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Old 10th September 2009
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2 hot punjabi bhabhi fucking

Fucking hot Punjabi bhabhi 2

As soon as I receive massage that mother of my students want me to give extra tuition to her children on Sunday evening I understood the exact situation and had a good bath, give special attention on my dick and cleaned extra pubic hair, as my lovelady like some hair on upperside of dick but balls and dick should be totally cleaned.
Spray some Lavender talc on body and started for her house. As expected there was nobody in the whole big house except my lady. My dick immediately start rising in anticipation of forthcoming adventure but I did not show haste and pretend as if I have come only on her call to give tuition to children.
So I asked about children and servant first so as to make sure that there is nobody else in the house. She gives me a naughty smile and said children are playing in ground and will be back in few minutes with servant. My semi-erect dick immediately lowered its position. My heart sinks, she might be right,
as her children were actually poor in studies and she might have actually want me to give tuition to her children on that day. So leaving it to fate and in bad mood I asked her to call her children soon otherwise I have to attend other works also on that day. Sensing my changed mood she walks slowly towards me and put her hot lips on my lips and give me a warm hug.
Her boobs pressed against my chest. I could feel her erect nipples. I pretend not to respond but her hot breath melt me in seconds and I responded with smooching her lips with my lips. After few minutes we disengaged and she tried to overcome her loosing breaths. Then she hold my hand and we proceeded towards her bedroom.
But I stopped her and asked about the real situation, because I did not want to take risk. She explained that there is nobody in the whole house as children and their father had gone for movie and she had sent her servant for two days leave. As the family lives a lavish life, there was not worry for her to prepare food or wash clothes etc.
She was totally free on that evening and whole time was for me to enjoy my first fuck. She was aware that it is my first time, therefore she takes her own time and ask me if I want some tea or juice. But I was in hurry to taste her love juice first rather than tea or lichi juice etc. So I grabbed her hand and dragged her towards big bed.
In this process some of her bangles broke and there was some blood on her wrist. I just put her wrist in my mouth and tried to stopped the oozing blood drops. I started from her wrist but her smooth arm increase my pressure in my pant and I kissed her hand upwards. I put my one hand on one of her boobs and pressed it, she sighed ohhhhhhhh……….,
suddenly I kissed her lips, neck and behind her ear. She gone mad and hugged me badly. She murmmed Raj, it was you in need but now I think that it is my need first then yours. She put her hand on my dick (still under pant) and squeezed it badly that it hurts. I was not aware about female psychology and I continued with my venture of kissing on her body parts.
I thought her husband (a drunk) was not doing this to her as she was moaning ahhhhhh……..ohhhhh…….ummmhhh…….. badly on my each kiss. In the process I simply opened her salwar and inserted my hand in as usual. She was totally clean down there and I massaged rose petals of her pussy.
As soon as I rubbed my finger on her ‘G’ point, she gone mad and pressed me against her boobs. Now our old game of finger fucking start again. She screamed ohhhhhhh…….rajjjjjjjjj…… nooohhhhhhh…..I grabbed her boobs from inside of her kameez and put my whole palm on one of her boob.
Her pussy was now flooding with water and as I increased my finger fucking she arched her body and moaned ohhhhhhhhhhh …raaaaaaaajjj…… yesssssssss and kissed me badly. From my earlier experience I understood that she has finished. She gives a sexy looks with soft kiss as if she wants to thanks me. But my part of enjoyment was still missing.
So was now fully prepared to do anything for me and we slowly lay down on her cozy bed. I was lying down and she sit on my belly and start kissing my lips and start downwards but as I was in full clothes so she stood up and unbutton my shirt and pull off my remaining clothes. I was totally naked and there is no need to say that my dick was fully erect in 90 degree angle in just few touch of her smooth hands.
She smiled and lowered her mouth on my dick. I shivered as soon as she put her lips on head of my dick. Slowly she increased her movements and half of my length was in her mouth. Her up and down movements of mouth with soft lips on dick skin was making me mad and I start moan ohh….. bhahi….. plzz…… take it whole in your mouth.
She known the tactics and my dick head was now touching her soft wet skin of her throat. Her hair on my belly was also giving me extra pleasure. My moaning increased with her speed of mouth and I screamed oh….. ahhhh…. Ummmhhhh…….. and tried to push more my dick in her mouth but there is always a limit.
After five minutes I felt my blood rushing towards my tip so I tried to push her head away as I don’t want to spoil her mouth but she resisted it and just once poping out my dick from her mouth she said its O.K. Raj you can do in my mouth and she again started with her act.
I was in seventh sky and push more inside her mouth and cried loudly as my cum lost its control and rushed towards tip ohhh….. ahhhhhhhh…….. yesss…. I and shot my fluid in her mouth. First it chocked her but she did not swallow it keeps on sucking my dick which was still semi-erect. My cum flowed back from her mouth to my shaft then on my balls.
She stood up and bring one towel to clean me up and her mouth. I was exhausted. I tried to put my clothes but she stopped me and said that it was her fantasy to move around in house with nude man. I said for this a nude woman company will double your enjoy. She said ok and start undressing herself. I said please allow me.
She smiled and I slowly start removing her clothes, kissing her on every part of her nude body part. She was also totally naked and again on heat. I put forward my desire of hot tea, so she moved towards her kitchen totally naked, my God her ass was making me mad and her swinging boobs were marvelous. She asked me to help her in kitchen.
Friends you can just imagine the scène. She and me totally naked roaming around in kitchen. As she put pot on burner I was standing behind her and my dick touching her nude bum. My dick start rising and as it touched her back hole, she felt it and pressed herself backwards towards my dick. I fondled her boobs with my hand and put one of my finger in her pussy.
It was terrific scene. Water was boiling on gas stove so do our emotions. As now I cannot wait longer to fuck hard in her pussy. So I turned off gas and turned her face towards me. She gives me strange look but she can understand my position. I pick her up and placed on the corner of big clean kitchen marble slab. I start kissing her boobs. Rub my tongue on her nipples.
She pressed my head on her boobs. I slowly moved downwards kissing between her boobs, belly, navel and upto upper portion of her pussy. To be very frank with you friends I personally don’t like putting mouth on internal parts of pussy. Any how my lady was totally mad with my kissing and was pulling my hair and screaming umhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh….
and with one touch on her G point made her crazy and she said don’t wait now Raj just fuck me with your dick. My dreams of fucking her bed set asides as I put my fully erect dick on the mouth of her pussy and pushed my dick head in her pussy. First kiss of my dick with any pussy. I want to feel it more so I keep it there for some time.
But she was on fire so she put her hand on my buttocks and pushed my more inside her. My dick slides deep inside her pussy like hot knife on butter. Oh God first time in my life my dick was finally fully inside a lady pussy. We hugged together without moving and I can feel her heart beat against my chest. She mummer in my ear, fuckkkk…… me now. I start my strokes.
First with slow speed and gradually increased my thrust. She was lying on marble slab and her white body against black marble was looking like pearl, her boobs was moving in round circles with my thrust ummmmh……. Ahhhhhh…. Ohhh…….fuck me hard Raaajjjjjjjjj……….., fuck me hard ahhhhhh…. Umhhhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhhh……..
friends this was totally different then my masturbation. I knew that I cannot stay longer because of my imaginations so I increased my speed and I can feel water flowing from her wet pussy. Ohhhhhhhhh………. she suddenly grab me from my hands and arched her body and cum hard then after few seconds he loose her grip.
She now lay quietly and I continued with my trip. Within one minute she again humping with me to finish me fast. Ohhhhhhh…….ahhhhhhhh…….. umhhhhh… we both were now moaning badly and our voice was echoing in kitchen. My cum was now rushing towards my tip so I slowed down to ask whether I can discharge inside her or not.
She said just don’t stop and fill me with your cum. This increased my heart beat as for the first time I was to shot inside a lady. Yessss...... yess…….rajjj….faster…yess…..she was screaming and Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. I hugged her tightly and without any further warning I shot my load inside her wet pussy.
One,two, three, four, five and I lost count how many time I shot inside her. Ummmmmhhhh…… we both sighed when I stop shooting with cum. I cannot stand now and my dick simply slipped from her dripping pussy. She gives me smile and gentle kiss on my lips. Happy ? she asked. I have no answer how to thank this lady who made me man from a novice boy.
She stood up and hugged me and said that it is her first best fuck she has ever had. Two hours passed and it was 8.30 of night in clock. We got dressed and kissed. But before leaving I reminded her of my wish to fuck her on bed from both side. She smiled and said now you are not novice, you can drive in from any side. I started for my house completely satisfied with dreams of my next fuck.

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Old 10th September 2009
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Old 10th September 2009
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