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Old 18th September 2005
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Best Dish I Served For My Son!

I am Rina Arora from Mumbai- India. I am 42 years old. Married for past 19 years. I am housewife. I have 2 childrens both are Boys. Elder one is 17 in age and younger one 13. My husband is a very loving person. He works as business executive in Middle East. He comes on leave for a month in a year. When he is here we enjoy a lot. He is very interesting as far as sex is concern. He satisfy me and keep on trying and experimenting new things making it much more interesting. I love when he is near to me and I really starve for sex when he is away.
Moreover people glaring at my body arouse me a lot. When I go to market I see people staring at me on my boobs or my waist. I can't restrict people adouring at me. I am fair, 5'6" having long black hairs and eyes. I am very plumpy having figure as 41-38-42. I look little lolly polly. I wear saree (a tradional indian dress woman wear ) when in market and wear nighty at home. I don't wear bra and panty which I stoped wearing after birth of my second child. It gives me feeling of freeness. I like sex very much
It was a very different day I ever experienced in my life. It was a day when I served my son one of the best dish he ever had in his life. early in morning he took his bath dressed up and had his breakfast & left for college. As soon as he left I cleaned his bedroom. After cleaning work I left for market. There in market I purchased vegetables he like the most & decided to cook nice menu for him. It was very hot in market as it was summer season. Reaching home I changed from saree to nighty with nothing inside. I finished all my cooking & housework. It was almost 2 o'clock in afternoon time for my son to get back from college.
Suddenly my door rang. I could guess this my son Rajesh. The moment I opened the door I saw him standing very enthusiastic and energetic with a glimps of naughty smile on his face. He came inside drop his bag in sofa. He was very hungry and wanted me to serve his lunch. I asked him to get fresh meanwhile I serve him his favorite pizza and pulav.
But to my surprise something strange came across me. My son pick me up in his arms and put me up on the dining table. I was surprised and was unaware of things going in his mind. I was shocked and was curious and hence inquired as to what he is upto. He replied mom today I want to eat what I havn't eaten yet. I didn't understand his intentions and wanted more clarification from him. Answer was something I haven't thought of. He wanted to have sex with me. He was very much determined to fuck me that day. I wanted to retaliate but all my effort went in vain. I was really helpless for against my son's aggression. I understood his feeling and his requirement. I wanted to fulfill all his dreams and was ready to accept what all comes in from of me. Ultimately I also wanted to have sex which I was starving for month's. And it all started. He made me sit on the edge of dining table with legs hanging in air. He then made me lie on my back on the table. Rajesh arranged the chair and sat between my legs. He moved my night above my knees moving it above my waist. Slowly slowly he removed my nighty completely making me complete naked.
Though I was knowing that it's wrong, I started supporting and co-operating my son as I too wanted it desperately. I was getting excited by the idea and feeling of getting eaten up by my son. I was totally and completely naked. We both were shocked and there was pin drop silence which eventually broke.. Rajesh asked my mom why you don't shave. I got so excited by this question I replied eagerly that you father like hair's over there. He placed his head between my legs. He with help of finger stretched my cunt wall and started lickling and tickling it with his tongue.
A undercurrent went through my body as tongue was traveling over and in my vagina. His soft gently touch of his tongue was arousing me and making me hot. No one had touch me over there with his tongue throughout my life. My son was the first to inuagrate it. He started licking my pussy. In reaction my pussy started giving out greasy solution. He aroused me such that it was impossible for me to control. I was out of control and was giving out sound of mourning like ooohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhh. It was a real nice feeling to have my son fucking me over there. He was kissing, licking, sucking over ther pklace from where he came in this world. He than moved his head from my cunt & came up on my boobs. He started squeezing & messaging my boobs. He than gently took my nipple in his mouth & started sucking vigrously which he use to do early when I used to breast feed him. I was completely wet between my legs as he was sucking and licking my nipple.
I then got down from the table & stood in front of my son making him stand. I took a step forward for this incest relation. I unbuttton his shirt removing it completely, then his banyan. I moved my soft finger on his nipples & tease them with his tongue. I sucked both his nipple in standing position. He was mourning like anything with soft gentle erotic sound like ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooocccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhh. I drop down on my Knees. I placed both my hands on the top edge oh his pant and gently unzipped his pant. His pant drop down on to the floor.
Then I strated working on his underwear. Moment underwear went below the level of my penis. His penis popped out as if the prisoner is freed from jail and pointed towards me hard erect like a missile targetting me as his destination. I gently moved my hand on his penis which was rock hard. I teased his penis by tickling & giving soft touch of my tongue . I played with the tip of his penis lcking and caring with the tip of my tongue. His penis started vibrating in air. Then I encloused his penis in my mouth and started sucking it like lollypop. He was mourning like anything. I sucked the fleshy balls below his penis & was sucking it. I was trying to take his penis more & more in my mouth. It was hard to beleive that my son's penis is much more bigger that his father. I sucked it vigrously. My son went out of control and he ejacuated his JISM all in my mouth. He floaded my mouth with his cumm. I was managing to get all off his cumm in my mouth without wasting a drop. His penis suddenly lost erection and went pale.. He was very much satisfied for this service I gave him. He than hold me in my arms and made ma lie on table once again with my back facing the top of floor.
He than moved over me and was kissing me on my back and my neck from behind. He started messaging my buns. He worked on my asshole. He fingured it very nicely. he even licked my asshole curiously. I was mourning very loudly. He kissed me all on my back, legs, toes & everthing. He made me turn around. He kissed me on my forehead, face, lips. I was totally out of control. He moved down on my cunt & was sucking my pussy once again. He burried his face betweenmy legs & was busy kissing, licking & sucking. I helped myself by pushing my waist
more towards my mouth in 69 position on table. His penis once again started gaining erection & was getting ready for action. We were busy sucking each other and frogot the whole world. This was the time which went unbareable for me I could not control myself and insisted my son to insert his penis in my vagina. I helped him stretching my pussy wall for him to get and idea about insertion. I amange to open the gate for my son showing him the path. He was new to all this and hence required my help. He moved his penis slowly in my vagina & within no time it went completely filling me. His penis was completely burried in my cunt. He than started pumping his red hot rod in and out of my vagina as the was cycle pump move in and out to fill air in cycle tube. It was a real exciting moment for m. a nice fuck of my life. he was pumping me like anything with his penis moving in and out. I was toatally aroused and was in position to ejacuate anytime. We bith finally ejacuated. He loaded me with his JISM. My vagina was completely filled with his white creamy cumm which I tasted earlier. He eajacuated so much that my extra large vagina was falling short to accumodate all his cumm. Some of it spilled out of my vagina towards my ass. we both was so tired that I lied motionless with my son over me. After an hour we got up and cleaned ourself & had our lunch. It was the best lunch me and my son ever had in our life on this dyning table.
Hope you too like the dish.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Old 18th September 2005
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Thanks Singch. Sure I will visit your thread.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Old 18th September 2005
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best friends mom

It was my best friends 18th birthday and I was over for dinner. It was the end of July so I was home from college and we had been hanging out a lot. I had known him since I was twelve and we had been best friends since we were 13. His birthday was less than a month after mine, so I had just turned 18 and I was still a virgin.

His dad was out of town working on some construction project so it was just my friend, his three brothers, his three sisters, his mom and I. Around seven o'clock, she made a delicious dinner of tri-tip and then had cake. I was going to spend the night and then the next day we were going to go see a Giants game. After dinner and cake and a while of talking, she went up to put the kids to bed. As she walked up the stairs, I noticed for what had to be the millionth time, since I had first seen her, the way her tight rear shook as she went up the stairs.

After she left, I leaned over on the couch to my friend and whispered, "Damn, your mom is hot." He swung at me playfully and I leaned against the side of the couch and kicked my feet up as we switched the TV to ESPN. Now it was around nine-thirty and I said I was going to go up and change into more comfortable clothes. He threw a pillow at me and said something about not doing his mom and we both laughed.

Once I got upstairs, I had to pass his mom's room to get to his room where I had my stuff. I looked in and saw her lying on her bed and rubbing herself and moaning. She had to be forty or so, but god she was hot. I stepped back and peaked around the corner to watch. She was coming and moaning. I felt my cock getting rock solid and as I passed, she saw me adjust myself. She blushed, knowing I had seen her, then told me to come in. I did, feeling a little uncomfortable, but hey, I had been fantasizing about her for years.

She had pulled some covers over her nude lower half and said, "I'm sorry, I thought you would be downstairs with Adam. But since you're here, can I ask you something? Did that make you horny, seeing me masturbating?" I nodded, "Yeah, can I be totally honest with you?" She nodded. "I have been fantasizing about you for years and seeing that was like a dream come true." She laughed, "I thought so, I saw you looking at my ass, but that's fine. I have dreamed about you before too, would you mind coming here?" I did and sat down beside her.

My hand ran under the covers to her thigh, and when I looked at her face, she nodded so I slid it further. It touched her already drenched pussy and she whimpered. I pulled my hand away and walked over to shut the door. Then I came back and pulled the covers off of her. I grabbed the bottom of her skin-tight shirt and slowly pulled it up as I massaged her clit. Once her shirt was off, she reached over and pulled mine off. Then she pushed me onto my back and slowly unzipped my shorts. Once they were off, she pulled down my boxer shorts and gasped as she saw my eight-inch cock standing erect.
She reached over and held it, then whispered, "Fuck me, fuck me hard." I pushed her onto her back and she spread her legs. As I slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy, she stiffened and I let out a low moan. I started pumping harder and harder. I cupped her breasts in my hands and rubbed and sucked and kissed and thrust, it all blurred together. After we had been screwing for close to five minutes, my friend walked by and saw us. He closed his eyes and yelled, "Oh my God! My friend is fucking my god damn mom! I smiled and so did she, he just walked by. I knew I was going to cum soon, and she whispered, "Cum in my mouth, I want to taste your hot cum." I pounded her cunt as hard as I could for a few more second and then slid my dick into her ruby-red lips.
She started to suck and I rubbed her clit and her tits and then I came. I had masturbated before but this was so much better. Waves of pleasure surged through my body and she arched her back and moaned, white cum dripping all over her face.
Afterwards, we lay in bed and just snuggled, I kissed her passionately and we lay there making out for a good fifteen minutes. Then my friend came in again and pulled me away, "Break it up, come on." We walked downstairs and once we were in front of the TV, he whispered, "So, how was it?" I chuckled and said, "Why don't you go find out yourself.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Old 18th September 2005
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main hun vanitha malik age 36 yrs. . main Bombay main rehtee
hun . aur mere bete kaa naam abhay malik hain uski age 16
yrs. . ki hain aur who 12th standard main padh rahaa hain . mere
pati merchant navy main hain.

meri height around 5'7" ki hain aur mere tit(mamme) ka size hain
34" meri kamar ki naap hain 31" aur , meri gaand ka size hain
36". mera rang thoda tanish hain . (I mean some what dark ).
mere bete ki height 5'11" hain. uske lund ka size 8 ˝"hain. uske
body pe baal hain . . aur haan meri choot pe bahut ghane baal
hain aur amprits main bhi bahut baal hain (I hope u boys like it )

maine yeh real story aap logon ke saath isliye share karne waali
hun ke aap apni maaon ko dekh kar kabhi daro mat ke wo
nahin karne degi apne saath . . but agar aap use convince kar
sako as my son did u 'll be the most happiest of the whole sons.
aaj jab main toilet main pishaab (piss) karne gaaee to susu
nikalte time maine apni chut rub ki. . . aur ek time pe to use nikalne
se hi block kar diya tha. mujhe bahut mazaa ayaa jab maine apni
ungliyaan nikali apni chut main se to kya force se pishaab nikla.
mazaa agayaa tha. thoda saa haath main maine le kar ke
pishaab apna taste bhi kiya tha.

this whole thing made me write this experience of the wet kinky
sex relationship I share with my son. ( boys I hope u like the kinky
side of me . . this all the true things I do at my place )

first sex with my son happened 2 yrs. . back when he was 14
yrs. . old and I was 34 yrs. . old . this weird sex inclination I did not
have till that time. the things go like this way.

mere bete kaa haath fracture tha. tub mujhe use nah'lana padhta
tha. as he could not do it by him self . main use kaafi dino se
nahala rahi thi. ek din (yeah I remember the date it was 17th
jan. . 1998. . us din maid apna kaam khatam karke gaee thi tub
maine. abhay (my son) ko kahaa ke who nahaale jaldi , so he
agreed. wo apna t-shirt aur shorts le kar bathroom main
agaayaa tha aur maine uske liye kunkuna paani tay -yaar kar
diya tha . maine us din dark blue chiffon saree pehnee hui thi
kachhi aur choli (panty and bra ) nahin pehnee hui thi . . (as I was
at home I don't wear undergarments ). . maine abhay ko kahaa ke
tum apne kapde utaar de jaldi se aur niche baith jaaye aur
maine uske plastered haath pe plastic baandh diya tha. wah
nanga hoke baith gayaa niche zameen pe. main uske side main
aake ghutno ke bal baith gaee thi. uspe maine paani daalaa aur
apne haathon se saabun malne lagee us pe sar se le kar pait
tak maine use malaa aur jab main uske lund ke pass waali jagah
par aayee, he felt a littlel uncomfortable. . tab maine uske tango
aur uske ghutno par saabun lagaa diya aur main usse kahaa ki
who apni taange khole ki main side main saabun lagaa sakun.
he open it. maine us par saabun lagaayaa aur phir maine uskke
pubic hair aur uske balls pe aur uske lund pe saabun lagaayaa
(believe me I had no foul intentions)uska lund ek dum khada ho
gayaa. tab maine uske lund pe saabun lagaa yaa . . . main yeh
dekh kar I was stunned and there was some strange senstaion
of lust growing in me . . . abhay ne phir mera haath pakad liya tha
aur jab ki meraa haath uske lund ko hi pakdaa hua tha.

phir achaanak kya hua ki usne mere neck par halke se kiss kiya
tha. main ek dum tharak gaee thi (I was very turned on. . ) hum
dono ki eyes ek dusre ko pin drop silence main dekh rahi thi.
maine uske lund pe phir apni grip tight kar di. main ek dum tharki
hui aurat ho gaee thi . . phir I took the next step. maine uske lips
par apne lips rakh diya the aur usko pah'le aahistaa se phir ek
dum sexually arousing kisses diya tha . . . uske lund pe in the
mean time main apna haath rub karne lagi thi. phir usne mere
kaan main kaha ki mummy I love u. maine bhi respond kiya by
telling I loved him very much. main phir khadi hui aur maine
kahaa ki who meri saree nikale usne saree nikali aur mera
blouse almost jaldi jaldi maine phaad diya tha. beech main usne
mere pure badan par kiss kiya tha. mere mamme dabaaye aur
meri gaand bhi daabaaee. usne phir mera petticoat nikal diya
aur hum dono maan bete ek dum nange ho gaye aur ise dekh
kar who mere nange jism se lipat gayaa tha. phir maine use
nehlaa kar saabun poore jism se nikal diya. maine use khade
hone ke liye kaha aur uske muh main zor se sexually tharkaa
dene waalaa kiss diya aur phir niche baith kar uska lund apne
haath main liya aur uske lund pe kiss kiya (on the purple tip)phir
dheere dheere andar main uska lund pura achi taraha se le liya.
aur usne 5 min main hi mere muh main muth maar di. maine
saari muth uski khaalee sach main beilev me bahut maja ayaa
tha uska cum khakar ke mmmmmm.

phir maine usko palta ke gaand chaati uske hole main apni
tongue daal ke lick kiya maine. uski gaand ke hole main ungli bhi
daali maine. he was amazed at this. apne ungli se uski gaand
mali maine. ( believe me boys yeh likh'te samay main ek dum
tharki ho gaee hun writing this. main apni chut main ungliyaan
kar rahi hun.

usne uske baad mere mamme , chut aur gaand chaata. mera rus
uske muh main hi nikal gayaa. I felt so nice doing this.

uske baad usne mujhe bahut achi tarha se choda tha sub
positions main( e. g. doggy style , main uske upar baith ke ,
bistar par taange phElaa karke. maine pataa kya kiya? maine
uske baals par ek chota sa cap baandh diya jis'se ki who jaldi
apni muth naa maarde. I wanted him to continue for this long.
usne mujhe at least 45 mins se zayaada choda tha. so this was
the best sex I ever had and starting of a good relationship.

next day main toilet main thi, tabhee abhay ne knock kiya door
pe. I asked him what was it. usne kaha ki use zor se pishaab a
raahaa hain aur bahut zor se muutne kaa hain. maine tub
darwaaza khola toilet kaa aur maine use bola ki use 5---10
mins. . wait karna padega. I will finish till then, he said use bahut
zor se lagi thi . . tub usne mere se pucha ki kiya wo bathroom
main pishaab kar saktaa hain kya. I shouted at him because that
will spoil the bathroom. he could not wait any longer otherwise
he will die . maine use mazaak main aise hi kahaa ki wo idhar hi
pishaab kar de believe me I just said this jokingly aur usne
wahan par hi chadi ke undar se lund nikala aur potty par apni
pishaab ki dhaar maarne lagaa. some of it touched me and
quickly I asked him to piss on me. main us time kuch kapde
nahin pehnee hue the and main bilkul nangi thi. pehle usne apni
dhaar mere chut par maaree aur phir mere pait pe aur phir mere
mamme par phir mere muh par. maine ek dum se apna muh
kholdiya aur bahut saara uska pishaab mere muhn main aayaa
tha. this thing happened in very few seconds I wish it could last
longer. then he asked me that did I like it to maine kaha ki mujhe
bahut mazaa ayaa tha aur maine bahut enjoy kiya tha. hum dono
ek dum gandaa aur dirty kinky sex karne main believe karte hain
aur use karte bhi hain.

hum dono maan bete bi-people hain yaani ke main lesbian sex
bhi enjoy karti hun aur mera beta gay sex bhi enjoy karta hain.
hum log bombay main bandra main ek achi colony main rehte
hain. . aur hamare jaise aur bhi aurte hain aur ladke bhi. . at least
hamara 19 logon ka group hain mostly hamare building ke hi log
hain aur ek do bahar ke hain.

mujhe young ladke around 15----19 yrs bahut pasand hain. agar
koi intrested ladke hain (plzz. . email me if u r around 15---19 yrs
old for a kinky sex with us. u can contact me through my email.
main apni aur stories bhejungi depending on the response I get
from u people and plzzz believe me this is a true incident about
me and my son abhay. plzzz write to me boys.

plzz main aur meri friends aap lgon ki bahut achi tarhaa se
service karengi and plzz we don't charge any thing. plzz sex is
our passion. so plzz koi milna chahtaa hain who apna contact
number aur apne baare main kuch mujhe email karke likh de.
tel. . number would be preferable. I will respond to u boys in a
very positive way.

take and have a nice night
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Old 18th September 2005
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Chacha fucked my mother

my name is arun. I would like to tell you a story. actually it happened with my own mother. So first let me tell you about my mother first. She is around 38 years old. very fair lady. With 5’ 3’’ height she is bit fattier her boobs are quit big. She wears a 34 size bra. Her buttocks are dam good even I have heard on road boys commenting on it. My father most of the time remain on tour.
As I got 17 years old my sexual feeling started growing. And the only woman I was in tuch was my mother. Whenever I go to take bath I took her clothes out of laundry basket.
She always wear beautiful undergarments. Most of the time she wear black bra and panty. I took them In hand and smell them. It excites me. But I never ever thought of having sex with my own mother.
But one day it happened some teacher of our school died so after two classes holiday was declared. When I rushed home I knew that at this time mom must be sleeping so I opened the door with my key and entered inside her bed room was at upstairs, suddenly I felt like there is some noise coming from her room I slowly moved and found that door was partially opened. I peeped inside and was totally shoked to see what was happening in side. My CHACHA and my mother was on bed chacha was wearing only a short and he was lying on my mother. Both were laughing. My mother was in red saree and blowse. chacha kissed her lips and slowly his hand moved and he removed her pallu. He squeezed her boobs over the blouse. She moned “oh my god kitne dino ke bad aaye ho”.
Chacha said “sorry darling sala aj kal time hi nahi milta warna tumhari jaisi chij to koi chodta hai kya ”. then he pushed the blouse up without opening the hooks. My god I saw boobs of my own mother he was chushing them like mad and my mother she was enjoying it like hell. Then he moved his head slowly below kissed all over her stomac.and then he snatched her saree till bottom at the same time my mother undid her blowse. Her black bra was still on. Now chacha lift her and in sitting position he opened her hook from back. Then he started kissing and suking her lips while squeezing her boobs. Then he left her and opened the nara (string ) of her red petticoat. And slowly removed it.
My mother was lying nude in front of me. And a man was lying over her kissing sucking her boobs. I was having hard on my penis was erect like never befor. Suddenly my mother said please do it fast as arun can come back at any time she spraded her lags and chacha removed his short his penis was erect but it was quit big. He putted his hand under her hips and in a short inserted his penis inside her pussy. My mother almost screemed ”oh god maar daloge kya” but he didn’t listen at all he started giving shots like bull it was clear that my mother was paining but at the same time she was enjoying it too. It was almost 3-4 mins and he was constantly giving jurks. Both of them were sweating havily I thought its time I shuld leave. I came down stairs and get out of home.
I spent some time wondering on road I was totally shoked with what I have just seen. After half hour I return back home mother opened the door she was wearing same saree. And chacha was also sitting on sofa taking tea. He gave me a smile and asked how you came back early from school and told me that he has just came to see if my father is there, then he finished his tea and said ok chalta hun.
Both of them pretended like nothing happened. But I know everything. Now I also know what type of a woman my mother is.
But I dident talked to her at all about this.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Old 18th September 2005
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Conveying mom for sex

That all happened when I was in 10th class. Anyway let me introduce myself. I am Rajesh from southern part of India. And my mom is a beautiful lady and she was 36 when that incident happened. Let us come to the story directly because I don’t like to waste time of yours and mine too.
That was summer and its very hot. My dad and bro went to native place as one of my relative died. It was a holiday time. I used to play cricket and come home with tired. Mom used to tell me to take bath and come for lunch. After lunch I used to sleep for sometime, as I have to go for playing cricket at evening. That was my day schedule during summer. So one day when I came home after playing cricket, I knocked the door, but there was no response. And the door was opened. I went inside and called mom. She told me that she is taking bath. I went to her room for getting a magazine. The door was open and I went inside, I took the magazine and while coming out I heard mom is singing a song from bathroom. I got aroused and saw from the keyhole of the door. I can see one of mom boobs. Immediately I felt bad about what I am doing, so I went out of the room. But I can’t control myself so I went to my room and jerk off. That day I was little embarrassed and also lost my mind. From that day I used to see mom in different way. And also I rarely go out of the house for playing. I used to spare all my time with mom and help her.
This was the 5th day after I saw mom through keyhole.
That day afternoon we ate lunch and after that we started watching TV. But my concentration is all on my mom boobs. I sat left to her. I told her that lunch was really good. She hugs me and gave a kiss. I too did the same. I can feel her tits to my chest. My hard one got aroused, as that was first lady hug. But I covered myself. After watching TV, we went to sleep for an hour, as we have to go for a shopping that evening. Mom and I slept in the same bed that afternoon. I didn’t get sleep. I saw mom from top to bottom. She is wearing a little blue sari with sleeve less blouse. I can even see her stomach and a belly too. I got aroused, and unable to control myself. She is so slim and so sexy. She is 5’7 height with huge boobs and round ass. She is like a goddess on earth. I just saw her and almost covered every part of her body with my naked eyes. Now I kept hand on her stomach. There was no reaction as she was in sleep. Slowly I moved myself to her body and gave a hug to her. She slowly moved back, but went to sleep again. And my legs are on her thighs and hands on her stomach. And my dick is pointing towards her cunt. I slowly gave a massage to her stomach and try to go deep inside her sari. Now my hand is touching her boobs. I started pressing it. She suddenly wakes up and pushed me out of the bed. I felt shy and also ashamed. She scolded and told me to go to my room. I went all the way to my room. But that evening I didn’t even come out of my room as I felt bad. Mom came to room with a milk glass and told me to come to shopping with her. I didn’t give reply to her. She told me to get ready. I agreed for that and went to bathroom, took shower and I am ready to go for shopping. I saw that mom is very angry with me. I told her sorry for what I did afternoon. She then became cool and started talking fine. But in my mind I always think about how to make convince mom for sex. We came home after shopping and I told mom that I feel very hungry. She told me to help in kitchen so that she can finish her cooking soon. I went to kitchen and started helping her. She felt happy and almost forget the afternoon incident. At last we finished cooking and ate our dinner. Mom thanked me for helping her in kitchen.
And the time was almost 11pm. Mom told me to keep any film to watch. I obeyed her and kept an English movie. We started watching movie; mom started asking me the questions. And I reply to them. In between she asked me a question that I got any g. F. I told no I don’t even talk to girls. She gave a naughty smile. Our topic went deeper. Now I start asking about sex. Mom hesitated for sometime and told me to continue the topic. I was nervous. I asked mom their marriage was love or arranged. She told me of course it is love. So I told them that they might have enjoyed well in sex. She gave a naughty smile and said yes. I was in a mood of having mom as a wife that night. So slowly I changed to the topic that I never saw a woman naked. She told me that I still have an age of all that stuff. I gave a smile and told her that I really want to see a gal with naked. She got confused and told “y this shit topic in front of us”. I told her that this is an important topic to me. She got angry and told me to go and sleep. But I pleased her that I really want to see her naked. She got shocked and her face became red. But I didn’t leave that topic and still continued. Finally with my force she told me that she could only show herself naked but not more than that. My face got brightness and immediately accepted for that. I told her I want to remove her sari so that it can make more entertainment. She hesitated but accepted. We went to her room and she is standing while I was sitting on bed. She moved towards me, I kept a hand on her stomach and slowly removed her sari from her navel. I removed her sari and throw it on floor. Now she is with her sleeve less blouse and petticoat. She looks very sexy. She gave a smile and told me to continue the rest. I obeyed her and kept hand on her blouse. I slowly kept my finger inside her blouse and removed the top hook. I can see the gap in-between her 2 huge boobs. I can’t control my dick. She saw the dick and gave a smile. I felt shy and try to cover it. But I cant. Mom never wears bra, as her melons are not loose. I slowly removed other hooks and opened the blouse. My god I just shocked after seeing those huge and very strong tits. It is almost 36dd size. The boobs are very tight and strong. Nipples are thick and big. I remembered the days when I used to drink milk from those huge tits. I told her about that. She told I was so naughty those days. I asked her should I touch those. She told OK.
I can’t control so I first touched those nipples. She gave a moan mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can see that she is also enjoying the situation. I kept my mouth on those nipples and started sucking. She told don’t do that to her. But I didn’t obey her and continued my work. She started moaning ahhahhahhhahahhahah. “Stop Rajesh. Please don’t do this to your mom”. But I dint listen to her. I pushed her to bed while my hands are moving down inside petticoat. She is holding my hands and tries to push me out, but I made her fall on bed and pull the petticoat and made it fall on floor. Now she was totally naked on bed. I’m sucking her tits while my hands are fingering her cunt. She feels happy, but she pushes me as I’m her son. In fact this is called as RAPE. I removed my shorts too. She is crying and screaming, but I didn’t listen to her. She lost her strength and came to my control at last. She started reacting to me. She hugs me to her body. My chest is on her tits and my body is on her. She is pulling myself to her and we started kissing each other. Now my dick is very hard and I was trying to put that in her cunt. She slowly showed me the way. I felt happy because my desire is coming true. I kept my dick inside her and she took it all over inside. I was sucking her tits until it became red and pushing my cock in and out while she starting moaning mmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaa, fuck me, fuck Your mom, plz do it for god sake. I gave a look into her face while she is moaning. She too very desperate for this as it is long time having sex. I cum all over in her cunt and she felt happy for this. She told me “ I was a complete man “. I laughed and told so tired. We both slept naked.
Next day morning when I wake up I saw mom is completely naked on bed. I again can’t control and this time I asked mom that I would tongue her cunt. She accepted for that and I started eating her pussy. She gave a long moan from which I got more taste from her cunt. I didn’t breath until she cum on my mouth. I tasted it and gave a kiss to her. She told me that she never tasted cock, as my dad doesn’t like it. So she wants my cock in her mouth. I accepted it. She kept deep inside her until I cum in her mouth. She told this is a new experience with son. I then told mom “ I like to continue this without knowing others”. She accepted for that and a whole week we continued to play this game. I bought xxx CD’s and tried almost all angles.
After a week my dad and bro came home. After completion of summer my brother went to a hostel for higher studies. Whenever mom and I get time we used to have sex. 2 years later my dad got transfer to Delhi (place is not correct as I have to keep it secret). So he went there and used to come only twice monthly. Until then I used to take care of mom as wife of mine. This is the real story of my sweet mom and mine. Now I’m 18 and still I continue the same with her. I wear condoms because I don’t want my mom to get in trouble.
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Discovering mother


This is a true story which happened a few years back. It is a story about how a good, decent South Indian boy and his chaste mother got corrupted by circumstances. It is a story of the greatest sin that can be committed, so those with a weak heart I would advise you not to read this.

I was a young boy with all the normal urges and was attracted to girls and the like, but I never did anything remotely sexual apart from masturbation. At the time, my father was in Germany for a short period and my elder sister was away at a college camp. I had just come back from my school. Due to a power failure at school, we were asked to go home early. I had a key to the house and entered abruptly inside. I heard no sound so I just went into my room. I changed into my home clothes and was thinking of visiting the toilet for having a wash. I barged into my mother's room (the toilet is in my mother's room) and was thoroughly shocked and embarrassed by what I saw.

My mother was totally naked, though I could see her only from behind, with her long hair falling over her back. She had just come out from a bath and her body was still glistening from the drops of water on her body. She immediately realised that someone was in the room and screamed. She turned slightly and saw that it was me. At the same moment she realised that more of her body was being exposed. She muttered something and rushed into the toilet in embarrassment. I was shell shocked at what had just happened. Obviously my mother was casually dressing up thinking that no one was in the house. But the whole incident shook me up. I remember that when I came out of the room, I was trembling and sweating.

The rest of the day was extremely awkward. My mother refused to make any eye contact with me and I was feeling too odd to look at her anyway. That night, when I went to sleep, I just couldn’t sleep. No matter what I did I couldn’t get the sight of my naked mother out of my mind. All I could think of was her naked back and huge buttocks, with her tresses falling over them, and the slight glance I got of her breasts. I realised that I was having a huge erection thinking of this and I was disturbed and confused. I tried to get my mind off her by thinking of some of my favorite babes, I even masturbated twice thinking of them to relieve the tension that was building up within me. But at the end of it, again my mind went back right there. With great difficulty I fell asleep.

The next day I woke up late and my mom came to wake me up. She was dressed in a nighty and as she bent over to wake me up, I suddenly woke up and I saw again her cleavage thru the neck of the nighty. Now this was a sight that I might have innocently seen hundreds of times before but suddenly this took on a totally different meaning now. As I stared at her I immediately got an erection and my mom became aware what was happening and she briskly walked off. As she walked away, I realised I was staring at her backside and suddenly all the things that seemed normal, no, insignificant earlier, became reasons for me to get more and more lusty. I felt a new lusty feeling in my loins which was making me very guilty and I somehow brushed it aside.

I quickly had a bath and left for school. I admire my mother though! She behaved as though nothing had happened. In the afternoon when I came back, she just served me lunch and was talking cheerfully with me. But every word that she spoke, every movement that she made was maddening me with lust and I then decided that something must be done about it just to get this out of my system. My mother had gone to sleep in her room and I knocked on the door. My mother opened it, looking very sleepy indeed. Again her hair was loose. She was looking like an angel. Now my mother was 38 years old, but she still looked pretty, though she was a little on the fat side. I was staring at her face, when I heard her say, "What is it Anand?" I said Mom, I need to speak to you about yesterday. She immediately blushed and as the colour rushed to her face, blood rushed to my loins! I told her that I was unable to forget what happened yesterday and that I cannot get it out of my system. She asked me to sit down and told me, "it is unfortunate that this happened, but that since I am your mother, it is ok and that we can try to forget it with time. Just try to knock before you come in next time". I said I was sorry about the whole thing and genuinely asked if I could sleep with her in the afternoon for a small nap. She smiled and said ok.

Discovering Mother


I was convinced by what my mother said and genuinely decided to forget about the whole thing. I just lay down on the bed and tried to sleep. But that was not to be! My mom soon fell asleep. As I watched her, I saw that her chest was going up and down and her breasts were softly straining against her blouse. Her sari had come loose and her blouse was fully exposed. Again my lusty feelings resurfaced. I got closer to my mom and slept with one leg over her leg as many children often do (innocently though). She didnt wake up. I then softly placed my hand over her exposed blouse and came really close to her. The warmth of the mother's breasts are what help the child in developing and growing, but here all they were doing was to madden me with lust. I lay like that for some time and soon the tension within my penis was unbearable so I got a little closer to her with my entire body in touch with her and started rubbing my penis against her thigh. I did this slowly to start with so as not to wake up my mom. But as I approached a climax, I lost control and started rubbing against her violently. My Mom woke up at this point to see me in a wild state with a hard penis rubbing against her thigh thru both our clothes. She screamed at me to stop, but nothing could stop me, I just held her tight and completed my orgasm with all my clothes on. It was the best feeling that I had ever had in my life and now that this had happened I knew that everything would be different from now on... My mom pushed me off and shouted at me for what I had done. I tearfully begged her forgiveness but said that now I could not control my desires anymore. I begged her, "please mom, let me just see you once again as I saw you yesterday, or I will die this very moment!" No way, she screamed. This went on for some time and I finally said that if that was what she had decided, then I will commit suicide, and I meant it coz I could now no longer think of living even a moment without her. In tears, she finally relented and said that we could do this just once, but then after that if I forced her again, SHE would commit suicide...
I agreed immediately and rushed forward to hug her. I kissed her on her cheeks and as I moved towards her lips, she resisted for a moment, but then gave in. I nearly tore of her sari and saw her now in her blouse and petticoat. Her beautiful navel was exposed and I swooped down to kiss it, at the same time fiddling with her blouse buttons. As her blouse came off, her lovely huge breasts were nearly exposed. It was the first time I was seeing breasts and I nearly came in my clothes just seeing them. I turned her over and released the clasp of the bra. When I turned her over, I saw the most beautiful sight in the whole world. My mother's lovely breasts with gorgeous nipples. I just started sucking at them naturally as I must have done as a baby, but this was in a totally different setting. As I sucked away, I could feel her breathing getting heavier and I knew that she was getting aroused. I now proceeded to take off her petticoat. As her "thunder thighs" got exposed, I kissed her legs from the feet upwards towards the centre of her, no, my existence...
There was only one flimsy piece of cloth between her feminity and me. I asked my mother to take it off herself. She refused and told me that since it is you who wants this, it will be you who will have to break the final barrier of shame. I turned over my mother and slowly pulled down the panties. As I slid it off her ankles, I again saw that sight which I saw yesterday. I started to kiss every inch of her back and came down to her large buttocks and started to lick them. I could see my mother twitching and squirming in arousement as my tongue drew lines down and between her buttocks. I took off all my clothes and I then slowly turned her over. As I did this, she covered her face in shame. And there it was! That supreme spot of feminity which every chaste woman covers zealously for her entire life, to be revealed only to her husband. It was now there in all its glory and the very sight of it made me come. I just couldn’t control the torrents that came out of me and it spilled all over the bed and some of it fell on my mom. This aroused her and she gave up her guard for the first time. She tenderly pulled me towards her and kissed me on my lips. At the same time, she reached out for my penis and completed the act for me...
She then smiled and asked me if I would like to see and enter that passage thru which I had come out 15 years back. I simply thrust my lusty tongue towards her vagina and started licking, kissing and sucking for all I was worth. My mom was already wet and this was obviously the first time someone did this to her(including my dad as she told me later). She had an orgasm in less than a minute. She then told me to lick her butt hole. I hated the thought for a moment but then as she turned over and revealed her beautiful backside to me all my apprehensions were gone. That sight of yesterday kept repeating in my mind as I licked her and rubbed her feminity with my fingers. She came a second time in minutes. Now I begged her, "Mom can I please make love to you?" She said, "Yes but only my backside. I willingly started to shove my penis inside her tight passage, I was squeezing her lovely breasts at the same time with a animalistic intensity. I soon came and now I wanted her totally, with no restriction imposed by this world. I turned her around and begged her, mom, I want you, please dont disappoint me. She agreed and parted her legs so That I could enter her. At that moment, I paused for a second, this was definitely the last barrier of shame, the greatest sin ever. But the sight of her willing angelic face smashed my guilt and I once again entered that deep passage from where I had come out years back. The closeness to my mother was always there all these years but that closeness cannot be compared to this. My head went into a spin as my mom squeezed me closer and started panting. This was the first time she was doing this in many years and she wasnt about to lose anything on this experience. Soon all the life force that I had was concentrated in my testicles and I felt that they were going to explode in pleasure. I screamed mom I am coming, mom, be mine, forever! In response, my mom said, I love you Anand, I am yours from today! At that, my testicles and penis literally exploded with a gush of love smashing thru the narrow, tender passage of my mother's orgasming feminity and we were one at last! I was thrusting into her for at least 2 to 3 minutes and I felt like I would never stop coming. but it came to an end after what felt like an eternity. I lay inside her for several minutes as she held me tightly...
We lay naked with each other for several hours and we just touched each other tenderly with frequent kisses. My mom now asked me if I was satisfied and teasingly asked me if I would now leave her alone. That was a question to which both of actually knew the answer and we kept encountering that same point for many years
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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Ek Waseeat

Mai aur mera family shuru se hi bahut anand ke sath rahate the. Mere
pitaji ek MNC me engineer ke pad par karzrat the aur meri Ma ek
degree college me lecturer thee. Mai ghar par akela tha aur isliye
mujhko bachpan se dono ka dher sara pyar mila. Achanak ek ghtna se
humare family ka such chain chin gaya. Pitajee ek bar bimar hue aur
doctor ne kafi test ke bad pitajee ko cancer ke mariz karar kar
diya. Doctorno ne pitajee ko sirh kuch mahina ka samay diya aur kaha
aap job hi karma chahate hai kar daliye kyonkee aap ke pas aur samay nahee hai. Eh samay humsab logon ke liye bahut bhayankar tha, lekin dhire dhire hum logon ne is bat ko man gaye aur samay par sab kuch chor diya. Ek rat khana khan eke bad pitajee ne humko apne kamare me bulaya. Pitajee kamare me jakar let gaye aur mujhse pas me baithne ke liye kaha. Ma bhi pitajee ke pas baithee theen. Humlogon ne bahut saru baten kee. Pitajee ne mujhse mere future ke bare me pucha aur mujhse apna future plan bataya. Pitajee ne apna dukh bhi jataya ki kuch hi dino me wo is sansar se chale jayenge aur unka sapna adhura raha jayega. Pitajee ne eh bhi vishwas jataya ki unhe eh ummed hai ki mai unka sara ka sara sapna pura karunga. Pitajee ne phir kaha, "beta tum mujhse wada karo ki mere jane ke bad tum apni Ma ka khayal rakhoge aur unko kabhi bhi koi cheej ki kami mahasus nahi hone doge". Mai bina soche samjhe pitajee ko apna wachan de diya.

Pitajee phir kuch der chup rahe. Phir achanak pitajee mujhse
bole. "Beta tum mujhko eh batao kya tumharee Ma ek sundar aurat
hai?" Mere liye eh koi difficult sawal nahee tha aur maine pitajee
se bola, " "Han pitajee Ma bahut hi sundar hai." "To tumhe lagata
hai hai tumharee Ma sachmuch me sundar hai?" pitajee ne mujhse kaha.
Phir pitajee kmujhse pucha, "kya tumhe tumharee Ma sexy lagtee hai?"
Mai bahut Sharma gaya aur chupchap ankhen neeche karke baitha raha.
Mai Ma ki taraf dekhne laga, lekin Ma bilkul khamosh baithee thee
aur muskura raheen thee."Are sharmao mat" pitajee mera hath apne
hathon me lekar mujhse bole. "Tumhare man me jo bhi hai wo saf saf
kaho." "Han, mujhko meri Ma bahut sexy lagtee hai" mai pitajee se
ankh churate hue kaha. "Kya tum apni Ma ke sath sex karna chahate
ho? Bolo beta bolo kya tum apni maa ko chodna chahate ho?" pitajee
ne mujhse dhire se pucha. Mai bilkul stabdh raha gaya. Mujhe apni
kano par biswas nahee ho raha tha. Halankee, mai bahut dino se apni
Ma ko chodna chahata tha aur kai bar unkee nam lekar maine mutth bhi
mar rakhee thee. Lekin mai kabhi eh socha bhi na tha ki mera kwaish
kabhi is tarah se pura hoga. Mai kabhi sapne me bhi nahee socha tha
ki pitajee mujhse aisee bat puchenge aur mai apni Ma ko apne lund se
chod paunga.

Mai Ma ki taraf bare sharam se aur pesho pesh me parkar dekhne laga.
Lekin Ma bilkul khamosh baithee rahee aur mujhse ankhen churatee
rahee. Ma ke chere par ek ajeeb si muskan thee aur unke ankhon me
sharart bahree hui thee. "Mere jane ke bad kya tum apne Ma ke liye
mera jagah le sakte ho?" pitajee ne phir mujhse pucha. "Tumharee Ma
abhi bhi jawan hai, aur mai eh nahee chahata hun ki mere jane bad
tumhari maa ki choot lund ki bhukhi rahe. Aur mai eh bhi chahata hun
mere jane ke bad tumharee Ma ki choot ki bhookh tumhare lund kha kar
bujhe, aur kisi ki lund se nahee. Tum to jante ho ki agar koi teesra
lund se tumharee Ma apni choot ki pyas bujhai to humari society me
bahut badnamee hogi, aur mai eh nahee chahata hun." Mai bilkul
khamosh ho gaya. Mai soch raha tha ki ek taraf to pitajee mujhse jo
bhi kaha rahe hai wo mere sapno ke bahar hai. Par mai eh bhi soch
raha tha mai apni bat kaise pitajee se kahun, han mai apni Ma ko
chodna chahata hun. Ab Ma apni jagah se uth kar mere pas akar kharee
ho gayee. Ma ne mear sir pakar apni chati se laga liya aur mere balo
par hath pherte hue boli, "chalo mere sath apne kamre me chalo,
chalo mujhse tumse kuch baten karnee hai." Mai pitajee ke taraf
dekhne laga. Pitajee meri taraf dekh kar muskura diye aur
bole, "Bete apne Ma ke sath apne kamare me jao." "Mai tumhare liye
tumahre Ma ke roop me ek khubsurat tohfa chorne ja raha hun,"
pitajee phir thori der ke bad mujhse bole. "Apne Ma ko kush rakho
aur tumharee Ma bhi bhi tumko bahut kush rakengee," pitajee ne dhire
se kaha.

Jab apne Ma ke sath apne kamare me gaya to Ma ne kamare me
nightlight jala diya. Phir Ma ne mera hath pakar kar bistar par
mujhko baitha diya. Mai apni uttejna aur ghabrahat se itna kamp raha
tha ki jaise ki mujh ko bukhar ho gaya ho. Ma ne mujhko apni bahon
ne lekar chuma aur mere balo ko sahalatee rahee. Thori der ke bad
mera ghanrahat aur uttejna kuch shant hua. "Beta kya tum sahee me
mere se sex karma chahata hai?" Ma mujhse puchhee. "Mujhe saf saf
bata do, akhir kar mai ek burhi aurat hun aur tum jawan chokree chor
kar ek burhee aurat ke sath shayad sex pasand nahee karoge. Ya phir
tum eh sochte hoge ki apni maa Ma ko kaise sex karoon?" "Nahee, Ma,"
Mai jaldee se kaha. "Mai to eh sochta hun ki kya sapna to nahee dekh
raha hun? Mere nazro me tum bahut hi khubsurat aurat ho aur mai
dunia aisa koi kam nahee hai jo mai tumhare sath sex karne ke liye
nahee kar sakta. Bas mai to sapne me bhi nahee soch sakta ki mai
tumhare sath sex kar paunga. Bolo Ma bolo mujhe kya karna
chahie?" "Tumko wo sab kam karna chaie jo ek mard ek aurat ke sath
karta hai" Ma mujhko chumte hue boli. Phir Ma kuch ruk kar
boli, "mai chahatee hun ki tum mujhko nangee karke is bistar par dal
kar apne lund se meri choot ko khub chodo. Aj ki rat tum mujhko itna
chodo ki meri choot phat jaye aur ami kal subah theek tareeke se
chal na paun." Mai Ma ki bat sun kar apne aap par biswas nahee kar
pa raha tha aur Ma se lipat gaya aur unko chumte hue bola, "Ooh, Ma.
Mera sapna honewala hai, mujhko eh biswash nahee horaha hai."

Ma ab bistar par se uth kar kharee ho gayee aur apni blouse kholne
lagee. Jaise hi Ma ne apni blouse utaree to mai Ma ki kharee kharee
chunchee bra me dekh kar garam ho gaya aur mera lund khara hone
laga. Phir Ma ne apni saree utarnee shuru kia aur saree utar kar
apni petticoat bhi utar diya. Ab Ma mere samne sirf bra aur panty me
khari thee aur isse Ma ki nangee sbadan saf saf dikh raha tha. Mai
iske pahale kabhi apni Ma ko nangee nahee dekha tha aur is samay
unko sirf panty aur bra me dekh kar mera matha ghum gaya. Mujhe
ehsas hua ki meri Ma bahut hi sundar aurat hai. Unka ha rang bilkul
sudol sahi nap ki hai. Meri Ma kareeb 5'5" lambee hai aur unka wajan
kareeb 60 kg hoga. Unke chatee bahut hi khubsurat hai aur unki kamar
to lazabab, bilkul patlee si. Unka chutar ka kuch na pucho, gol gol
thora phaila hua aur ekdam karee karee. Meri Ma ki tange bahut hi
sundar aur sath me unki janghe bilkul tarash gaya. Meri Ma ke
shareer par bal kuch jyada hi hai jo ki badan ke neechle hisse me
aur bhi jyada hai. Lekin unke bal jyada hone se kuch pharak nahee
parta, kyonkee jyada se wo aur bhi sexy lag rahee thee. "Tum job hi
dekh raho, kya tumhe pasand hai?" Ma ne mujhse puchee. Thora ruk kar
Ma ne phir pucha, "kya tumhe is badan se maza mikaga, kya tumhe
hamari eh nanga badan pasand hai?" Mai Ma ko hairani se dekhta raha.
Mujhe eh samajh me nahee aa raha tha ki kahin Ma mujhse mazak to
nahee kar rahee hai? Mai jab ki ankhon me dekha to paya ki Ma bahut
serios hai. Meri Ma bahut ghabra bhi rahee thee. Mere ko laga ki Ma
aur pitajee apas me eh sab baten discuss kar liya tha aura b Ma un
baton par amal kar rahee hai. Lekin Ma ko eh pata nahee tha ki mai
unkee baton par kya kahunga aur isiliye who ghabra rahee thee. Bad
me Ma ne mujhe batya tha ki agar mai us din unki baton par na kar
deta to pitajee aur khas kar Ma ko bahut dhakka lagta.

Khair, mai Ma ko unki chutar ko pakar kar apne pas lhinch liya aur
apna sir unke pet se sata diya aur unke pet ko chumne laga. Mai Ma
ki pet par apna sir rakh kar unke badan ki khusbu sungh raha tha. Ma
ki badan ki khusbu sunghte hi mera khoon khaolne laga aur mai pagal
hota jar aha tha. Thori der ke bad Ma ne mujhe apna kurta utarne me
sahayog diya aur mai apna kurta utar diya. Phir Ma ne mere paijama
ka nara bhi kheench diya aur mera paijama mere pairon ke neeche
khisak gaya. Paijama neeche girte hi mera khara lund bahar aakar
hawa me jhulne laga. Is samay mera lund khara ho kar kareeb 8" lumba
ho gaya tha aur puri tarah se tana hua tha. Mera khara lund ko dekh
kar meri Ma muskura diya aur sirf "Hmmmm" kahee. Thori der ke bad Ma
ne mere lund ko pakar kar usko apne hathon se sahalate hue boli, "
Beta dikha raha hai ki tumhara auzar kisi bhi aurat ko aur khas kar
humko khush kar dega." Phir Ma mere samne jameen par baith gayee aur
mere lund se khelne lagee. Dhire dhire Ma ne mere supare ko khol
liya aur apne jeev se mere supare ko sahalane lagee Mera to sir ghum
raha tha aur mai apni Ma ko pakar kar uthaya aur apne godi par apne
taraf mun karke baitha liya. Phir mai mai apni Ma se lipat gaya aur
unko chumne laga Thori der tak chumne ke bad mai hath barha kar Ma
ke peeche le gaya aur unki bra ki hook khol diya. Bra khulte hi Ma
ki bari bari aur gol gol chunchee bahar mere nazron ke samne nikal
aya. Ma ki chunchean bahut hi sundar thee aur unka size kareeban 38
D tha aur upar ki taraf tane tane the. Ma ki chuncheon ka nipple
rang ghare bhure rang ka tha aur aur mote angoor ke soze ka tha. Mai
jaise un chunceon ko chua mujhe wo dono bahut naram aur garam lagee.
Mai jhuk kar Ma ki chuncheon ki nipple apne muh me liya aur dhire
dhire chusne laga. Jaise jaise mai nipple ko chus raha tha unki size
barh ne lagee aur puri tarah se tan kar kharee ho gayee. Mai buri
tarah se apni Ma ki chunchee par pila para hua tha aur Ma kabhi
kabhi dard karah deti magar Ma ne ek bar bhi mujhko aisa karne se
nahee roka aur mujhko apni marjee ka karne diya.

Mai Ma ki chunchee chuste hue Ma se lipta jar aha raha aur jab mai
bahut garam ho gaya to mai bister Ma ko lekar let gaya. Ma mere upar
let gayee. Mai pir Ma ko pakar kar palat gaya aur Ma key upar char
kar Ma ko chumne laga aur dono hathon se unki chunchee ko masalne
laga. Thori der ke bad mujhko laga ki ab Ma ki choot ki chudai
karnee chahie. Mai itma garam ho gaya tha ki mujhko Ma ki choot ki
ched bhi nahee dikh raha tha. Ma hans paree aur apni dono tangon ko
upar utha liya mere chatee par apne pair rakh kar mujhko neeche kar
diya. Ab meri nazaron ke samne Ma ka choot puri tarah se khula hua
tha aur wo khulee choot mere lund ko dawat de rahee thee. Ma ne pane
hath barha kar mera khara hua kund pakar liya aur apne choot ke
darwaje se laga diya. Mera lund Ma ki choot se lagte ho main ek hi
dhakke ke sath apna lund Ma ki choot me ghuser diya. Jaise hi mera
lund Ma ki choot me pura ka pura ghus gaya, Ma ke muh se halkee si
siskari nikalee aur wo muskura kar meri taraf dekhne lagee. Choot ke
andar lund jate hi mujhe laga ki Ma ki choot ke andar kitna garam
ahi aur wo pura ras se bhara hua hai. Mera lund bare asani ke sath
Ma ki choot ke andar bahar ho raha tha. Mujhe aaj ke pahale kabhi
bhi itna anad nahee hua jaisa ki aaj Ma ki choot ke andar lund pel
kar ho raha tha. Eh mere liye ek naya aur sukhad anuvav tha.

Mai apne lund apni ma ki choot ke andar dhakka marne laga aur Ma bhi
mere har dhakke ka jawab de rahee thee. Dhire dhire mere aur Ma dono
sath sath djakke marne lage. Jaise hi mai apna lund unki choot se
bahar nikaltee to Ma bhi apni kamar neeche kar letee aur jaise hi
mai dhakka mar kar apna lund andar karta to Ma apni kamar utha kar
mere lund ko apni choot me mera lund ghusrwa rahee thee. Mai kabhi
Ma ke gal aur hont vhum leta tha aur apni dono hathon se unki khari
khari chunchee masal raha tha. Dhire humne aur Ma ne apni chudai ka
speed barhana shuru kiya aur jor jor se el dusre ko chodne age. Maa
neeche apni kamar uchal uchal kar mera lund apni choot se kh rahee
thee. Unki choot se pani chitak chitak kar nikal raha tha aur chiot
ke charo tarah gila gila sa ho gaya tha. Ma mujhko ab apne hatho se
mera peeth pakar rakhee thee aur apne pairon se mera kamar pakar
rakhee thee. Mai apni kamar utha utha kar hachak hachak se apni M ki
choot me apna lund pel raha tha aur Ma mere dhakke ke sath siskari
mar rahee thee aur nbol rahee thee, "mar mar beta aur jor jor se
mar. Teri Ma ki choot bahut pyasee hai aur isko tere jaisa lund hi
chahie jo ki andar tak ja kar meri choot ki maleesh kare. Aur chod
mere bete aur jor se chod, Bahut maza mil raha. Meri choot tera lund
kha kar bahut khush ho rahee hai. Ah! Oh! Bahut maza mil raha hai.
Oh! Beta tera lund mere bachhedani ke upar chot mar rha hai. Dekh
rukna mat, Ab mai bahut jldee jharne wali hun." Mai bhi Ma ko chodte
hue Ma se kaha, "hai! Meri chudasi Ma tumhe chod kar mujhe bahut
maza aa raha hai. Le Le mera lund apni choot me le. Delh kaise mera
lund teri choot me ghus raha aur nikal raha hai. Dekho to sahee
kaise tera choot mera lund kha kar phul gaya hai. Hai, ab mai tumko
roz isi tarike se chodunga aur jab jab tumhara period hoga mai
tumharee gand me mera lund pelunga. Bol bol Ma bol kyat um humko
apni gand me lund pelne dogee ki nahee." Meri maa mujhse chudte
chudte kaha rahee thee, "han han beta chod chod. Mai tera lund se
chudwa kar bahut khush hun. Ab tu mujhse job hi kahega mai wo
karungee. Tu jab chahe meri choot ya meri gand me apni lund dal
sakta hai. Kal mai tujhse tere pitajee ke samne bhi chudwaungee. Bol
beta bol, kyat um humko apne pitajee ke samne chodega?" Mai Ma ko
chodte chodte kaha, "Ma pitajee ke samne kyon, mai to timko sabke
samne chod sakta hun. Tu bas aise hi mere samne apni choot khole
pari rahana. Han, kal se tum jab tak ghar par rahogee nangee hi
rahana. Mai bhi nanga hi rahunga. Bahut maza aiga." Isitarah se mai
Ma aur mai chodte rahe aur thori der ke bad ek jor dar dhakka mar
karke apni Ma ki choot ke andar apna lund jar tak dal katkr jhar
gaye. Mere jharne ke sath Ma bhi jhar gayee aur nidhal ho kar bistar
par pari raheen. Kafi der tak mai aur meri Ma bistar chup chap ek
dusre ke bahon me lete rahe. Aur jab humlogon ka sans thik hua to
meri Ma uth kar chali gayee.

Jate samay ma mujhse kaha gayee, "mujhe tumhare pitajee ko dekhna
hai. Waise tumhe dhanyabad detin hun ki aaj bahut dino ke bad meri
choot ki payas bujhee aur mai aaj mai tumse wada kartee hun ki aaj
ke bad tum jab bhi chahoge meri choot chod sakte ho. Meri choot
tumhare lund ke liye humesha khulee rahegee."Lekin mujhko tumhare
pitajee ke pas jana hai aur jab tak main a aun tim chup chap so jao.
Mai bhi bistar par se uth kar Ma ko apne hathon me lekar unko chumte
hue bola, "mai janta hun ki is samay pitajee ko tumharee bahut
jaroorat hai. Mai tab tak tumse kuch nahee kahunga jab tum mujhse
phirse chudwana nahee chahatee." Ma mujhse boli, "mai jantee hun kit
um mujhko bahut pyar karte ho aur mai tumko aur timhare pitajee dono
ko pyar kartee hun." Aur eh kah kar Ma ne apni saree apne upar
lappet liya, aur chalee gayee. Ma ki bra, petticoat aur panty sab
humare kamare me hi pari rahee. Mai uth kar Ma ki panty aur bra utha
liya aur apne nak par unko rakh kar unki khusboo sunghne laga.
Mujheunse apni Ma ki chunchee aur choot ki sugandh mil raha tha.
Muje pata hi na chala ki mai kb so gaya, lekin meri need bahut hi
gaharee thee.

Agle din subah jab mera need khula to maine apne aap ko bahut fresh
mahasus kiya. Phir mere dimag me kal rat ki sari ghatana ghum gayee
aur mera lund phir se khara hone laga. Khair, mujhko scool jana tha
aur uske tayaree karnee thee. Mai eh soch rha tha ki kal rat ke bad
Ma mujhse kaisa bartab karegee aur mai apne dharkte dil ke sath subh
nashta karne ke liye breakfast table par gaya. Table par nashta
rakha hua tha aur roz ki tarah Ma mera table par mera intezar kar
rahee thee. Mai Ma ki taraf dekha aur Ma neb hi mujhko muskurate hue
dekhee. Phir Ma ne mujhse muskurate hue puchee, "kal rat ko need
ache aye?" "Han Ma kal rat ko need bahut achhee aye" maine Ma se
nazaren na milate hue kaha. "khoob need aye?" Ma ne phir hanse ke
puchee. Thori der ke bad phir humse boli, "mujhe malum nahee tha ki
tumhara lund itna lumba aur mota hoga. Kal rat ko mujhe tumse chudwa
kar bahut maza mila. Mai samjhtee hun ki mujhe yahee maza roz rat ko
milega." Mai fauran ma se kaha, "Ma roz rat ko hi kyon, agar tum
chaho mai tumko chudai ka such abhi isi waqt de sakta hun. Tum bas
ek bar kaha kar to delho." Ma mujhse boli, "naheen naheen abhi
naheen, abhi mera bahut sa kam para hua hai, aur kal rat ki tumharee
jabardast chudai se mera choot abhi tak kalla rahee hai. Aaj rat ko
mai phir se tumhare kamre me aungee aur tumhar lund apni munh aur
choot se khaungee." Mai ko unki kamar pakar kar apni taraf kheenchte
hue kaha, "Ma choot se lund khana to mai samajha gaya lekin mun se
lund khana mai nahee samjha." Maa apne aap ko mujhse churate hue
boli, "rat tak sabar karo, mai aaj rat ko mai tumhe sab samjha
dungee" aur joro se hans pari.

Ma apne aap ko humse churane ki kosjis kar rajee thee, lekin mai
unko kas pakar rakha hua tha. Thori der ke Ma mujhse lipat gayee aur
mere mathe par ek chumma diya. Phir Ma ne mere hothon par bhi chumma
diya. Phir mai apna jeev Ma ke kunh me dal diya aur Mamere jeev ko
chusne lagee. Thori jeev chusne ke bad Ma mujhse boli, "tum mujhko
pagal bana doge aur abhi tumhe school jana hai." Phir Ma ne apne aap
ko churate hue aur apni saree theek karte hue mujhse boli, "bas ab
tum school jao aur mai tumhare pas rat ko aungee." Lekin usdin rat
ko aur na hi agle kai rat ko Ma mere kamare me nahee ayee. Mujhe
makum tha Ma mere pitajee ki seva me lagee hui hain aur isliye mai
bhi kuch nahee bola. Mai apni Ma ko mujhse chudai ke liye unke kam
me disturb nahee karma chahata tha. Kareeb ek haft eke bad pitajee
ki halat aur bigar gayee. Mai aur Ma dono din-rat pitajee ki
dekhbahl me lage rahe. Pitajee ko hospital le jana aur hospital se
ana par raha tha, kyonkee doctor log koshish kar rahe the. Har rat
ko Ma pitajee ki halat dekh kar aur apni dukh se ro prtee thee. Mai
roz rat apni Ma ko samjhata tha aur unko apni bahon me bhar kar
shant karta tha. Ma thori der me hi mere bahon me so jati thee.

Akhir me kareeb do maheno ke bad apne bimaree se larte hue mere
pitajee chal base. Ma puri tarah se tut gayee aur unko need ki
injection dena par raha tha. Eh hum logon ke liye bahut hi pareshani
ki samay tha. Humara pura ka pura ghar apne rishtedar aur ntedaron
se bhara hua tha. Sab koi aa kar humko aur Ma ko shant karne me lage
hue the. Pitajee ki antim kriya karam, sradh aur shatee path ke bad
rishtedar sab apne apne ghar chale gaye. Ma bhi itne samay me thori
bahut sambhal gayee hue thee. Ma ab eh man liya tha pitajee wakai me
chal diye the. Humare mausi phir bhi kuch aur din tak humare ghar
par bane rahe aur hum logon ko sahara diya. Pitajee ke dehant ke
kareeb kareeb ek mahine ke bad humara ghar phir se khalee ho gaya.
Ab ghar par sirf mai aur meri Ma the aur hum ek dusre ko sahara de
rahe the. Ma abhi bhi pitajee ke marne dukh kha ja rahee thee. Ma
rat ko uth kar pitajee ka nam le le kar roti rahatee thee aur mai
unko shant karne ki koshish karta rahata tha. Dhire dhire samay ke
sath sath Ma shant gayee aur dhire dhire normal jeevan par wapis ane
lagee. Jaise Ma normal hone lagee mai Ma ko apne sath sulane ke aur
chodne ke liye inteezar karne laga. Mai kbhi kabhi Ma kin am lekar
rat ko mutthhe mar leta tha.

Pitajee ke gujrne ke karib teen mahine bad ek din rat ko mai aur Ma
dinner kar rahe the ki Ma mujhse boli, "beta khana ke bad sote
samay naha lena." Mai fauran samajh gaya ki Ma ke dimag me kya hai.
In teen mahino me Ma aur mai kuch nahee kiya tha. Khana khan eke bad
mai thori der tak T.V. dekha aur phir naha liya. Nahate samay mai
apn balon me sjampoo lagaya aur shave bhi kiya aur apne aap ko rat
ke iye tayar kar liya. Mujhe malum tha ki rat ko kya hone wala hai.
Jab naha raha tha to mujhe bathroom ke drwaje se Ma ki awaj sunai
dee, "beta naha kar naye kapare pahan lena, mai tumhare liye naye
kapare nikal kar ja rahee hun aur phir meri awaj ki pratiksha
karna." Naha kar bathroom se an eke bad maine dekha ki Ma mere liye
bister par ek jora naya cream rang ka kurta paijama nikal kar rakh
gayee hain. Maine unhe pahan liya aur thora sa perfume bhi laga
liya. Kareeb adhe ghante ke bad mujhe ki Ma ki awaj sunai dee, "beta
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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mere kamre me aa jao." Mera heart jor jor dhark raha tha aur maid
dhire dhire Ma ke kamre ke taraf chala gaya. Maijab Ma ke kamareme
ghusa to mai chaunk gaya aur mai ankhe phar phar kar dekhne laga.
Kamara pura ka pura phoolon se saja hua tha aur Ma ka bitar pura ka
pura khusboo wali phoolon se saja hua tha. Ma bistar par dulhan ki
tarah se sajee baithee hue thee. Ma apne shade ke samay ke saree aur
blouse pahanee hue the. Ma ne apne sare gahane bhi pahanee hue thee.
Ma is samay mujhko bahut hi sundar lag rahee thee aur unko dekhte hi
mera lund khara hone laga. Ma ne meri taraf dekhee aur muskura kar
ankhon hi ankh se mujhe apne pas bula liya.

Mai kamare me ghus gaya aur ja kar Ma ke pas baith gaya. Ma bister
par chup chap baithee thee. Unki ankhen neeche jhuki hui thee aur
dhire dhire muskura rahee thee. Mere ko laga ki Ma eh chahatee hai
ki jaise pahalee rat ko koi mard apne biwi ke pas jata hai aur usko
nangee karke chodta hai, mai bhi Ma ko waisee hi nangee karke chodu.
Mai dhire dhire Ma ke sharir se unke gahane utar liya aur unke sir
se saree ka pallu utar diya. Phir mai Ma ka chehera apne hathon me
lekar unko dhire dhire chumne laga. Sab se pahale mai unki hothn ko
chuma phir unkhon ko chuma. Phir mai garam hokar unke chehera, nak,
gala aur garden par apna chumma diya. Ma mere chummo se garam ho
gayee aur siskari marne lagee aur mujhko chumne lagee. Ma mere pure
chehere ko chum rahee thee. Hum log ek dusre ko chumte hue bister
par let gaye aurlette waqt mai Ma ke upar tha. Mai upar ho kar maa
ke hothon ko jor jor se chumne laga aur itna jor lagaya ki Ma ke
honth unke dant se larne lage. Humare jeev ek dusre se takra rahee
thee aur humlog ek dusre ki jeev chuste hue ek dusre ko pyar kar
raha tha. Humlog apni apni jeev ek dusre ke munh ke andar dal kar
ghuma rahe the. Phire dhire dhire humne ek dusre ke kapre utarne
lage. Mai aur Ma kapre ke neeche koi bhi underwear nahee pahane hua
tha. Thorihi der me hum ek dusre ka nange badan par hath pher rahe
the aur ek dusre ki nangee badan ki hare k inch me apna apna chumma
de rahe the. Ab tak humare nange badan par chumma aur katne ka
nishan par chukka tha. Ma ne mera sar pakar kar apni choot ki taraf
dhakel diya. Mai samajh gaya ki Ma mujhse apni choot ki ghundee
chatwana aur chuswana chahatee hai. Mai pahale kabhi bhi choot nahee
chata tha aur isliye mujhko choot chatne ki kala nahee aatee thee.
Ma ne tab mujhko choot chatne ka kala sikhaya. Ma ne apne dono
hathon se apni choot kholee aur mujhse us khoolee choot ko neeche se
upar tak chatne ko kaha. Mujhko pahale pahale Ma ki choot ka swad
bahut ajeeb sa laga . Mujhko Ma ki choot ka swad bilkul dahee jaisa
lag raha tha. Phir dhire dhire mujhko apni Ma ki choot ka swad
acchha lagne laga aur mai man laga kar Ma ki choot ko chatne aur
chusne laga.

Jaise jaise mai apni Ma ki choot ko jor jor se chatane laga, Ma
pagal ho kar siskaree marne lagee aur unhone apne hathon se mera sar
pakar kar apni choot par kas kar daba liya aur apne dono mote mote
janghon se hume jakr liya. Mai apna jeev jitna ho sakta tha andar
dal diya aur jeev andar ghuma ghuma kar choot ke andar chatna shuru
kar diya aur kabhi kabhi unki choot ki ghundee bhi apne munh me
lekar chusna shuru kar diya. Thori der ke bad Ma mere munh ke upor
hi apni choot ko daba ke jhar gayee. Unki choot se jhatke de de kar
pani nikal raha tha aur choot se niklee mitha mitha ras mere pure
munh me bhar gaya aur mai us ras ko jitna jyada ho sakta hai pee
gaya. Jab Ma jhar kar shant ho gayee to unhone mujhko bister par
leta diya mere lund ko pakar kar uske supare ko khol liya. Phir Ma
jhuk kar mera lund ka khula hua supara pahale apni jeev se chatee
aur phir usko apne munh me bhar liya aur chusne lagee. Mai lund
chusai se milta anand ka bat sun rakha tha lekin ab tak us anand se
banchit tha. Ab jabki Ma mera lund apne munh me bhar kar chus rahee
thee to mujhe bahut hi anand mila aur jana ki lund chuswane se kitna
such milta hai. Ma mere lund ko chuste chuste dhire dhire pura ka
pura lund apne munh me bhar liya aur mera lund unke gale se takrane
laga aur Ma mere lund ko apne honton aur hathon se sahalane lagee.
Ma apne hathon se mere andon ko pakar kar sahala rahee thee aur mera
lund chus rahee thee. Mai mare such se pagal hua ja raha tha. Mai
mare garmee ke apni Ma se kaha, "Ma eh tum kya kar rahee ho? Lund ko
kya munh me liya jata hai? Lund ko to choot ke andar dala jata hai
aur choot ke andar bahar karke chudai kiya jata hai." Ma mera kaha
sun kar boli, "beta mai apne bete ka lund chus rahee hun. Mujhe
tumhara lund chusne se bahut maza mil raha hai. Mujhe mat rooko.
Auraton ke sharir me teen ched hota hai jisme admi apna lund pelta
hai." Maai Ma se pucha, "Ma teen kaun kaun se ched hai tumhare
sharir me lund ghusane ke liye?" Tab Ma boli, "are beta tere ko eh
bhi nahee malum? Humare sharir me ek ched to hai meri choot ki ched,
dusra hai meri gand ki ched aur teesra hai meri munh. Tu ab se jab
jee me aye meri kisi bhi ched me apna lund dal mujhe chod sakta hai.
Ab bas kar mujhe tera lund chusne de aur bahut dino se koi tandurust
lund nahee chhusa hai." Mera lund itna sukh nahee sambhal saka aur
mera pani chutne ko hua. Mera lund meri Ma ke munh ke andar dher
sara pani chor diya. Ma mere pani ko bare aram se pee gayee.
PHirbhi, mera lund ka pani MA ki munh se ris ris kar unke nathune se
hokar unke chuncheon par aur mere pet par gir gaya. Ma mera pani
apne chunchee par bare aram se mal kar sukha diya.

"Eh mere bete ke lund se nikla hua pani hai," Ma boli. Thori der ke
bad Ma phir mere lund ko chumtee hue boli, "mai to bhool hi gayee
thee ki ek tandurast jawan lund se kitna pani nikalta hai. Mmmmm,
mujhe tumhara lund bahut pasand hai. Eh wakai me ek jawan purish ka
lund hai. Mai is lund humesha humesha ke liye apne choot ke andar
rakhna chahungee. Tum chahe job hi karo, lekin mujhe apne is
khoobsurat lund se juda mat karma, beta eh aaj tum wada karo. Mai
apni puri jindagee tumhari lund ka gulam ya rakhel ban kar
rahungee." Mao apni Ma ki bat sunkar unki chunchee ko masalte aur
chuste hue unse bola, "Ma meri jindagee ka maksad aaj ke bad sirf
tumko pyar karma aur chodna rahega, tum jitna chahogee utna anand
mere lund se such le saktee ho." Its sole aim in life will be to
give you as much pleasure as you want." Mai apni Ma ki chunchee ko
khub jor jor se chus raha tha aur eh ummid kar raha tha mere chusne
se unki chunchee se doodh nikalega. Mere chusai se Ma ki chunchee se
doodh nahee nikala, lekin phir bhi mai Ma ki chunchee ko masalta
raha aur unko apne hathon se pakar kar chusta raha.

Humlog kuch der ke liye ek dusre ke bahon lete rahe aur apni apni
ukharee hue sans sambhalte rahe. HUMlog tarah tarah ki bate bhi kar
rahe the. Phit akhir maine apni Ma se apni dimag me aa rahee bat
puch hi liya. Maine Ma se pucha, "Ma, kaise tum aur pitajee eh taya
kiya ki pitajee ke jane ke bad mai unka jagah le sakta hun?" Mai
phir se pucha, "eh ek ajeeb si bat hai, kyat um is bat ko mantee
ho?" Thori der chup rahane ke bad Ma boli, "Eh tumhare pitajee ki
dimag ki upaj hai. Mai ek rat tumhare pitajee eh kaha rahee thee ki
kaise mai unke kharab tabiyat ki wajah se chudai ke liye taras rahee
hun. Maine unse eh bhi boli ki jab tum nahee rahoge to kaise mai
bina apni choot me lund pilwa kar raha saktee hun? Tab unhone mujhse
kaha ki unke marne ke bad mai phir se shadi kar saktee hun. Lekin
mujhe dusree shadi ki bat jamee nahee. Isliye maine kaha ki nahee
tumhare jane ke bad mai phir kisi admi se pyar nahee kar saktee hun.
Phir tumhare pitajee ne mujhse kaha ki mai shadi kiye bina hi kisi
aur mard se apni choot chudwa saktee hun. To maine unse kaha ki
humara samaj Paschim deshon ka samaj nahee hai. Phir unhone kaha ki
mai apne bete se apni choot chudwa kar apni choot ki pyas bujha
saktee hun." Mai in sab baton ko sun hairan raha gaya aur sochne
laga ki pitajee meri Ma kitna pyar karte the aur Ma se bola, "kya
tumhe pitajee ki bat kuch ajeeb se nahee lagee?

"Han," Ma boli. "Tumhare pitajee ki bat sun ka pahale mai to chaunk
gaya. Akhir kar mai tumhari Ma hunt um mere beta ho. Mai to tumhare
pitajee se unki bat sun kar bigar paree aur unse kahee, "kya anap
sanap bak rahe ho? Kanhee ma apne bete ke samne apni choot khol kar
bete se chudwatee hai? Aur kya, beta ma ko chodta hai?" Lekin
tumhare pitajee sab pahaloo ko soch rakha tha. Unhone mujhko
samjhaya ki mere liye tum hi mere sabse nazdeek ho jisse mai apni
choot ki jwala shant kar saktee hun. Unhone mujhko is bat par sochne
ke liye kaha. Unhone eh bhi kaha ki agar tumse chudwatee hun to eh
hum dono ke liye sukhad hota aur unko bhi is bat se shakun rahega ki
meri choot ek sahee admi ke hath me hai." Mai Ma ki bat sun kar Ma
se pucha, "phir tumne kya kiya?" Ma ne tab humko chumte hue
boli, "mai eh bat jitna sochtee, mujhko tumhare pitajee ki bat ko
sahee lagne laga. Mujhko lagi ki agar mai eh bat ko bhul jaun ki tu
mera bata hai to mujhko tere alawa dunia me aisa koi nahee hai ki
jisse mai apni choot chudwa sakun. Mujhko to jab jab eh bat humare
dimag me ata ki mai tumse chudwaungee to meri choot me pani bhar
jata tha. Isliye mai tumhare pitajee se apni man ki bat bol diya.
Lekin tumahe pitajee bole ki pahale mujhe apne bete se bat karnee
hai, kyonkee mai khud se eh bat tumse na kah paungee. Bhagwan janta
hai ki jab tumhare pitajee tumse mere bare me bat kar rahe thee mai
kitna ghbra gayee thee. Agar tumne pitajee ki bat na mana hota to
mai bilkul se tut jatee."

Mai Ma ki sab baten sun kar phir se garam ho gaya aur mera lund phir
se khara hone laga. Mai Ma ke honton par apna chumma jarte hue
bola, "Ma kaise tumne eh samajh liya ki mai tumharee jaisee sundar
aur sexy aurat ko chodne se mana kar sakta hun?" Mai phir se Ma ki
chunchee se khelte hue bola, "Ma, mai phir se tumko chodna chahata
hun. Mai tumko abhi chodna chahata hun. Mai bar bar tumharee
khubsurat choot me apna lund daln chahata hun." "Oh Bhagawan! Kya tu
sach much mujhko phir se chodna chahat hai? Abhi to sirf adha ghanta
hi hua hai tu mere munh me apna lund dal kar apna pani nikala tha.
Wah mai kitna kushnaseeb hun, ab mere pas tera jawan lund hai jo ki
mujhko jab tab chod sakta hai. Mai to bas ab ehee sochtee hun ki kta
mai tere jaisa chuddakar ke sath humesha de paungee ki nahee. Chal
jab tujhe chodna hai to chod le, lekin is bar jara aram aram se
chodna." Itna kah kar MA ne apni dono tange upar ko utha liya aur
dono tangon ko phaila liya. Istarah se Ma ki choot puri tarah se
khul lar mere samne ho gayee aur mere liye unki choot dalna aur bhi
asan ho gaya.

Mai apni Ma ki kholee tangon ke bitch baith kar apna lund Ma ki
choot ke upar rakh kar dhire dhire undar dalne laga. Ma ki choot is
samay mujhko thori tight lag rahee thee, lekin mai hire dhire apne
hathon se unkee chutar sahalata raha aur unkee gand me apni unglee
dalne laga. Thori der tak gand me unglee karne ke bad Ma ki choot se
pani nikalne laga aur choot gila ho gaya. Ma choot ko gila hote dekh
kar ek jhatke ke sath apna lund pura ka pura jar tak ghuser diya.
Choot ke andar jate hi Ma apni kamar uthana shuru kar diya aur mai
bhi jhatke de de kar apna lund andar bahar karne laga. Hum log ek
dusre ko chum rahe the aur upar neeche se dhakka mar mar kar chodte
aur chudwate rahe. Chodte aur chudwate samay hum ek dusre se meethee
meethee baten bhi kar rahe the. "Ooh, mera raja beta," Ma boli mai
kitna khusnaseeb hun ki meri choot tera lund jha raha aur tera lund
kha kha kar khush ho raha hai. Tera lund bilkulmeri choot ki size ka
hai." "Ma tum mere liye hi bani ho aur humesha rahogee" mai MA ki
chunchee ko pakar kar dhakka marte hue bola. "Mai to kabhi sapne me
bhi nahee soch sakta tha mai ek din tumhari choot apna lund dal kar
tumhe chod sakunga" mai ma se phir se bola. "Kya mai aur meri choot
tujhko pasand hai?" Ma mujhse puchee aur phir se boli, "dekh mujhko
khush karne ke liye jhoot mat bolna." Mi Ma ki chunchee ko apne
hathon se dabate hue bola, "Ma, mai tumse pyar kartee hun, mai
tumharee puja karta hun. Mere liye tum pyar aur sundarata ki devi
ho. Mai tumse humsha pyar karta rahunga aur jab jab tum chahogee
mera lund tumhari choot ki seva ke liye tayar rahega." Ma muskura
kar boli, "bas ab bahut ho chukka hai. Cha lab man laga kar meri
choot ki seva kar aur usko jee laga kar apne lund se chod. Mai mare
choot ki khujlee se mari ja rahee hun. Tu apna lund jar tak andar
dal kar meri choot ke andar chal rahee chition ka mar dal aur mujhe
shant kar. Beta chod meri choot khuub kas kar chod."

"Ab aaj ke bad na to mai tera Ma hun aur na hee tu mera beta hai.
Asaj ke bad se tu mera pati hai aur tera patnee" mere dhakko ke
jawab me Ma apni kamar uchalte hue mujhse boli. Thori der ke bad Ma
phir se boli, "aaj ki rat humlogon ki shade ka suhagrat hai. Mai wo
sab kam karungee jo ek patni apne pati ke liye kartee hai. Tujhe job
hi pasand hai, mujhse bol, mai teri har bat manne ke liya tayar
hun." Humlog ek dusre ko apni apni bahon me jakar rakha tha aur apni
apni kamar utha utha kar ek dusre ki choot aur lund chod rahe the.
Mera lund Ma ki choot ki garmee pakar choot ke andar bahut hi kara
ho gaya tha. Is chudai ke pahale mera lund ek bar MA ki munh ke jhar
chuka tha aur isliye is chudai me mera lund jharne me jyada waqt le
raha tha. Ma ki choot ab tak ki chudai me do bar apni pani chor
chuki thee aur apni chudai ki khushee me pagal hoti ja rahee thee.
Ma mujhko apne hathon se pakar kar betahasha chum rahee thee aur
mujhse lipat rahee thee. Aisa lag raha tha ki jaise nayee dulhan
naye nayee chudai ki such se pagal ho rahee hai. Jaise jaise Ma
mujhko chum rahee thee, mera khoon bhi khaul raha tha aur mujhko
mere andon me tanab mahasus hone laga tha. Thori der ke mera lund Ma
ki choot ko cgodte chodte apna pani chor diya. Jaise hi mai apni Ma
ki choot ke andar apna lund thans kar jhara, Ma bhi teesree br jhar
gayee. Humlog ek dusre ke sharir ko apne hathon se jakare hue the
aur jab tak mera akhree bund Ma ki choot me na chal gaya mai Ma ko
nahee chora.

Hum log jharne ke bad ek dusre ke bahon me lete rahe. Hum logon ki
sans chudai karte hue ukhar chuki thee aur ab sans dhire dhire
normal ho raha tha. Mai apna sar Ma ki phulee phulee chunchee par
rakh kar so gaya aur na jane bhi kab mujhse lipat so gayee. Hum log
rat bhar ek dusre se lipt kar sote rahe, aur jab subah ankh khulee
to dekha Ma abhi bhi mere sath nangee hi so rahee hai. Mai uth kat
Ma ko chum kiya aur unki chunchee ko sahalane laga. Thori der ke bad
Ma bhi apni ankh khol dee aur humse lipat kar muskura kar
boli, "beta kaisa raha humlogon ka suharrat? Maza aya ki nahee?
Theek theek bol beta humko chod kar tujhko aur tere lund ko maza
mila ki nahee?" Mai bhi Ma se lipat kar bola, "Ma bahut maza aya
humari suhagrat me tumko chod kar. Kya ek bar phir se mai tumko chod
sakta hun?" Ma boli, "beta ek bar kyon? Tu jitna bar chahe mujhko
chod sakta hai. Jab chahe chod sakta hai. Ab puri ki puri teri hun.
Bol beta bolt tu mujhko is samay kis asan me chodega? Mai tab apni
Ma ki choot me unglee karte bola, "Ma is samay mai tumhe peeche se
kutte ki tarah chodna chahata hun. Tum uth kar palang par jhuk jao
aur peeche se tumharee choot me apna khara lund dal chodna chahata
hun." Aur Ma mera bat sun kar palang par char hath aur pairon ke bal
jhuk gayee aur mai unke peeche ja kar unki choot me apna lund dal
kar chodne laga. Aur us din se aaj tak mai aur Ma ek hi bister par
pati patni jaise nage sote hai aur chudai karte hai. Ma mujhse wada
kar chukee hai ki wo mere apni chotee bahan (meri mausee) ko pata
kar mujhse cgudwagee.

We had always been very close as a family. Father had been an engineer
working in a big firm and Mother a college lecturer. As the only child I
received their undivided love and affection. Then disaster struck and our
cosy little world was shattered. Father was diagnosed as suffering from
cancer. Doctors gave him only a few more months to live. It was a horrible
time for all of us, but slowly we began to accept what was going to happen.
One night, after dinner, Father called me to his room. He lay on his bed as
we talked. We talked about many things. We talked about his many
ambitions for me. He regretted that he would not be around to see them
come through. He was sure, though, that I would live up to each one of
them. He asked me to promise him that I would see to it that Mother would
never want or suffer for anything in her life after he was gone. I had no
hesitation in giving him my solemn word.
Father was silent for a while. Suddenly, he asked "Tell me, son. Do you
think that your mother is a good looking woman’"
This was not a difficult question to answer. "Of course she is Dad," I replied.
"You know that she is."
Father smiled. Then he asked "Do you find her sexy’"
I was rather embarrassed by the question. I looked at Mother, but she just
looked straight at me with a slight smile on her lips.
"Don't be shy." Father said soothingly. "Tell me what you really feel."
"Yes, I think she is very sexy." I finally managed to say.
"Would you like to have sex with her’" He asked.
I was stunned. I could not believe what I was hearing. It was not as though I
had never thought of Mother in a sexual way. In fact, I had in the past jacked
off quite a few times thinking of her. I had never imagined anything would
actually come of it. Certainly, I had never imagined that Father would ask
me if I would like to have sex with her.
I looked at Mother in confused and embarrassed. She was of no help. She
had a tantalising smile on her face while her eyes sparkled mischievously.
"Would you like to take my place with your mother after I am gone’" Father
continued. "She is still quite young. I don't want her to be deprived of sex
after I am gone. At the same time I would much prefer if she had her needs
satisfied by you rather than any third person. You never know what that
could lead to, particularly in the society we live in."
I was totally stupefied. On the one hand I was tremendously excited. What
he was offering me was something beyond my wildest dreams. On the other
hand, how could I tell him, and that too on his face, that I was willing’
Mother now came and stood beside me. She took my face in her hands and
pulled my head to her bosom. "Let's go to your room," she said. "There are
things I would like to discuss with you."
I looked at Father. He gave me a smile. "Go with your mother," he said.
"She will be the most beautiful thing that I will be leaving behind for you.
Keep her happy and she will make you extremely happy. "
When we got to my room, Mother put on the night light. Then she took my
hand and made me sit down on my bed. I was so excited and nervous that I
was shaking like a person with fever. Mother took me in her arms and kissed
me and soothed me until I had calmed down a little.
"Do you really want to have sex with me’" She asked. "Let me know if you
don't want to. After all, you may not like to have sex with an older woman.
Or you may think that it would be wrong to have sex with me because I'm
your mother’"
"No, Ma," I quickly assured her. "I think you are splendid. I would do
anything to have sex with you. It's just that I never dreamt this could be
possible. I will do anything for you. Tell me what you want me to do’"
"I want you to do with me everything that a man does with a woman." She
said, putting her arms around my neck.
"Even fuck you’" I croaked out, still unable to fully believe what was
happening. "Ooh, Ma. I can't believe this is actually happening."
Mother stood in front of me and began taking off her blouse. Seeing her
glorious tits straining against her bra got my cock so hard that I groaned in
sheer ecstasy and pain. Then she took off her sari. She stood before me in
her bra and panties, which barely covered her vital parts. I had never, till
then, quite realised what a fantastic body she had.
She was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed about 60 kilograms. Her breasts
were magnificent. Her waist was firm and wholesome. Her buttocks were
generous and beautiful. Her legs were lovely, shapely and strong. She was
slightly hairy and a little thick around the lower part of her body, but that
only served to enhance her sexiness and womanliness.
"Do you like what you see’" She asked me. " Will I be able to make you
I looked at her in amazement. I wondered if she was joking. However, when
I looked at her, I saw she was serious. In fact, she was very nervous. She and
Father had discussed the matter many times before deciding to take this step.
However, how I would react to the offer was something they were not very
certain about. She told me later that had I refused she would have been
absolutely shattered.
I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her to me. I sank my head in her belly
and began kissing it feverishly. I inhaled her sweet, sexy, womanly smell
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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deep into my lungs. I felt it coursing in my bloodstream and driving me
absolutely wild. She helped me take off my kurta. Then she helped me untie
my pajama cord and slide off my pajamas. My rock hard cock sprang into
full view. Even at that time it measured nearly seven inches when fully hard.
"Hmmmm ..." Mother remarked with a smile as she saw my cock. "I can see
that you are going to make me a very happy woman indeed." She knelt in
front of me and began to play with my cock. Slowly she rolled back the
foreskin. She began to caress my exposed cock head with her tongue. I
almost went out of my mind.
I pulled her up, making her sit on my lap, facing me, and planting kisses all
over her face. I unclasped her bra and helped ease it off. Her magnificent tits
hung out in their full glory. They were a splendid size 38 D, and shaped
perfectly. They jutted out firm and straight with hardly a hint of sag on them.
They were incredibly soft and spongy to touch. Her nipples were long and
erect with Desire. I ravished them with kisses and nibbles, and, as I grew
more frenzied, with a few hard squeezes and bites. I am afraid I left Mother
with quite a few bruises on her tits on that crazy first night. She moaned with
pain few times, but she never tried to stop me from whatever I was doing.
The frenzy of our passion made me tumble backwards on my bed with
Mother on top of me. I rolled her over onto her back and we began kissing
each other's body and face desperately and wildly. Finally, I could not take it
any more and decided I just had fuck her. However, I was so excited that I
could not find her pussy hole. Mother laughed and lifted her legs high and
clasped me around my chest with her legs. Her sweet gates of heaven were
now wide open for me to enter. Her soft hands guided my cock into her. She
moaned with pleasure as my cock slid into her. It was so unbelievably warm
and soft inside -- neither too tight nor too loose, just wonderfully snug and
comfortable. I had never imagined that it was possible to experience such
incredible delight.
I began to thrust against her. She responded in kind. Gradually we both fell
into a rhythm. Faster and harder we moved, slamming our frantic bodies
against each other. Her breasts were crushed against my chest. Her nipples
rubbed against my skin, sending waves of electric pleasure coursing through
my entire body. Mother's nails raked my back, driving me wilder and wilder.
I caught her by her hair at the back of her head with both my hands and
began slamming my body against her harder and harder, my cock entering
deeper and deeper into her uterus until it felt I would surely tear her apart.
"Ooh, my darling," she moaned. "This is so good. This is wonderful. Fuck
me harder. Ooh, I needed this so badly. Oh my darling, I'll love you forever.
Fuck me like this all my life. I'll do whatever you want. Ooh, don't ever stop
doing this to me!" She dug her nails into my back and covered my shoulder
with bites and kisses as she went mad with pleasure and relief.
Her complete and uninhibited surrender to her passion drove me even more
crazy. My head seemed filled in a red haze and my cock seemed engorged
with all my blood and energy. I rammed into her soft wet pussy like a mad
bull, grinding her against the bed. I did not care for anything anymore. I had
to anyhow quench the maddening fire raging in my balls in the deep and
dark abyss of her magnificent body.
I felt my cock grow bigger inside Mother's belly. She too must have felt it.
She screamed and wept in pure ecstasy as my cock swelled like a football
inside her. We smashed our bodies into each other in a total and wanton
surrender to the unbelievable waves of pleasure that swept over each of us. I
could not hold back the sperms surging into my cock any more and I
exploded inside her belly shooting streams of my seed to each nook and
corner of her womb.
For a long time we lay in each other's arms totally spent and overcome by
the enormity of our passion. Any thoughts about whether what we were
doing was right or wrong flew out of our minds forever. Nothing that felt so
wonderful could ever be wrong. We kissed each other tenderly, giving each
other strength and comfort, preparing each other for the dark days we knew
were awaiting us.
Finally Mother wriggled out of my arms. "I have to attend to your father."
She said, getting up. "Thank you very much. This was wonderful. I promise
you I will give you all the pleasure you Desire. But, right now I have to take
care of your father. Till then, my darling, please be patient."
"I know, Ma. I will also never ask you unless you are ready." I assured her.
"I love you too. I love both of you. I know what you are going through."
She picked up her sari and wrapped it loosely around herself and left the
room. Her bra and panties lay on the floor. I picked them up and held them
against my nose and mouth, inhaling and tasting every bit of the intimate
smell and taste they carried of my magnificently sexy mother. I do not know
when I fell asleep, but it was the deepest and most satisfying sleep of my
I love to sniff hairy & sweaty armpits of Indian women!!!

The woman in my Avtar is old Kannada actress Aarathi. Always her armpits used to be wet with sweat!!! I am sure she has a bush in her armpits. Even today I jack off thinking of those curly bush and the strong musky smell from there!!!

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