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Sreeja - A School teacher


(Dear Friends – This is Sujitha.You must have enjoyed my earlier two stories – ‘True Incident’ (a true narration) and ‘Dr.Sujitha Posted in tribal village). After reading my stories, one of my fast friends Sreeja who is a school teacher wanted me to write a fantasy story on her. I would like to tell you that certain things (if not all the things) here in the story especially her physical description, her marriage, etc are quite true also. You will find this story to be both emotional and erotic).

“Good Morning Madam” – Sibi and Sanoja wished very politely as they walked through the corridor. They were extra polite as the person whom they wished to was none other than perhaps one of the most charming and cheerful lady on earth – their teacher – SREEJA NATHAN.
Sreeja was a school teacher , teaching in one of the famous convent, co-education schools of Thiruvananthpuram.Blessed with a very beautiful, charming and cheerful personality, Sreeja was the favourite of all her students. She used to teach English till the students of 6th Standard, but was even remembered by the students when they rose up to higher classes due to her extremely friendly and polite nature, natural smiling face and of course, a very beautiful personality coupled with typical South Indian charming looks.
“Good Morning Girls, how are you.?”. Looking fresh and good. And feeling free after your examinations. Am I right? The girls laughed – Yes Madam, after we meet you, our day is fresh and good. How are you madam?”
Sreeja (laughed gently)– I am fine. So my girls are growing and now pampering me.
Sanoja – No Madam No, not at all. We donot pamper you, we are jealous of you.(Sanoja burst with laughter)
Sreeja (Keeping a finger on her chest and pointing towards herself) – Jealous of me. Why, come on?
Both the girls remarked together – We wish we were as beautiful as you are, madam. And they shared laughter with Sreeja.- But madam we would have not been teaching like you.
Sreeja – Oho then what?
Sibi – We would have been top heroines of Malayalam Cinema. Madam you really have that personality.
And all of them shared a good day laughter.
Sreeja – OK girls, bye for now I also have some work in staff room.
Sreeja walked in a confident manner holding her purse and polyethene bag, straight towards the staff room with her tall stature and extremely impressive and attractive curvy figure. Her beautiful body was well draped by a saree of light cream colour base in raw silk with small red colour dots and design all over and pallu of matching red and golden stripes, a cream colour petticoat well hidden beneath her saree and binding her saree pleats and matching cream colour blouse with red border and she looked dazzling and stunning in this combination. Her blouse struggled against her massive boobs and got some support from her white brassiere, worn and carefully strapped and well located along her breasts. But her light colour blouse could well delineate her bra. She wore white sandals in her fleshy, soft feet.
All of a sudden something came into her mind and she decided to go to the opposite side towards the section where 11th standard science students’ classes were held. The natural smile on her face widened a bit and she turned her direction of walking. As she entered the corridor, she saw a few students (both boys and girls) standing in front of the chemistry lab and discussing something. Actually second terminal exams (before the Christmas holidays) were over and only practicals were left, so students were a bit relaxed. Her eyes kept on searching till she saw a tall handsome boy coming out of chemistry lab and sitting along on one bench. He was looking happy and had started reading a book. As he was busy and absorbed in his book, Sreeja stood in front of him, smiling and observing his keenness.All of a sudden, the boy raised his eyes and surprisingly stood up. – “Good Morning Madam, err _ _ _ when did you come.(He bowed down to touch her feet).
Sreeja – Aah, Aah, its OK. Good Morning Anil,. How are you?. How were your exams? And yes after how many days , we are meeting.(she smiled).
Anil – Very good madam. I fared well and now practicals are going fine too.We are meeting after twenty five days.
Sreeja – Good. So my boy is very busy nowadays. I am very happy that you are going well in studies.
Anil (Lowered his eyes) – But Madam. _ _ _ _ actually _ _ _ _ well
Sreeja – what’s the matter Anil? Why you re so hesitant? Speak up.
Anil (in a bit sad tone) – I miss you a lot. We are in same school, but still cannot meet for days.
Sreeja (in a very affectionate and pleasing tone which really touched Anil) – Yes Anil I understand. Even I miss you too. Don’t worry. Now are you feeling a bit free. And what is your programme for vacation starting after ten days?
Anil – Madam I am not going home. After practicals I intend to attend classes for coaching in Engineering entrance.And spend the remaining time here only.Are you going somewhere out?
Sreeja- No Anil. I had a plan to go to Calicut to my relatives, but now only my mother shall go.
Anil – Oh Sorry madam. I forgot to ask. How is Auntie (he meant Sreeja’s mother).
Sreeja – Yeah, she is fine.How are your parents in Delhi.
Anil – They are fine. We occasionally exchange letters and mail.As I am not going home, they wanted to visit me,but my father has to go out of Delhi for official tours. So we will meet in next vacation only.
Sreeja- No problem. We will spend sometime. And yes Anil please don’t hesitate to ask for any help or so, you require. Whenever you are lonely or free please come to me. After all you have been my most favourite and liked student.
Saying this she patted on his cheek – Aah, well I can see you are shaving now. My boy is growing up young and handsome.Anil now you are taller than me. Well I think you should not touch my feet.You should stand by me and shake hands. (And she laughed seeing Anil’s face becoming red with a blush).
Anil (a bit shyly) - Well Madam, you are also a favourite teacher of all students.I will definitely meet you after exams.Madam I have a request. Can we have lunch together in the canteen outside the school today.
Sreeja – oh, yes Anil why not. I will be very happy. I will finish off my work in the staff room and come.
And along with her affectionate, sweet tone, she passed a very gentle loving kiss on Anil’s forehead and almost hugged him.
After she left Anil was delighted and excited. Sreeja had been the woman of his dreams right from child hood when he entered second standard. From the first day itself Sreeja who was then 27 year old, had been very loving and affectionate to him as she found him very cute , pretty , hardworking and loving student. Anil too was attracted towards this pretty, beautiful and loving teacher, who adored him like anything.Anil felt his heart throbbing at the thought of Sreeja’s company. He dreamt her in all possible ways. He fantasized her as his mother, an elder girl friend and a woman whom he would like to enter into physical relations too. Entering his young, adolescent age, 16 year old Anil had made love with Sreeja in his fantasies many times. He had masterbated imagining her a lot. He thought of her as a complete woman of her life, of whom he would touch the feet and like to fuck too.In short he loved her very much. Anil was a Punjabi boy, who stayed in Thiruvananthapuram due to his schooling and although previously he was in students’ hostel, he had recently taken an independent room near Thampanoor (railway station area) and was enjoying his studies and stay in Kerala. Although he had otherwise a lot of attraction towards Kerala and even Malayalam channels, Sreeja was a great source of attraction towards him who had bound him to study in this school, despite his parents wanting him to come back to Delhi. Anil was a tall, strong boy good in studies and sports too. Due to his handsome looks and cheerful nature many girls were attracted towards him, but he kept a distance and was quite introvert.For him girls or women meant only Sreeja. Anil got very excited today after receiving a lovely kiss and hug from Sreeja.He started waiting for the time for Lunch.But his thought were disturbed by a crude voice. She was none other than but fat, dark girl Reshma his classmate. She was after him like anything. – Anil how are you.
Anil (With a deep sigh) – ok . And he stood up to walk away from her.
Reshma – Anil where are you going.
Anil (in a bit angry tone) – Well so far I was in heavens. Now it seems hell is approaching me.
Reshma (ignoring his words) – you are looking handsome today.
Anil – How I am just wearing school uniform. What’s special.
Reshma – Oh no you are. Anil what was Sreeja Madam talking to you. And she hugged you and she _ _ _ _.
Anil – Reshma none of your business. May I go now.And he got up and started walking towards the staff room.He knew where he could meet Sreeja.
In the meanwhile Sreeja had entered the staff room and after greeting her colleagues, from where she got partial response, she sat on her sit and opened few notebooks for checking.
Sreeja was a tall beautiful lady, with an extremely impressive personality containing all features of a typical malayali woman, including her hair style. At the age of 36, she stood with a tall figure of 5 feet and seven inches, with very fine and evoking womanly assets of 38-29-36.Her waist had developed little fat on all sides, which made her belly very attractive and sexy from all fronts, which became even more curvy due to development of tyres like curves on both sides.Sreeja had a clear & clean complexion, which was more or less fair and her fair chest was gifted with two round boobs like two moons which anybody would like to climb upon or call them two beautiful pillows where anybody would like to rest upon. Her breasts were terminated by two big brown nipples backed by very prominent aureola.By reaching the middle age, her swaying boobs had developed a little sag but that only added more beauty to them.She was careful in wearing saree (that is what she wore all the time) but owing to her tall figure, a lot of her curvy waist remained unexposed along with the round navel falling three inches above her saree waistline, which appeared like a black spot on her clear, slightly protruding stomach or belly and enhanced her sexiness. Her round navel was no less then a beauty mark.Sreeja did not like sleevless blouses and always wore normal fitting blouse buttoned at the front. But her blouse had to combat with her projected heavy pillows and could partially (80%) succeed in covering them. Some portion of her breastline and popping, big, gracious, boobs remained unexposed, even when her blouse got some support from her brassiere.Her curvy waist stood firm on her ass which contained two massive round globes i.e. buttocks.She had tall, fair very creamy and healthy legs supporting her giant robust figure.Sreeja was tall, wide and dazzling woman. Her hair were long, black and fell near to her big ass, and they were tied up loose, like most of the typical malayali women.When she wore silk saree, words could not describe her beauty.Her silky, healthy and meaty arms were another addition to her sexuality.Her blouse always exposed some portion of her back too.Her smiling, beautiful face was decorated with two sensuous lips on which Sreeja usually applied red lipstick, although she never applied heavy make-ups on her face, otherwise.She possessed a pair of thick, creamy and healthy, hairless legs, which terminated just below her round ass globes and posed her tight, little hairy cunt decorated with two pink pussy lips.
But as it many times happens, smiling faces have a sad background too. For Sreeja too, all was not green either in school or personal life. Sreeja got married around nine years ago and her marriage lasted barely for one year.She got married to one K.Nathan who was a government employee. Although Nathan was not a bad person at heart, he used to drink a lot, which even Sreeja came to know after marriage only. She tried to remove this habit of his, by showering all love and affection but of no use. Nathan who otherwise was a cool guy, used to lose temper if anybody stopped him from drinking. One day Sreeja was sitting in the Balcony of her house, when she heard a loud noise. Nathan was brought home dead.He was killed in an accident after his bike got hit against a truck. And it was not the fault of truck driver. Nathan was drunk heavily.Sreeja was no doubt shocked. But she took it with courage and very soon back in herself, with the bad happenings buried in her memory.She lived with her mother in Vazuthacaud. Her mother Mrs Ponnamma was an old retired school teacher herself. Sreeja had inherited her pleasant and smiling nature from her mother only.Despite the tragedy in her only daughter’s (rather child) life, Mrs.Ponnamma always kept smiling herself and made others smile too (She was a true replica and somewhat look alike of the famous actress Kaviyur Ponnamma, a very respected actress and mother figure of Malayalam cinema).She only had taught her daughter to live life and take all laughingly.Both mother and daughter were leading a normal happy go way life. In school, also a friendly , beautiful and cheerful Sreeja had to face all kinds of people.She was indeed liked by many of her colleagues as she was friendly and helpful to all. But she had to face the envy of certain teachers too who did not like her being more famous among students and her good name in the school, as an excellent student friendly teacher.And the person who headed this group was none other than one of the most unfriendly personalities of this world, Mrs Ranjini Thomas the 47 year old Principal of the school.Not only she was over strict and rude to the students, she also did not like this idea that students should admire Sreeja too much.She had some kind of fault finding attitude and many teachers were not happy with her. But school was running well due to its strong and affluent management, type of education, name and facilties.There was another problem faced by many teachers and students too. The school had five or six peons and head of them was none other than Baburaj, who was no less than a Babu, being a favourite of the Principal Ms.Ranjini.Not only he used to misbehave with students sometimes, he never cared for any other teacher too and had no sense of decency to talk to the lady teachers, who very often had to shirk off his stupidities, owing to the fear of Principal madam. Not only that he was very often drunk even during school hours and seldom cared for any work, which had to be handled by other peons and guards. 41 year old Baburaj had married and divorced thrice as he was very torturous to his wives and no less than a beast in treating them. He very often use to pass erotic and dirty comments to teachers too and tried to talk to them in double meaning language. Teachers had no option but to ignore. And his assistant in all his activities was another peon called Chako.He was no less in his mannerisms and was always upto mischiefs. Baburaj was a peon just in name. He had a big ancestral house and some side business although of not very high profile, but he could make a lot of money.His house no way looked like that of a peon and stood aloof in a locality near school, surrounded by coconut trees. He lived more or less alone with one or two part time maid servants and frequently brought girls and women to his house.The houses in his neighbourhood were bit separated and people did not know much about him.
[One incident which some of the teachers and students remembered was when a junior, young and new teacher of science Sajithawas passing through the school compound. Baburaj passed an illicit remarks – wow Chacko see our school contains all sexy teachers.All should work in Malayalam sex films and _ _ _ _ before he could say anything further Sajitha stopped.
Sajitha– Mind your language and stay in your limits.
Baburaj took out his whisky bottle and had a sip – Hey you new teacher. Donot talk too much. (then he changed expressions) Come on be friends.Would you like to eat an apple. I have one with me. (and he started taking bite) – aah, you already have two apples on your chest.Ha ha ha
Sajitha was furious. She said – come to principal madam.And she gathered few more students and teachers. But he held her hand and threatened – here nobody will support you, my love.And Sajitha found everybody’s head hanging down.
“Shame, Shame – she remarked- all of you must die in shame.
Baburaj made a big, shameless laugh – Baby cool it. I told you.they won’t do anything. OK, Now come on you eat my banana and I will eat your apples.See they are moving in your kameez.
Sajitha understood the double meaning and angrily rushed towards the Principal madam’s room. After some time people could see Sajitha coming out in tears. Everybody could guess that in turn she was scolded by the Principal who must have sided Baburaj.In fact some old teachers had even given hints of illicit relations of Baburaj with Ms.Ranjini Thomas.
And yes he indeed had. Baburaj had illicit relations with the Principal and no doubt why he received all covers and protection from her. Baburaj also favoured her different other ways in her personal life.
But this was not enough and all. Baburaj and Chacko had a special evil eye on Sreeja, who was the most beautiful in the lot.He never escaped from passing comments on her too, although she always ignored. However once or twice when limits crossed, she scolded him too. In fact it was a matter of surprise for others too, as pleasant lady like Sreeja seldom scolded anyone, but Baburaj had crossed limits. He had started his typical double meaning language and his another bad habit was that he always stared at the breasts of women, while talking to them, with a great lust and scornful eyes, to the extent that the women could feel embarassed. Sreeja was no exception in this case. He had special admiration for her round , firm , swaying and massive boobs. Once on children’s day it so happened that Sreeja was dressed specially in a Yellow and maroon brocade silk saree with hand woven embroidery and rich designer pallu along with matching maroon coloured blouse and looked no less than a bride.Baburaj passed by her and said – Wow madam it seems you are getting married again today.
Sreeja – Baburaj, better keep quiet.
Baburaj – How can I keep quiet my dear, after watching your massive pillows.Any way, your blouse is always overloaded.And what about your bra?
Sreeja – Today I am going to do what I have never done in this school so far. And Baburaj received a slap from Sreeja.He was furious.
Baburaj – How dare you, you bloody _ _ _ _
Sreeja (interfering) – Mind your language and dirty actions and get lost. You can gop and complain to the principal madam.
Baburaj – No, No my dear. I will avenge this slap very soon. I will catch hold of you, tear of all your clothes and fuck, like a whore.

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Sreeja was red with anger. She raised her hand again, but this time Baburaj was careful. He caught hold of her hand and gave it a slight twist. Sreeja shrieked with pain but there was no body standing corridor whom she could call.Bauraj went on – My darling I had a long desire to rape you. Should I fulfil now?And he used his right hand to press her left boob.
And next moment he stumbled down.All of a sudden, Anil who had been observing the whole scene, came running and kicked him from back.
Anil was furious – You bastard how dare you? How could you touch Sreeja madam.I will kill you _____
Sreeja interefered __ _ _ _ no Anil let him go.Let there be no scene.Such people should be ignored.
Anil – But madam.
Sreeja – Anil please come and join the function for my sake.
Baburaj- hey you boy _ _ _ _
Anil – you rascal
Sreeja now literally pulled Anil and went away. Later on Sreeja said to Anil – Thanks Anil, But why did you get so angry.Always try to keep cool.
Anil – Madam you are very gentle and good at heart. Unfortunately many people are not. I will kill anybody who misbehaves with you.
Sreeja (smile) - Oho, I did not know that I am so good.
Anil (still serious and held her hands) – Madam, I cannot bear anybody saying ill to you or misbehaving with you.
Sreeja – OK, Come on my boy, now cheer up and forget such people. She patted his cheek and gently on shoulder – I want you to be happy.I know you have lot of feelings, love and affection for me. But I want you to be safe, sound and happy.
Anil – OK Madam
Sreeja – Now cheer up. Let’s join the function.And both moved on.]

Meanwhile, Sreeja had just finished her work and was waiting for Anil for Lunch.She lifted and stretched her arms to remove a bit of fatigue, just to further project her dazzling assets.Till Anilwould come, she thought of reading something.She moved her chair little away from table and took a magazine. She crossed her leg i.e. sat by keeping one leg on the other and started scrolling through the pages of magazine.
Soon after Anil entered the staff room.At that time Sreeja was alone absorbed in the magazine. The situation was same and vice versa as in the morning.Anil kept on looking at her innocent facial expressions and deep, dark eyes.As his eyes moved little below, Anil could not help sticking them on her.Sreeja who while sitting with one leg upon another, had unknowingly revealed some portion of her left leg. Anil kept on looking at her, somewhat thick, creamy and long, shapely leg which was revealed till slightly below her knee along with some bottom portion and frills of her light cream coloured petticoat. Anil kept gazing at her, till he heard her gentle voice – Anil, how long you have been here?
Anil – err _ _ _ madam just ten minutes.
Sreeja – Oh, so you have been watching me.
Anil – yes madam, you were very much absorbed in your reading. I thought why to disturb you.
Sreeja- Naughty I know. You had always been doing this in childhood too.And then you used to come with your innocent voice saying – madam , madam how are you.?
Anil – Yes madam. And I used to give you a red rose flower everyday.
Sreeja – And I always felt great for this young, little boy friend of mine.
Anil smiled shyly.But it was indeed true. Sreeja and Anil had been very much attached emotionally and he was her most favourite student. Anil had this woman in his dreams always right from childhood and Sreeja also loved him like anything.[Today Sreeja had also gone back in the pastime when she remembered an incident when she was sitting with her two colleagues (other teachers), Savitha and Remya. Savitha cracked a joke on her – Sreeja what is this? Sreeja – What is that Savitha?
Savitha – You are not married and you have a son.We know it all?
Sreeja – What _ __ _ Aei come on your joke is very _ __ _ .Remya understood and she started laughing.
Savitha- Sreeja I can prove that I am right. See your son is coming.
And all three of them burst into laughter when they saw little Anil coming towards Sreeja, outside the staff room.
Remya (further teased Sreeja)– Come on Savitha, why you should say like this? Come on he is a little, cute boyfriend of Sreeja.Sreeja was amused – Oh really. Why you think so?
Remya – We observe almost everyday.See now also.
Anil came running. He first wished Savitha and Remya and then to Sreeja – Good Morning madam. This is for you. He handed a red rose to her.
Remya laughed – look what did I say? Your little , little Boy friend.
Anil innocently asked – What madam?
All of them laughed at his sweet and innocent gesture. Remya – Nothing boy, we are just moving. Have a nice time with your girl , I mean elder girl or woman friend. Anil looked at them surprisingly was Sreeja could hardly control her laugh.]

Anil’s thoughts were interrupted when Sreeja kept her hand on his shoulder and asked him to come for lunch. Both of them went to a canteen outside the school and enjoyed their lunch.Sreeja kept on asking many things about his studies, family, etc. After Lunch, much to Sreeja’s reluctance, Anil paid for it and both came out. Sreeja said – Anil your residence is in my way home. Why don’t you come with me to home. Amma (Sreeja’s mother) will be delighted.
Anil – Sure Madam.Why not? I have not met Auntie since many days.
Both got into a bus for Vazuthacaud.There was no seat and both had to stand.They had to catch hold of the steel rod above for support.While Sreeja stood near the conductor, holding this bar like this, gave a good scene for his eyes.As she raised her hand to hold the steel rod, ample cleavage was exposed.Her armpit portion where blouse was soaked with sweat gave another sexy view and although Sreeja, tried to adjust her saree, yet she could only hide small portion of her massive cleavage and navel. The Conductor got excited at the sight of her midriff and fleshy belly and he felt this excitement in his pants.He tried to have some fun.He stood up and asked Sreeja – Madam, tickets? Anil who was standing at the right of her took out a ten rupee note and said – two tickets to Vazuthacaud (bakery junction). The conductor felt a bit startled.He was not expecting Anil to be with her and thought of him as a separate passenger. But he continued with his pranks. He had already stood up from his seat.As soon as there was a brake from driver, he had an excuse to bend forward and touch Sreeja. Twice or thrice his fingers touched the curve of her waist and even her left breast. Sreeja adjusted her saree everytime, just to again disturb it, due to jerks and brakes. Anil could well notice it. He asked Sreeja to change her position and come to his right. On doing so, Anil came to her left and approached the conductor. Anil – Yes Mr.Conductor your fingers are playing too much.Any problems? Conductor was stunned but he tried to control himself – Look boy you better stand properly. Well I am a government employee. Anil saw Sreeja looking at other side. He caught hold one of the conductor’s right hand finger and said – Better control your fingers or I know how to do them. Do you understand you government employee?
Then a seat on opposite side got vacant and Anil immediately told Sreeja to occupy it. She did so and told him to come along her seat and give her his bag. But soon the other occupant of the same seat also got up.She was a fat young lady who continuously looked at Anil with strange expressions.Anil sat besides Sreeja who was now occupying window seat. That lady went on turning back and looking at Anil and smiling at both of them. Both Sreeja and Anil were amused. Anil twisted his hands in the form of a question mark. Sreeja smiled. Anil – Madam why this lady was looking at both of us? Sreeja – She was most probably looking at you. I think she must be impressed by your handsome looks. Anil you know in general malayali woman have a lot of liking for north Indian boys, especially Punjabi boys, I read this in a magazine. Anil (teasing Sreeja) – Madam you too? Sreeja blushed – Come on Anil don’t tease me.(and patted his cheek).Then he told Sreeja about what the Conductor was upto. Both turned their face back to the conductor’s seat, just to see him watching them with strange expressions on his face. Sreeja and Anil felt very amused.
The bakery junction bus stop had arrived. Sreeja got down from the bus followed by Anil.Before proceeding further, Anil thought of fun and bade a good bye to conductor – Bye, bye Mr.Govt.employee have a better luck next time. Both Sreeja and Anil laughed after that.Sreeja – Come on Anil you really fixed him up. Anil – I will fix up anybody, who tries to misbehave or take liberty with you, madam.
Sreeja – Good now I have body guard. I think I should make it with you only wherever I go. Anil bent down in a pose – My pleasure madam.
Both of them walked a little distance and reached Sreeja’s residence in Gandhinagar, Vazuthacaud. As Sreeja rang the door bell, she found Ms.Ponnamma opening it within a minute. Ms Ponnamma was adjusting some flower vases in drawing room at that time. Seeing her daughter, she smiled – Oh, Sreeja, its you. Sreeja – Yes Amma, its me and look who has come with me today.
Anil – Good evening Auntie.And he bowed down to touch her feet.
Ms.Ponnamma – Good evening, good evening, God bless you Anil.How are you? After a long , long time. It seems you are very busy in studies.
Anil – I am fine Auntie. And yes busy too.
Ms.Ponnamma – Sreeja, you see he came on last Onam and now after so many months.
Sreeja – Amma, he meets me also after so many days in school although we are in the same school.
Ms.Ponnamma – Well Anil is growing young and handsome.Is he the same cute small innocent boy who used to come to you everyday with a rose flower- madam good morning, good morning.
Anil smiled and lowered his eyes. By the time all three had occupied the sofa and seat to sit down.Ms Ponnamma continued – So how are your studies going on.And what are your future programmes?
Anil – Very fine Auntie. I want to become an IT professional. US technology park is my aim.
Ms Ponnamma – Oh so you have liked, Trivandrum or Kerala a lot. And how are your parents and Mrs. Suja Mathews (Anil’s landlady. Ms.Suja was a rich widow having two married daughters abroad. She was Anil’s landlady and very nice person who treated him like a son. She was also a friend of Ms.Ponnamma).She further asked – Why you shifted from hostel. Hope you are not facing any food problems.
Anil – All are fine. I exchange letters and calls with parents. Ms.Suja is also fine. Actually I shifted from hostel to have more independence in studying and quality of north Indian food was degrading. Here in Thampanoor I have few north Indian hotels and restaurants both veg and non veg available. So its good. I don’t say everything is available, but still well manageable.
Ms.Ponnamma – Good. See Sreeja is also fond of cooking and eating north Indian food. And you must be missing Delhi chats – Gol gappe, papadi, aloo ki chaat etc.
Sreeja – Yeah Amma my favourites too.
Anil laughed – Yes Auntie. But definitely I have more liking for many other things in Kerala and I want to settle down here only.
Ms Ponnamma looked at Sreeja in a rather naughty manner, who was smiling contimuously – Sreeja, I think I should better look for a malayali girl in future for Anil. Why Anil?
Anil (Blushed like anything) –Well Auntie I still have to study and _ _ _
Both Ms.Ponnamma and Sreeja teased him – Oho shy boy. So we will have to look for a malayali girl for you who can cure this shyness of yours.
Anil – OK, OK Ladies. Well Auntie, I am ready. But that malayali girl should be very much like madam (pointed at Sreeja). She should have the same kind of beautiful, pleasing and very charming personality.And yes the same loving nature.
Hearing this Sreeja blushed a little, but Ms.Ponnamma continued – ohoo, I forgot you are so much impressed by Sreeja.So should I talk to your parents? And she winked at Sreeja.
Both Sreeja and Anil looked at her in a bit surprising way. Then Sreeja understood the meaning and blushed like anything.She hid her one side of face with her hand and started laughing (In fact this was another pose of her, very much liked by Anil) - Amma come on you are too much. Anil who was still staring at Ms.Ponnamma asked – Auntie, madam please explain me too.
Ms.Ponnamma – Anil what will she explain. She is red with shyness. Err nothing I will just talk to your parents and say – Give me your Anil. And now Anil gasped blushed too – Auntie, come on.
Ms.Ponnamma – Well why are you shying off?. She should feel shy.And Sreeja continued to laugh while looking at Anil.
A pleasing atmosphere of jokes had been created.
Ms.Ponnamma – Anil how do you spend your leisure. Watch movies or only study? Whom do you like among bollywood heroines – Bipasha Basu, Rani Mukherjee _ _ _ _
Sreeja (Interfering) – No Amma ask him about Meera Jasmine, Geethu Mohandas, etc, and above all Seema the yesteryear heroines. He has fancy for south Indian channels.Even though he understands little Malayalam.
Anil – Madam is right.
Ms,Ponnamma – Really. How much have you gone in learning Malayalam.
Anil – Sreeja well – mnamaskaram, iddendhu vishesham , (he spoke in his ascent and it differed from typical keralites) and yes my friend told one more sentence (after looking at Sreeja) – njan ni snehikunnu _ _ _ err _ _ __ it means _ _ _ _?
And both Ms.Ponnamma and Sreeja burst with laughter while Sreeja continued to blush.She turned her face little away with her finger pressed below her lips (another of Anil’s favourite poses from Sreeja), shying like a bride. Anil gazed with innocence.
Anil (when realized, he was red) – Actually I asked my friend – he told me – well _ _ _ the meaning _ _ __ .
Ms.Ponnamma – It means I love you.
And Anil who had uttered this sentence while looking at Sreeja, was red.He smiled while lowering his eyes and looked at Sreeja, who had almost hid her face and was blushing.
Ms.Ponnamma (teasing him) – Donot worry it happens Anil, it happens. Look Sreeja what right direction your hero has pointed while saying such a nice dialogue.So my stand for looking a malayali girl for you is becoming stronger.
Both Anil and Sreeja smiled again.
Sreeja – Amma it seems today you are in a mood of kidding.But now we want to have tea.Shall I prepare it?
Anil – Yes Auntie, we need a hot and nice cup of tea.
Ms.Ponnamma – OK fine. No dear you sit and talk to Anil.I will do it.
Sreeja – Anil if you donot mind, I would just like to refresh.Give me ten minutes.In the meanwhile just have a look at your favourite channels in the TV. (She switched on the TV and handed over the remote to Anil).
Anil – OK Madam.(He took the remote from Sreeja and started scrolling through all his favourite Malayalam channel.Ms.Ponnamma went to the Kitchen to prepare tea).
Anil sat at the corner of drawing room and some part of the adjacent bedroom was visible from that end. Sreeja entered the bedroom and she did not close the door. She just pulled the curtain, which was well transparent at least to let other make out what activity was going on inside from the visible area.Sreeja went inside, sat on the bed and put off her white sandals.

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Then she laid them carefully in the shoe rack kept near the almirah. She opened the almirah and took out another plain white colour petticoat and one of the plain simple blouses usually worn by her at home.She took out another underwear (panty) too.Very soon , Anil was watching her shadow and he got thoroughly excited to the extent that he had to adjust his pants.Sreeja had started removing her saree. Anil really enjoyed the scene and started imagining her doing this in front of him.After removing her saree, Sreeja entered the bathroom and closed the door. She remembered all her mother’s dialogues and other happenings of the day with Anil and started smiling standing in front of mirror. She had a sweet, gentle voice which utilized by singing while bathing in the bathroom.She started unbuttoning her blouse and then put it off.Sreeja could not help shying off, when she saw her own big breasts popping out and struggling with her brassiere. She put both her hands at the back and unhooked her bra. Further she pulled it out from her body and threw it in the bucket of washable clothes where she had thrown her blouse.Her breasts got a sigh of relief after being freed from blouse and brassiere and sprang out like two pigeons.Her nipples backed by prominent brown aureola, stood erect in a teasing, naughty manner.Sreeja just cupped her breasts and gave a rub to the upper part of her body.She fingered her navel in a spurt to clean it and stretched her arms to remove fatigue. Her boobs got projected further and she tied up her hair prior to shifting her body below the shower. Sreeja then untied the string of her petticoat and let it go its way. The petticoat was released off her creamy and healthy legs, exposing them to their fullest.Finally Sreeja put on the shower and stood below bathing. “Oh God” – She remarked – “I forgot my towel”. In a wet body condition, she went to the door and slightly opened it – “ Amma, Amma”. – She called up Ms.Ponnamma.
Ms Ponnamma who was busy in Kitchen called back – Yes Sreeja?
Sreeja – Amma I forgot my towel. Please give it to me.
Ms.Ponnamma – Oh my God. I am busy in Kitchen. Just wait.
The milk was boiling on its full spree. Ms.Ponnamma told Anil – Anil, dear just do one thing. Sreeja very often forgets her towel. I am standing here in front of the gas. Please take the towel from backside of the door of her bedroom and give it to her in the bathroom.
Anil was a bit surprised. Ms.Ponnamma had asked him to do a task which he was not expecting. But the next moment his surprise was overtaken by a feeling of excitement.He smiled and went inside her bedroom. His face turned red right at the sight of her saree lying on the bed.On the other side it was her plain coloured nighty. Sreeja would come out in just petticoat and blouse. He liked her in that pose very much and so far it was only a part of his fantasies for her. He felt his body warmed up with excitement and adjusted something in his pants.Anil turned towards the door and took the towel.Sreeja had closed the bathroom door again.He decided to knock it.
As soon as he knocked the door, Sreeja who was under an impression that her mother must be standing with the towel, immediately opened the door and remarked – Well Amma sorry I forgot _ _ _ _ oh Anil its _ __ you. Actually thinking that Ms.Ponnamma would be there, she was a little bit free in opening the door. It was not just her hand popping out but, her wet face with water drops dripping along could be well seen. Also Anil could well see her right shoulder fully naked at that time with some bulging portion of the side flesh of her round boob at the right. Sreeja was standing close to the door and her right leg till her knee was totally exposed in front of Anil’s eyes.Clear water dripping all over her body had made her look even more sexier.Anil could well recollect few B-Grade Malayalam movies, where bathing scenes were very common. He got lost in watching Sreeja in this pose, who broke his thoughts by asking – err _ _ _ __ Anil _ _ _ _ its you?
Anil – ahh , sorry madam, actually _ _ _ _ _Auntie _ _ _ she is in front of gas so she told me _ _ _ _ well your towel _ _ _ sorry _ _ _ actually (he stammered). He knew Sreeja also felt a bit odd on his watching her like this.
Sreeja tried to cover her exposed portion of her breast. She said taking the towel in her hand – Thanks Anil. Sorry for trouble.
Anil – Its OK madam. I am going to the drawing room.
Sreeja – OK I am coming. Then we will have tea.
Anil came out with his body and mind full of excitement. He felt he was going closer and closer to Sreeja.
Sreeja on the other hand was feeling a bit amused.While continuing with her bath, she started thinking about Anil. How would have he felt just now. My God – if she had opened the door a little more then – she laughed on to her self.Being a middle aged woman and teacher, she could well imagine the psychology of young teenage boys. Was he attracted towards her? She thought.Sreeja could not help feeling excited after thinking about Anil’s cute face. In the process of bathing her hands rubbed all over the upper part of her body and she cupped her massive, round and firm breasts few number of times along with twealking her nipples with her soft fingers.She could feel the excitement in her own body after her nipples got hard and red.Finally she inserted her hand in her underwear (Panty).She rubbed her pink, slightly hairy cunt area.As her fingers touched her pink pussy lips they went red with excitement.She finally put her hands on both sides of her panty and slid it off.The wet panty was thrown in the bucket of washable clothes.Sreeja turned off the shower and started drying her body with the towel. She wiped the water drops, soaking her sexy, curvy and dazzling figure and again her hands turned soft on movement while caressing and rubbing her private parts.She could feel her cunt juices being wiped by her towel.Sreeja took another panty and wore it. The same was followed by the petticoat and blouse. Using the towel to dry her hair, she came out of bathroom. Sreeja put the towel along a drier rod hung in the small balcony of the room.Finally she wore her nightie and combed her hair. Not very late she heard her mother’s voice.
Ms.Ponnamma – Sreeja, come tea is ready. And Anil here are your favourite chocolate biscuits.
Anil – Thank you Auntie, but tea was sufficient.
Ms.Ponnamma – Oh come on enjoy, when I rule. So you are not going home and staying here only to study. When will the last practical get over?
Anil – Auntie today is Tuesday and last practical exam shall be finished by Thursday. In fact I will be free by 10:00 A.M on Thursday. Then I plan to go to British library to get some IT books.
Both Ms.Ponnamma and Sreeja remarked – Wow, what a co-incident.In fact Sreeja was also to go to library same day and she expressed it to Anil.
Anil – nice madam, we will meet there.
Ms.Ponnamma – Why meet there? You come home after your practicals and she will accompany you.
Anil was delighted and excited – Yes Auntie, a good idea.
Sreeja – Fine Anil. Pick me up after your exam and we will go together to the library.
Ms.Ponnamma laughed. So both my hero and heroine are meeting. Sreeja gasped and said – Amma now your kidding too much with us.I think today you are in an extra jolly mood.And this naughty boy, grows naughty when he is with you.(Her words were accompanied with all affectionate feelings)
Anil – I will take a leave now.Good bye Auntie and Good Bye Madam. See you day after tomorrow.
Ms.Ponnamma – Wait Anil. Then she went to Anil and posed as if talking something secretively to him, pointed at Sreeja – have nice dreams. Sreeja could not hear. Anil behaved naughty too and said – Thank you Auntie.
Sreeja – Aei Amma and Anil. What’s going on. What are you both upto.
Anil – nothing madam, Auntie just said – sweet dreams.
Sreeja – whom are you going to dream about. Any girl friends?
Anil – No madam well _ _ __ will tell later_ _ __.
Ms.Ponnamma – Well of course somebody whom he loves a lot.and she laughed.
Anil – I will take leave now.
Anil turned back and suddenly returned – Auntie, madam I forgot one thing.He then slowly bent towards Sreeja and said – Madam sweet dreams.
Ms.Ponnamma burst into laughter and Sreeja said – wait you naughty. Come on go you have to study for practicals.But then she patted his shoulder – OK Anil thanks for a nice company and evening. Best of luck for your exam. I will wait for you day after tomorrow.
Anil was filled with all kinds of emotions – Thank you madam.
Anil went home thinking all the way about Sreeja. At night before going for dinner he refreshed and during his bath, he used his hand to release his sexual tension. But he had all kinds of thoughts for her. Where he remembered her seeing bathing in the bathroom and her dazzling structure he also had in mind her pleasing and loving nature with affectionate mind for him rather all students.He decided to study after dinner. And for two hours he went on revising all viva voce questions for physics practical. After he lied down on bed his thoughts were again shifted to Sreeja. He had noticed that Sreeja had kissed him quite a number of times especially when he was a child. He decided to now kiss her whenever he could get chance be it on her hand or wherever.And he went on thinking about her in all ways before he could sleep.
On Thursday Anil finished his exam and after that rushed to Sreeja’s house.
As he rang the door bell Ms.Ponnamma opened it and greeted him with smile.
Anil – Good Morning Auntie.Is madam ready?
Ms.Ponnamma – Good morning Anil. How were your exams.So you are free now.
Anil – Fine Auntie. Yes I am free. Is madam ready.
Ms.Ponnamma – Let me check I think she is getting ready. Please have a seat. I am preparing breakfast. Wait till then. She then called Sreeja – Sreeja are you ready. Anil has come.
Sreeja shiouted back from bedroom- Amma I am yet to go to bathroom and on hearing about Anil she came out. – Hi Anil how were your exams.?
Anil stood up and stammered – Well Madam _ _ _ good morning _ _ __ exams were fine.
Actually Anil was stunned and a bit surprised to Sreeja. Sreeja had just come out running and the way it was it seemed that She was preparing to go to bathroom. She was only in a plain yellow coloured blouse and white petticoat with towel on her right shoulder. But the towel could not hide her big breastline and exposed portion of her boobs struggling to get out of her blouse. Anil could well make out the position of her nipples hanging at corners of blouse. Her midriff was complete exposed and her fleshy waist with tyres around could make anybody a devil. Anil could feel something hardening below.He was both excited and stunned. Sreeja held her towel in one hand kept on her shoulder and her other hand was on the waist line of her petticoat which she had raised a little bit revealing a portion of her leg.Her round navel could fire anybody. But Sreeja unawaringly continued talking – Anil just wait for few minutes. I will be back and we will move after breakfast.
Ms.Ponnamma teased her – Wow what an excitement. Sreeja please dress up properly and come my dear.
Sreeja looked a bit shocked.She came in front of Anil in just a petticoat and blouse showing all her bosom, wherein a woman can be regarded as half naked.She was red with shame and quickly turned around – Aaa _ _ _ oh _ _ _ sorry __ _ Anil just wait _ __ _ I am coming.
Anil on the other hand was stunned. Sreeja had been standing in front of him in one of the poses he liked and fantasized the most.(He had many types of fantasies for her out of which most favourite were lying in her lap as a small child, seeing her without saree and rest of the clothes on and seeing her upper portion totally nude with her petticoat still on)He was surprised but filled with excitement too and had a hard on feeling below abdomen.He too was red with excitement before Ms..Ponnamma broke into his thoughts and told him to sit down.
Down in the shower, Sreeja was still red with shame. Such things were happening for the second time in this week. What would have Anil thought of his madam whom she had been teaching and adoring since child hood. Anil must have been very excited on seeing her in such a half naked state of body– This thought came into her mind and she laughed hiding her face in her hands, the shower still wetting her body. Sreeja was still not out of her state of shame.Any ways soon she realized she had to get ready and go with Anil. She finished her bath and after drying her body wore a pair of her white undergarments comprising of a brassiere and panty.Further she wore a green blouse and similar colour petticoat. She adjusted the waistline of her petticoat and positioned her blouse carefully over her massive 38 inches pillows hanging on her chest, covering her bra, which in any case delineated their postions.Today she chose a saree which she knew Anil would like. She had selected a very lovely green (little light colour) colour saree in quality “semi georgette” fabric beautiful with artistic lakhnavi chikan embroidery in white cotton thread.The fancy patterns of floral motifs & vines on the pallu and border were perfectly complimented with matching pattern all over the saree. In that partly transparent saree, her beauty enhanced like anything.She wore it with elegance and style, tying the pleats carefully and inserting them in her petticoat along the waistline and draping it carefully.Her curves and navel could be well noticed however in that saree.She wore a pair of off white sandals and before leaving her room, combed her hair, tied a small portion at back and let her most of the hair loose. Her thick , black and abundant hair hung till little below her waist. She smiled at herself after seeing her image in the mirror. Sreeja quickly applied a red lipstick on her lips and smacked them after doing so.
Sreeja came out of her room with her dazzling figure walking straight and her swaying pillows showing slight movement in either direction ready to tear apart her blouse and pop out with her pointed prominent nipples.. She looked no less than any top heroine of Malayalam cinema.
Anil stood up and said – Good morning madam.
Sreeja (very affectionately) – Good Morning Anil, how are you. Hope your exams went well? Are you feeling free?
Anil – Exams were fine. I am feeling free and waiting for you. Anil was excited to see her extreme stunning and provoking beauty, but kept his feelings to himself. Anyways the thought spending most of the remaining day had thrilled him to a large extent.
The breakfast comprising of sandwiches and coffee went amongst gossips and laughters among all three.After finishing the btreakfast, both Sreeja and Anil took leave from Ms.Ponnamma and went to the bus stop. Sreeja was happy to have Anil’s company and did not feel alone. On the other hand Anil was excited on all fronts. He was living perhaps the loveliest moments of his life.To be in a company of Sreeja was like walking into heavens. Apart from being happy at heart he was very excited and must have adjusted his pants few number of times after seeing Sreeja today. They caught up the bus for the library and after reaching the library, Sreeja went to the section where English novels and books were kept. She chose a few and kept them in her polyethene bag after getting them issued. Whereas Anil who had gone to the IT section selected two computer magazines and one IT book and kept in his handbag after getting them issued.Both met at the centre table and came out together after sometime from the library.
Sreeja – Anil I think instead of going back home I would like to spend sometime outside and that too in such a good weather. I had already informed Amma that we will be coming late.
Anil (he was delighted) – Sure madam. It’s an exams over day today. I am also feeling free. And very lucky day also for me.
Sreeja – How?
Anil – Madam you only tell me how many days after we are together like this.
Sreeja laughed – ohhoo – you are right, come.
Both of them went to the ground of the library where there was plenty of green grass. The weather was extremely good with blowing fresh air and very little sunlight.There were many people around and few pair of friends too. Anil selected a corner where there was nobody sitting nearby and they could see people, students from a distance only.Sreeja told him that she would like to visit a temple nearby after spending some time with him here. Anil agreed to the same. Both sat together facing each other near a big tree and started talking on various things , viz, about Anil’s future and studies, coming holidays. Sreeja further told him that on saturday her class (5th standard students ) had kept a party before departing for Christmas holidays. Anil had to attend the school for another two days for just few hours only for some prelims classes for next term and his coaching for Engineering.In the holidays he was to attend only coaching for Engineering.Sreeja’s company was anyway making him happy like anything. Her gentle, sweet voice and composure, her elegant style of speaking and wearing her saree, her cheerful, smiling face and expressions filled Anil with extreme excitement and affection coupled with respect and feeling of love for her.At a point Sreeja was talking to him and he stopped listening. He just gazed at her.
Sreeja – Anil what’s the matter. Are you lost somewhere?
Anil (suddenly woke up)– No madam just looking at you.
Sreeja (laughed) – Aei come on you naughty. What are you upto?
Anil lowered his eyes and said – Madam you are looking very beautiful and charming today.
Sreeja blushed a little and smiled – Well thank you my handsome, cutie boy.
Anil (was still shying off) – Madam I have a request. May I _ _ _
Sreeja – Anil I have always treated you like a friend and as my son.Will you just go on shying with me too?
Anil – Madam if you don’t mind may I lie down in your lap for sometime?
Sreeja burst into laughter at his innocent style of talking – Oh come on and she literally pulled Anil towards herself. She placed his head on her lap after spreading her legs a bit in a crossed fashion. She put both of her hands at the back of her head to adjust her hair and then a sweet cum embarrassing incident occurred. Her pallu Slid down from her left shoulder showing a clear view of her clean, clear soft skinned chest and the portion of her breastline with her prominent round boobs hanging in either direction. Anil was stunned but he controlled his feelings. On the other side Sreeja felt a bit embarrassed and shy and turned her eyes in other direction. The pallu had fell near Anil’s face partly covering it and he could see it all.
Sreeja – aah _ _ _ oh _ _ Anil.

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Anil – Madam one minute. He caught hold of her pallu and adjusted it back on her shoulder with a half smile on his face. In this process his hand incidently touched her left breast and it received a little rub from Anil’s hand. He had strong hands but his touch was very pleasing and tickling to her.Anil also felt the firmness of her breast and nipple. Sreeja could feel that he was no more a small kid and a grown up boy now. Sreeja felt shy on the fact that her student was doing like this and had seen her in this pose. Her cheeks started growing red but she turned to her normal self very soon – Thanks Anil.
Anil was feeling a bit sleepy due to not only his late night studies but the cosiness he received on laying down in her lap.
Sreeja (gently caressing his forehead and face with her soft hands)– Are you feeling sleepy Anil?
Anil – little bit madam. Your lap is very warm.
Sreeja smiled – you take rest for a while. I will take care that you are not disturbed.
Anil – Madam do you know how nice I feel when near you. Today while lying on your lap I wanted to refresh memories of my childhood.
Sreeja – Really_ __ _Have you grown up _ __ for me you are just a child.Do you know when you had laid down in my lap and slept?
Anil – No Madam.
Sreeja – Years back when you were just a small kid, after my marriage I came to the school, people started talking that I may leave my job and go. Hearing this you were little unwell and were admitted to sick room. I heard this from another teacher and came running. Sreeja started laughing – I had to console you and convince you on seeing your tearful eyes that no my child I am not going.Anil started laughing too – Yes madam, the thought of your being away depressed me.
Sreeja – Yes Anil you got cheered up and life went on as usual.But after one year when he died, I remember coming after two months and meeting you – We both hugged each other and wept like anything.And your soft hands went on wiping my tears.
Anil got up immediately. Sreeja got a bit emotional. Anil held her face in his hands and said – No madam, I can never see you sad or crying. I want my Sreeja Madam to always remain happy and cheerful and keep others happy too.
Sreeja kissed both his hands and she was normal soon. Sreeja– Anil I picked up something from home in a hurry today and want to show you.
Anil – What’s that madam?
Sreeja – A photo of mine and yours in the school compound when you studied in 3rd standard. And she put her hand in her blouse and took it out.Anil watched curiously. And to his surprise hit was a photgraph in which Sreeja had held him closer in her arms and he was merely 7- 8 years of age.Sreja was looking younger and he also looked very cute. He could not help smiling.
Sreeja – I saw it in my drawer when I was getting ready. See years have passed.
Anil who got more excited on Sreeja taking this phot by inserting her hand in her blouse, teased her - hmm _ _ _ madam very bad _ _ _ my photo is luckier than me.
Sreeja – Why?
Anil – Madam it is more closer to you than me, I mean your heart.
Sreeja laughed – Aei you naughty.OK now you will be closer to me.She held his right hand with both her hands and kept it on her chest.Anil’s hand now partially touched a portion of her blouse and partially her soft, warm and velvety skin.He could feel himself in heavens with his own body flaming with excitement.Sreeja further kissed on his hand and said – Anil are you happy now?
Anil caught hold of both her hands and gave gentle kiss on each.
Anil – I am happy madam but I want to ask you one thing. Why you don’t use gajra on your head?
Sreeja – I use it sometimes esp on festivals.
Anil – Madam please have it frequently. I would like it.
Then he called one small poor girl who was selling gajras and purchased one for Sreeja. Sreeja smiled – what Anil is upto? – she thought.Anil purchased a gajra for her and turned towards her back. Sreeja understood – Oh. I see.Well after a long time I am putting it on my hair.Anil did not speak a word just continued with his action and in a moment Sreeja’s abundant, black hair were decorated with a gajra consisting of fresh flowers spreading sweet fragrance.
Sreja just knocked him – Aei Anil I hope you are not going to get married to me.
Anil laughed and with a sigh – Oh madam I am too young for that.
Sreeja patted his chin and said – Oh dear no problem. OK now let us leave from here. We will go to the temple, take some lunch and then back home.
Anil –hmmm _ _ _ no madam please, some more time.
Sreeja – No Anil come on get up baba. And she stood up to go.
Anil in a slight lazy manner forwarded his arm making a gesture to Sreeja to help him get up.
Sreeja laughed – Oh you want me to make you get up. Don’t worry I will help. I am stronger than you.
Anil – Oh really? Let me see madam.
Sreja caught his hand and tried to pull Anil. But Anil was in a full mood to play mischief with his loving teacher. Instead Sreeja could pull Anil & make him stand, she got pulled herself.Anil laughed and pulled her hand.
Sreeja – Aei _ _ Anil _ _ _ you naughty _ _ _ ouch _ _ ouiii_ __ aei please.
Anil kept laughing – who is stronger.He pulled her and made her sit down.And very soon his head lay on her lap again.And her pallu got disturbed again.
Anil – oh sorry. And he tried to adjust it again.He smiled at her and Sreeja felt shy again.
Sreeja – Anil _ __ aei naughty you are too much.
Anil raised his collar to show importance – So madam who is stronger.
Sreeja – Yeah my small innocent boy is turning mischievous nowadays.Well I think still I am stronger.
Anil got up and all of a sudden pulled Sreeja who now stood up.Sreeja – Oh my God, Anil you will throw me out of breath.
Anil – Donot worry madam, I can pick you and walk. So you can gain some breath.
Sreeja just laughed – My dear I am too heavy for you.Just be careful _ _ _
Before she could complete, Anil spread his arms and bent down to pick her up.And in a moment his arms encircled Sreeja’s broad ass comprising two round, big buttocks.Sreeja found herself at least 60 – 70 cm above the ground her robust and dazzling structure fully supported by Anil’s arms. Sreeja was amused and she felt a bit tickled when she noticed her waist almost at the level of Anil’s face. His lips could easily trace her navel fro her slightly swayed saree.
Sreeja – Ouuiii _ _ Anil come on _ _ _ I will fell _ _ _ aaahh _ __we both shall fall down. I am heavy for you.
And she sighed a kind of relief when Anil dropped her down – oh my God.What are you upto Anil? Going naughty today.
Anil – Madam I am just waiting for second round.
Sreeja – Second round _ __ and before she could understand, Anil put one of his arms around her broad shoulders and used his other arm to lift her from her legs. Again Sreeja was picked up by Anil and now she lay horizontally in his arms. Sreeja was now totally red and excited and so was Anil. He felt hard on in his pants and felt he could act more. He wanted to play more mischief by pulling her saree or tickling or smooching her but kept control. He was liberal with her but in limits and only because Sreeja not only adored him but was frank with him.
Sreeja – So my hero where are you carrying me.
Anil – Madam you wanted to go to temple.There only.
Sreeja kept laughing at his gestures, came down from his arms and patted his cheek – No my dear donot worry. I can’t be so cruel to my such a loving student. You will get pressed by my weight. See my structure _ _
Anil – yeah what a nice, superb and well built body _ _ _ aah
Sreeja – Aei enough. Come on now let’s go to temple and then have lunch. I am hungry.
Anil – Ok Madam.But on one condition. And he put his arm around Sreeja’s waist- You put your arm around my shoulder and we will walk like this.
Sreeja – Ok my boyfriend. Now what about people around.
Anil – Well let them see.
And both of them left smiling and laughing together, teasing each other and all friendly pranks.Sreeja treated him with lunch and on the way back he dropped her home.
And despite that holidays were to begin and attendance became slow in schools, Sreeja and Anil again got a chance to meet in the school, the very next day when Anil was coming out of library and she was moving out of her class.She was wearing a Brown and mustard faux crepe saree having flower print along with matching blouse.
Anil – Good afternoon madam. Nice that I am getting a privilege and pleasure of meeting you frequently in the school _ _ _ _ __.
Sreeja – Come on Anil don’t sound so formal. So has your holiday mood started or not?
Anil – Partly madam. My coaching classes will go on.
Sreeja stressed out and raised her arms in a gesture to remove her fatigue, projecting her boobs and other curves. Anil watched with excitement, while Sreeja talked to him in a carefree manner.
Sreeja – Aei come on be festive now. I think I told you tomorrow my class has kept a party before departing for holidays. Anil nodded yes.
Sreeja – Anil before I forget Amma wanted to talk to you for something.When can you come?
Anil (again was happy) – Madam I can definitely come on Sunday. What is the matter?
Sreeja – Well Amma will only tell. I will keep a secret for you.
Anil – Madam any hint?
Sreeja – Well she wants to give you tips on spending your holidays. (And she laughed slowly keeping her hands on her lips).
Anil smiled too – Ok madam, I will be there on Sunday.
They started walking on a corridor.Sreeja since quite some time was feeling heavy from inside.As they walked, Sreeja halted in front of ladies toilet and told Anil to wait.
Sreeja – Anil I am just coming.Please wait.
Anil – OK madam.
Sreeja went inside the toilet and entered in one of the cabins inside.She was feeling pressure below her abdomen since last ten minutes and wanted to relieve herself.She sat on a W.C and her hands went on catching the hem (lowermost portion) of her brown saree and her petticoat. Very soon her beautiful,thick legs were almost uncovered and her hands were sliding her off white panty away from her knees.Her cunt lips opened and she released her urine. As she felt relieved she sat her panty back into position. All of a sudden she heard of a sound above through ventilator. She quickly set her saree and petticoat right and got up. It seemed to her as if somebody watched her and had jumped from the ventilator.She felt embarrassed and a bit terrified too.Hurriedly she came out and washed her hands and face and cleaned with her handkerchief, expressions of worry still on her face. As she came out thinking, Anil saw her and asked – Madam, what’s the matter. All well.
Sreeja – Anil I don’t know. Well _ __ I feel somebody was watching me.
Anil was surprised and a bit shocked too – Watching_ _ _ Inside ? When _ _
Sreeja – When I was _ _ _ _actually _ _ when I was (Her eyes lowered with little shame) __ __ _ __ peeing
Anil – Oh _ _ who can _ _ what did you notice?
Sreeja – OK forget it.Leave it Anil. Let’s go.
Next day it was Sreeja’s party. She wore a white coloured cotton saree with golden border all around, the typical kasavu saree worn by keralite ladies on festivals and alongwith that a dark pink colour blouse concealing her womanly assests to a certain extent.She was looking very beautiful with her abundant hair tied with a clip and mostly let loose at the back.A pair of white sandals covered her fleshy feet. She met Anil in the morning and in fact he was the first one who complemented her – Madam you are looking very beautiful today. I mean some extra today.
Sreeja blushed a little – Well I am in a holiday mood.
Anil teased her– Well I feel like dating with you today.
Sreeja burst into laughter – Ok My little boy friend. Now I will take your leave.My students are waiting.
Anil – Madam enjoy your party.
Sreeja – Thanks Anil. She patted him on his cheek and left to her class.

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Sreeja finished her party in the afternoon and thought of meeting Anil before going home. She looked for him, but when could not find started walking towards exit of school. She had to walk some distance towards bus stop. As she was walking a car came besides her and she saw back door immediately opened.Before she could understand, a strong hand pulled her inside and before any further act of hers, she saw a man pointing a knife towards her and telling her to keep quite.He was Chacko. And the man driving car was none other than the villaineous Baburaj, who laughed loudly and dangerously. Sreeja was Stunned. Before she could realize anything further, the car moved fastly and after reaching Baburaj’s house which was just 3 kms from school, it halted.
All throughout this short distance Chacko had been pointing knife at Sreeja who although was petrified initially, started yelling – Baburaj, Chako what are you upto? How can you both _ _ _ ?
Chacko looked at her with nasty eyes and pointed out with knife – quiet. Or else _ __ . He then changed his expressions and remarked with utmost shamelessness – Wow baburaj, after a long wait – ha , ha _ _wow see her _ __(he forwarded his hand and tried to cup her one of the breasts _ _ _ _Baburaj look _ _-what a big _ _ I can’t catch in one hand _ _ _
Baburaj – What?
Chacko – Her Pillows and both roared shamelessly with laughter.
Sreeja resented his move and tried to shout but Chacko had overpowered her and threatened with knife. As soon as the car reached Baburaj’s house Sreeja found herself being dragged and pulled by the two men into one of the rooms which was Baburaj’s bedroom. She tried hard to resist but it was difficult for a woman to resist two well built men.Sreeja was although tall and healthy with a well built proportionate body, but they were after all men. Baburaj pulled her by catching one of her hands and told Chacko to close the door from outside and start with his action. He meant Chacko should start making a video CD of what was going to happen inside.

Baburaj held Sreeja’s arm and pulled her inside the room.Sreeja went on screaming and struggling against him but of no avail.In few moments both were inside the room, which was bolted from outside by Chacko. He inserted the video camera through an opening in the window. Baburaj dragged her inside the room, till Sreeja fell on the bed.
Sreeja – What is this? How can you do this to me. Baburaj you are crossing _ __ _ _
Baburaj – Cool it baby, cool it. Don’t be tense. We are here for fun. Come on and his hands advanced to capture her body. Sujitha released herself back and tried to slap him but he caught hold of her arm and twisted it .Sreeja cried with pain and anguish but Baburaj was merciless.
Baburaj- Sreeja you have haunted me a lot with your beautiful body and sexy structure. Whenever I see your face I feel like kissing you.When I see your blouse I feel like tearing it off and massaging your boobs. When I see your petticoat, I feel like pulling it down and massaging your legs.When I see your lips I want to bite them. And when I see your cunt _ _ _
Sreeja – Shut up, You are talking to an educated teacher _ _ _ _
Baburaj – Ah no no you are just a beautiful, dazzling lady here my sweet heart. I have eyed you since years.And yes I was not wrong when I said “ – when I see your cunt” – Look here.And his one hand went to his pocket from where he took out a number of photographs and gave to Sreeja. While Sreeja snatched them from his hands, he gazed at her with wicked eyes and his other hand took out a bottle of whiskey from the drawer and opened it. As he started drinking it sip by sip. On the other hand Sreeja opened the envelope containing photographs and she was shocked. Those were her own photos in very, very objectionable poses and positions, in some of which Sreeja was peeing in the toilets – my god – She thought – when did you take these photographs – Sreeja asked?
Baburaj roared with a wicked laughter – my sweet heart, I like you in all poses. I wanted to take some erotic ones of yours.And this was the best way out.Don’t worry there are a few normal ones too. What to do lady? You are a nice, fuckable , masterbatory material. So far I used to master bate thinking about you. Now I will fuck you like a whore. Sreeja all this time was watching the photographs in a state of shock. In one of the series of photos, she was shown peeing in total steps i.e pulling up the hem of her saree, sliding down her panty , releasing her pee and setting her saree and petticoat again. She remembered, once she had little messed up her saree and petticoat while passing urine and she had to wash her petticoat after stripping her saree in front of the wash basin of the toilet in the school. And yes, her fear for the very next day before was not untrue. Baburaj had taken her photos in the toilet.Sreeja felt like weeping , but controlled herself.
Sreeja – Baburaj, you are so wicked. How can you do this.
Baburaj – I have done this with few other teachers & women too. When they accepted why not you. Come on strip yourself and be mine or else these photos will be released where ever I want too.
Sreeja – No Not at all.You cannot _ __, what do you think you can treat women the way you want. I will report this matter to _ _ __ _ _ _.
Baburaj – Then I will have to rape you, you bitch.
Sreeja again tried to slap him, but Baburaj caught hold of her, kept his bottle of whiskey along side of bed and pounced upon her like a wolf. He picked her heavy structure in his arms and threw her on bed.Sreeja tried to free herself out from his clutches but he caught hold of her hands from both sides and started applying force, so as to reduce her struggle. Sreeja continued with her struggle to free herself and used her legs. She folded her legs and gave a kick to Baburaj.Baburaj fell down the bed and Sreeja tried to run. But Sadly he recovered soon and pounced upon her again. He pulled both her arms back and placing her hands together, he used one of his hands to maintain force on her. Baburaj then took the whiskey bottle in his hand and opened the cork with his teeth and pored some drops of whiskey on Sreeja’s lips. Sreeja felt like vomiting and shrieked – aah ___ _ _ _ oohh _ _ _ stop it. But Babu raj continued with his action. He poured some more drops and started kissing her lips, with Sreeja’s struggle to free herself of no avail.Her screaming voice was reduced to a slow moan owing to the pressure from Baburaj’s dirty teeth and thick lips.A bad smell started entering her nostrils and it was becoming increasing difficult for her to breathe as Baburaj went on kissing her lips stained with whiskey drops.He poured few more drops on her cheeks on either side and Sreeja’s soft cheeks were now the next target.Sreeja went on moaning and tried to free herself again, but Baburaj now swayed her saree pallu away and he repeated his pouring action on her chest and breastline – wow – My God what a sexy breastline. Sreeja madam you have busty structure – today I will crush this big boobs of yours and suck your nipples hard. See your boobs are trying to come out of your brassiere. Sreeja – You can’t _ _ __ you.
Baburaj – I can and he started licking her portions where he had poured the drops.He further dropped some whiskey on her blouse where the nipples were placed and started licking her stained blouse in those portions. He further planted some passionate wet kisses on her lovely lucious lips. He started to lick her whole face and behaved like a real beast or Psycho and his lips started moving all over her breasts and uncovered portion of chest.He moved down below, on her waist and he dropped some whiskey on her deep navel and the very next moment his lips moved along her midriff, kissing her navel. He started fingering the area immediately below her navel and gave a pinch. It was painful for Sreeja. She kicked him again and got up from bed, but Baburaj now caught hold of her Saree pallu and started pulling it across. Sreeja caught hold the middle of her pallu to get it released. Baburaj realized that it was not easy to get upon her as she was putting a lot of struggle. He gave a jerk to her pallu and a simultaneous push to Sreeja’s body.Sreeja fell across her back and Baburaj’s hands did their job. He pulled apart her saree away from her body. Sreeja got up from the floor to find herself without her saree and Baburaj’s lusty lips were watching her uncovered waist and her little protruding belly on each side.She covered her breasts with folded arms but could not cover her vast, sexy midriff area. Baburaj laughed shamelessly – wah – what a sexy body you slut. I will fuck you today like a whore. My God – Sreeja was aghast. Before she could do anything else, Baburaj pulled her arm and caught hold of her sexy, voluptuous structure and threw her on bed.- What a heavy structure you have my darling slut – Now be ready for a fuck.

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Sreeja – You can not do that you _ _ _ _
Baburaj – I can. You bloody slut. I will strip you naked and insert my cock into your pink cunt. Aah what a nice cunt you have. I have seen you pissing many times.After the session is over we will pee together, darling. Now come on.Sreeja’s resistance and shrieks carried no avail.Baburaj was frequently kissing, biting and licking her various parts of body and her cries had no effect on his beastly nature.He started giving pinches on her big ass globes.Baburaj held both of her arms in opposite direction to avert Sreeja’s struggle who was lying beneath his body in just petticoat and blouse. He stretched both her arms at the back and pressed one of his hands to resist her hands. With his other hand he now started pouring whiskey on her blouse near the nipples’ area.Her blouse got soaked and Baburaj started kissing her breasts and tits over her blouse and making shameless, bitchy remarks. Sreeja felt very uncomfortable, but Baburaj went on spilling the drops all over her chest and exposed breasts – aahhaa – your booboos are waiting to get free. Let me give rest to your blouse and brassiere, you bitch. Sreeja indeed looked very sexy with a portion of her breasts exposing outside her blouse and competing with it.Her constant struggles with her hands and legs had caught up her breathe and her petticoat had drifted up till knees exposing her beautiful shapely legs.Baburaj looked her legs with lust and remarked – Wait baby, let me clear up your top and then I go bottom – ha ha and without a roaring laughter he started unbuttoning her blouse. He poured some more drops on her brassiere and started his licking spree again on her bra above her luscious boobs. Baburaj swiftly turned on her back and pulled away her blouse.Sreeja laid blouseless infront of him and he threw her dark pink blouse on the saree lying on the floor – Sreeja, my queen I spared your blouse. Now I want to tear something. He pulled one cup of her bra, dislocated it and started playing with her breast and nipple and then repeated action with the other one.He put one his hands in the front of her bra and gave it a pull.The pressure was so much that her bra hook at the back gave away and the cups of her bra got split. He held her torn brassiere and further tore it to pieces.Sreeja started weeping now. Tears rolled her eyes and she begged Baburaj – when you slapped me in the school you did not think of my revenge you slut – he remarked with utmost villainy in eyes. You are pleasant and charming with all but you hate me. Now I will tell you how to love.He pounced on her naked boobs and started biting and kissing them. He held her nipples one by one in his teeth and started giving strong bites, much to her pain and agony.Her breasts were quite big and he used both his hands to cup and press them.Babu raj was now in a half drunk position and uttering all shameless, dirty remarks for Sreeja and her body parts.
Baburaj – Yeah Baby relax, I will have some more fun before the final round. And he quickly drifted her petticoat upside completely, forming a bunch on her waist and revealing her thick, fair and meaty legs along with her white underwear. Baburaj decided to have some more fun. He thrust his rough fingers into the lower edge of her panty and applied some force. Her panty started moving off her smooth thighs and journeying through her legs it reached Baburaj’s hands. He smelled her panty which was wet due to her sweat and cunt juice.- Wow it smells – He enjoyed the smell of her sweat.Baburaj tore her panty off to pieces. Next he started tossing his two fingers into her vagina. – Wah Madam, Wah – what a nice, pink cunt you have. He rubbed them with great force and Sreeja cried with pain.Her cunt lips became red and some liquid started flowing out her vagina.Baburaj kept tossing his fingers – yah so you are excited my lovely teacher. See how this peon fucks you today. He pinched along the sides of her cunt lips and Sreeja yelled with pain.
[In the meanwhile they both were unaware that there was another activity going on. Anil who was looking for Sreeja had already witnessed this scene of her kidnapping and he was shocked. He could well notice that Sreeja was in danger and luckily he knew Baburaj’s house. As soon as he saw her being lifted inside the car, he tried to follow the car. It took him sometime to find an auto and he reached Baburaj’s house. Anil saw from far, how Chacko was creeping through window. He was aghast to find a camera in his hands. In a state of confusion he ran towards the house in a direction so as to secretively find out what was happening. Anil ran hiding his body and came across the wall perpendicular to where Chacko was standing. He climbed up using a drain pipe and peeped through the ventilator – MY GOD – He was shocked. Sreeja’s body had been totally stripped off , above the waist and she was struggling to save her honour There was a continuous wrestling going between her and Baburaj in which Baburaj overpowered her many times and now he could see him playing with her cunt too. Sreeja had struggled again and managed to stand, now trying to hide her breasts with her arms. She was crying. Anil was in a state of anger and confusion. He could see that Sreeja was now out of breath and not very late from now Baburaj could fulfil his desire of raping her. He saw Sreeja in a state which he himself had fantasized a lot and for a moment he kept looking at her.Her big, naked breasts were swaying each side as they moved owing to her own movements. Baburaj who now held her arms on either side, had started kissing her all the way and his face lowered down to her waist. After kissing her navel, he finally picked her heavy structure and threw on the bed.He held the lower edge of her petticoat and started giving it a tear. Sreeja kicked him, but by that time some portion of her petticoat got torn from bottom, revealing her legs again.]
Anil saw all this and decided for some immediate action.He moved towards Chacko who was busy taking photos and gave a strong hit on his head from the back. Chacko became unconscious in partial state and fell down. Anil did not make a noise and opened the door. But before that he took out a knife from Chacko’s pocket which he had used to drag Sreeja along this house.He also took the camera from his hands and put it off.His next movement was to move inside the room. As her entered the room, he noticed that Bauraj was in a position where he could see his back.Sreeja saw him, but before she could scream, Anil kept a finger on his lips nodding her to be quiet.He took the knife in his hands placed the camera on table and moving towards Baburaj attacked him. Baburaj heard the sound and turned but before he could fully realize, he got a sharp cut on his face – You bastard- How dare you do this to Madam – Anil shouted and he received another cut on his face accompanied by a kick below his abdomen, he fell down and with him fell the bottle of whiskey, spilling the liquid on the floor and some on bed too. Anil glanced at Sreeja in her nude state who was trembling, crying and trying to cover her breasts – Madam please dress up quickly. And picked up her Saree and blouse from the corner and threw towards her. Sreeja did not waste a moment and started wearing her blouse. After she wore her blouse, she started wearing her saree and during this period Baburaj had received good thrashing from Anil. He was weakened due to face wounds.But the story did not finish there. Chacko who was lying on floor had gained consciousness and he entered into the room – Aey you boy. I will __ __ burn you alive. Anil who was alos sweating by this time saw Chacko and became more alert. Chacko took out a lighter and marched towards Anil.Baburaj who was down by now also got some encouragement and got up.Anil was strong, but after all he was a school boy. Sreeja who was now further impressed by Anil due to his courage, should shivering and frightened behind Anil, her hands resting on one of his shoulders – Anil, what to do. Please save me.Anil patted her hand and told her to move outside. But Chacko attacked him and he grabbed the knife thrown by Anil on floor. He had lighter on in one and knife in another hand.Anil was careful. He leapt towards Baburaj and luckily for him, Chacko slipped. Anil quickly jumped along opposite side near the door, where Sreeja was standing.And there was another big SCENE- Chacko accidently stabbed Bauraj along his chest and he fell down on his body. The lighter did its job while falling on the spilled whiskey. There was fire in the room in which both Chacko and Baburaj were well caught. Anil was tensebut his mind worked fast. Madam, please pick up all your belongings. They together picked up Sreeja’s polyethene bag, purse and camera and before Anil could forget, Sreeja also picked up the bundle of her nude photographs with negatives – Madam we should run.And they came out of house from the rear side, luckily for them nobody saw both of them and by the time Fire could be noticed, Sreeja and Anil were in a bye lane at a little distance from Baburaj’s house. Sreeja stood along a tree and started weeping, keeping her face on his shoulder.Anil – Madam, please we can talk later and let’s get away. Sreeja then noticed some scratches on Anil’s arm and minor wound.She hurriedly tied her handkerchief on his arm, covering the wound, which was quite minor.They further walked fast towards a road away from house and Anil stopped an auto – we have to go to Sathamangalam. Sreeja looked at surprise gesture towards Anil as he was not naming her home destination, Gandhinagar but Anil nodded her to be quite. After reaching Sasthamangalam, he told Autowallah to stop near KINFRA office.- Well please stop here, as our friends are going to come here. Sreeja kept on looking at him with surprise, but followed him when he told her to get down from Auto.
They got down and Sreeja still looked at him with question mark in eyes. Anil understood and said – Madam there had been a fire in house. Definitely police will come. I donot want any clue to be left and hence I told you to come out and take auto from an area which is at distance from his house. For an extra precaution, let this auto guy not know about our true whereabouts. We will take another auto after few minutes. But before taking an another auto, they called up at Sreeja’s house and told Ms.Ponnamma that they were on way home and will reach by half an hour. She was worrying as the evening had turned up and Sreeja was not back.Anil and Sreeja boarded another auto and reached her house. Sreeja was in an embarrassed state of mind and also felt the absence of her undergarments.All the way Sreeja looked at Anil with feelings of love and gratitude. The student of hers which she loved the most, today had acted like her rescuer and proved his respect, love and effection for her. She kept her head on his shoulders and Anil consoled her by patting her shoulder and nodded her to be normal in the front of Autowallah. Back at house, Ms Ponnamma opened the door and her smile terminated when she saw a worried, tense and sweating Anil. She further saw Sreeja’s sad and serious face. She felt worried and could guess for something wrong.She told both of them to get inside the room and bolted the door. She further told them to come inside bedroom. On reaching the bedroom Sreeja almost fell on the bed across her face and started crying, her face resting on the pillow. Anil looked at her with a glum face.

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Ms.Ponnamma – Sreeja, my child what happened. She went close to her and Sreeja lay on her lap and continuously sobbed. She hid her face in her hands and Ms.Ponnamma despite consoling her could not stop her tears. Anil stood quiet near the door.Ms.Ponnamma noticed Anil’s condition and went to him.
Anil – Madam, please stop crying. Its OK now.
Sreeja (amidst her tears and sobs) – Amma, Anil is like God to me.
Ms.Ponnamma – But please tell me what happened.
Anil took her into another room and told her the hold story.Ms.Ponnamma immediately went to Sreeja and claped her in her arms consoling her like a child. She herself started crying. – Oh God. Don’t cry Sreeja, my chjld its all over now. God sent Anil to save your honour.
Then she turned towards Anil and took his face in her hands – Anil my child. Thanks a lot for saving my daughter.
Anil – Sreeja please donot say like this. Madam is everything for me. She is like my mother, a friend and _ _ __ even if I had to lay down my life__ __
Ms Ponnamma (cut him short) – No no my son. God give you a long life.

It took some time to get situation more or less normal.That night Ms.Ponnamma urged Anil to stay with them only as both Sreeja and Anil were mentally disturbed and exhausted.Ms Ponnamma went to Anil’s house met her friend Mrs.Suja and told her that she wanted some clothes for Anil for his stay in her house that night as he was not feeling well. In her house both Anil and Sreeja lay on either side of the bed with Sreeja keeping her hand on Anil’s right one and both lay quietly just thinking deeply of what would have been the worst to Sreeja.Anyway Ms.Ponnamma came back after sometime tried her best to make both of them comfortable. In the morning, all of them got a little more worried as the news of fire in Baburaj’s house had spread and both of them i.e he and Chacko died. Nothing was left in his house.Police were investigating.Anil left for his house still worried in his heart. He maintained his normal composure outwardly and tried to keep himself busy in his books.
But it was not late that Anil and Sreeja got relieved of that tension. Next morning when Anil was preparing to leave for coaching classes, Ms Ponnamma came and she was looking as cheerful as before. She told him that Police had declared that fire an accident caused by Baburaj himself due to negligence after overdrinking and case was more or less over. And more than that she told something which delighted Anil like anything.
Anil – How are you Auntie? And how is madam? Hope she has recoverd.
Ms.Ponnamma – Anil, Sreeja had caught slight fever. She is however OK, now but still weak.Can you do one thing?
Anil – yes Auntie?
Ms.Ponnamma – Anil tomorrow keep your luggage packed. You are coming to stay with Sreeja tomorrow. She herself wants it.I am actually going to Calicut for seven – eight days to see my relative.And after ‘this’ incident, I am a bit more worried about her safety. Hope you donot find it inconvenient.I also want you to stay_ __
Anil – Donot worry Auntie, I shall be glad to do that.

Anil was delighted and very excited. His tension was over and he was going to stay with the lady he loved the most. He packed his luggage for seven days and after his coaching classes straightaway went to Sreeja’s residence. Sreeja wore a beautiful pink cotton saree and matching blouse and was sitting on her bed and reading a book. She looked fine and OK, but little serious. Anil came and sat besides her and Ms.Ponnamma. He caught her hands – Madam how are you. A pale smile came on Sreeja’s face – I am O.K. How are you? Anil all of a sudden hid his face in her chest and burst into tears. He grew emotional.
Sreeja (holding him tight against her bosom) – Anil come on what’s the matter.
Ms.Ponnamma – A brave boy like you who rescued Sreeja from that rapist should not cry. Come on stop crying.
Anil (continued in tears) – Madam I am sorry. If I had turned up half an back , that bastard would not have been able to touch you.
Sreeja – Aei, its not your fault. I am already indebted to you for saving my honour.(But before she could complete, Anil kept his finger on her lips). Sreeja kissed on his forehead and tried to console him. She apparently smiled but her eyes were wet.Any way Ms.Ponnamma finally cheered them both.
Next day she left for Calicut. Anil went to the station to drop her and came back after his classes. Sreeja had prepared lunch and by this time they were both normal. After lunch, both started talking and chatting and Sreeja took out an album of her old college days’ photographs.In one of the photographs she was wearing a black Kameez with red dots and red chunni with yellow dots along with a light mustard churidar and she looked absolutely beautiful in this contrast with her long hair slightly curly at bottom.
Anil – Madam how many times were you selected as a beauty queen in your college.
Sreeja (laughed) – Well only once.As you can have that privilege only one time. (smiled again).
Soon, Anil lay down on Sreeja’s lap and both started talking again.Very soon he felt sleepy and Sreeja found him half asleep. Seeing this she positioned his head on a pillow and herself laid near him. A half smile came across her face as she watched his innocent but growing – manly, handsome face. She was very highly impressed. Her most beloved student had acted like her rescuer and she felt him like her hero.She gently kissed him on his cheek and buried her face in his chest after hugging him. Now she started having a different feeling which was a blendour of motherly affection and friendly attraction. – What is this I feel. Anil is so younger than me. She got that feeling of security which normally a woman desires in a man’s company. Anil is blossoming as a young man and no more that small, cute kid– she thought But her thoughts got interrupted as half asleep Anil had now hugged her and she was in his arms. Anil’s one hand rubbed along her her hair and another hand encircled her waist.After receiving such a warm embrace from Anil, Sreeja buried her face again in his chest and both fell asleep, in each other’s arms, with Sreeja’s big breasts tightly pressed along Anil’s body
Afew memorable days of their lives passed with Anil going to his routine classes and then spending his time with Sreeja. Both used to enjoy share their feelings and go for long evening walks.
It was Saturday.Anil was getting ready for classes. All of a sudden, he saw Sreeja adjusting her almirah and in her hands there was glittering wedding saree. It was Red and green Kanjeevaram silk saree enriched with golden zari weaving and one matching red coloured blouse.Anil came near to her and glanced at her Saree. Sreeja watched too. A sad smile ran on her face.
Anil (holding her face in his hands) – No madam , no sadness, only smiles.One request.
Sreeja – what?
Anil – I want to see you in this saree in the evening.
Sreeja blushed a little and agreed.
In the evening, when Anil came back he saw a glittering Sreeja wearing that Saree with a ‘ gajra’ tied along her hair and light make up. She was looking like an extremely beautiful bride.

Sreeja – Anil, what are you looking at?
Anil – Madam you are looking very beautiful.
Sreeja – Thanks, but____
Anil – I love you madam
Sreeja – I love you too.
And both were in each other’s arms. Taking each other in their arms both fell on bed.

Anil raised his right leg on Sreeja's leg & his right hand on the her belly. After touching the soft & sexy bare belly of Sreeja he remained like that for some time. Then I again changed his position & placed his hand a little above & got a close that Anil was touching Sreeja's warm & smooth belly
partially. It was feeling heavenly. Sreeja felt excited too and continued to lay supported on her back.Then after he came to know that his penis has turned in to a hard dick & its pressing Sreeja's thigh from over her sari Now suddenly Sreeja changed her side & faced towards Anil’s. His face partially got
buried in her soft & warm cleavage. It was a wonder feeling as this is the first time he got chance to touch a woman's breast so closely.
He remained like that for some time motionless & was pressing his face bit by bit deep inside the heavenly pillows(boobs).

Sreeja scratched her cleavage for some time & then grabbed Anil’s head like a pillow & hugged, she pressed his head 2 time a little & got adjusted. After she got motionless he felt her cleavage got a bigger. Then slowly he felt that she opened 2 or 3 hooks of her blouse & her hard nipple poking on his lips.

Then after some time Anil got a bit sensation from the soft boob & the hard nipple. The firmness of Sreeja's breasts made him wild again. He gained a bit courage & parted his lips a bit. The nipple touched & pressed his teeth. Anil opened his teeth & the nipple ran in his mouth quickly. He remained like that for some time & then he touched the nipple with the tip of his tongue. It felt some taste which is indescribable by any human language. he got a bit desperate & he sucked the nipple again.

Sreeja moved a little with a light moan & she moved her hands around my head & pressed my face against her boobs. With Sreeja's pressing the whole aerosol got in to my mouth & gave it another during that
movement, she continued her moan & this time she hugged me more tightly. She is now trying to press her face on my hade & felt her breathing got faster & I could feel her hot breath on my head. Anil got the message that she is getting hot by his sucking. He stopped sucking for a moment & she got cool again.
After she got cool he again started to suck the nipple softly but with a faster pace. After some moment her legs started to move & this time she raised her left leg on his right thigh. She started to move her leg up & down slowly &
by this her Sari got a bit lift up & her soft & silky thigh was touching my thigh. Anil hardened stiff dick was touching her right leg. Anil kept on sucking & Sreeja Sreeja started to move & hug Anil’s head again. Her moans got more lengthy but soft. She was now dragging him on her & she was trying to change her position by lying on her back. She couldn't took me on her fully but she took my head & half of my body. I kept on sucking her nipple & then after some time he changed
on to the other nipple. Now slowly Anil’s sucking got a bit wilder & now he grabbed her left breast with my right hand & was sucking her right breast's nipple.
Then after some time he moved my right hand from her boob & was moving it on her belly & was teasing her deep navel. Anil inserted my finger into the navel & was scratching her belly a little. She moaning a bit older now & suddenly Sreeja heard
'ohh Madam, I love you'.

He rolled her & opened the rest of the hooks & took off her blouse. Then he started licking her navel & next he pulled the Sari to take it off from her. He undid the sari & the untied the petticoat's string.

Anil made his sweet Sreeja Madam totally naked by pulling down her underwear (panty). Then he started to love her by touching her with his right hand moving it around every inch of her lovely body. Then Anil started to kiss her like mad & wild.

She was raising her crotch & closing her legs to get a little molested feeling on her clit. Then he started to lick her & suck her body…….. 1st he licked her neck, her ears, her shoulder, her cleavage, her breasts, her nipples, her upper belly, then slowly dragging my tongue in a right & left way to her navel, he sucked her navel madly as if pumping her navel hole like a vagina, then he went down by licking & sucking her side thighs & then her toes, toe fingers, then again moving up from her inner part of the thighs by the same way by licking & sucking, then Anil stopped just at the start of her pubic hairs. I moved his lips all over the little trimmed hairy portioned area sniffing her female aroma of her sweet vagina. Anil gave a light kiss over her pussy. Sreeja moaned like aaaaahhhhhhhhh avi mmmmmm…………. he then gave another kiss to her pussy but with a little more pressure this time. Suddenly she got mad & grabbed his head by my hair with her right hand & pushed my face in to her pussy. He felt the lubricating love juice which was the cause of her wet pussy lips. He licked her pussy from down to up with the tip of his tongue.

She raised her hip with his licking. Then he gave it a quick suck, & started to suck her pussy with a loud moan & humming sound which created a vibrating effect & she just sounded ooooooohhhhhhh aaaaviiiiiiii uuuuuuuhhhhh aaarrrrrrr niceeeeeeee (oh Anil you are nice), dhooooooo it dearrrrrr (do it dear). She started to rise her hip so powerfully like she was giving thrust in the air.He asked her switch on the bed side table lamp which creates a little light but enough for a nice love making atmosphere. She did it & lift up the blanket & saw Sreeja's face, she had closed her eyes half & was making the moans. She was looking damn hot & sexy. He sucked her by inserting his tongue for some time & she calmed by pressing my head fully. She stopped moving by laying motionless for some time. Anil stood there lying his head on her thighs touching his lips on her cunt. She held his head lovingly & moved it out of the blanket. She gave a deep look in to eyes & told, 'u really 've grown up into a nice & hot guy. U really made me mad with
ur love my dear. Now it's my turn to return u the favor.' She laid him on his back & started to kiss Anilpassionately. Sreeja and Anil played with each others tongue & saliva for some time

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She gave a rub on his dick & his balls with her lips & face. It felt like then she took out her tongue & gave it a passionate wild lick from bottom to tip of the dick. Then she took the dick in her mouth wildly & she gave a blasting hot & sexy look at his eyes. Anil got more aroused by that look & raised his hand & grabbed her by her hair & pushed her more towards his dick. She then began to suck his dick in a back & fro movement. He moved his hip in pleasure. She continued sucking his dick passionately. He couldn't control himself to get into her love-hole, so he pulled her up by holding her hair. She came on himwith a little scream & moan. He made her lay on her back & came on top of her quick & wild way. Without a word she grabbed my cock by her right hand & guided it to her pussy. He was mad at that time with the passion of sex. He made a thrust & it went inside fully as the pussy was dripping with her love juice. She made a loud scream & hugged me with both her hands tightly. He stopped for a moment. Then he started to pump her in a soft & slow manner. He continued for some time with that pace & she was also started to enjoy the thrusts of mine. Then she started to move her hands towards his ass & she stopped her hands by grabbing his ass. As he was thrusting her pussy she was moving her hands with his ass with a more passion & grab. He understood & increased his pace. Anil was kissing her with passion, licking her necks, earlobes, her nipples & he was sniffing her armpit aroma & it really made him more wild & she could feel that he was fucking her like an animal. She was screaming & moaning loud & was saying like "oooooooohhhhh aviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeessssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssaaaa uhhhhhhh." He was thrusting her with a great speed & then she removed her hands & grabbed his back quick & hard. Suddenly she made a long scream & pinched her 10 fingers along with the nails on his back & dragged them from his upper back towards down. She was 'being her orgasm. She screamed long loudly & had her orgasm. She laid there motionless for some second & asked me to move away from her. Sreeja pushed him on his back & laid him on bed. She spread her leg on top of him like a XXX movie actress & sat on him. She grabbed his dick & adjusted it to her pussy & sat on it by taking his cock in her pussy. She began to rock him like anything. Her way of fucking was dragging him more towards his orgasm. She made her moan loud & she was doing it for like 12 to 15 minutes. She told Anil that she was cumming again, even Anil couldn't hold his cum any longer.She fell on him and rolled on top of him & laid motionless, both of them were drenched with sweat Sreeja gave Anil a passionate long kiss & they hugged each other tight & with passion. They made love again 2 times on that night with some adventurous different poses.
Next Morning Sreeja got up before Anil. She dressed in a blue saree after having a bath. Asshe combed her hair, Anil woke up and took her in his arms.
Anil – Madam I love you.
Sreeja- Anil, I love you too. Now you are everything to me.
Anil – Yes madam, you are a complete woman of my life.
And both tightly embraced each other.

_____ ___________ ________________________ ____________ _

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one of the best stories in net...repped u

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ur narration of the story is simple &

makes a lovely read,

added to it ....

ur description of sarees is quite interesting!!!!!

pl keep posting .....

may "U" live In Interesting times

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