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Suddenly Anuradha realized that pain mixed with
pleasure only augmented pleasure. It was a new
experience for her. She now realized that she was
capable of attaining this level of contentment and
satisfaction, and her mind began to accept it as her
body already had. "Keep it right there…," Anuradha
moaned. “Open my cunt some more and push it in….
Just push it in…." She did not want to come
immediately; she let her thoughts wander. She tried
to recollect her life in the village prior to that

Daily it was the same routine: wake up at six; help
her eldest sister Lalitha in the kitchen; have
breakfast; read magazines or books; chat with Lalitha
or gossip with the neighbours; watch TV; have lunch;
lie down for an afternoon siesta; drink evening
coffee; again gossip with the neighbours or go for a
stroll with other young girls or go to the temple;
watch TV; have dinner; and go to sleep at 8 p.m.
Anuradha was yearned for some spice to be added to the
monotonous life she was leading in her village.

Her four older sisters were married. Her eldest
sister Lalitha, with whom she was living now, was a
widow having lost her husband just five years after
their marriage. Lalitha’s son, Ramesh was seventeen,
awaiting admission to the Regional Engineering College
at Trichy. The two sisters born after Lalitha had a
daughter each. Unfortunately, her sister, Bamini,
fourth girl in the family, was childless even after
eight years of married life.

All her elder sisters, except Lalitha, had their early
education in Catholic convents and were graduates.
Anuradha was a black sheep. She was a bit arrogant
when she was a teenager. Her grandfather and her
sisters were exasperated when she refused to pursue
higher studies.

Widowed Lalitha took Anuradha under her wings after
their father died five years before. Anuradha was now
twenty-three. While most of her friends of her age
group had got married Anuradha remained a virgin. Her
horoscope revealed that Mars afflicted her; and
according to the astrologers, if Anuradha got married,
her husband's mother would die early. Lalitha found
it a Herculean task in the matter of finding a groom
for Anuradha. Their paternal grandfather, late
Harihara Iyer, had accumulated substantial wealth
sufficient for ten generations to come. But in the
society she was born in, the astrologers, wielding the
horoscopes, had the last say, and no single young
Brahmin dared to accept a Mars afflicted girl as his
bride, fearing the wrath of their mothers.

Anuradha grieved at her misfortune. She felt
frustrated at the thought of her youth being wasted.
Whenever she saw a Brahmin youth, she wanted to yell,
Coward! Coward! You Mother Fucker! She cursed her
fate for being born into a Brahmin family.

It was Friday. Lalitha left early with her son Ramesh
for Kalakad, where her sister Bamini lived; as her son
wished to bid farewell to his aunt and uncle.
Anuradha was alone in the house. There was no one to
talk to. She went in search of Seetha, their next
door neighbour. She was busy in the kitchen assisting
her mother-in-law. So, she came back without talking
to Seetha. Bored, she took a magazine from the shelf,
which she had already read. She went to her room and
lay down on her bed. Though her eyes were focused on
the book her thoughts were elsewhere.

Sex was not a casual topic of conversation among her
friends and her sisters, but it certainly wasn't taboo
either. Compared to her friends, things were fairly
loose in her house. Anuradha knew a fair amount about
sex when she was about 13. She used to read about sex
on the sly; sometimes not always the appropriate books
for a young girl. These were always from the bedroom
bookshelves of her married sisters. To say the least,
all of this information about sex was completely
abstract and dry until about the time Anuradha got her
first period and her hormones began to flow. She was
thirteen then. Her mother and sisters rejoiced. Some
of Anuradha’s friends too were menstruating.

Anuradha's sexual feelings were slow to develop. She
innocently thought that when she got her period she
would be engulfed with urge for sex as said in some
books she had read. She did have ripples of desire
that were strong the week before and after her period.
But there was no concrete desire. They were simply
scattered sexual awareness.

At the age of fourteen, Anuradha was quite undeveloped
physically. She hardly had any pubic hair, just some
black soft down. Her breasts consisted of small
aureoles and somewhat prominent nipples that were
then, and still are, very sensitive the week before
and after her period. The nipples were usually erect
and strained against her blouse. She saw everyone
looking at her and it caused her a great deal of

She remembered reading about masturbation. The books
were very sketchy on details. She tried to masturbate
very soon after menstruation. This usually lead to
getting herself placidly excited, and at best, she
would have a mild orgasm. To say that her technique
was poor was an understatement. She would rub herself
on her outer lips or her clitoral hood; sometimes
inside, with oiled fingers. She was careful not to
touch her clitoris directly, because she found that
sensitive; and would stop her, or quickly lead to a
completely unsatisfying uneventful climax. She
sometimes pulled her nipples gently and would come a
little just from doing that.

Now, after celebrating her twenty-third birthday,
Anuradha had changed a great deal and was satisfied.
Her buttocks were in some ways the womanliest part of
her. It had real shape and had changed a great deal
in the past years.

When she stood before the mirror on the dressing
table, after her bath, her eyes swept over a tall,
lovely, perfectly shaped woman, with well-formed
pointed firm breasts crowned, with very large rosy
brown nipples. She had the tiniest waist which flared
out into wonderfully rounded hips; and a flat well
defined tummy which sloped smoothly and gently to the
extremely sparse, straight black baby-fine pubic hair
that framed her pussy.
Anuradha was stirred from her reverie, when Seetha
came in search of her.

“Hi Anu," Seetha said sitting on the bed beside her.
“Were you daydreaming?”

“Oh. I’m just bored, Seetha," Anuradha sighed. “I
came to your house an hour ago, and when I saw your
mother-in-law in the kitchen with you, I just tip-toed

Seetha, a native of Chennai, came to the village a
year ago, after she got married to Anantharaman,
living next door. She was two years older than
Anuradha; very fair and beautiful; a full mouth,
tempting to be kissed; much more developed, fuller in
many ways than Anuradha. Most of all she had breasts;
and Anuradha envied them. Seetha had a voluptuous
figure; when she walked, the rhythmic swaying of her
saree-clad hips stirred up passion in every male, and
jealousy in every female.

Seetha was proficient in Karnatic music; and had a
melodious voice. She was also a talented dancer;
specialising in Bharatha Natyam and Kuchipuddi.

Seetha was very candid. In the beginning of their
friendship, Anuradha did not have any secrets to share
with Seetha and was too shy to ask her about hers.
She did not reveal anything about her pathetic
masturbation to Seetha. As days rolled by, Seetha
opened her heart out to Anuradha. She hinted that she
was bisexual. She described her lesbian frolics with
her roommates in the college hostel; about her
college-lover, and lot more.

“If you are bored, why didn’t you poke a brinjal in
your cunt and frig?" Seetha teased.

“Are you out of your mind?" Anuradha snapped. “No
decent woman will do that!”

Seetha was distressed by her friend’s rejoinder. But
she was quick to recuperate. “I use a dildo or a
vibrator when I feel bored and lonely," she said. “No
one knows -- not even my husband. Does this make me
an indecent woman?”

“Why use a vibrator when you have your husband’s thing
to satisfy you?”

Tears swelled in Seetha’s eyes. “Anu, my hubby is
impotent," Seetha said softly. “His prick is only
four inches in length when fully erect. Since my
marriage, he has never satisfied me -- not even once.
He comes too soon. Then rolls off me, and immediately
falls asleep. My lover, Sundar's seven-inch shaft
filled me nicely.”

“Oh Seetha, I’m sorry," said Anuradha encircling her
friend’s waist.

Wiping her tears, Seetha smiled at her friend. “I
have a dildo. Would you like to use it?”

“No Seetha. I’m still a virgin and I want my hymen to
be intact for my husband."

“Bullshit!" Seetha snorted. “Nowadays no one cares
about the hymen being intact. There are enough
reasons for the hymen to get torn in a modern girl.
Okay, then what about trying my vibrator?”

“Never," Anuradha barked. The phone rang. Anuradha
got up and went to the hall. After a few minutes she
returned to her bedroom. “It was Lalitha. She and
Ramesh won’t be coming tonight and she told me to
request you to sleep in our house with your
mother-in-law’ s permission.”

Then a thought hit Seetha right between her legs.
"We’re lucky!" She hugged Anuradha and squeezed her
breast playfully feeling her soft flesh. “Anu, would
you like to watch a video tonight?”

"Yes. What films do you have, Tamil, English or

"Why not we be a little naughty and watch a porno
movie?" Seetha asked hopefully. She wanted to have
fun with Anuradha, if she was game. After her
graduation she had touched only her friend Sulochana
and she longed for that softness.

Anuradha fell for it. "It would be exciting. I've
never seen one before." Anuradha said, shyly. "I’ve
heard about these movies and have not even seen a
single one. Things are so different here in the
village; we certainly can't get them here and my
sister Lalitha would have a stroke if she caught me
watching one."

"Since you’re a novice to sex, you can learn a few
things from the movie."

"You bet. No one will find out. And I want to be a
little bit mischievous today," Anuradha said shyly.

I’m lucky! Seetha thought and hugged Anuradha and
squeezed her breast playfully feeling her soft flesh.
“I’ll come in the evening around seven. My hubby has
about a dozen tapes and I’ll bring one of my

“What! Your husband has a collection?”

“Yes. He can get an erection, and that too a mild
one, only if he watches a XXX-rated movie.”

“If you bring one, won’t your husband object?”

“Why should I tell him? What he doesn’t know won’t
hurt him; moreover, as soon as he has his dinner, he
will fall asleep.”

“Then we’ll have real fun tonight," Anuradha giggled.
“Now I’ll come with you and talk to your

Seetha came around seven with a small yellow cloth bag
containing her favourite tape from her husband’s
collection; one of the two dildos she had -- the
smaller ruby red, seven inches long and two inch
wide; her vibrator; and a jar of Vaseline.

After closing the front door, they moved the TV and
the VCR from the main hall to Anuradha's bedroom.
Anuradha put a pillow against the headboard of the bed
and reclined on it. Seetha after switching on the TV
and inserting the tape into the VCR came to the bed.
She placed her head comfortably on Anuradha’s lap and
inhaled the fresh earthly fragrance emanating from the
virgin's pussy.

The movie was a trilogy and had lucid man-woman,
woman-woman, and woman-woman- man sexual acts. It had
a good plot, decent dialogue and lots of fucking.
Seetha watched Anuradha from the corner of her eye.
Anuradha was much engrossed in what was taking place
and was gently rubbing her crotch over her petticoat.
When the movie ended both sat up. "Anu how was the
movie?" Seetha asked.

"I had no idea people did things like this," said
Anuradha. Sensing that she was tensed, Seetha began
rubbing Anuradha’s shoulders.

"You're so innocent… but someday you'll be doing some
of those things with your husband. He'll lick these
beautiful breasts of yours," she said as she clasped
and squeezed Anuradha's heaving breasts.

“Seetha, please don't...." Anuradha breathed heavily.

"Anu, people will do anything to get release from
their frustrations. " Seetha took her hands off
Anuradha’s breasts, slowly tugged at Anuradha’s
half-saree and pulled it off her waist. Anuradha’s
breasts were straining under her tight blouse waiting
to be released. “There’s nothing wrong with anything
you saw on that screen. It's what most people do.”
Placing her hands once again on Anuradha’s bosoms, she
unhooked her blouse and slipped her hands inside the
bra. "Anu, now relax. Concentrate on my hands. Feel
my hands touching your tender breasts.” Seetha rubbed
Anuradha’s breasts and rolled her hardening nipples.
Anuradha shuddered.

"Anu, in my previous birth I must have been a
courtesan or a whore,” Bamini said without any
embarrassment. “I've done those things you saw in the
movie with men and women, separately and together."
Seetha continued rubbing Anuradha’s breasts.

“What do you mean together?”

"About three months ago, when I went to Chennai to my
house, I visited my friend Sulo and had a good time
with her and her husband, Ananth." Seetha’s face
brightened when she recalled the fun she had. “I
licked Sulo’s pussy.”

“What!" Anuradha was astonished. How can a woman put
her mouth on another woman’s pussy? It was disgusting
but at the same time she felt a vicarious thrill.
"You licked your friend’s…like the girl in the movie?"

“Licked my friend’s what? C’mon say that word," said

“I don’t know the proper word," said Anuradha shyly.

“It’s ‘pundai’ in Tamil and ‘cunt’ or ‘pussy’ in

“Seetha, the Tamil word sounds very crude and vulgar.”

“Then use the English words," said Seetha. “Now what
were you saying?”

"You licked your friend’s… pussy?" Anuradha
pronounced the word a bit hesitantly. She was
surprised that she could say that word. "Did her
hubby put that thing… into you?”

“What thing?”

“I don’t know the word," Anuradha said, coyly.

“It’s ‘sunni’ or ‘saamaan’ in Tamil and ‘prick’ or
‘cock’ in English.”

“Again I find the Tamil words ugly.”

“C’mon… repeat what you said," Seetha prompted her.

Anuradha collected enough courage and said, "Did her
hubby put his cock… into your cunt?”

Seetha squeezed Anuradha's breasts. “Yes. He fucked

Anuradha enjoyed the feel of Seetha’s soft hands on
her breasts. “It’s unbelievable.… Wasn’t Sulochana

Seetha laughed. “It was Sulo who suggested the whole
idea of a threesome when I told her about the size of
my hubby’s prick and my frustration of not being
satisfied by my husband." Seetha described the
enjoyment she, Sulochana and her husband had. “Ananth
fucked me from behind, doggy-style, while I licked
Sulo’s pussy; like that scene you saw in the movie."
She ran her tongue over her lips trying to recall the
savour of Sulochana's juicy cunt. “I very much
enjoyed licking Sulo's pussy and lapped up all her
cunt juice. It was delicious.”

“Oh! I can’t believe it," Anuradha said. "How old is

"She's Twenty-Seven, two years older than me."

She felt warmth engulfing her body; her vagina was
dripping and her labia twitched with excitement.
“It’s warm in here. I think I’ll remove my bra. I
hope you won’t mind…. “

“Not at all, go ahead. You’ll feel cooler without
it." Anuradha didn’t protest when Seetha, unhooked
her bra, pulled it off her and threw it on the bed.
This was the first time she had ever allowed anyone to
see her naked breasts. They were lovely -- not too
large and not too small.

"That movie did give me some strange feelings,"
Anuradha said removing her half-saree.

Seetha sensed that Anuradha was still a bit uncertain
as to what she was getting into. “Anu, you have a
lovely body and beautiful breasts," she said as she
squeezed Anuradha’s erect pointed breasts with both
hands. “If you let me, I'd do those things with you.”

Anuradha remained silent. She was perturbed. The
fuse was set, and the flame was running through her
nerves. She wanted Seetha to touch her, squeeze her
breasts, and suck her cunt as the women did in the
movie. She resigned herself. “Seetha, do whatever
you want with me," she said smiling shyly.

"Now remove your petticoat," Seetha said beaming with

Anuradha slowly got up from the bed. Seetha’s eyes
feasted on her swaying naked breasts as she untied the
strings of her green petticoat. After her petticoat
dropped to her ankles, Anuradha stood fully naked.
Her mound was covered sparsely with black silky down.
Like most village women, she never wore panties at

“Anu, you have a sexy figure and tonight, I’m going to
make you happy!"

"Seetha, aren't you going to remove your clothes?"
Anuradha asked coyly. "It’s not fair that I alone
should be naked." She had been longing to see
Seetha’s lovely breasts, in all its glory, from the
day she met her.

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Seetha was pleased with Anuradha’s wish to see her
naked. She removed her saree. “Anu, help me to
remove my blouse?" she said. Anuradha obliged. As
the last hook was removed Seetha’s beautiful fair
breasts plopped out of their captivity. Seetha was
not wearing a bra. She raised her hands to peel off
her blouse from her sweating body, she displayed her
shaven armpits.

Anuradha held Seetha's breasts and felt their weight
and firmness. Feeling another woman’s breasts aroused
her. She moved her hands up to the swollen spongy
resilient nipples and felt them enlarge and harden at
her touch. Anuradha’s fingers remained on Seetha’s
breasts, nervously, and vigorously stroking her long,
rigid nipples.

"Your breasts are so nice, warm, and smooth," Anuradha
mumbled as she felt a wetness seeping between her legs
and soaking her thighs.

Seetha undid the knot of her petticoat and dropped it.
Like Anuradha, she too was naked underneath. Her
pussy was shaved clean and smooth. Seetha sensed that
it was time to put her hungry tongue to work and moved
gracefully towards Anuradha. Her large breasts swayed
sensuously. She took Anuradha’s quivering hands;
placed it on her warm, damp breast and whispered,
“Anu, there’s nothing to be frightened about touching
another woman’s body. It’s the most natural and
beautiful thing in the world."

Seetha slowly leaned in and kissed her. The touch of
Seetha’s mouth on hers was absolutely electrifying.
Seetha's lips were incredibly soft, her breath sweet
and her touch tender. Anuradha wanted more; she
pressed her mouth firmly against Seetha’s lips,
kissing her back, tentatively at first and then more
passionately. Anuradha’s lips parted slightly as the
tip of Seetha’s wet tongue slowly swept over her lips.
Following Seetha’s lead, Anuradha opened her mouth
slightly and allowed Seetha’s tongue to enter,
tenderly touching it with her own tongue. After a few
seconds, Seetha pulled away and smiled. "I want to
make love to you now," she whispered and Anuradha
nodded. Anuradha knew, at that precise moment, that
she was irrevocably committed.

Holding Anuradha’s hand, Seetha led her to the bed.
She eased Anuradha down on the bed; placing a pillow
under Anuradha's head, she lay down beside her,
pressing her warm, soft, tender body against Anuradha.
Seetha wrapped her legs around Anuradha’s thigh,
pressing and rubbing her wet pussy. Her hands found
Anuradha’s breasts and squeezed and stroked and
fondled and massaged them in unison.

Anuradha’s bliss was intense; she was swathed by a
cloud of pure, exquisite pleasure unlike any she had
ever experienced. They kissed long, deep and
passionately; wetting each other's mouth and lips and
tongues with their saliva; and Seetha’s delicate,
practiced hands moved sensually over Anuradha’s body,
exciting every nerve fibre her fingers trailed over.
Seetha’s fingers trailed from Anuradha’s thighs to her
neck; face; and then slowly down to her thighs again.

Anuradha could barely breathe and talking was
absolutely impossible. Her inflamed cunt throbbed as
juice oozed from her cunt and trickled down her
thighs. Seetha’s mouth was sweet, and she had no idea
how long they continued like that. Soon, she felt
Seetha’s lips leaving hers. Hungrily, she tried to
pull Seetha’s mouth back on to hers, but Seetha
smiled, whispering words of comfort, and helped her
up. Seetha moved to the edge of the bed; she cradled
Anuradha’s head and upper body in her arms above her
lap. Anuradha’s cheek pressed against Seetha’s soft,
smooth tummy; Seetha’s large breasts swayed above her

What was happening was beyond Anuradha’s wildest
fantasies, and the feelings she had were wonderful.
She prayed it should never end. Anuradha reached up
and touched Seetha's breast, gently stroking its full,
sloping underside. She felt Seetha’s hands on her
breasts again, sliding up and squeezing her nipples
between her fingers -- next to her clitoris, her
nipples were the most sensitive -- and Seetha knew
exactly how to touch them. Seetha rolled them between
her fingers, gently tugging and pulling them upwards.
Anuradha moaned loudly, twisting away, but Seetha kept
a firm grip on her distended buds and pinched them

Anuradha’s whole body shuddered; she lost her breath.
Encouraged by Anuradha’s reaction, Seetha slid her
hand down Anuradha’s breast, and, squeezing it upward,
sucked her nipple deep into her mouth. Anuradha’s tit
melted into Seetha’s mouth. Seetha lapped, licked and
sucked Anuradha’s sensitive nipples.

Anuradha squeezed Seetha's breast harder, trying to
share her pleasure and joy. Seetha moaned softly and
leaned forward, pressing her long, stiff, fleshy
nipple against Anuradha’s lips. Eagerly, Anuradha
parted her lips and drew her elongated nipple deep
into her mouth, wildly sucking it, making Seetha groan
with abandoned pleasure. Anuradha could feel Seetha’s
nipple pulsate on her tongue and she, in turn, swirled
her tongue around Seetha’s, even more frantically.

Anuradha continued sucking Seetha’s tit like a
starving baby. And then it happened; a strange, hot,
red viscid liquid suddenly coated Anuradha’s tongue.
Anuradha quickly pulled her face away and looked at
Seetha's nipple and then at her face. Seetha’s eyes
were closed and she had the sweetest smile on her
face. Anuradha stammered "Did I hurt you?"

Seetha just shook her head and giggled. "No," she
whispered. "It just so happens that in our frenzy we
bite a bit too hard." Anuradha was stunned. Seetha
giggled again.

Anuradha gasped "Oh! Shiva, Shiva!" and lifted herself
from Seetha, looking at her beautiful face and then at
her breasts which she was now holding. Anuradha
muttered, "I want to see where I bit you." Seetha
pointed at the teeth marks on her breasts.

Shifting positions again, Anuradha sat upright against
the headboard, Seetha knelt down next to her. As
Anuradha continued to lovingly stroke Seetha's thick
black hair, Seetha held Anuradha's mound in her hand,
opened her mouth and placed the flat of her tongue
against the underside of Anuradha's swollen nipple.
Then, squeezing Anuradha's puffy reddish-brown areola
between her thumb and forefinger, she began milking
her nipple slowly and rhythmically while tenderly
lapping and licking the tip of it. Then slowly, very
slowly, Seetha lowered her lips over Anuradha's other
nipple and drew it deep into her mouth. Seetha's
cheeks hollowed as she sucked and Anuradha just closed
her eyes and sighed.

As Seetha continued to coax Anuradha's nipple with her
fingers and mouth, Anuradha spread her legs and slid
her long, slender fingers along her smooth, hairy
slit, rubbing her elongated clit in concert with
Seetha's sucking, milking movements.

Their hands found each other's sopping pussies.
Seetha's delicate fingers flicked over Anuradha’s
throbbing clit sending bolts of spine-tingling
sensations through her entire body. Anuradha
completely lost her breath and had to pull away from
Seetha to inhale fresh air into her burning lungs.
But Seetha didn't stop; her deft fingers continued to
excite Anuradha’s clit. And then Anuradha felt Seetha
between her thighs, lowering her face to her cunt. A
second later, Seetha’s soft-stiff tongue replaced her
fingers, licking, sucking, flicking, and swirling
around Anuradha’s unbearably sensitive clit. Seetha’s
hot breath on it made her entire body shake and

Anuradha’s hips had a life of their own; bucking and
gyrating uncontrollably against Seetha's hungry mouth.
Seetha’s fingers pried Anuradha’s vagina open; and
her stiff, wet tongue delved deeper and deeper into
Anuradha’s cunt. Anuradha shifted, pulling herself
up, as she squeezed and kneaded Seetha’s breasts.

Anuradha was on the edge; she was never so turned on
in her entire life. She could feel her orgasm
building like a rumbling volcano deep within her.
Anuradha screamed, gasped, held her breath; and then
she came. She exploded: once, twice, then a third
time, floating on wave after wave of heavenly,
exquisite and inexpressible pleasure; and Seetha went
on lapping Anuradha’s cunt like an infuriated animal.

Totally drained, Anuradha pulled away. She had to
catch her breath. She had to regain some semblance of
consciousness. She begged Seetha to stop. And then
she begged her for more… This was only the beginning.

Both their bodies glistened with perspiration. They
went to the bathroom and washed each other. When they
returned to the bedroom, Anuradha smiled shyly.
"Seetha, this has been a real good experience for me.
Thank you.”

"It's been good for me, too, Anu. I loved seeing your
lovely body, and tasting your cunt juice," replied

“Your tongue was wonderful…. But…." Anuradha
wondered how she would feel if a penis was inside her
vagina. Now she regretted her folly for refusing
Seetha’s offer of her dildo and the vibrator.

“I know what you’re thinking now," said Seetha.

“Can you read my mind?"

Seetha went to the shelf where she kept the yellow
bag. She drew from it the ruby red dildo, the
vibrator, and the Vaseline jar. She held the dildo by
the base and wiggled it. “Isn’t this what you want?”

Anuradha gaped at the six inch rubber dildo. “Yes….
But it's huge…. I’m afraid... I don’t think I can
take it in.”

"Don't be silly Anu. I use a larger one than this,"
assured Seetha. “Now would you like to try it in your

“Yes. But I’m afraid…."

“You’re afraid because this is your first time."

“Seetha, no…. Please…. I’m afraid I’ll hurt my ….”

“Hurt what? C’mon say that word," encouraged Seetha.

“Huh… My cunt….”

A twinge of excitement ran through Anuradha as she
pronounced the word. The thought of wrapping her cunt
lips around that massive shaft made her wet. “Please
put it in gently….”

“Anu, please trust me. I’ll do it gently," Seetha
said kindly. “Now lie on your back in the middle of
the bed, and put a pillow underneath your buttocks to
raise your hips.”

Seetha took opened the Vaseline jar.

“You’re a cunning and wicked woman, Seetha," Anuradha
said. “You anticipated that I will fall for your
dildo and you brought the Vaseline too.”

Seetha smiled at the neophyte. "We'll start slow at
first, I need to warm you up and relax those muscles
for the main event." Seetha’s hands began a
deliberate massage of the muscles surrounding
Anuradha’s pussy. Anuradha felt wonderful and she
started rocking her hips slowly.

Seetha placed two fingers of both her hands on
Anuradha's labia, forcing them to submit and open.
Next her fingers slid easily into Anuradha’s soaking
over-wet vagina. With curved fingers she rubbed
Anuradha’s vaginal muscles. Anuradha felt her inner
muscles give way to Seetha’s steady pressure. Seetha
continued her massage and pulled Anuradha’s labia
outward, opening the cunt hole with a steady
deliberate force. One finger twisted around and up
beneath Anuradha’s pubic bone. Seetha rubbed
forcefully as she inserted another finger. Anuradha’s
clitoris throbbed and swelled revealing its location,
and Seetha’s expert fingers homed in on the target. .

Seetha pulled one hand out and rubbed the heel of its
palm into Anuradha’s mound; rubbing Anuradha’s hood
over her clit, her other hand pressed around
Anuradha’s clitoris stimulating it.

“I feel like I want to pee," said Anuradha.

“This is only a temporary sensation," said Seetha.
“It will pass.”

“No… I want to pee now….” Anuradha groaned.

“Okay. Then do it in my mouth,” Seetha said.

“Don’t joke,” Anuradha said.

“Anu, I’m not joking,” Seetha said. She pulled the
pillow away from Anuradha’s buttocks and pulled her to
the edge of the bed. Kneeling down between Anuradha's
legs, she placed her mouth on her cunt. “Now piss
into my mouth,” she commanded.

Anuradha not being able to control her urge to urinate
relaxed and pissed into Seetha’s waiting mouth.
Seetha quickly gulped down the streaming warm liquid,
spouting from Anuradha; some of the liquid flowed from
her mouth on to her breasts, thighs and then on to the
floor. After relieving herself completely, Anuradha
looked at Seetha wiping her face and body with her
saree that was lying on the bed.

“Chee! You’re a nasty woman,” Anuradha said. “And I
love you more.”

Seetha smiled at her. “I love you too,” she said
wiping Anuradha’s crotch with her saree. She pushed
the pillow under Anuradha's buttocks once again and
pushed four fingers deep inside her quivering pussy
stroking her clit firmly in circles while her other
hand rubbed her mound feverishly. Anuradha felt her
clit becoming stone hard and rocked her hips in a
twisting, thrusting motion, begging more, trying to
clasp Seetha’s hand in the hot folds of her cunt.
Anuradha was not able to hold anymore. Her pussy
constricted in quick short bursts as the waves of
orgasm crashed on her body. She noticed that with
each spasm her pussy muscles relaxed. Anuradha did
not have the will to stop her. She was just there,
experiencing it.

Even though Anuradha’s orgasm was over, Seetha
continued rubbing hard against her clit. The
sensation was overpowering. Anuradha’s clit got
hypersensitive, and continued stimulation was too much
for her, it hurt. "Oh... Oh..., slow down, gently…
gently… let me catch my breath," she moaned.

But Seetha didn't stop. She grinned wickedly.
Anuradha’s hips bucked wildly, trying to ease her
sensitized clit. She was giddy, and couldn't really
tell if her mind's commands were getting through to
her pussy. It seemed as if it hungrily begged for
more, and each thrust of her hips served only to drive
Seetha deeper and harder on target. Anuradha’s mind
was swimming out of control.

Seetha opened the jar and scooped a generous amount of
Vaseline and applied it directly on Anuradha’s pussy
and began rubbing it all over. "I'm already pretty
wet Seetha, you've already got me pretty horny with
your tongue and fingers."

"You'll need the lube, trust me." Seetha applied some
more Vaseline on Anuradha’s pussy. Due to the heat in
Anuradha’s pussy the lube liquefied and dripped slowly
down from her pussy to her ass. Seetha slowly worked
a finger into Anuradha’s tight ass, gently rubbing her
clit all the while. The mix of sensations from
Anuradha’s clit and ass soon encouraged her muscles to
relax. She took the dildo and applied Vaseline on it.

Anuradha felt herself worked into frenzy and shouted,"
I want to do it this time, I can't wait for you to
poke that fat thing up my cunt." She moaned and
groaned like an animal driven mad with desire and
lust. “Seetha I beg you to fuck me soon!”

Seetha smiled knowingly and placed the head of the
dildo in Anuradha’s opening. With slow deliberate
pressure she plunged the dildo into Anuradha’s
quivering cunt hole. Folds of Anuradha’s labia
dragged against the shaft. At first there was no
resistance, Anuradha was absolutely soaked with lube
and the head of the dildo entered easily at first.
With one hand Seetha firmly coaxed Anuradha’s inner
thigh muscles to submit and with her other hand she
kept a steady pressure on the dildo.

Anuradha couldn’t believe that the head was now inside
her. She was completely helpless but she tried to
rock her hips to help it get in further. Anuradha was
hot and was getting slippery with sweat. She knew
that she was nearing a powerful orgasm. “I’m going to
come," she moaned.

“Yes. I know it." Seetha pushed the dildo forward
slightly and Anuradha’s gaping cunt swallowed another
inch. With her free hand, Seetha took the vibrator
from the bed. She switched it on and placed it on
Anuradha’s exposed clit.

“I want to come…." Anuradha moaned. But suddenly the
dildo hit a barrier, almost as if a wall of muscle
within her pussy was unwilling to let it pass through.
Seetha felt the resistance and pushed firmly against
it. A shot of pain ran through Anuradha and she bled.
Seetha took her petticoat from the floor and wiped
the blood off Anuradha. "Seetha, stop -- it won't go
any more, wait a minute!" Anuradha moaned.

"Anu, it's your hymen. Now you’re free.”

“But it pains.… Please take it out…. Take it out…,”
she screamed.

“Anu, you've only taken about 2 inches, and I know
your horny cunt will take it all!"

Seetha pushed again.

"Ah…. It’s paining!" Anuradha shouted.


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The full length will go in. Be patient," Seetha

Suddenly Anuradha realized that pain mixed with
pleasure only intensified pleasure. It was a new
experience for her. She now realized that she was
capable of attaining this level of contentment and
satisfaction, and her mind began to accept it as her
body already had. "Keep it right there," Anuradha
moaned. “Open my cunt some more and push it in….
Just push it in…." Seetha worked the dildo in short
thrusts against Anuradha’s inner muscles. And each
time Seetha pushed in, the muscle wall reluctantly
started to give way. Anuradha was riding high again,
and was about to come like never before. “Oh…. God….
It’s terrible and enjoyable…."

Seetha picked up the pace of her short thrusts, going
just a fraction deeper each time. Anuradha's body had
a mind of its own, as her helpless cunt tried both to
eject this intruder as well as to impale itself
further along its shaft.

"I'm going to come, oh my god I'm going to come hard!"
Anuradha shouted, fighting against the pain and
shoving her quaking cunt against the dildo.

"That's it, come Anu!" Seetha said. “Come all over
that thing! Open your cunt and wrap it around that
cock! Swallow that cock deep inside your cunt and

As the first wave of orgasm hit Anuradha, Seetha
started plunging the dildo deep inside Anuradha’s
cunt. And each spasm pulled the shaft in. Anuradha
started coming with a force she never imagined, and
her head began to swim as her body was wracked with
strong tremor. She was coming long and hard, there
was no end, and her mind was about to go as she sensed
another orgasm building up. Pain and lust battled for
the lead as Anuradha’s reeling mind slowly slipped
away, leaving pure lust to hungrily engulf the
intense, unrelenting pleasure. Her body couldn’t
handle any more. Her whole being was immersed with
pleasure and sweat; every muscle drained of energy,
and she collapsed.

As Seetha slowly withdrew the rubber cock, it made a
sucking sound as air rushed in to Anuradha’s open,
pulsing, swollen cunt. She gently ran her fingers
through Anuradha’s hair, cradling her head and
soothing her near hysteria.

"Didn’t I tell you silly woman. I knew you could do
it!" Seetha said. Anuradha looked at Seetha

In the morning Seetha and Anuradha put the
TV and VCR back in the hall. Once again, after
frigging Anuradha's sore cunt with the dildo, Seetha
kissed her and went home.

Lalitha and Ramesh returned around noon. Anuradha was
shocked to learn that Lalitha and she will be
accompanying Ramesh to Trichy and settle down there
until Ramesh finished his course.

Seetha cursed her luck -- she had only one night with
Anuradha. It was painful for her to think that
Anuradha will be leaving her and would be out of

After a week, Lalitha, Ramesh and Anuradha left for

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