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Old 5th June 2009
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i want to write my bhabhi experience in hindi
aik dafa mere ami abu kuch din ke liye out of city gae hoye they. gher main main or bhabhi akele they.jub main subah so ker utha to meri tubyat kuch theek nahy thi. bhabhi ne tablet di lekin tubyat zeyada kheraab ho gae. phir bhabhi ne dr ko call kiya. actually hum ne raat ko raat ko bahir se chaat kha li thi jis ki waja se vomiting ho rahi thi. bhabhi tubyat kheraab nahy thi lekin wo fresh bhi nahy theen. kush deer baad dr ageya. us ne mughay check kiya or kha ke isey food poisoning hoi hai. jis ki waja se vomiting horahi hai. main isey ubhi injection lugata hoon thori deer main ye theek ho jae ga. main us waqt 12years ko tha. main injection ka naam sunte hi roney luga bhabhi maine teeka nahy lugwana.lekin bhabhi ne mughay sukhty se chup rehney ke liye kha or mere pass bed per beth gaen. bhabhi ne us waqt black color ki shulwar kamiz pehni hoi or wo bohut peyari lug rahi theen.dr ne teeka syringe main bhera or meri terf berha. bhabhi ne mughay upni terf jhukane ki koshish ki maine rote hoye kha maine bazo per lugwana hai. lekin bahbhi ne peyar se kha nahy buche ye teeka aap ko choley(hips) per lugey ga. sath hi bhabhi ne mughay upni tangoon per jhuka deya or mere legs ko upni legs main daba liya. phir aik hath se mere kamiz oper ki or right side se shulwar neechey ki jis main lastic tha. maine us shuraney ki bohut koshish ki lekin bhabhi ne muzboty se pukrey rukha. dr ne forun spirit se saaf kiya then inserted needle. maine zor se cheekh mari . then dr started pushing medicine in.main cheekhta raha. it was really painful. bhabhi bus yahin kehty rahy bus beta lug geya khush nahy hota itni si baat thi. after injection she released me. or shulwar oper ker di phir shulwar ki oper se thora mul deya.
phir wo kheri hoyeen or upne bed room ki terf jane lugeen dr ne pocha kiya aap ne bhi raat bahir khana khaya tha. bhabhi haan kehty hoi bed room ki terf chuli gae take dr ko fees pay ker sukain un ka purse bed room main pera tha. dr ne forun injection fil kiya or bhabhi ke bed room ki terf berha. main peechey chul pera. bhabhi ko teeka lugte dekhne ke khyal se main khush tha. bhabhi purse se cash lene ke baad wapis mureen to dr ke hath main injection dekh ker ghubra gaen. dr ne kha aap ne bahir se khaya hova hai to ehtyatun aap bhi lugwa lain. bhabhi ne bed per bethte hoye upni sleeves oper kerney lugeen lekin dr ne kha nahy ye teeka painful hai or aap ko bhi choley per lugey ga. i was really haapy standing at the door. bhabhi ne kha nahy aap bazo per luga dain lekin dr ne inkaar kiya is se pehley bhabhi khush kehty us ne bhabhi ko bed ke terf jhukatey hoye un ki kamiz peechey se utha di. bhabhi ne aik min kha or agey se kamiz main hath dalte hoye shulwar ka nala khola. or thora sa kumer ko bed ki terf jhuka deya.dr ne forun right side se shulwar neechey ki at least 6 inches. maine 1st time bhabhi ki white hips dekhe. bhabhi ki eyes close theen or un ke aik hath main paisey they. dr ne forun spirit se hips ko saaf kiya or sui chubho di. bhabhi ne zore se aeeee ki awaz nikali lekin sunbhul gaen. jaisey nedicine under jane luge bhabhi sesesse oyee kerne lugeen mughay legs or hands move hote hoyee nuzer arahe they. after injection bhabhi ne forun shulwar oper ker li lekin thori deer tuk shulwar ke oper hips ko multy raheen. dr left after getting fees. the injection was really painful. i saw her at lunch while sitting on chair she was still touching her hip where she got injection.

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Old 14th June 2009
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mr manit usually i interest in butt injections. but your injection cartoons are amazing. we coudnt believe our eyes. pls pls pls post more that injection cartoons pls.

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Old 22nd June 2009
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wht is the hell over here..... i will check next time and comment on this properly... now am away from this post....

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Old 22nd June 2009
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Originally Posted by badboyjav View Post
nice fetish,you should have become doctor then you could give injection on sexy female buttocks all day long.

< image >

Nice ass dude. If I get a chance to fuck this ass. Man she makes me hot. Keep posting more pics.

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Old 22nd June 2009
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Old 22nd June 2009
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Originally Posted by manit1783 View Post
I am Vahab . I am very crazy with butt injection. I received a lot
but yet not given to any body.but very much interested to see the
beautiful girls getting their buttock shots at hospital. I would like
to share such a incident here .

It is about the girl (lady) named Reena a Beautician.
She is around 33 with a good height and structure with a wheatish
color.All of her beauty is vested in her buttocks .Her house is just
opposite to my office which is near to the junction ,where I am
working for the last 4 years.I usually see her in home dress of gown
(nightie) and very much interested to see in sarees because it give a
excellent view of her buttocks which is very attractive.It is like
the "veena kudam" a classical musical instrument.Whenever we got free
time in our office our discussion will be about her back which is
well shaped and nice one.Often I will imagine to give a shot to her
butt , but one day it came true to see me it.

It was a very heavy rainy day and I got out
from my office after six o clock. When I was waiting for my bus at
junction I saw she was going somewhere with her 5 year old son. I
felt strange and handed over my bag in a shop and decided to follow
her.She turned towards south and walked , my guess was correct , she
entered in the S J M Hospital which is a small one.One the way I met
a friend and lost 2 minutes. I rushed the hospital. I have a doubt in
my mind who is sick , her self or the child. 2 years ago I made a
similar attempt but Reena escaped with some pills .That is also in my

When I entered the hospital there was no body
in the waiting chairs,with the small conversation i guessed that she
is in the doctors cabin.i just went near to the cabin and looked
inside through the half door where i could see the lady doctor is
taking her blood pressure. i sat on a chair. she quickly came out and
went towards the pharmacy , as there is no rush she got her medicine
and exchnged the cash and turned back.I am disappointed. But the
nurse called her back and gave a piece of paper and told something,
reena looked towards the injection room and slowly walked .My heart
beat was its peak The injection room is located in a L shaped corner.
No body other than injection need not come to that area . when Reena
was out of my sight i got up the chair and followed. a man came out
from there with folding arms and piece of cotton between it.There was
a round pillar at the edge of the corner, i stood back on it.usually
there is a injection table is placed inside the room where the
injection is carried out , but inaddition to that a new bed is placed
out side the room where a old lady was sitting. the nurse came out
with a syringe and a rubber tube and gave a injection to the old lady
in her wrist vain. She speaked very loudly and from here speech i
understood that she is taking the injection continously for the last
four days for her cough but she is yet not relieved.The nurse went
inside and the old lady gave a unstrange smile to reena and left .

The nurse came out and bought the
prescription from Reena and without telling anything she went
somewhere. reena sat on the bed, nurse came back quickly and when she
approached reena she made a gentle smile and told in loclal
language"kidanno reene, injection chandikkanu"(lay down reena,
injection is on your buttocks)and she went inside. reena turned pale
and her approach was she was not interested in it. she still sat in
the bed.The nurse come out with a injection and told reena
again "kidanno"'(lay down). The nurse pointed out her on buttocks to
indicate reena that the injection is on buttocks.Reena told her
something in a feable voice and nurse gave a reply.i coulnot here it
but guessed that she pleaded for an arm shot and the nurse refused
it.the nurse looked her wrist watch , she is in urgency to go her
home because her duty time is over All the attempts of reena failed
and with a half mind she decided to take the shot in butt.

She stand up and turned against me ,
inserted her hand inside the saree to loose th skirt staps, then sat
on the bed and untied her chappals.the nurse told her something, she
again standup and now turned towards me.I adjusted my position behind
the pillar and her child was interested someting outside through the
near by window.reena slowly moved the saree from her stomach and
abdomen part and it is the first time i saw her deep and round
navals. her abdomen was very much whitish in colour and seen
slippery. she used a low hip while in dressing. she loosen the safety
pin which is fixed her saree with the skirt and pierced it in the
blouse, then took out the folding of the saree fully out from the
skirt and lay down straight. nurse told her to turn her side and she
laid on the side way. nurse moved the red saree from her right
buttocks and she was wearing a maroon skirt under that. reena tried
to slide down both the skirt and panties along but the nurse told her
to take back her hands.she tried to do it on by one but find
difficult to slide down the skirt. so she told reena to lift her hip
from the bed and when she did it nurse pulled down the skirt.Oh what
a lovely seen was it my beauty queen was laying half naked, on the
right buttock with a black panties.there was strap mark of her skirt
around her waist and also a black thread around the hip. the panties
could not cover more than half of her buttocks and it was
comparitively a small one.The lower portion of her buttocks between
the panties and skirt where fully exposed.my eyes turned red.There is
no need to off the panties for taking the injection because the nurse
can do it by just lifting the under portion of panties to required
height.but she began to slide down it too. Strangely she hold the top
mid of the panties and slided it from that region towrds thr right
side. it also gave me a clear view of her buttock channels for more
than two inch long. i could not control my self. There are also some
tight marks around her low hip that is of her panties.Some white
pregnancy stretch marks are also there in around her waist and hip
but the buttock is seen very polished .Reena lifted her head to see
whether any body watching it but the nurse replied there is no one.
she rubbed the cotton on the middle of buttocks but so close to the
buttock channels. It is the first time I saw a nurse injecting a shot
such close to the channels, so why she removed the pantie.when the
nurse swab the cotton her butt muscles gently shaked like the leaves
move in the gentle breeze. Nurse pushed down the needle, reena
remained calm but when the medicine begin to move in the muscle she
felt pain. she lifted her head to see what is happening on her
back.after a few second she did it once again. Then with the right
hand she hold firmly above her waist and last she forced her face in
to the pillows. it took about 20-25 seconds to carry out the shot

Then it happended .two guys quickly came into
the corridor and they also saw the great scenary,they came to search
some one in the hospital in a doudt.when reena felt it ,the nurse
took out the needle and reena quickly lifted her skirts to cover the
butt.all happened in a second.the two guys already turned back.nurse
rubbed her buttocks over the skirt and told her to fold and release
her knees for some time . she did it the nurse told her to massage
the area for few more seconds but she didnot did it.she tied her
skirt strap in the position of laying without lifting the panties.
she got up the bed by holding her saree in one hand moved towards the
corner to dress again. her saree is completely dis located and on the
back side it lay on a low level which helped me to see the buttock
size once again on a bare skirt.But upto the last she didnot lifted
her panties to cover the buttocks, the nurse came out the room and
she closed the door i felt to stand there stange and came out the

The two gents were standing near the
hospital gate.reena came out after a few minutes the injection wsa
very painful one she was rubbing the butt with her little finger
firmly and when come out she took her hand away
When she went near the gate one of the man asked her something.(he is
her neighbour) with a shy face she answered and walked away with her
son . the two men where enjoying her buttock movements and smiled by
looking each once face.then i followed her .i felt she is in
discomfort while in walking due to the mis position of her
panties.who knows other than me that she is walking with a slided
down panties upto thigh .

While on the way i met my co
worker sasi he is on the way to his home on a bike. he asked me where
i had gone I simply pointed towards a shop. but in my mind i say
thanks to him because it is due to the one of the mistake committed
by him in the evening forced me to stay so long in the office which
results such a lovely realisation of dreams.At that time reena
entered in her home by holding one arm of her son
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A Thread By CHS.
ગુજરાતી લખો

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Old 25th June 2009
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It was half past twelve in the noon when the calling bell made the noise. As I have to attend a meeting at town I completed my consultation well before 12 and got ready for the journey. It is in one of a small flat in the building I am doing my practice. I opened the door, a charming beauty was standing outside the door. I suspect that she may be mis directed to my flat. Before asking anything she asked "doctor"..... " Yes I am what do you want" She stood there silently by looking the well dressed me .."Yes I am the doctor, What is your problem, do you need any consultation "."Yes" she replied. Though in busy, I never liked to miss such an opportunitie to spent a few time with that beautiful lady. "come in" I called her inside , showed her the side consultation room and told her to sit there. I closed the door silently, and from behind a curtain looked her
She is between 28-30, about 5"7' , whitish in color, well builded body, with a smart attractive face, wearing a red saree with a red blouse she had seen very attractive. She was sitting against me , the low cut of her blouse reveal the widened sexy shoulder and there was a bunch of jasmine flower in her hair. More than half of her big well shaped buttocks were outside the small stool. I went to the consultation room and it was filled with the smell of the flowers .I sat on my chair and looked her face. Her eyes were twinkling.
I took the prescription pad and asked her name "Reena" she told, age-31, Ok Reena tell me , what is the problem.

She told "doctor, I am suffering from throat pain for the last few days, and now it is very much in headache"
"What are you doing Reena?"
" I am working in a beauty clinic, I was on leave for the last few days and came only today. But from morning onwards I couldnot bear the headache , now I am on the way back to my home .One of my friend in the clinic told about you and to take the treatment, so I am here..."
"Ok , where is your home-" she told the village which is about 15 km from here
"Right , place your hand on the table" She did , I slowly moved her bangles backward from the wrist portion, really it was a feather touch- and then checked her pulse. On a flash her saree moved away from the abdomen to give a view of her lovely navels
"Ok open your mouth, " with a torch I checked her throat , it was slightly red in color " still there is slight infection' I told her, then checked her nose and ear
I took a thermometer and told her to open the mouth , paced it under her tongue, Kept it for one minute and took out" It is just above the normal". Then twisted the pad of the BP apparatus on the upper arm to check the BP. It is seen a high BP to her, meanwhile I asked about her family. Her husband is working abroad and two sons are studying in primary schools
“Reena, I got a suspect of your temperature, you have a high bp , so I would like to check it once again and this time on your armpit, can you loose your blouse buckles”
“Oh you have taken once it doctor, if you need again take it in my mouth “
“No, I feel that reading is wrong, I need a correct reading for diagnose” said loudly
Reena slowly moved her hand under the saree to un buckle the blouse, and loosed two of it and looked me. I moved close to her in the rolling chair and put my hand through under her saree to the opened blouse portion and pretend very difficult to slide the thermometer into deeper.” Can you loose all the buckles Reena, then it will be easier” I told . Reena with a half mind loosed the remaining buckles .”move it to the side” I pointed the blouse, she did , now I could see the half portion of right boob in the bra and then the straps. I removed the blouse from shoulder directly to see the arm pits. Due to the tension and the hot her armpit were wet with sweat. The smell of sweat alongwith the flowers made me the memory of my first night. I just lifted her hand , grey heirs were wet under it and I placed the thermometer . She covered almost her front portion with top of the saree.
“It is the method we are following in our country to take the temperature accurately. But it is differ in European countries They will check it in the back to get cent percentage accurate results’ I told
“On back… how” she asked
“It is in the ass hole , like how we did in the mouth, it gives the accurate results…”I looked her, she turned red and was found not interested in the talk.
I took the thermometer out and found the reading was higher than the previous one and told her about the variance. Mean time she was ready to wearing back her blouse by turning against me
“No no I have to check your chest Reena, you can wear the blouse then only” I took the stethoscope and moved so close to her. I checked it on over her saree, “Reena I need to check it clearly .It is better to remove the top of the saree from the front portion, do it.” She slided the saree to one side ”no no it is good to remove it from there. Un buckle the pin” I pointed that one pierced the top of the saree with the blouse, she loosened it and the saree fall down on her lap and she was in front of me with an open blouse. Her big navel were exactly widened in shape and deep one, The abdomens are polished with some dark thin hairs below the navels.

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Old 25th June 2009
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Her boobs were medium size but it was a whitish yellow color over there. I removed the right side of the blouse towards the shoulder then placed the stethoscope on her chest. I spread my palm and placed the end round portion of the instrument in between two fingers .It helped me to touch her breast and cheast while moving it from here and there. ”make deep breath” I told , but due to the tightness of the bra she couldnot. She repeated it twice but I was not satisfied with the result. ”It is not satisfactory Reena, your bra is too fit to do for it, so remove it “
“No no doctor “she cried, “I can take deep breath,” she did it once again and then heard a sound “tick” The buckle of her bra got broken. Reena turned pale, and slowly un hooked the bra and then I pulled down the strap from the shoulders to get the boobs free.
Quickly I moved the left side of the blouse and checked her entire chest. Deliberately I placed the stethoscope on half boob and half chest. Reena was like the fish in the land , while in the action the bra slipped down further and the entire boob was free. Finally I decided to place the cope directly on her boob, and while moving slided its side portion over her nipple. She got shocked , but it was very interesting to see the small nipples got erected and begin to grew, it grew and grew up to the size of a lime. Reena did not looked me, and first time it was a symptom of shy in her face. Using my hands pressed the chest first and the slowly the two sexy boobs and asked it whether paining
“No no” she told until I made a elaborate checkup
“Go to the table” I pointed the table, she tried to wear the bra, “no no you can do it all after the checkup” she walked towards the table, her waist muscles were bulging outside the saree and the buttocks were dancing “lie straight” and moved the entire saree from the abdomen area. Told her to lift the knees up. Pushed gently the hip muscle , it was like a nice sponge, slided down the saree as much lower to check the navels and abdomen .Meanwhile dropped my index figure into her navel as a part of checking the area close to that region. Reena closed her eyes and often she shake and lifted her butt from the table. ’”Ok Reena get up and now you can dress’”
I went to the seat and wrote the prescription. She came back after a minute. ”Reena you should buy these medicines from outside, these are antibiotics , take it for three days “ Reena now dressed perfectly .
”Reena now loose your saree and skirt for a injection on your buttocks”
“No no doctor, I hate needles , pills is enough, no no injection” she cried
“Sorry Reena ,it is a antibiotic shot much needed to you for a quick relief. Come with me” I entered in the injection room. Reena stood near the door, “ Doctor I can take the injection, but not in the buttocks, If it is in the arm I am ready” she told it on a crying stage“It is a very painful one, Reena cannot bear the pain in arms, you are so soft, so why I am giving it in your back, come come and lie on the table”
I already prepared the syringe and it is filled with the thick medicine. Reena was in two mind and at last she came in
“Doctor I am not a child, I heard that the small children will be injected in butts “
“You are also a little child Reena, come and lie” I joked
“Remove the pin from the saree that is stapled with your blouse and skirt.” She did, “now take out the frills outside and lie down” she took out the frill outside and lied on the side way against me. I pulled down the saree downwards , as it is fully loosed moved quickly .She was now with a maroon skirt on the bed .I told her to loose the skirt strap , when it is loosed pulled the skirt also downwards. The buttocks were like a polished foot ball and safely within the panties. ”Reena just lift your butt’” when she lifted it I pulled down the skirt to the level of knee and she was simply on the black panties.
“Reena now I am going to drop your panties …”before completing it I dropped the panties. The right buttocks muscle shacked when it got free from the panties. It was a creamy buttocks, full of flush, round shaped, can beat a high class sponge –so soft. There were few pimples and moles on her butt . She used an silver waist chain around the hip. The mark of her skirt strap can be clearly visible at the hipand some stretch marks on the buttocks top side As it is a big buttocks I already took the 2.5” needle to give a perfect injection.Reena accidentally turned and saw the needle , She screamed, I told her it is for your sake and for reaching the medicine right deep in the muscle this needle is essential. Turn that side and close your eyes,
I gently rubbed her entire butt,as a way to check the spot
,as the panties were almost down the buttock canal can clearly be seen with some dark hair from inside it . I selected the injection spot on the ghee buttocks and cleaned with the cotton.’ get ready Reena’
Then give the push, the needle entered into the butt like in a banana. “Is it paining “I asked ,”no” she replied, but when the medicine begins to flow she begin to groan .”Ah..ah “she cried “take it take it “
, after nearly a minute I took the syringe out of her butt. Before I begin to rub that area she rubbed heavily, so much was the pain, the butt turned red when she begins to rub.
As she was rubbing continuously I took a long thermometer from the tray” Reena I am still in doubt about your temperature, any way I need an accurate result. This position is easier for a rectal reading,”
Reena quickly getup from the bed, but I hold her shoulder firmly from getting up ”It will give the exact reading, if there is temperature you need attention for the same, so calm down , it will not pain like an injection “She was not interested in it, but on the same time not liked to hesitate me. Looked me with a smile on eyes and lie on the bed
I took the Vaseline bottle, lubricated the thermometer, then came close to her, rubbed the lower part of her right butt gently and gave a painless spanking, then slowly lifted the right butt to widen the butt gap, the small pink hole was slightly seen , using two fingers spreaded each butt to get the good view of the hole. Her pussy split also widened , reveals some reddish colour inside and something like onion slices

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There were a little Vaseline at the end of the thermometer, I pasted it in the side of ass hole and slowly inserted it in the ass hole to get a perfect lubrication Her ass hole was trembling, and whenever I touch there she was tightening and releasing the hole. Slowly, slowly I inserted it inside her butt hole, there was a feable ah..ah..voice from Reena at the beginning .Now the thermometer entered about two inch deep and I gently touched her pussy. Oh, like a flash she lifted her butt at least two feet from the table in the air, used this opportunitie pushed the thermometer almost fully into the hole.” Ok Reena it is ok, lie on the bed” Reena slowly lied on the bed but this time she tightened both her thighs without giving a gap by preventing me from seeing anything, only the tip of the thermometer was visible in the gap. ”Reena if you nee you can lift your panties now” I told and she did it as quick as possible.
I went away from there and came back after a minute. ”Let us look Reena” and without her permission I hold both the side of her panties and slided down it upto the knees, where upto her saree and skirt is already moved. Reena spreaded her leg to make easy for taking out, but I twisted the thermometer within the butt hole, Ahhaha…she made the noise ,and I further pushed the thermometer more half inch to the butt.” Let it be there for one more minute”
That made her sexually motivated. The smooth polished butt turned to rough by dots like Prickly heats. It was an enjoyable scene, as she is a beautician she kept her entire body perfectly, with smooth structure. I made pity with her husband who misses such a wonderful one for the last 2 years.
“Reena , now loose the butt” and I took out the thermometer as slow as possible by twisting it , for every twisting her entire body was jerked and al last the thermometer came out from the hole” Is it paining,” “no” she got up the bed by and was trying to lift the pantie, while the thermometer shows an reading close to 100. I told ‘Yes it came true , you have slight temperature Reena , and it has to be brought down quickly. So get ready for another injection, the flu shot, lie down again , this is also in the buttocks,”.
When I came with the injection Reena was on the bed as in the early position. ”Turn this side Reena, this is on your other buttocks the left one. “Reena turned towards me, and first time I could see clearly her dark pussy hairs. It was gently dancing in the wind of the ceiling fan. I cleaned the left entire butt with spirit and asked her “who is your worshiper” “Shiva” she told” remember him in mind and close your eyes. There was a small black mole on the middle of the plump ass and I selected the spot for the shot. She was covering her pussy with the left hand “Can you take the hand away?, hold it in the side of the table” I told. Slowly pricked the needle in to the ass and with a small hesitation it disappears in the butt. The entire 2.5” entered in the butt and then slowly I pushed the piston of the syringe.
I watched her thighs , it was like the marble pillars, without any shrink or dirty, the hair on the thighs were also dancing in the wind of fan. I looked the pussy, the black hairs are neatly cut
and trimmed. Smile came in my face and looked her, she was watching me what I am doing, and when I looked her she took away her eyes, but her face expression gives she is getting very much pain. I placed my right hand now on the deep of the butt split and with two fingers made a rhythm just above the pussy. There were no hesitation from her. She lifted her head to see whether the injection is over, but the syringe was exactly on the mid of the plump ass she could not see it, and the mean time the shot was over and took out the needle.
I applied the thrompophob gel on her butt to massage it. Squeezed the cream directly to her butt and slowly massaged from top to bottom, holding the other hand close to the pussy.
“Will you use anything on your butt” I asked
“I use creams and oils daily doctor “
“Excellent” I applied some gel on the other butt where the first injection takes. ,now using both hand rubbed both buttocks and squeezed it particularly at the lower muscle
“Ok Reena now you can get up and dress’ I moved away from the room
After few minutes she came out the room like an angel. Was rubbing the injection spot over the saree. I looked her without closing my eyes. She smiled and asked “What is your fee, doctor” she opened the handbag
“It is free to you Reena this time, my first service to any patient is free” I lied
She tried to give the fee , but I rejected and asked “Will you come again for consultation”
“No no never doctor” she walked towards the door and opened it , then turns towards me with a smiled lips and twinkling eyes .
That eyes told me -Yes doctor , you can you can…. expect me at any time ….

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I went to a hospital yesterday. As I have injection fetish, I went
to the Injection Room to peek. The Nurse was preparing injection,
There were about 5 people, 3 female and 2 males for injections.

The nurse was really cute, but very dominating, like you see in the
Movie, "Kyon ki..."

I started getting the bulge, as she was preparing the Pencillin
injection, she sucked in 6 cc, the injection has to be given to a
middle aged lady, she was looking quite stylish, wearing saree, she
already knows that she has to get the injection to her bottom, she
was smiling with embarassment, she is shy, the nurse asked her to
take the injection, and this lady started loosening her saree around
waist, and she went to the Injection table, which is having a metal
Frame with Green Cloth. The lady was removing her saree steps, I
had only partial view, she then pulled her saree down to expose her
curve, and ber buttock, she was smooth, white, silky and saucy, she
got up the Steps at the Injection Bench, and was laying by her side,
her head facing away from the nurse, the nurse told her that the
shot is painful, and she rubbed her buttock with cotton, and pushed
the needle in, she was pushing the medicine for a long time, I had a
full bulge, I was watching this through the opening in the screen,

I saw when the needle was pulled out, there was slight oozing of
blood, and the nurse pushed the spot with the cotton very hard.

The lady held the cotton with her hand and she got up, and she was
looking very week, and very very faint. she recovered and started
re-wearing her saree. Her relative(another lady) came inside, and
she wanted to rub her, it looks like her husband also went inside,
and all the three left, and we were only 1 male and 1 female in the
room, the Nurse saw me, I did not have any papers to show that I am
going to get the injection, she would have probably thought that I
am relative of one of the injectionee.

The next injection was for the man. She took his papers, she
prepared a colourless injection, and gave it to him on his shoulder
very quickly.

I was feeling very guilty, as that person also left. only me and
the other lady, she was wearing salwar kameez. her injection was in
Yellow colour. she wanted to take her injection to her buttocks.
She saw me and she was hesitating. I was staring at her, the nurse
does not have any idea, what for I was waiting there.

The lady asked the nurse where she is supposed to take the
injection, the nurse replied anywhere on the deltoid or on the
buttock is OK, the lady asked that question only because I was
standing there. but she decided to take the injection in her
buttock, and she was not insisting that she has to take it on the
Injection bench. She simply lifted her kameez and pulled the string
of the nada to loosen her pajama, and she pulled the pajama down,
with minimum exposure to me. I was standing not even 1 feet away
from her, and the nurse, gave her the shot. It was not too painful,
still the lady was standing holding her pajama with one hand and
holding the Cotton with the other hand. she was slowly rubbing.

Immediately the nurse asked me if I too have injection, I did not
respond, she thought that I came along with the lady. she turned
around and cleaned the work place and she sat on her chair. there
was no body else left for injection.

The lady was eventhough not too good looking by her face, had a
fantastic structure, and big buttocks and small waist. I was lusty,
and the nurse was watching me. the lady slowly pulled the string of
her pajama, and rubbed the spot once and was walking out of the
room, I followed her out.

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