i was not hearing, i said ok-- hearing this he let her go , and said i want you there in 5 mins...she said for what, he said , you come there, if you dont come i will have to do it here itself. She expected that , he wants to bed her , and said no , i will come ...... , she came in and said to me, i need to go as his wife is having a problem , i said ok , but after seeing and hearing what he told her, i started suspecting some thing notorious.... so in the hall there is door connecting to the owners hall ( this house is one , but divided to rent it). i just went to all the two doors and looked for a hole or a bruise in wooden door, i felt sad as nothing of that sort existed , suddenly it struck me as i need to disturb them for a moment , so i took the phone kept it lying on table and told my aunt that some is calling, she came running ...when she knew it was hung up, she said she is expecting a phone and she will be there in 5 mins and she rushed into the toilet by taking her panties and stuff , she came back, so this was the time i had, so i took a wooden peck, pushed one door and i put wooden peck in between the two doors. Now it was ample space for me to watch.. So later as she expected to get the call , she was dissapointed atleast she could not get that 30 mins time from her fucker today....she said, who can save whom from anything..i knew she got the matter that something was going to happen, and evidently as a woman , she knew it was her rape. as soon as she left, i was coming to the door and she came back and said she will come in two hours or so...In meanwhile if some one calls she said not to take the phone... i said ok and she left saying to lock the door from Inside..

As soon as she left, there was a devil and hero in me to see what is going to happen, but devil took over. She went into the room , there was a only a male servant in the hall until then cleaning sometthing at windows. As she entered in, yaadanna said to the servant to get some thing to drink, that dastanna at morning 10:00 got a whisky and some snacks. She looked at it and stayed back at the door. He went to her and asked her to come in, she was hesistant and he caught her pussy straight on her saree before the servant and said , i will get you fucked by this fellow...take care and come over... she was holding her saree holdings on her waist, she started feeling the pain and she didnot want to shout...the servant was giggling at her... she went and sat on sofa , yaadanna came near her and took her and asked her if she had periods today, she got irritated and started to stand up, he said to the servant to show his cock to her ......that guy came near the door and showed his aroused cock and yaadanna said, if you try one step ahead that cock will be in your ass! , she was absolutely shocked to hear this words and that too in her ass from a servant, she started weeping. Yaadana told her see there is no point weeping, no police or anyone does nto come here. So it was like she remembered the police , and said she will call police, yaadanna gave her the phoen ,she didnot know she was falling in her own trap , unfortunate lady... she called police and police seemed to say they are coming and she started running happily to the door , and this time yaadanna, knew anything more than this , she would run away for ever, he went straight to her and caught her hair and pulled her down to the floor and dragged her to the phone and called the local photographer to come to his house as he has to shoot soemthing spl. she was on the floor and yaadanna asked the servant to put a chair on her so that she stays in between the chair legs, dastanna almost tightly pushed the chair to ground clutching her hips to the legs of the chair, yaadanna was happy he said, dastanna , today again is your festival enjoy today your whisky. As he said that dastanna said , we still have 2 kgs chicken and three bottles of whisky, listening this yadanna was excited, he said to dastanna , ya! today will be a day i pay all my obligations to govt officials. Dastanna was saying it was a good idea to trap her, and asked yaadanna, if he can lift her saree to see how tight was her pussy. yaaadanna started laughing and said she is a wife of a drunkard what do you think her pussy would be, its virgin thats why i trapped her, and my aunt started reacting and said, who do you think my husband has given birth to you, your mothers kids or what? until then yaadanna was laughing, suddenly he got mad and asked dastanna to get something like stick and he would treat dastannas dream today... dastanna went and got a thin stick and yaadanna lifted her saree and then inserted it , i dont know if it went inside her pussy, while i was in this dilemma, yadanna , pulled out and said, ya it went in, ya it went in, and then he said this is your husbands cock, i saw his while he was even thrown out by a prostitute, she began really sad, she said, she was no mean for them to exploit her and dastanna said , she is a female and thats more than enough... mean while the police jeep came and it was only constable and one inspector.. they came in , saw at her and inspector was more notorious and he said, yaddanna your quality is always bad, yaadanna said , you test it yourself, he immediately came to my aunt and asked the constable to catch her hands and opened her blouse, after looking at her, he told yaadanna, she is only 60% , yaadanna said , dont worry when you fuck and have her every day it will be 100% , inspector said laughingly , i need to change my dress, meanwhile even the camera man turned up...

i could see the fear and humiliation in her eyes being open bloused in front of a camera man, the camera man was enjoying the scene, he said, if they informed him he would have got a video camera, yaadanna said go get it if you need to sell this video.. she was screaming you bastards,and so on , dastanna got a cloth and put it in her mouth with one hand rubbing her boobs, Inspector came out in a boxer short and asked dastanna to tie her hands off and let her be free, so dastanna, tied her hands behind her and i could see her boobs projecting outwards.

this was like this until these guys boozed half a bottle and when ever inspector or yaadanna wanted fun they used to drag her to them and kiss her and press her boobs, remember still cloth inside her mouth, sometimes, they even bit her nipples and laughed looking at each other...

to be continued

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Old 16th May 2007
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