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devil_iblis is beginning to get noticed

I wanted glamorous and sexy pictures of my wife while she was still beautiful. We connected with Kim, a professional photographer, and a picture session was arranged.
I was attending a conference in L. A. and this time my wife Linda was accompanying me. Usually she preferred to stay at home, but this time she wanted to come along, and enjoy the sun and pool in late spring. It was delightful, and we enjoyed some great eating as well as some pool time when the meeting ended each day, which was early afternoon.
On one occasion, there were two women sitting next to us, and we became acquainted with them. It developed that Kim, the slightly older woman, was a photographer, and Gail was her assistant. They had privileges at the hotel pool, and would take advantage of this when they finished work for the day.
I said that Linda and I had often talked about having a professional photographer take a number of pictures of her; pictures that we could enjoy in later years. She was a beautiful woman, and I wanted to capture her beauty, but the ones that I had taken never did her justice. Besides the usual pictures of her in a dress or swim suit, I wanted some sexy shots of her in some of the attractive lingerie that she liked to wear, or some nude pictures, but she was reluctant, perhaps being embarrassed if some one else saw her photos.
Just then my wife was coming out of the pool to join us, and Kim remarked that she was quite lovely, and indeed she was. She was very attractive, with a charming face and a fine body, slightly larger than the usual model, but with lovely firm breasts, a curved waist, rounded hips, and long beautiful tapered legs. I especially liked her hips and ass, and never tired of caressing them.
I asked Kim what type of photography she did, and Kim said mostly fashion, almost exclusively women, and she did models in all manner of attire, including dresses, sports clothes and lingerie, depending on what the various editors wanted. At this time Linda was listening to our conversation.
After looking at Linda, I asked Kim if she could do some professional photos of my wife. Kim hesitated, and then said she might be able to work her into her schedule, so I asked how much it would cost. She quoted some rates that were not in my price range, and I said her rates would be too expensive. Then Kim appraised my wife again, and then said she could do it if we signed off on the pictures, saying it was possible that she might interest one of the publishers in a picture or two.
I was very enthusiastic, and I asked Linda if that would be all right. Linda was reluctant, but I persisted, and finally Linda agreed. Kim said that she could do some shots the next evening after her regular schedule was completed. Then she said that she was not going to supply the clothing for the shooting, and she suggested that we look over the clothes and lingerie that she had with her, and shop for additional items. Linda protested about the lingerie, but I said that I would love to have some tasteful shots of her in some lovely underwear. Kim said she would look good in some lacy and shear lingerie. We then parted, and agreed to meet in Kim's studio the next the next evening at seven.
That night we looked over Linda's clothes and lingerie, and decided to shop in the morning. We purchased a couple of dresses, short skirts and blouses and of course some very attractive lingerie. We bought sheer slips, camisoles, sheer lacy panties, both regular and open legged in pink, beige and white. Also, some sheer stockings and garter belts. She had some misgivings about the shoot, but I reassured her again.
We arrived at Kim's studio, and Gail answered the door, escorting us in, seating us and soon Kim appeared. She sorted through the clothing that we brought, and nodded approval, especially at our lingerie choices. Then Kim introduced us to another female assistant, and also a male helper. Kim said the two women would pose Linda, and the man, Karl, would help with the lighting and some camera work. Kim had another male helper who did some camera work and some developing.
Linda was nervous with all these people, especially the men, but Kim reassured her that they were needed, and were very professional. However, Linda was still apprehensive, so everything was halted while one of the men fixed some cocktails, the object of course was to get Linda relaxed in preparation for the shoot. Well, after another cocktail was served and consumed, the women then took Linda behind a dressing screen and worked with her on clothing. The men busied themselves with the camera and the lighting, the placement of a sofa, and some props.
Finally, everyone was ready, and they posed Linda, now in a short black dress, in various positions, and began the shooting. They did several shots, the women eventually raising her dress to expose more and more leg. Next were some shots with her shorter skirts and low blouses to expose her upper breasts. When the women wanted to expose even more leg, so as to show all of her sheer stockings and straps of her garter belt, Linda blushed, protesting some. Well, shooting was halted, and more cocktails were consumed. Linda was now definitely more relaxed and shooting was again resumed.
Now the girls were posing her more suggestively, showing her lovely stocking clad legs up to her sheer panties. Then Kim said it was time to do some lingerie shots, so she was taken behind the screen again, and now it was a sheer camisole top, sheer lacy half slip with her nylon panties visible, still with sheer stockings and garter belt. Linda was blushing again when she was aware of the men looking at her. It appeared to be time for another drink, and soon after Linda was even more relaxed.
As she was being posed in her lingerie, she was looking incredibly sexy, and even though she was my wife, I was becoming aroused. Kim continued shooting as more and more of her body was exposed. The girls managed to make her look incredibly erotic as they posed her with her legs spread some, her camisole lowered slightly, beginning to expose her breasts, and soon pictures of her with her slip pulled above her waist, the sheer panties failing to hide the brown hair of her cunt.
The women soon had her changed into pink lingerie, half- slip and panties and camisole. This time her panties had wide legs, and was very arousing. Just as the women wanted to put her in further erotic poses, Linda looked at me for guidance and I said it was all right to continue. Then when Gail and her assistant wanted to expose her body more, my wife rebelled. Kim and I tried to reassure her so we could continue, but she did not want to have nude photos.
Then it didn't take more than another drink, before she became compliant, but not before she said that it would be up to me if she was to continue, and I said yes, that these were great shots.
Soon her panties were lowered, exposing her cunt to all of us, her slip then bunched around her waist, more photos, and then her camisole pulled up to expose her lovely firm breasts. Kim said these were going to be great, as she continued clicking her camera, and I saw that she also had a camcorder going. These poses were much more erotic then if she was totally naked. I was even more aroused observing the effect she was having on the men, and even the girls, and Kim seemed to be enjoying the spectacle of my now compliant wife, her resistance almost overcome, and I noticed that Linda was now flushed, and appeared to be aroused.
After another change of underwear Kim wanted her posed in even more erotic positions. When Linda began to protest we took a break, and we all had another drink. It was clear at this point that Linda was certainly feeling the effects of her drink, but still would not continue unless I agreed, which I did, thinking that there was not much more in the way of erotic poses that we could imagine.
Subsequently I was proved wrong as Kim raised the shooting to another level. My wife was placed in one erotic pose after another, her legs spread and her cunt exposed, which now appeared quite moist, gaping slightly, the lips puffy and red. It was clear that Linda was now aroused also, and the men appeared to be enjoying the view, as they adjusted lights and camera. Kim noticed my arousal and smiled, and I think that I was more excited with the women and men watching my wife, now being displaying lewdly.
The women then took Linda behind the screen, but we could easily see them as they selected very sheer lacy white lingerie, beginning with a white garter belt and sheer white stockings. Next, lacy white panties were added, very sexy with open legs, followed by a short half-slip and a sheer lacy camisole. They were very sheer, and did little to hide her lovely body. After a few routine, and very sexy poses, she was placed on a large flat sofa on her hands and knees.
Then Gail removed the headband that Linda was wearing, allowing her long hair to cascade over her shoulders. Kim directed some more photos, and then asked the girls to pose her again.
Working together the girls pressed her head and shoulders to the sofa, sliding her camisole up so that here lovely firm breasts hung down unfettered. At Kim's direction they lifted her slip up so that it fell from her waist, and then they slid her panties down her thighs till they were at the tops of her stockings, her garter straps stretched over her buttocks. She couldn't have been more erotically exposed, and my cock responded, becoming even firmer. Then Gail and Carol moved her thighs apart, keeping her head and shoulders down. Her spread thighs and her lovely rounded ass invitingly in the air completed the erotic picture. In this position we saw her pink and moist cunt beginning to gape more, shiny with her moistness. Linda was flushed, embarrassed in this position. She looked at me and I nodded, reassuring her.
Then events took an unexpected turn. Kim turned to me and asked if she could introduce a man into the picture. I asked what she meant, and she said that she wanted one of the men to stand beside my wife in a robe as if he was going to seduce her. Kim said he wouldn't do anything that I did not want him to, only the poses that we would allow. Kim said that it would add a more sexual dimension. Linda looked at me for guidance, and I said that we should try it, and that we could stop at any time. I was very interested in what would transpire and it was clear now that Linda had handed control of the session to me, and it was also clear that Linda was very much aroused, her body flushed and tremulous, but I think that she was embarrassed at her arousal.
After it was agreed to try it, Karl came in from a side room, clad only in a robe. Gail posed him next to my wife as more pictures were taken, Steve working the cameras and the lighting. When Gail asked if Karl could remove his robe, I agreed, and then Carol removed it. He was well built, but what most impressive was his cock, which was very large, even in his softened state.
It did not stay soft long as Gail grasped his cock, stroking and caressing it. That in combination with the sensuous sight of my wife, her ass lifted invitingly in front of him, immediately produced an erection of significant proportions, his cock now very long and very thick, with a large bulbous head, quite reddened. The girls eyes were shining with little disguised excitement.
I was sitting in a chair beside Kim, and she said "quite impressive." That was definitely an understatement. Linda's glimpsed his cock, and her eyes widened in disbelief. I had always felt that most men were pretty similar in size but this was an exception.
As soon as this sight was captured on camera, his cock almost touching her thigh, Kim asked if Karl could just touch the tip of his cock to her cunt, saying it would make a great pose. I thought that would be alright, so Gail directed his cock till the tip was just touching the moist red lips of her cunt, Linda flinching as she felt him. The girls were still holding her thighs apart, her knees at the edge of the sofa, her cunt on a level with his rigid cock.
After this was filmed, Linda asked if Karl could put just the tip of his cock inside the lips of her cunt. I hesitated, but the scene was so erotic that I finally agreed. Karl moved forward with Gail holding and directing his cock between the lips of her cunt, spreading the swollen lips some as half the head of his cock pressed into her, my wife moaning at the intrusion. I was incredibly aroused by this scene, but felt that I couldn't let this go on much longer.
However, Kim asked if he could just put the head of his cock into her, and I looked at my wife's flushed face, and in a small voice she said "It's up to you." Kim urged us on, saying it would be a memorable picture, so I agreed, thinking after that we would be finished. Then Karl moistened the end of his cock with her juices, and then started slowly pushing into my wife, the lips of her cunt stretching, now spreading more, my wife beginning to feel the pressure of his entry, and groaning.
Karl was now gripping her hips to hold her steady as he now pushed more firmly, and with a hoarse cry from my wife the head of his cock stretched her cunt fully as he entered her, her body jerking at the invasion. The scene was mesmerizing, and I was wildly excited, and clearly the girls were also aroused, seeing this stud with the head of his cock inside her cunt. I could not believe that I could be so aroused by watching this happen to my wife.
As new pictures were taken, I said, "Maybe we should call a halt to the session." I was concerned about allowing any further invasion of my wife's cunt.
Kim said "well, we could stop here, but I think we could still get some great shots if we let Karl push in a little further. You will have some great pictures to view in the future. I looked at my wife, flushed, tremulous, moaning some with the head of his cock inside her cunt. Against my better judgment, I said we could do a little more, so Kim told Karl to push in a little further. Moving back and forth a little, this stud gradually buried more and more of his cock into her, my wife groaning as she felt herself being stretched even more by his shaft. Holding her hips, he stopped with half of his cock in her while the photo session continued.
At this point Kim said, "Why don't we just let him push his cock all the way in since we have gone this far. " It was clear that my trembling, aroused wife was defenseless, and I was loosing control also, so I said, "yes, go ahead." Then the girls pushed her panties down to her knees, as Karl, gripping her hips firmly, pushed fully into my helpless wife. She cried out as she was fully stretched and impaled on his cock, crying out again as he gave little short jabs deep in her cunt.
Looking at this erotic scene, I couldn't believe that things had gone this far, that step by step our resistance had melted to the point where my wife, on her hands and knees, now had a strangers cock fully into her cunt.
Now, without asking my permission, Kim told Karl to move his cock back and forth in her cunt a few times to get his cock shiny with her juices. Karl obliged, to my wife's moaning, and more pictures were taken. Then Kim said, "Start thrusting into her faster. " Karl needed no further instruction, and he began fucking my wife with steady long strokes, soon fucking her faster and more powerfully as he continued holding her ass in the air.
Her body was jerking to each thrust and her breasts were swaying erotically. She was groaning and crying out continually now at the pounding she was receiving by this stud. I couldn't believe that this photo shoot had progressed to the point where he was now actively fucking my wife.
I was speechless, caught up in this scene, and as helpless as my wife was, as she was responding now, her cries louder now as Karl continued thrusting into her, till finally she was overwhelmed by an orgasm that shook her body again and again. He held her with his cock fully in her till her climax subsided. Then he slowly began thrusting into her again, in spite of her protests, as he continued fucking her, relishing her helplessness and surrender. The others were thrilled at what transpired as Karl continued punishing her with his cock, till finally she cried out as she was in the throes of another orgasm. At this time Karl groaned, as he fully impaled her again, and began spurting into my wife. He finally withdrew, leaving her cunt gaping and reddened with their juices seeping from her cunt.
He then released my wife and she collapsed on the couch. She began sobbing softly, tears on her cheeks, hardly believing that she had yielded to this stud and been taken by him and responding as she had done, especially in front of this audience which clearly enjoyed her seduction. I was angry with myself for being part of this scene, but I was too aroused to intervene. I could not believe how excited I was watching this stud thoroughly fucking my wife, watching his cock pistoning in and out of her defenseless cunt, stretched widely by his penetration.
I thought everything was over, but it wasn't, as the girls now rolled my wife on to her back and then pulled her panties and camisole off, leaving her naked except for her garter belt and stockings. She started to struggle and I said, "No more." As I started towards my wife Karl blocked me, and it was clear now that they were preparing my wife to get fucked again, this time by Steve, the other man. He stripped and approached my wife, who was now crying as he came near, his cock erect. With one of the girls on each side her legs were pulled open and her shoulders were held down, as Steve got between her outstretched thighs, directing his cock at her moist open cunt.
He then penetrated her, easily sliding deep into her, then steadily thrusting into her for a very long time. The girls did not need to hold her legs open now.
She stopped sobbing, and she was now responding to him, her hips moving some, and then folding her legs over his thighs, spreading herself even wider for him, till finally she gave a shrill cry as her orgasm was full upon her. Then Steve groaned as he gripped her ass tightly, erupting into her, spurting again and again.
My wife just lay there on her back after this stud was through with her, herlegs spread wide, juices again draining from her stretched cunt. I realized that all that had happened had been captured on film, to be used how? Finally I got my tearful wife dressed, and we prepared to leave.
We clearly had been set up, and I was angry now at how we had been used, taken step by step to the point where my wife was thoroughly fucked, and my unexpected arousal watching these studs working on my wife. I knew that I wouldn't soon forget the sight of those cocks penetrating her and thrusting into her, my wife helpless, surrendering to these studs, her legs and thighs lifted into the air as she climaxed. The sight of her lying spread-eagled when they had finished with her, and observing her wet widely stretched cunt was a sight I would long remember.
They were all smiling as we left, knowing we could never take any legal action. We were totally humiliated. There were tears again on my wife's face as we were driving back to our hotel, remorse at the way her body betrayed her. She looked at me and said, "You were excited weren't you? Watching your own wife being fucked liked that. You could have stopped them. You just let them do it to me. "
I said, "It was so erotic the way they seduced you, that I was so caught up in it I couldn't stop them. Besides, it was clear that you really enjoyed the way they fucked you."
She was still tearful and said, "I couldn't stop them, it got to the point where I was helpless. And besides, maybe now I will let some more studs fuck me since you enjoyed it so much. It seemed that you like being a cuckold."

<--------------THE END-------------->

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This was a story that I never thought would have happened in a million years. My wife, Cindy, and I had been married for five years and took an anniversary vacation to Jamaica. We had been planning it for 6 months and were both extremely excited about being able to get away from the day-to-day tasks.

My wife is a wonderful mother of our 3 year-old daughter. She is very beautiful both in her looks as well as her out going personality. Many of my friends have commented openly that they are jealous that I have a wife with such attractive features and fun loving approach to life.

She is 5 feet 4 inches tall with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. Nice size breasts, not to large but perfect for her body. She is very conservative though and would never wear anything that was overly daring. She rarely wears a skirt, and when she does, they are always about knee length. She would never go out in public without a bra and has only done so a few times around the house.

For this trip I told her that I would handle most of the details of packing, reservations, etc., so she would not have to worry about it. She gladly accepted the offer. She picked out the clothes she wanted and left them on the bed for me to pack while she was putting our daughter to sleep and finishing other last minute details. I did the rest of the packing, gathered the plane tickets, etc.

As a surprise, I had bought all new under garments for her from Victoria's Secrets for the trip. No G-strings or any thing like that, but all lacy things and many of them somewhat or very transparent. Clothes that she would normally never buy for herself but that I felt she would enjoy. I also bought her two new swimsuits. One was kind of a standard bikini but very cute. Made more of a silk material where she usually buys one- piece cotton swimsuits.

I bought a second bikini that was a three triangle silk material bikini. It had ties at the hips and a tie at the neck. I debated a long time on getting it because I did not want her to end up wearing one suit all week, or shopping for another one while we where there. I finally said what the heck and got it.

I laid out the clothes for her that morning and she noticed the new clothes commenting on how lacy they were, gave me a quick kiss, and thanked me for the thoughtfulness of getting the vacation started. We took our daughter to her grandmothers for the week and headed to the airport. The flight was great and we really seemed to relax immediately. The place where we were staying was a series of individual units with a main area that housed the restaurant, pool, etc. They had been recommended by friends of ours and really offered much needed peace and quiet.

We walked the beach and just looked around the first day enjoying the area. It was all that we had hoped. My wife headed up to get a shower and I got more information from the lobby. I noticed an offer to get massages and inquired. I found the cost very reasonable. They offered single sessions or packages for multiple days. I went ahead and bought a package that would get Cindy a one hour massage every day we where there at 2:00 in the afternoon.

They would bring the table to the room and everything at 1:45 to set it up. They recommended the afternoon session because the beach gets very hot for the average traveler that is not used to the sun. When I got back to the room, both of us were fairly tired, so we kind of just cuddled and fell a sleep in each others arms.

The first morning, I showed her the swimsuits and she was excited but kind of uncomfortable that I had not thrown in even one of her one-piece suits. She looked a little bit leery of the three-triangle suit as she held it, but genuinely seemed happy at the surprise and that I had taken the time. We both put lotion on in the room and headed toward the beach. When we got to the beach and got settled, we both loved the view and were so excited to have several days just for us.

I told her about the massage sessions and she said that she did not know if she would like having another girl rubbing oil on her skin. She tried to kind of back out, but after talking about it and remembering a couple of her friends telling her that they had one before, she said it would be OK to try. We did the usual lazy beach stuff and had fun rubbing suntan lotion on each other. We headed back to the room and ordered lunch. At 1:30 I told her I would take off and walk the beach and that the girl doing the massage would bring the table to the room at 1:45.

My wife seemed to relax, when she knew I was not going to be there. I left and started toward the beach but realized I had not brought the sun tan lotion. I headed back and started to open the screen door on the deck located on the back of the unit when I suddenly saw a large very muscular black man setting up a massage table in our room. I could hear the conversation through the screen door and my head was kind of spinning in confusion. I had not even thought about a man doing the massage on my wife.

I could tell Cindy was really caught off guard as well because he was going through his normal routine of asking about anything that hurt, etc. I thought she was going to tell him that she had changed her mind, by the questions she was asking and the way she was acting. When he had finished setting up the table, he asked what she wanted to wear during the massage. Cindy paused for a long time, and then asked what most people wear.

He indicated that it just depended, some swimsuits, some undergarments, some people want a towel only and some do it nude. He indicated that any way was fine, but that the oil can get on clothes. He said the oil was similar to suntan oils. He also said that he would only massage the exposed skin and that any motion could be stopped at any time if it hurt or was uncomfortable.

She paused again and then quietly said that she would stay in her swimsuit. My wife laid-down on the table face down and he began the massage. I could not believe I was watching this. The living area of the unit was kind of sunken down, so I was 5-6 feet above the table giving me a great view. My wife was really tense as he went over her body. He was very professional but I was still excited by the site.

He did ask if she wanted the straps off her shoulders when he did them and she moved them off to the side of her arms. She flipped over and he did the front. She moved the straps off to her arms again and he did the rest of her. It was like he followed the edge of her swimsuit never touching it. It was still exciting when he was doing her upper thighs and coming so close yet not touching her intimate areas.

At the end he took her arms and kind of stretched them across her body and then in a circle. Then he stretched her legs, having her move her hips down to the end of the table. He stood at the end of the table, bent her leg up toward her chest, rotated it out and around really spreading her legs, which gave me a good view of her swimsuit bottom.

It excited me to know he was seeing her spread like that. Well, he packed up and I took off back toward the beach. I was filled with excitement that I really did not understand but liked. When I returned about 30 minutes later. She seemed normal and had just gotten out of the shower and finished getting dressed for dinner.

I asked her how she had enjoyed the massage and if the girl was good. She said that she enjoyed it very much but gave no indication as to it being a man that did the massage. We had a great evening and Cindy was wild in bed that night like it was our honeymoon, so I new she had to have been at least somewhat excited as well by the whole experience.

The second day I talked her into wearing the three-triangle bikini but she wore shorts over it until we got to the beach. We had a good lazy morning on the beach and she finally got comfortable with the guys coming by and taking, giving appreciative glances in her direction. At 1:30 I again left and came back to the screen door a short time later. He was already there and I overheard Cindy call him Rolan. Rolan was quick to set up the table and Cindy kept the triangle bikini on.

He did the same routine but Rolan and Cindy talked much more today about a bunch of general stuff. She unhooked the tie at the neck when he did her shoulders but tied it back before she turned over. He did the front of her again following the edge of her swimsuit but never touch her intimate areas. He asked if she wanted the straps to the side when he did her shoulders, she paused a second, then went ahead and undid it but tensed up a bit. He massaged her shoulders for a while and the top stayed covering her but did move around some showing a little more of the non-tanned part of her breasts.

I thought she would tie it back but did not. When he took her arms and did the stretch at the end of session, the top moved even more but still covered her. Then he did the leg stretches. He did this even longer today and seemed to really be looking at her bikini bottoms, but all the while keeping the conversation going. He packed up and left and when I came in she was again coming out of the shower and was very happy. We again talked a little about the massage but again she did not mention a man was doing them.

The third day we spent the morning seeing sites and had lunch. They had a free laundry service so we gathered up a few things and I took them to the lobby to turn them in at 1:30. When we counted them I noticed I had both of her swimming suits. I went to pull one and take it to my wife for her session, but got a wicked thought not to, just to see what would happen.

I hurried back to the room and Rolan had not arrived. Cindy was looking all over the room and in the suitcases but there were no swimsuits. I felt like I had really made the wrong decision. Rolan knocked at the door and she let him in. He set up the table while my wife went to the other room and closed the door. He called for her when he was ready and she said just a second. It was 3 or 4 minutes until she came out. She came out in a robe turned way from him and kind of slid on the table face down in one swift movement.

I could only see that she was wearing under garments but could not tell exactly which ones. The massage was the same except Cindy did not talk as much at first but then continued the casual conversation like yesterday. She had moved the straps to the side when he did the shoulders same as the day before.

When he asked her to turn over she commented about both her swim suits being washed and he just said that it did not matter. She turned over and I saw that she had worn one of the sets of under garments that were lacy but not transparent. You could still see the outline of her nipples and blond pubic hair though.

I was so excited because this was probably only the second man to ever see my wife like this. The massage continued the same and Cindy did move the shoulder straps to the side the same as before. He really spent a long time on her thighs, but it still did not look like he was touching her intimate areas. The whole time they were just talking casually. Then it happened. Something I would not have believed if I had not seen it with my own eyes. When he turned around to get more oil, she quickly reached up and dropped the cup on the bra just enough so that one nipple was completely visible. My cock instantly got hard.

When he turned around he was doing her stomach but I am sure he saw the exposed flesh. When he went to the shoulders and arms, he did them in the same order as before. But when he came to the shoulder with the exposed nipple, his hand gently moved low enough to cross directly over the nipple. Cindy did not make a move to say anything, only the normal casual conversation. Cindy's nipples are the most sensitive area on her body so I knew she had to be really responding. Rolan's touches were quick almost as if by accident at first, but then were much more deliberate. When he finished up with the shoulders he actually played just with the nipple itself for about ten seconds. Rolan did the stretches the same only her other nipple became exposed but he did not touch it. When he stretched the legs he really pulled her clear down to the end of he table and spent a long time, watching her panties the whole time.

Each time he did the leg stretch up to the shoulder he would lean into her and today it seemed as though his shorts were pressed directly up against the crotch of her panties. I was so excited about today but she again was getting out of the shower when I arrived and acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. She was really crazy in bed that night though. The 4th day she had her swimsuits back in the room and I really felt she would wear one of them. She came out in a robe again and when she quickly slipped onto the table face down, I knew instantly what she was wearing. Only one of the sets of under garments had transparent material on the back of the panties, and that was the one that she was wearing.

I could not believe what I was seeing my shy Cindy was wearing almost completely transparent clothes in front of Rolan. The massage went the same, but when Cindy turned over I was so excited. Here she was in almost transparent under garments that I had not even seen her in yet. The massage was the same until he got to the shoulders. When he turned around to get more oil she undid the clasp that was between her breasts. As he massaged her shoulders, the bra fell to the side completely exposing her breasts.

She looked so beautiful, and it was not long before Rolan was completely massaging her breasts and nipples. All this time they are still having a casual conversation. Cindy is really getting excited though and had trouble continuing the conversation as she normally would. When Rolan did her hips she commented how good it felt and he said that if she wanted to lower her panties he could get even deeper.

She hesitated, but then lowered them a couple of inches and he worked on her hips. When he turned around to get more oil she reached down and shoved them even lower exposing about half of her bush. When Rolan turned around even he was surprised. I noticed that this time when he started doing her hips he brought his shorts right on top of her hand that was palm down on the table, all the while still carrying on a casual conversation.

Cindy pulled her hand back a little which he instinctively massaged and placed it back on the table palm up. The next time he leaned forward, he placed his balls in her hand but she did not move her hand way.

He continued the massage but always left his balls in her hand and after a couple of minutes I saw her hand start slowly massaging them. His cock instantly got hard and was visible through the shorts. He did the stretches the same but when he did the legs the panties were down so far it limited the motion but instead of pulling them up he took them off. I could not believe this stranger was staring at my wife's pussy. As he stretched her leg up to her chest he placed his shorts right up against her.

The session quickly ended at this point and I was so hard. I came back to the room as she was headed into the shower, but instead we had wild sex then and there. We both usually are not like that but neither of us asked the other why.

The 5th and last day before we had to leave was one that I was not sure what to do. I was afraid of what would happen if she and Rolan had the final session but was also excited to see what would. I almost stayed in the room that afternoon but at 1:40 decided to leave. I quickly came around and waited.

Rolan came in and set up the table the same as before. Cindy wore a bra and panty set but those were removed similar as before. As he did Cindy's breasts she commented she felt funny being naked in front of him.

Rolan kind of laughed it off and made an attempt at a joke by saying that he had a couple of lady customers that tried to talk him into getting naked as well but that he would get fired if he took off his clothes. He said one clever lady actually slid his shorts off of him, which he said was out of his control. They both kind of laughed.

Rolan went on in the same manner but when he started doing her hips he again placed his balls in her now waiting hand. She massaged them and again I could see he became hard. Cindy then slipped her hand up and started slipping his shorts down. Rolan just kept talking about the island and what to see. She finally had his cock completely exposed and the shorts slid to the floor. Rolan was very large, thick and long. I could not believe it.

My wife started slowly stroking him and I was going nuts. Then he slowed stretched her arms the same as before. When he moved her all the way down on the bench to stretch her legs, I knew what was going to happen. He positioned himself so that his cock just touched her at first. Then he started to move just the tip of his cock slowly in and out. He must have continued this for ten minutes slowly going deeper and then slowly stretched her leg up to her chest and drove all the way in to her.

After a few quick movements Cindy came and Rolan shot deep inside of her. I almost came with them. Soon, Rolan started to put up the table and I quickly went around to the front. As soon as he had left I came in the door. Cindy was a little startled but had just slipped on her robe.

I came over and gave her a kiss and she said that she wanted to take a quick shower and then we could cuddle but I held her tight and said I could not wait that long. She was very tense that I would notice the come inside of her, but I just quickly moved and inserted into her. Once she saw I did not notice, she really started to respond. I could not believe how wet and loose she was from Rolan. It was too much for me to handle, I came with only a few strokes. She just commented that I had not come that fast in a long time. She quickly darted to the shower.

Well, I have never told her what I saw that vacation and I think it was just a one-time thing that happened. It has definitely fueled both of our sex drives because we have never been quite the same since that anniversary.

<---------------THE END--------------->

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devil_iblis is beginning to get noticed

I m 29 yrs, i m 6 feet tall, i m fair and handsome, 32"waist, 72 kg...athletic shaped body stature and 6" tool and thick.... Possess decent personality traits. I believe in making good friends. And loves to explore new horizons of life... As far as my fantasies r concerned. I love to spend time with like minded people. How loves to get in to a sweet relationship which must me secure and discreet. I would welcome the opportunity to meet BM and like minded cpls and females for casual or one off scenes such as 3 some or 5 some I m always respectful mannered and considerate and Familiar with what is safe sane and on sensual m not too aggressive pushy Or over bearing. I assure u complete secrecy and expect the same.

It was ten at night and the Holy party of our friends Komilla and Danny was in full swing with everyone having a great time. My wife Nisha, never a great drinker at the best of times, was well gone after three hours of partying and I knew she would suffer for it the next day, but what the hell. Sipping my drink I looked around the room eyeing up the women and comparing them to my gorgeous wife, I may be Biased, but there was no comparison, Nisha was the most attractive women in the room. Nisha caught my eye as my gaze passed her way and grinned, grinning back I walked over to the group she was with, Mohit, an old friend of our and our host's, Rasmi, Mohit's wife, our hostess Komilla and Arjun who I knew, but not well.

As I approached I took stock of my wife's beauty, she had shoulder length fine blonde hair that shone even in the low light in the room; my eyes moved down to her face, her ice blue eyes sparkled as she laughed at something that was said, her pert nose sat above lush, ripe lips that just begged to be kissed. Letting my eyes rove down over her shoulders, which were all but bare, the only covering being the thin Straps of her black evening dress. My eyes paused at her bust, for those who like statistics Nisha is 5 foot 5 inches tall and a shapely 34C-26-36 and her breasts were more than a generous handful, even for my large hands. Sighing I let my eyes slide down over her body admiring the cling of her dress to her shapely figure and the swell of her hips, my only lament was that the dress hid most of Nisha's legs,
But I had the memory of their slender shapeliness. Despite being married to her for over eight years I still felt a surge of arousal just looking at my wife and at 34 I thought she had never looked better.

"Ranjeet," my wife's soft lilting voice greeted me as I joined the group, "you just have to see what Arjun found on the Net."

Arjun grinned as he held out some sheets of paper, raising an eyebrow I took the pages and glanced at them, then read then more closely. I'm Not sure why Arjun had brought the printout, but it was a story he'd Picked up somewhere on the Internet called 'Nisha's Choice' by someone Calling themselves HILMS. The story was about a guy and his wife at a Party who get involved in an adult party game, the wife ends up as the Subject of 'Dus minute mein Swarg', which basically meant a man tried To get her to so excited within ten minutes that she says 'fuck me'. If she does say this, she has to do whatever the man wants for an Hour. Though I only skipped over the story I was both amused and a
Little turned on by the concept.

"Interesting, " I commented with a grin as I handed the pages back to Arjun, "but a little far fetched."

"That's what I said." Nisha laughed.

"You have to admit though," Komilla laughed, "the character names are An amazing coincidence. "

"A big coincidence. " Arjun smiled tongue in cheek.

On that note Arjun went off to circulate around the room while the Rest of us chatted and joked, the story quickly forgotten in the Exchanges of banter and ribald comments. From time to time I saw Arjun Showing off his story out of the corner of my eye, but didn't pay him Much attention. I guess it was about half an hour later that Arjun Rejoined our group wearing a huge grin and for a few minutes just Stood listening to our chat with his grin growing broader.

"Why the huge grin, Arjun?" Komilla eventually asked.

"Oh, nothing really," Arjun replied, "just a comment someone made."

I sensed that he was waiting to have the rest of it dragged out of Him, but I was not going to give him the satisfaction of asking. Though it seemed my wife was intrigued and asked him about the comment.

"Well since you asked," he said with his smile turning to a full blown Laugh, "a couple of guys said they thought that the woman in the story Wouldn't have lasted the ten minutes in real life."

Inwardly I groaned, Nisha was always one for a verbal challenge, but especially so when she had been drinking, it was a foregone conclusion That she would take up the chakravyu that Arjun had laid down.

"Rubbish," Nisha laughed "if anything the woman would last longer, Especially if she was resisting the urges."

"You think?" Arjun grinned back. "I'm not so sure myself."

Komilla looked at me and rolled her eyes as Arjun and Nisha got into An animated, but friendly discussion centred on whether or not a Fictional female would have lasted less than or longer than ten Minutes. People noticing the conversation and its topic came over to join us, some just to listen, but one or two of the men made comments More or less agreeing with Arjun's point of view. Of course this only Made Nisha dig her heels in even more to defend her position.

"Well," Arjun eventually said, "there's only one way to prove the Point, that's to put your money where your mouth is Nisha."

Needless to say every male in the room immediately got his drift as did a number of the women, but Nisha looked puzzled.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I mean that the only way to settle this" Arjun spoke softly "would be to put the situation to the test for real."

"You mean..." Nisha gasped.

"I mean I take the role of the guy and you take the role of the Woman." Arjun spoke into the sudden silence in the room.
"Same rules, same penalty as in the story so the incentives are the same to encourage you to hold out or for me break you down. Of course you could always admit I'm right and wimp out."

I cursed under my breath as Arjun threw out the last comment, at the Same time I began to wonder if Arjun hadn't been setting Nisha up for This situation, everyone knew how doggedly she defended a point of View. What he was proposing was an area Nisha and I had discussed During sex, but had never considered it as a reality and I quietly Wished for Nisha to tell him where to stick his suggestion, though I Did feel a bit of excitement at the idea. Nisha frowned and looked at
me; one look in her pensive eyes told me that she had drunk more than Enough to take up the challenge.

"Ranjeet?" she said softly.

"Hey," Arjun objected, "it's not up to him; you're the one so adamant The woman could hold out longer not Ranjeet."

I gave Arjun a glare and my wife a shrug to indicate that it was her Decision; around us everyone seemed to be holding their breath in Anticipation of Nisha's answer. My wife thought for a few moments then I saw her shoulders straighten and knew what her answer was going to be.

"Okay," Nisha spoke firmly, "you're on."

"You understand what I mean?" Arjun said pulling the story sheets out Of his pocket. "I get to have my way with you for ten minutes." Here He read from the paper in his hand. "I can touch or kiss you, but I Can only use my mouth and hands. If I can get you to say, 'fuck me,' Before the ten minutes is up, then you must do anything I tell you for The next hour."

"Yes, yes, I understand." Nisha responded.

Arjun grinned almost triumphantly and moved across the room to the Couch, the couple that were already there quickly got up to give him Room. Sitting himself in the centre of the couch Arjun looked up at my Wife with a raised eyebrow as though challenging her to back down.

"Okay, who has a stop watch or timer?" Arjun asked as Nisha crossed The room to join him.

As Nisha sat beside him one of the men produced a watch with a Count-down timer on it, Arjun had the man set it for ten minutes then Appointed Komilla as the time-keeper.

"One thing," Arjun said as Komilla took the watch, "you don't start The time going until after I start."

"Okay." Komilla replied.

"And no distractions, " Arjun added, "the watch has an end of time Alarm so no need to count out the time."

"Now just a minute," Nisha objected "you were the one that wanted to Do this as it was done in the story, so Komilla should count down the Minutes like they did in the story."

"Not feeling so confident?" Arjun smirked. "Don't you think you can Resist without the interruptions?"

"Of course I can." Nisha replied sharply. "Oh what the hell, do it Your way."

"Mind you," Arjun said slowly, "I should get a bit of a head start Seeing as the characters in the story were already turned on by having Been playing a sex game, I mean fairs fair, i'll be starting from Stone cold."

I couldn't believe the guys gall, not that I could blame him for Trying for every advantage, but he had been the one that had been so Adamant about doing things exactly as per the story. Around me there Were mutters of accent to his comment, it seemed most, if not all Those watching agreed that Arjun should get a 'warm up' period. Nisha Looked around nervously then her eyes came to rest on me, all I could Do was shrug.

"How long a head start?" Nisha asked turning to look at Arjun.

"I thought ten minutes." Arjun grinned, obviously sensing he was about To gain another concession.

"Sod off," Nisha said firmly, "that doubles the total time. Two minutes."

"Hmmm," Arjun frowned, "hardly a head start. Seven minutes might work; After all you haven't been excited by playing a game have you."

"Maybe not," my wife responded, "but it's still too long. Four minutes."

"Four?" Arjun sighed. "Well make it five and we have a deal."

"Oh alright, five minutes but," Nisha agreed, "no touching under Clothing, on top only."

"You're on." Arjun laughed. "We'll have a drink first then get at it. Komilla change the stopwatch to fifteen minutes and yell out when the First five are up, okay."

"Okay Arjun." Komilla replied as she fiddled with the stopwatch in her Hand.

Drinks were passed to Arjun and Nisha and while they sipped at them The others chatted and joked about what was about to happen, I heard One or two of them making bets with each other as to how long my wife Would last. Komilla was standing right in front of the couple on the Couch and about three feet away from them and I placed myself at her
shoulder. From this position I could not only watch events unfold Clearly I could also keep an eye on the stopwatch. Fixing my gaze on The couch I noticed that Arjun seemed to be taking a hell of a time Finishing his drink, Nisha had downed hers in one gulp and was already Working on another. Then I noticed that Arjun had an arm along the
Back of the couch and that his hand seemed to be resting at the back Of Nisha's neck, a slight movement of her hair told me that the crafty Sod was gently rubbing at the erogenous zone on her neck. I was Tempted to tell Komilla to start the stopwatch, but held back since Nisha didn't seem to be worried about his touching her.

At long last Arjun finished his drink and put the glass aside, I felt My body tense with both nervousness and excitement as he turned Slightly in his seat to face my wife. Someone took the empty glass From Nisha as she licked her lips nervously and watched Arjun turning To face her, he grinned at her then leant forward until his lips were A scant few millimetres from hers. Nisha tensed in anticipation of his Kiss, but Arjun just hovered there letting the tension mount, a glance.

To my right told me that Komilla had not yet started the stopwatch; Clearly she was waiting for the first touch. A minute passed with Arjun's lips hovering over Nisha's he was looking into her eyes and Though she tried to avoid his gaze her eyes kept flicking back to his With uncertainty growing in them. Nor was Nisha the only one feeling The tension, the people around me seemed to hold their breath waiting For that first touch of skin on skin. When Arjun finally closed those Few millimetres between his lips and my wife's he did it so slowly That the kiss was seconds old before we realised that the seduction Had begun in earnest. I had to nudge Komilla to start the stopwatch as A collective sigh seemed to fill the room.

Nisha sat there with his lips pressed softly to hers, her eyes were Open and looking around as she avoided looking into his eyes. Yet Despite herself, as though drawn by some magnetism, her eyes drifted To his and fixed there, when this happened Arjun increased the Pressure of his kiss a little more. Again, despite herself, Nisha Began to respond to his kiss, it was only a slight return pressure, But it was enough of a positive sign for Arjun to move on. Kissing her More firmly Arjun opened his mouth a little and although I could not See it I somehow knew that he was pressing his tongue to my wife's Lips in a demand for entry. When Nisha's chin moved I knew that she Had given way to Arjun's demanding tongue, I don't know what my wife Was feeling, but a tingle of excitement ran through me at this first Sign of submission. That excitement grew when I saw Arjun put his Right hand over Nisha's shoulder, with slow stroking motions he slid It down onto her right breast which he gently began to rub and squeeze Through her clothing. A quick glance at the stopwatch in Komilla's Hand show that barely a minute had passed.

A pin dropping in the room would have sounded like a cannon going off, Even the music that had been playing seemed muted to almost nothing And from where I was standing I could hear Nisha's breathing Quickening slightly under Arjun's attentions. Arjun started to pinch At Nisha's nipple through the thin material of her dress which made Her breathing a little heavier. My mouth went dry when I heard the Sound of a sudden intake of breath from Nisha as Arjun's left hand Moved onto her lap, his fingers pressing into the material over her Pussy to rub gently at her mound. My eyes flickered from point to Point as I watched Arjun's actions with my wife; her eyes were still Open as they kissed, but they seemed locked to his as though she was Transfixed by something in their depths; his right hand squeezed and Teased her right breast and nipple; his left hand pressed more firmly Into her groin to rub at her pussy. I glanced at the stopwatch Convinced that more than five minutes had passed, but was surprised to See that Arjun still had half his warm up time left.

Then I heard Nisha give a gentle sigh and her legs, which up to that Point had been firmly together began to slowly open giving Arjun more Freedom to stroke at her pussy. Of course with Arjun being able to Arouse her pussy with greater freedom meant her legs parted further And so on, the point came where my wife was sat there with her legs Spread wide while Arjun rubbed at her through her dress using his Whole hand. I watched the material of Nisha's dress dimple to the Shape of her pussy as Arjun pressed his fingers firmly into her, his Actions making her breathing heavier and louder. Then I nearly jumped Out of my skin when the silence was shattered by a soft 'beep-beep'.

"That's the five minutes head start," Komilla spoke barely loud enough To be heard, "ten minutes left to get Nisha to say the magic words."


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I noticed that while she spoke Komilla had paused the stopwatch, Though Arjun hadn't broken his stride at all. For the first time in More than five minutes Arjun parted their lips and while his hands Stayed busy at her breast and pussy he leant close to her ear and Spoke softly to her. In the story the husband had never heard what was Being whispered, but in the silence that had once again fallen on the Room Arjun's words came to me clearly.

"Want to save us all some time and say it?" he crooned in her ear.

Nisha shook her head in the negative and Arjun grinned as he spoke again.

"You won't make it and you know it," he said softly, his breath Puffing against her ear, "especially now that I can get you undressed. Come on, say it, you're so hot now after just the warm up, how will You feel after a few more minutes of serious attention. Say it, you Know you want to, you know you are going to eventually."

My wife shook her head again, but I could see the hesitation in her Movement and the uncertainty in her eyes. With a smile Arjun went back To kissing Nisha and she returned his kiss within a few seconds of Their lips touching. Deep down I knew that Arjun was right, my wife Was not going to be able to hold out for the full ten minutes, already She was showing all the signs of being fully aroused and much more Attention would have her on the verge of a climax. Drawing a deep Breath I glanced at the stopwatch to see how much longer Nisha would Have to hold out, the damned thing was still paused and I nudged Komilla who was so enthralled by events she had forgotten to re-start The timer. When I looked back at the couch Arjun was sliding his right Hand up to the top of Nisha's dress, the material stretched as his Hand slid under it and back onto her breast. Now it was bare skin on Bare skin and I could see the material moving as Arjun played with my Wife's boob and teased her already hard nipple. At the same time his Left hand slid down Nisha's leg until it came to rest at the hem of Her dress, which was a point just above her knee with the way the Material had already rumpled. Arjun's hand slid up Nisha's stockinged Leg gently rubbing in small circles as it rose up her thigh, the
Material of the dress gathered and slithered up her leg as his hand Rose higher.

"Hhhhhuuuhhhh. ....mmmm" A stifled gasp from Nisha told me when Arjun's Hand had reached her pussy and I had no doubt that under the Concealment of the material he was rubbing at her pussy in earnest, Perhaps he even had his fingers under her panties and in her pussy....

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, so wet." Arjun parted their lips and spoke softly while Looking deep into Nisha's eyes. "Sure you don't want to say it?"

Nisha shook her head and muttered the word 'no' so low as to be barely Audible to Arjun let alone to me. Undeterred Arjun put his lips to Hers once more while his right hand slid out from under the top of her Dress, with a gentle yet firm motion he pushed the thin strap from her Shoulder and down her arm. Nisha bent her arm slightly, surrendering To the inevitable and the strap flopped loose, and then Arjun's hand Was back at the top of her dress. As Arjun pushed the material of her Dress down to reveal Nisha's breast to everyone I glanced at the Stopwatch, a minute and a half had passed; Arjun had eight and a half Minutes left and I began to feel a little hope that he was moving too Slowly to achieve his goal. For a few moments Arjun seemed content to Tease Nisha's now bare nipple and to press his fingers into her heavy Boob flesh, but then he parted their lips and his head moved down over Her chest. I looked up at Nisha's face as Arjun sucked her nipple into His mouth, her eyes were wide and fixed on what he was doing to her, For a brief moment she looked up at me before looking back down to Arjun. In that brief moment of eye contact my faint hope that Arjun
Was moving too slowly died, Nisha's eyes had held a look of excitement Bordering on orgasmic.

For what seemed like ages Arjun sucked and nibbled at my wife's nipple, at the same time his left hand seemed to be moving faster under the material of her dress. His right hand had moved from Nisha's breast and was now behind her, I couldn't see what his hand was doing, but the gradual loosening of her top told me he was opening the zip at the back of the dress. Then his right hand came back into view as it slid onto her left shoulder to push the strap off her shoulder and
down her arm, once again Nisha bent her arm to free the strap and the whole front of her dress just slithered down to her waist. Arjun's head moved to across her body and he sucked in her left nipple while his right hand came back over her shoulder to her right breast. A quick glance at the stopwatch in Komilla's hand showed me that a bare ninety seconds had passed and my wife was already half naked and rising to a climax, she could not last another seven minutes. Arjun suddenly sat up, his hands and mouth leaving Nisha's body; he grinned down at her heavy breathing and dreamy eyes and spoke. "Lift up." He ordered softly.

As though in a dream Nisha leant up and in one swift motion Arjun pulled the dress from under her, down her legs and off. I gazed wide eyed at my wife's body as Arjun returned his hands and mouth to her breasts and pussy, now we could all see his hand rubbing and pressing at her panties, his fingers pushing the material into her slit. Then his hand moved to the side of her flimsy panties, Arjun's finger's slid under the material pushing it aside as two of his fingers sank into Nisha's pussy. Nisha's reaction to this intrusion was gasp loud enough to be clearly heard around the room and to arch her lower body slightly as though to draw his fingers deeper into her. I could tell from the tension in my wife's body, the glaze in her now half closed eyes and the flush of her face and breasts that Nisha was about to climax and I expected her to cum any second. Arjun must have sensed this too and it was not part of his plan to let her climax, clearly he was aware that once she'd peaked there would be a period of calm before she would be aroused to ecstasy again. Just as Nisha began to squirm in pre-orgasmic bliss Arjun moved his fingers away from her pussy, though he continued to gently suck at her nipples and tease her boobs for a moment before leaning up. As Arjun looked at my wife as though judging her level of arousal I glanced at the stopwatch, another minute had passed though I would have sworn it had been longer. My eyes flicked back to the couple on the couch as Arjun reached down and tugged at Nisha's panties, without hesitation Nisha raised her lower body to allow him to slide the damp material down her legs and off. Now my wife was dressed in nothing more than a suspender belt, stockings and high heel shoes, she was a gorgeous sight that would have had me instantly hard if my cock wasn't already rigid. Leaning over Arjun kissed Nisha while his right hand teased her right nipple and his left rubbed gently at her pussy lips, and then he parted their lips and put his mouth close to her ear.

"Feels good doesn't it." He said softly in her ear.

Nisha responded with a hum of pleasure while pushing her pussy up at Arjun's moving hand, her face was flushed and I could see her lower lip caught in her teeth as she tried to hold back against the sensations flooding over her.

"It can feel even better," Arjun carried on, "so much better, all you have to do is say those two little words. You know you want to. Will you say them Nisha?"

I don't think my wife could trust her voice because her response was a slow hesitant shake of her head in the negative, Arjun smiled at her response. Then he sank his fingers into her pussy while his mouth went back to her nipple, I watched him finger fuck her slowly until once again Nisha was right on the point of coming. With a grin Arjun sat up, leant over, kissed my wife then slid off the couch to kneel between her open legs. Nisha was breathing hard and heavy as Arjun leant forward to plant a kiss on her pussy while his hands slid up her body to her boobs. A glance told me that another minute had passed, there was only five minutes remaining and once again I felt a faint hope that my wife might hold out. My wife groaning drew my eyes back to what was happening Arjun was gently blowing on her pussy, his warm
breath exciting her, but still not making her climax. Sitting up Arjun reached up to pull Nisha's face down to his and their lips locked in a kiss of pure passion, his body was pressed to her pussy as they kissed and I could see my wife making little humping motions against him. Laughing Arjun parted their lips and leant back.

"Oh no," he grinned down at her while teasing her nipples, "you don't get to cum that easy. Not until you say the magic words. Will you say them?"

Nisha bit her lips and shook her head 'no', but her motion was even more hesitant than before and my faint hope faded once more. "We'll see." Arjun grinned as he lowered his head. He ran his tongue all the way along Nisha's slit in a slow,
tantalising motion and she groaned in pleasure, her lower body pushing up to try and get her pussy tight to Arjun's mouth. For a moment he let her push her pussy against his mouth then he moved back so that just the tip of his tongue was touching her flesh. Arjun's hands were busy teasing, tugging and twisting at Nisha's nipples while he tormented her with his tongue. With almost a feather-light touch Arjun circled his tongue around Nisha's clitoris then passed it over her
sensitive bud."OHHHHHHH... .. GGGGGGODDDDDDD. ....!" Nisha groaned out at this.

Other than a brief 'no' these were the first words Nisha had spoken since they had started and I knew it was a sign that her resistance was fast crumbling. As did Arjun, once again he circled her clit with his tongue then licked at it a little more firmly which made my wife groan out again. Her whole body seemed to be trembling as she hovered on the very edge of an orgasm, an orgasm Arjun was denying her with consummate skill. My eyes flickered to the stopwatch then back to the action on the couch as my mind tried to understand how a mere minute could have felt like five times that long. "Mmmm, no, no." Nisha started to intone through her groans of frustrated pleasure as Arjun teased her clit with his tongue. There was less than four minutes remaining now and Arjun was playingmy wife like a musical instrument, a touch here, a stroke there, a lick or a suck and his actions were driving her crazy. So crazy that she was squirming and writhing to his every touch, desperate to climax but being denied that release by Arjun's careful movements. Even when he let his tongue push into her oozing hole he did it so slowly that it merely added to the sensations flooding over Nisha without pushing her over the edge into climax. Leaning back Arjun let a brief moment pass so that Nisha would edge down the slope of pleasure she was on then slid a hand down to her pussy. Sliding two fingers into her Arjun began to finger fuck Nisha with slow, gentle thrusts that pushed her right to the very edge and each time she trembled on the verge of cumming he would stop moving.

"Say it." Arjun whispered to my wife. Her negative response was barely a single jerk of her head and as she made this response I looked at the stopwatch, there was only two minutes left to go, but could Nisha emulate the character in the story and hold out. Arjun had masterfully kept my wife on the very edge of climaxing for almost five full minutes and I felt sure that Nisha would have to crack soon. As I watched Arjun leant forward again to use his tongue on Nisha's pussy once again part of me was willing her to hold on, to suffer the exquisite torture and deny Arjun his victory, but at the same time part of me was willing her to crack and say the words 'fuck me'. Mixed thoughts churned around in my head as I watched Arjun playing with my wife's body; watched the effect his caresses were having on her and listened to her ever louder cries of passion. Time seemed to be standing still as my eyes flickered between the scene on the couch and the stopwatch Komilla was holding, there were ninety seconds left when Nisha gave a low, guttural cry of sheer frustrated desire. Arjun knelt up, his fingers taking the place of his tongue at Nisha's pussy, looking into her glazed eyes he smiled, finger fucked her firmly for a few moments then held his fingers still as Nisha responded with a muttered comment none of us could make out. "What was that?" Arjun asked softly.I glance at the stopwatch, there was a scant minute left to go, my eyes went back to my wife's face which was a picture of ecstatic torment. "What did you say Nisha?" Arjun asked again. The breath froze in my chest as I waited in dread and excitement for my wife to reply to Arjun, my eyes flickered to the stopwatch to see forty seconds left then back to the tableaux of Arjun and my wife.
Arjun moved his fingers in Nisha's pussy once, twice then a third time and my wife cried out. "Fffffuck me!" she gasped out in a low, trembling voice. "Louder, so we can all hear you." Arjun chuckled at Nisha. "FUCK ME YOU ARSEHOLE FUCK ME!" Nisha cried out loudly.

Komilla had stopped the stopwatch with thirty seconds still remaining of the allotted time, Arjun had won and now Nisha was his to do with as he wished for an hour. My heart raced as my wife’s loss hit me, I felt almost numb at the thought of another man having sex with my wife, but at the same time my cock was so hard it was throbbing at the very same thought. Through my stunned haze I saw Arjun move his hands from Nisha, she began to literally plead with him to fuck her and Arjun laughed as he opened his trousers, pushed them and his pants down to his knees.

“Yes, yes.” Nisha gasped out gazing at Arjun ’s hard cock “Give it to me. fuck me!”

Through my surprise at the desperation in my wife’s voice as she pleaded with Arjun to put his cock in her I vaguely noticed that his cock was more or less average in size, going by looks he had less to offer than I did. Not that this discovery gave me any relief as I stood there and watched this virtual stranger press his cock to my wife’s pussy. Arjun was grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat as he pushed just the cap of his cock into my wife, she groaned then tried to thrust up to take the rest of him in, but Arjun had placed his hands at her upper thighs and stopped her motion before it could start.

“Naughty,” Arjun grinned down at Nisha, “now lie still like a good little slut.”

I felt weak at the knees as it hit me that Arjun was not just going to fuck my wife, his use of the word ‘slut’ seemed to hint that he had other plans for her than a simple fuck. For one moment I thought to step forward and put a stop to events, but a hand on my arm stopped me before I could take the first step.

“Nisha went into this with her eyes wide open Ranjeet,” Komilla said softly as I looked at her restraining hand then at her face, “she won’t thank you for showing her up by breaking things up.”

“Christ Komilla ,” I gaped at her, “I can’t just stand by and let her be used like some little fuck toy.”

“Of course you can,” Komilla half smiled, “and you will. Look, Arjun ’s a bastard, but he won’t hurt her, not much anyway.”

“Come on Komilla ,” I protested, “what if it was you there, how do you think Danny would react?”

“He reacted the same way you will once you calm down and just enjoy what happens.” Komilla said softly.

“You …?” I spluttered in surprise.

“Yes, me.” Komilla grinned. “Arjun pulled the same trick on me only I didn’t last half as long as Nisha. Ranjeet, believe me, it made sex between Danny and me much better. It’s only an hour Ranjeet, and an hour you will relish in the future.”

“But what about the others?” I said looking around the room at the half dozen other couples there.

“Of course they’ll screw her, if there’s time and that’s what Arjun wants.” Komilla said softly. “Just go with it Ranjeet.”

While Komilla was making her revelations I had been watching Arjun slowly pushing more of his cock into Nisha amidst her pleadings and demands for orgasmic release. Whatever else he was Arjun certainly knew how to keep a woman from cumming, every time Nisha showed signs of going over the edge he would pause in his motions and wait for her to calm a little, then he would press on. By the time he had buried his cock in her to the hilt Nisha was threshing her head and literally crying out for release.

“You know,” Arjun commented as he held his cock still inside my wife, “an hour seems hardly enough to really appreciate a slut like you.”

I could not believe my ears, the man was openly angling to increase the time he had with my wife from an hour to God alone knew how long, nor could I believe that I was going to let him do it. Although this had hit me instantly I was not sure that Nisha was really aware of what Arjun was saying, her whole attention seemed desperately focussed on achieving a climax. When Nisha gave no response to his comment Arjun slid his cock in her pussy slowly until it was all but out of her pussy, Nisha writhed and struggled in an effort to get his cock back into her, but with no success. With a little sob of frustration Nisha lay still and looked up at Arjun , her eyes pleading with him to finish her off, grinning down at the now subservient woman beneath him Arjun slid his cock all the way back into her yearning depths.

“What do you say Nisha,” Arjun spoke softy as his groin pressed to hers, “should we make it longer than an hour?”

“Yes, anything,” Nisha sobbed softly, “only please fuck me properly!”

“Oh I will, I will. You will be well fucked by the time I’m finished with you.” Arjun laughed. “But first let’s talk time. Perhaps we ought to make it 2 hours.”

Nisha nodded a wild yes, her lower lip caught in between her teeth as she struggled to climax.

“I didn’t hear you.” Arjun said.

“Yes, two hours, yes.” Nisha half gasped and half sobbed.

“Hmmm, well I’m not sure,” Arjun mused while making a slow withdrawal of his cock, “can I do everything I want in two hours? I don’t think so. Let’s make it three shall we?”

“Yes, anything, only please fuck me!” Nisha pleaded with him.

“Anything?” Arjun grinned while pushing his cock slowly back into Nisha’s yearning pussy. “In that case how about this. The time is almost twelve thirty; you do whatever I want until seven in the morning, that’s a little over six hours. Still not enough in my view, but I don’t think you could stand any longer. So Nisha, what do you say, will you be my slut until seven?”

I held my breath as I waited for my wife to answer, though deep down I already knew what she would say.


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“Yes!” she wailed and I let the air sigh from my chest.

“Yes what?” Arjun asked firmly.

“What you said,” Nisha gasped out, “I’ll do whatever you want until seven in the morning.”

“That’s a good little slut.” Arjun crowed. “And now for your reward.”

With that Arjun began to fuck Nisha in earnest, his cock started sliding in and out slowly, but in a few heartbeats he had picked up the pace and that was all it took to make Nisha climax. Climax was too mild an expression for what hit Nisha as all the pent up excitement crashed over her, it started with a shudder that became violent jerks of her body, at the same time she was almost screaming out the bliss she was feeling. This orgasmic explosion just seemed to go on and on, throughout all this Arjun continued fucking her with hard, heavy strokes that just seemed to make her ecstasy increase even more. Arjun was clearly enjoying the sensation of fucking my wife and seemed to be doing everything he could to draw out that pleasure, but despite himself his thrusts became ever harder and faster until their bodies were virtually crashing together. With a groan Arjun pushed hard into my wife and I watched his buttocks clenching as he came deep inside her, by this time Nisha’s movements had become weak and almost listless but when Arjun ’s seed filled her she gave a yelping cry then shook violently again.

“Oh am I going to enjoy this.” Arjun puffed as he leant back on his heels, his cock slithering wetly from Nisha’s pussy.

“Who else wants to fuck this prime little slut?”

Arjun looked around the room as he spoke as did I, nor was I surprised to see four of the men present step forward, including our host Danny . As for those that hadn’t shown a desire to fuck Nisha about the only thing stopping them had been their wives taking their arm and talking stiffly to them, not surprisingly those couples left shortly after that, but not before the first of the other guests took his turn with Nisha. Feeling sick and excited at the same time I watched Nisha responding ever more weakly to the attentions of first our host then three other male guests, each of them taking her hard and fast concerned only for their satisfaction not hers. Nor can I deny that I was also tempted to fuck her, but the thought of my dick surrounded by the sperm of the other men just turned my stomach.

Finally those present were done with Nisha, an hour had passed and she had fucked and sucked five men, including Arjun , more than once and she looked well fucked. My wife’s pussy was oozing sperm, it coated her lips and chin, and some even glistened on her throat and boobs. Panting and shivering in post orgasmic pleasure Nisha lay on the floor where the men had placed her convinced, as was I, that her ordeal was over, but neither of us had reckoned on Arjun actually intending to use her until the last second of the agreed time. Arjun , once again sporting an erection, stood over Nisha, he seemed pleased at the well used look she wore and as she looked up at him questioningly he gave a little laugh.

“You’re not done yet my little slut.” Arjun spoke meaningfully. “There’s one hole that hasn’t been used yet.”

Nisha’s eyes widened as she realised which hole he was referring to, but though we didn’t do it often my wife was not an anal virgin. As the realisation reached her eyes Arjun grinned even more and nodded down at her as though confirming her thought.

“Assume the position like a good little bitch.” Arjun chuckled.

Nisha sighed then moved onto her hands and knees, her bum facing Arjun as she looked over her shoulder awaiting his pleasure.

“Damn you’ve got his slut well trained Ranjeet.” Arjun laughed as he moved closer to my wife.

He stuck his cock in her pussy to gather the juices there then withdrew it, a moment later Arjun was pressing his cock to Nisha’s small puckered anus. As he applied pressure Nisha hung her head between her shoulders and gave a small groan of pain, then she yelped and I saw Arjun ’s cock surging all the way into her back passage. There was nothing gentle about the way Arjun fucked her arse, his thrusts were fast and almost drove her to the floor with their power. Despite this Nisha managed to hold her position and, to my surprise, was soon moaning in pleasure which made Arjun laugh then thrust even harder.

“You like it hard don’t you my little slut.” Arjun commented breathlessly.

“Yes.” Nisha gasped back even though his words had not been a question.

“I bet you never let your husband fuck you hard and mercilessly.” Arjun grunted as he picked up the pace even more.

“No.” My wife responded breathlessly.

I blushed at her reply, even though it was true that I had always treated her lovingly her admission was humiliating and Arjun ’s response even more so.

“Well you sure love having a real man fucking you,” He laughed. “it takes a real man to handle a whore like you. Perhaps we’ll get together again after this just to keep you satisfied.”

Thankfully Nisha made no response, but that may have been simply because she was too busy climaxing to talk. While I thought about his comment that they get together again Arjun began to groan, moments later his cock was thrust deep inside Nisha as he filled her bowels with his cum. For a few moments after cumming Arjun remained still, clearly savouring the sensations of my wife’s arse around his cock, then, after a few idle thrusts he pulled out of her.

“Okay,” he sighed moving away from Nisha, “let’s go get cleaned up.”

I wasn’t too happy to see Nisha and Arjun leaving the room together, but I had little choice in the matter. A few minutes later Arjun returned without Nisha, grabbing his discarded clothing he quickly dressed then headed to the telephone. Around me the rest of the partygoers were saying their farewells to our hosts and no-one noticed me sidling near to Arjun or straining forwards in an attempt to hear his phone conversation. Although I couldn’t make it all out I got enough to realise that Arjun was making arrangements for a group of men to meet my wife somewhere, I couldn’t make out how many or the location. As he finished his call Nisha, still naked, reappeared, the only people left now were our hosts, Danny and Komilla , Arjun , my wife and myself, seeing Nisha Arjun grinned and instructed her to put on her dress.
“Just the dress,” he added, “you won’t need the rest.”

Puzzled Nisha did as instructed then stood there waiting for whatever was to come next and when Arjun spoke I felt my face go white.

“Okay my little whore,” Arjun grinned, “time to earn your keep. We’re going for a little ride, when we get there you will tout your sluttish little body just like any other whore there.”

“Now look here,” I spoke up at last, “that’s going too far.”

“It’s not your decision to make.” Arjun said sharply. “Nisha agreed to do what I wanted; well this is what I want. What about you Nisha, you want to call an end to this?”

“No,” Nisha replied as I went even paler, “I agreed and I’ll see it through.”

Unable to believe that Nisha was willing to prostitute herself for this man I just stared at her, her eyes refused to meet mine and I felt sick to the pit of my stomach at the thought that I was no longer enough for her. Danny and Komilla watched this by-play looking uncomfortable, when Arjun linked his arm through Nisha’s and asked them if they wanted to see the fun they declined. Ominously Arjun didn’t ask me to join them; nevertheless I grabbed up my wife’s remaining clothing and went after them, not even talking to our hosts as I left. As I got into my car I saw Arjun deposit Nisha in the front passenger seat of a BMW, I had my engine going before he was behind the wheel and was right on their tail as he pulled away. Then the BMW went roaring away well over the speed limit, though I tried to keep up both my driving skills and the car weren’t up to the challenge, sickened I realised that Arjun had deliberately lost me.

“Shit!” I swore meaningfully as I cruised along trying to figure out where he had been headed.

All I knew for sure was that Arjun was taking my wife to a regular haunt for prostitutes; my problem was that I hadn’t the first idea where that may have been. Then it came to me that Danny or Komilla would know where he’d taken Nisha, especially if Komilla had been through this too, so I quickly made my way back to their place.

“Ranjeet,” Komilla greeted me when she opened the door to my hammering on it, “what are you doing back here?”

“Trying to find out where that bastard has taken Nisha.” I spoke sharply as I pushed past her into the hall.

Danny appeared from the living room as I spoke, his face flushed with embarrassment as I looked at him then at Komilla.

“Well,” I snapped, “is one of you going to tell me.”

“Uh, look Ranjeet,” Danny spoke hesitantly, “we had no idea Arjun was going to, well, go this far in one night …”

“I don’t give a fuck about that right now,” I cut him off, “all I want to know is where they have gone.”

Komilla answered my question with directions to a local business park explaining that it was near a club area and the car parks were ideal for punters since the area was deserted at night, apart from the whores.

“I don’t think I want to see either of you again after tonight,” I commented as I headed for the door, “I can’t speak for Nisha of course, but assuming we have a marriage left after this I certainly hope she’ll feel the same way.”

With that I ran back to my car and headed for the location Komilla had given me as fast as my car could go, thankfully there were no police about as I ran red lights and speeded the whole way. When I arrived at the place Komilla had said Arjun was taking Nisha I couldn’t see Arjun ’s car or my wife, although I did spot a number of other women who were clearly touting for business. I cruised around the estate ignoring the come-ons from the prostitutes until at last I spotted Arjun’s car, it was parked well back from the road outside an office block and Arjun was inside it smoking a cigarette. Of my wife there was no sign and I could only assume that she was already with a client somewhere, all I could do was sit back anxiously and watch for her return.

Twenty minutes passed in which time two of the girls had been picked up and another had been dropped off, but finally Nisha got out of a car that then sped away leaving her at the side of the road. My first instinct was to go over to her, but then I wondered if I’d even be welcome, then the opportunity was gone as another car pulled up beside my wife, she leant down to talk to the driver then got into the car which drove off. I was going to start the car and follow them when there was a tap on the passenger window, surprised I looked over at the woman peering in at me. Nervously I lowered the window.

“You looking for a good time honey or just looking?” She asked with a wry sort of grin.

“Uh, neither,” I stammered and blushed, “I’m, uh, just waiting for someone.”

The woman looked around then quickly got into the car, I looked at her in surprise wondering what to do next.

“Don’t worry love,” she said softly, “I don’t bite, not unless you pay me to. I guess you’re waiting for Arjun’s new tart to finish up.”

All I could do was nodding an affirmative; she smiled though the smile never touched her eyes.

“Thought so.” She said with a sad tone in her voice “You’ll have a long wait, Arjun makes sure the new girls are busy all the time their first night. Try again tomorrow honey, if you really want her, or you can try me out we’re from the same stable.”

My heart sank at her words, it seemed that Arjun was not only a bastard he was a pimp and the way this woman was talking my wife was going to be working for him on a regular basis. Suddenly I began to wonder about the whole night’s events, especially how fifteen minutes could have seemed like an eternity.

“Shit!” I swore making the woman jump in surprise. “Those bastards set her up; Komilla was stopping the bloody watch so Arjun would win!”

“What are you taking about?” The whore asked.

“Nothing that concerns you.” I answered. “Look I don’t want company, I’m just going to wait until, uh, and the new girl’s free.”

“Suit yourself honey.” She answered brusquely and got out of the car.

Alone again I cursed myself for all sorts of an idiot for not noticing the deception Komilla , Danny and Arjun had pulled off, at the same time I wondered just how he expected to keep my wife working for him. Over the next four hours I watched as Nisha was picked up and dropped off by man after man, in all there were twelve of them and by the time seven arrived she looked exhausted. Right on the dot of seven I watched Nisha make her way over to Arjun’s car, I got out of my car, stretched the kinks out of my back and followed her. She was in the car and talking with Arjun as I got into earshot, neither of them noticed my approach.

“Take me home,” Nisha was saying to Arjun, “I’ve done what you wanted and the time is up.”

“Well now,” Arjun smirked, “you certainly did do what I wanted and I’ll thank you to pass over the money you’ve earned.”

“Now will you take me home?” Nisha said handing over a thick wad of cash.

“Soon.” Arjun laughed waving the cash. “You are a right little earner Nisha, not bad for your first night.”

“First …” She gaped. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you working for me” Arjun grinned, “full time.”

“No way!” Nisha snapped at him. “Now take me home right this instant.”

“Listen up slut,” Arjun snapped grabbing her arm roughly, “you work for me now; the alternative is to find yourself up on charges for prostitution. A couple of those guys you were with are cops and all I have to do is slip them the wink and they’ll have you picked up, charged and splashed all over the local rags so fast you won’t know what hit you. Now let’s talk about this on the way.”


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I was so stunned by what I’d heard that Arjun had the engine started and was moving away before I could even react. Shaking off my stupor I ran back to my car and quickly made my way home, surprised to find that I had arrived before them. Inside I waited in the living room watching the street from behind the net curtains my tension growing as time passed until thirty minutes later I was fit to be tied. Then, at long last, Arjun’s car stopped outside the house, a tired and disheveled Nisha got out and as the car moved away she turned to face the house. Moving away from the window I waited for my wife to come in.

“Ranjeet!” Nisha gasped in surprise as she saw me waiting for her in the middle of the living room.

“Have a good time?” I asked cruelly.

Avoiding looking at me Nisha crossed the room to the sideboard, poured herself a drink then went and sat on the sofa.

“No,” she answered after taking a sip at her drink, “I didn’t. I’m surprised you had to ask.”

“Well it’s hard to know” I commented making my way to the sideboard, “after that display at the party. What am I supposed to think when my wife is begging another man to fuck her, especially when she later admits she likes the way that man fucks her better than she does her husband.”

Drink in hand I turned to face my wife, she was frozen with her glass half way to her mouth, her eyes wide with shock and dismay at my words. Nisha lowered the glass to her lap as tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Ranjeet,” she said softly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t really know what I was saying; I was so high on sex. You must know I didn’t mean any of that, I was just saying what he wanted to hear.”

“So you say,” I sighed, “but after what I saw and heard tonight I really don’t know what to think. Nisha, I was stunned that you took up the challenge in the first place; I know you were drunk, but I didn’t think you were that far gone. After that I couldn’t believe the things you did with Arjun and the others, then to add insult to injury you went off whoring for him.”

“But I ...” she started to respond.

“I hope that wasn’t going to be a denial of the whoring,” I interrupted her, “but despite Arjun making sure I couldn’t follow you I did find you and I saw you being picked up and dropped off time after time.”

“You saw!” she gasped. “Oh God! Ranjeet, I don’t know what it was that came over me, but I just couldn’t seem to say no to him.”

I had a sneaking suspicion that Komilla and Danny had done more than fiddle with time-keeping, but that would have to wait, right now I wanted, needed to know whether my wife had agreed to work for Arjun as a whore.

“And are you now working as his whore?” I asked then went on as her face paled. “I heard part of your conversation in the car before he brought you home.”

“No,” she said firmly, “I’m not working for him. If you heard any of the conversation you know I’m going to be arrested for prostitution, but I’d rather that than do what that bastard wanted of me.”

“Pity you couldn’t have had that attitude earlier in the evening.” I commented.

While we were talking I was also thinking about the events of the night and being honest with myself I had found parts of what had happened very much a turn on. Watching her being played with by Arjun had been one of those turn on events, as had seeing her being fucked by the man, although his deliberate humiliation of me by getting my wife to comment on my sexual prowess had not been. I remembered what Komilla had said about what Arjun did to Nisha would make sex better between us in the future and was forced to agree that she may have had a point to a degree. Then I remembered what had been the worst turn off of the night, watching Nisha fulfilling the role of whore for Arjun , though again, in all honesty, I was not sure whether it had been her playing the whore or playing the whore for someone other than myself that made it such a turn off.

“Ranjeet,” Nisha was saying, “I can’t change what happened, nor can I explain why I acted such a slut for Arjun , I certainly hadn’t wanted to when we started. What I do know is that I love you and don’t want to lose you because of this.”

“Tell me Nisha,” I frowned, “how would you feel if it had been me doing all those things with, for example, Komilla ?”

“Mad as hell.” She sighed. “I’d be jealous and hurt and probably wouldn’t want to talk to you at all.”

“And if I then professed to love you despite what you seen me doing?” I asked.

“I’d have doubts.” She confessed with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. “What are we … you going to do Ranjeet?”

I had been thinking about that myself, one thing was certain I still loved my wife, the question was could I handle her having been fucked by so many men at the whim of a man who it later turned out had been trying to recruit her as a prostitute. A stirring in my groin gave me an answer, yes I could handle it, not only that I had learnt more about my wife’s sexuality in that one night than in all the years we’d been together and that was something I would certainly enjoy exploring to the full. Looking at Nisha’s pale, tear stained face I found myself thinking about setting her up for another gang bang, perhaps even having her play the whore again. Then I quickly cut off those lines of thought, I was making plans for my wife that she would probably not enjoy or agree to, but the thoughts persisted nevertheless.

“What are we going to do?” I repeated her words with a grin. “Well I for one am going to head for bed to get some sleep.”

“Sleep?” she stared at me in astonishment. “But …”

“Nisha,” I smiled sitting down beside her on the sofa and taking one of her hands in mine, “its confession time. I found most of what happened last night a right turn on. I don’t know about you, but I had never even fantasized about you with other men while I watched, but last night seems to have changed that.”

Nisha’s eyes were widening as I spoke and not solely with surprise while her hand tightened in mine.

“Yes,” I continued, “there were points where I felt humiliated, disgusted and angry, but on the whole I was aroused seeing you being used.”

“Then you forgive me for letting it all happen?” Nisha asked hopefully.

“If there’s anything to forgive,” I replied, “I suspect that we were both set up by our so called friends. I know you were pretty drunk, but I have this feeling that at least one of your drinks held something other than booze and that made you go along with whatever Arjun wanted you to do in the end. All I know was I enjoyed seeing you so damned hot.”

“I see,” Nisha said slowly, but a sparkle was coming back to her eyes, “you liked seeing your wife acting the slut and whore. Well I guess I have to be as honest with you as you were with me, I surprised myself last night, I don’t know if it was something slipped to me or just a me I didn’t know about, but I enjoyed playing the slut. I’m not so sure I liked being a whore for Arjun though, but I think that was because I was being forced to do it by a man I was growing to hate.”

“So if I had you do those things …?” I asked with my cock swelling in my pants.

“Before tonight I would have told you what to do with yourself,” she replied with the first smile since she’d got home, “but now I think I might like it, as long as I’m doing it for and with you.”“Hmmm,” I frowned, “there might be a problem there. I discovered that the idea of sticking my cock into other men’s sperm makes me feel physically sick.”

“I think Arjun may have felt the same way,” she chuckled, “at least he always made sure he had first fuck at my holes, you could do the same then sit back and watch me getting fucked rotten.”

Then she yawned, smiling I stood up, drew her to her feet and took her upstairs where we showered together then climbed into bed. Within minutes we were asleep, she too fucked to do more and me too tired from tension to want her to.

That night did change our lives and for the better, though there were a tense couple of days as we waited for Arjun ’s police friends to come calling, only it seemed that threat had been a bluff. Sex between us just got better, especially as I now knew that Nisha enjoyed being treated like a slut occasionally, and not only did it get better it got more frequent, way more frequent. As for Danny and Komilla , we eventually wormed the Komilla out of them, they had laced three of Nisha’s drinks with a date rape drug Arjun had provided, Komilla had indeed fiddled with the timing to ensure that Nisha lost the challenge, after that we cut all contact with the pair. I hear some of you wondering if we ever arranged for Nisha to be gang banged again or to play the whore, the answer is yes on both counts and maybe one day the story of those events will be told.

<---------------THE END--------------->

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A typical Friday. Too many deadlines, too many phone calls, too many emergencies. Although a few of these deadlines and emergencies were the result of my representation of Contrax Industries, I was still looking forward to lunch with Contrax's president, Rohit Robertson. While Rohit always attended to business, he was also a bit of a "rounder," and damn proud of it. Given my rather staid sexual relationship with my wife, Anita, I enjoyed living vicariously through Rohit's exploits.
This lunch fit the normal pattern. Rohit and I spent the first 45 minutes analyzing and dissecting the antitrust implications of a possible acquisition by Contrax. After beating that dead horse one last time, Rohit ordered us a couple of Absolute Citron's with soda and embarked on a recounting of his latest conquests.
"Married pussy!" Rohit exclaimed.
"What do you mean, Rohit?" The non-sequitor confused me.
"Married pussy is the easiest, hottest, wettest pussy in the world."
"Rohit, as a married man, I can speak with some experience and certainty on this subject. Married pussy is anything but easy, and rarely hot or wet." My reply was authoritative, but in retrospect I led with my chin on this one.
"Varun, for such a smart lawyer whom charges $350 an hour, you're a total dumbshit."
I like Rohit, but he's also a bit abrasive and arrogant. Sometimes he can really push my buttons.
Rohit continued, "When I speak of married pussy, I'm talking about fucking pussies that are married to other men. More times than not, a married woman is dying for a thorough fucking from a real man, not just the weekly ten minute diddle they're used to from their husbands."
"Well, I imagine that there are some dissatisfied wives out there, but as your friend and attorney, I strongly advise against propositioning married woman. You'll end up with, at least a bruised cheek from her slap and, at worst, excruciating pain from her knee to your groin."
Rohit chuckled, but quickly dismissed my cautions. "Varun, you don't even have a clue. In the past three months, I've approached eight different married women, and I'm batting a thousand. I've concluded that there isn't a married woman out there, who given the opportunity, would turn down a sexual romp with a good-looking man."
"I don't know what world you've been living in, Rohit, but I suspect that if you approached any of the married women that I know your batting average would quickly drop to the point that you'd be sent back down to the minors."
"Like who?" Rohit stared at me confidently.
I was totally dumbfounded. I didn't expect to be challenged on this point. My mind went blank so I tried to avoid the question. "Look, Rohit, you know damn well that there are so many frigid wives living in the suburbs that your theory can't hold water."
"Who?" Rohit wasn't going to let the question slide.
My mind was slowly starting to reason again. I didn't really want to give Rohit the names of any of the married women that I know. Rohit's the type of guy who jumps at every challenge. I certainly didn't want him hitting on the wives of any of my friends. Common sense suggested that the safest thing to do was rely on my wife, Anita.
Anita and I have been married for twelve years, with two kids to show for the venture. Anita is not exactly frigid, but she's also rather conservative when it comes to sex. Pretty much straight intercourse, with very rare oral sex, and certainly no anal. From the perspective of frequency, we will usually have sex 3 or 4 times a month. I knew that Anita would never stray. In fact, she was a virgin when we married.
"Well, Rohit, like my wife, for example.."
Rohit smirked. "You mean Anita?"
Rohit had met Anita at a few business functions. Certainly, nothing untoward occurred. Anita is always the epitome of propriety. Not that she isn't strikingly beautiful, but she masks her 5 foot, five inch, 115 lb. frame and 35-21-36 figure in expensive and conservative attire. One of my unspoken complaints has always been that Anita's delectable ass is never displayed in a manner befitting its magnificence. Of course, her dark brown, shoulder length hair is always perfectly coifed and frames her high cheek-bones, porcelain skin and full lips.
"Varun," Rohit shook his head in a condescending fashion, "do you really think for a moment that Anita hasn't fucked around on you?"
Not wanting to give any credence to Rohit's outrageous suggestion, I tried to remain composed when I confidently replied, "I know she has never cheated and would never cheat. That's why your hypothesis about married pussy is fatally flawed."
"Well, Varun, if Anita hasn't taken on any other men, it's only because she's never been presented with the right opportunity."
"Sure, sure, Rohit, whatever you say..." My cynical response only served to heighten Rohit's competitive nature.
"Look, I'll prove it to you if you doubt me... but it’s got to be a fair test. You can't purposefully intervene or interfere. You just have to give me a reasonable chance to prove my point without letting Anita know that's something's up, I'll admit I'm wrong if I fail. Hell, I'll even let you handle drafting the Berringer contract at double your hourly rate."
It sounded like a deal to good to be true. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I really wanted the Berringer contract, and double my hourly rate would pay for a nice ski vacation. Yet, I recognized that Rohit's a shrewd man. "What happens if you're right?" The lawyer in me always tries to weigh all the variables.
"See, you're already afraid that I'm right! A second ago, you thought I was full of shit... I'll tell you what I'll make it an easy wager. If I'm right, you agree not to interfere and let whatever happens to happen. OK?"
Less than enthusiastically, I said "Deal."
For some unexplainable reason, I looked at Anita differently that night as she emerged from the shower. I wondered how she'd react to Rohit coming on to her. I wondered whether her nipples would become erect in response to his flirting, whether her pussy would involuntarily lubricate. As I daydreamed about the possible scenarios, I suddenly imagined Anita naked, laying on her back, her legs spread wide, bucking her pelvis wildly to meet the thrusts of Rohit's invading cock. Certainly, I'd never witnessed such a scene when Anita and I make love. It dawned on me -- as these illicit thoughts cluttered my mind -- that my own dick was hard beyond any normal erection.
That night I attacked Anita with a fervor. I wanted to reassure myself of my potency. But, Anita reacted as always, reservedly and in control. Even though I fucked her with what I thought was superhuman intensity, she lay there, moving slowly, waiting for me to finish. At the ordained moment, Anita reached up and began to fondle my balls and the sensitive skin between my scrotum and asshole. Anita knows that this sensation always sends me over the edge. Even though I desperately wanted to hold off until her belly rippled with an orgasm, the sensation was too great, and at the last moment, the image in my mind returned to Rohit slamming his dick into Anita's cunt. I climaxed violently and collapsed. With her normal grace, Anita slipped out from under me and rolled over to go to sleep. Yet, for me, these unsettling images continued, until I too fell into a deep sleep.
For the next week, I continued to be haunted by these perverse images of Rohit and Anita in the throes of all varieties of sexual couplings. I found myself masturbating with a fervor that I hadn't known since adolescence. Of course, Anita was oblivious, remaining the picture of propriety. Perhaps fortunately, I didn't have occasion to speak with Rohit during this time frame, either. The situation began to take on the hazy quality of a wicked nightmare. That is, until a local charitable cocktail party.
It was a typically staid affair, with all the frigid wives parading in their diamonds and designer duds. The husbands, with their fat wallets and brokerage accounts, sucked down fine whiskey while sharing off-color jokes about their bimbo secretaries.
Anita was in her element. She was dressed impeccably in a black, backless number bearing some French designer's moniker. Actually, it was rather unusual for Anita, for it displayed her cleavage and a healthy dose of leg. Of course, Anita had a unique way of looking classy and not the least bit sensual.
After a couple of vodka and tonics, I was startled by Rohit's booming voice. It was quite a surprise since Rohit normally eschewed these events. "More boring than trolling for babes at a convent," I remember Rohit once saying.
"Rohit, what the Hell are you doing here?"
"Varun, you cynical bastard! I'm here because I care deeply about the very same things that everyone else here cares about"
"Oh, and just what would that celeb cause be, eh Rohit?"
"Something about irradiating the Bosnian, homosexual humpback whales, I think." Rohit smirked, and in a sarcastic voice said: "You know, Varun, I've changed my take on these society bashes. While I still believe that the vast majority of pussies present haven't had a good plowing in the last decade, I've concluded that this fact presents someone like me with endless possibilities."
"God, Rohit, you're a complete predator!" I replied.
With that comment, Rohit glanced over towards Anita, who was engaged in some banal conversation with the hostess of the party, and remarked: "So, speaking of cunts yearning to be filled, how's our little girl, Varun?"
Flushed with anger and indigence, all I could muster was: "Fuck you, asshole!"
"Now, now, Rohit boy, remember our wager. Besides you're so confident about Anita's fidelity that there's nothing to worry about, right?"
With that, Rohit made a beeline towards Anita. On the one hand, I felt like intervening. On the other, I truly wanted the vindication of Anita spurning Rohit's base advances. In the end, I drowned my indecision in more vodka and tonics.
As the evening wore on, my stomach felt oddly queasy. This feeling was exacerbated every time I lost sight of Anita. Yet, throughout, I could not ignore the aching in my balls.
To my frustration, Rohit had succeeded in cornering Anita into a long one on one conversation. This was quite surprising since Anita was notorious for her ability to work a crowd. Many times, people would come up to Anita and apparently interject themselves into the conversation. Normally, Anita would use the interruption as an opportunity to move on. At the very least, Anita would always graciously welcome the new party into the discourse. Yet, on this evening, Anita's body language caused the interlopers to move on after only a comment or two, leaving her and Rohit to themselves.
Finally, the event was coming to an end, and the caterers began to pack up. Anita remained clearly in sight, and fully clothed, albeit in conversation with Rohit. At last, I felt a sense of relief and victory, as Anita left Rohit and walked over to me. My elation was short-lived, however.
"Honey, I don't feel like calling it a night yet. Rohit's invited us to join him for drinks and dancing at a club. What do you say, it'll be fun, especially after you've had to put up with this boring purgatory for hours."
I had no choice but to agree. I certainly couldn't beg off and tell that I'd wagered her fidelity for some good Valuable work. Likewise, I would be breaching the deal with Rohit if I interfered.
"Sure, honey, that sounds great." While I was less than enthusiastic, I rationalized away the risk that Rohit might actually succeed. After all Anita had done nothing improper, yet.
Perhaps ill advisedly, I had more vodka and tonics when we reached the club. The dim lights and smokey air of the club further clouded my self induced alcoholic haze. The loud music also rang in my ears and distorted the conversation. Rohit had strategically sat next to Anita in the booth, relegating me to the other side of the table. My inability to make out or participate in the dialogue heightened my paranoia.
Rohit was chatting up Anita with aplomb, and had even maneuvered his arm around her shoulder. When it came time for dancing, I was in no condition to spell Anita from Rohit's devious onslaught. Putting aside my agreement not to intercede, my coordination was completely shot from the drinking.
At first, it was fast dancing, leaving Rohit little opportunity for bodily contact. However, late in the evening, the music slowed and Rohit pressed himself close to Anita. My senses may have been dulled, or my paranoia rampant, but I could swear that I saw Anita grinding her belly into Rohit's bulging groin. Maybe I was just feeling sorry for myself, but as I downed my n-teenth vodka and tonic, I began to visualize illicit pictures of Rohit fucking Anita ferociously with Anita bucking back like a thousand dollar slut.
Rohit and Anita had, meanwhile, danced their way to the most remote and dark corner of the dance floor. Again, my perceptions might not have been acute, but I am sure I saw Rohit and Anita engaged in a never ending, French kiss while Rohit slowly stroke her ass and fondled the sides of her breasts.
Blessedly, closing time finally arrived. As we staggered to the door, I surrendered to Anita the keys to the car. Rohit said something about a nightcap at his place and, for an instant, my heart stopped. But, for some reason, Anita declined. I poured myself into the leather passenger seat of our BMW. Before Anita got in she said "Ooops, just a second I think I left something in the club."
I was able to watch Anita in the passenger rearview mirror as she walked back to the club. But, she didn't go in. Instead, she went up to Rohit as he was unlocking the door to his Mercedes. Again, they kissed...not very long though. I could see Anita and Rohit exchange brief words. With a sly smile, Rohit placed his hand on Anita's right tit as she turned to walk back to the car.
Anita made a little small talk on the drive home, but her thoughts were clearly elsewhere. Although my cock was turgid all evening long, the alcohol caused me to elect sleep over a desperately needed fuck once we got home. Yet, during the night, I slept fitfully, awakening often. At least twice, I heard Anita breathing heavily and the rhythmic sound of her hand vigorously at work between her legs.
The next day, Rohit called and invited me to lunch. I hoped that he would simply take pleasure in the fact that he had groped my wife, and let the "wager" drop. But, this hope was dashed almost immediately.
"Varun boy! How are you feeling after all that booze. Probably not as good as I was "feeling" last night, if you catch my drift."
The sinking feeling in my stomach again sank in, and I could actually feel my manhood shrink.
"Look," I implored, "why don't we just call the bet a draw"
"No go, Varun. That wouldn't be very sporting. Especially after all my hard work. But, I'll tell you what: Let me try to ask Anita out alone just once. If she turns me down, I yield the point."
"Okay. It's a deal." I reluctantly agreed, believing that Anita would never risk being seen alone, in public, with Rohit.
Rohit was smirking like a cat with canary feathers hanging out of its mouth.
"What the hell are you smiling about?"
"Well, Varun, I forgot to share one little fact before you agreed: I already asked and Anita accepted. We're going out tonight."
I felt as if I was going to implode. That morning, Anita had asked for meto watch the kids because she was going to have a girl's night out with her best friend, Kavita. We had allowed one another "night's out" since our last child was born as a method of preserving our sanity. I never dreamed that Anita might use this arrangement to fool around on me. Of course, Rohit could be bullshitting me. I'll never put that above him.
"Tell you what Varun," Rohit continued, "at the end of the evening I'll give you a call to let you know that Anita's on the way home. Just to make it interesting, I'll let the phone ring once if nothing happens, twice if she only allows a little petting like last night, three times if she blows me and four rings if she is well fucked."
When I got home that evening, Anita was busily getting ready to go out. But, she didn't act or dress any differently than on other occasions. I rationalized that Rohit was simply torturing me, and that Anita was going out with Kavita.
On the way out the door, Anita gave me her traditional peck, and said: "Kavita and I are going to catch that new French film and maybe go out for dinner and drinks afterwards. It's a three hour movie, so I'll probably be late... no need to wait up."
Initially, ignorance was bliss. I chose to disregard Rohit's boastfulness and, instead, trust Anita's honesty. Yet, once I put the kids down, my mind began to wander. A combination of jealousy and uncertainty gnawed at my brain. But, at the same time, I felt bad about doubting Anita.
By 10:30 PM, my stomach became unsettled in the same fashion as the night before when Anita and Rohit were on the dance floor. By 11:30 PM, my paranoia overcame reason and I thought about ways to confirm Anita's fidelity.
So, in a very sophomoric manner, I called Kavita's telephone number. Embarrassed, I almost hang up after the second ring, but then a groggy voice answered "hello." It was unmistakably Kavita's voice, and it sounded as if I'd awakened her from a deep sleep. Flabbergasted, I set down the receiver without saying a word.
To my ironic dismay, I'd proven that I wasn't paranoid. Anita was out with Rohit.
As midnight eased into the early morning hours, my mental imagery was torture. I would alternate between fantasies of Rohit fucking Anita in all different positions, with fantasies of Anita resolutely turning down Rohit's advances, saying "No, I'm a married woman!"
Tellingly, my cock was rock hard as I imagined Rohit plowing into Anita's pussy. With guilty perversion, I stroked myself to an incredible orgasm, which brought on sleep.
Suddenly, I awoke to the sound of the telephone. I looked at the clock; it was 2:26 AM! It seemed like an eternity before the phone rang for a second time. I quickly rationalized that Anita had already engaged in a heavy petting session with Rohit, so this second ring should not be that surprising. But, just then, the phone rang for a third time. The shock of the thought of Anita sucking on Rohit's dick staggered me. I waited with dreaded anticipation, wondering if the caller had hung up.
BBBRRRRIIINNNGGG! The fourth ring pierced through the darkness of my bedroom. Instantaneously, my cock erupted in another climax without the aid of manual stimulation.
There I laid in the dark. My belly covered with my own cum. The phone hadn't rung a fifth time. Yet, I still wondered whether Rohit was intentionally torturing me. After all, this was hardly evidence that Anita had succumbed to Rohit's seduction. At most, it merely suggested that Rohit and Anita had been together. While their being together was not particularly comforting, it certainly didn't prove infidelity.
So, I waited for Anita to get home.


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She arrived about fifteen minutes after the fourth ring of the telephone. Anita slipped into the bedroom without turning on the light. Apparently, she thought I was asleep and I didn't disabuse of the notion. She seemed somewhat unsteady on her feet, perhaps the result of a little too much alcohol. Unfortunately, it was too dark to make out anything more than her silhouette as Anita discarded her clothing into the hamper. Nude, she made her way to the bathroom and closed the door. I was a bit surprised to hear the shower since Anita normally showered in the morning. But, it did afford me an opportunity to inspect her dirty clothes.
At first, I noticed nothing abnormal other than the smell of smoke that garments always collect in restaurants and nightclubs. Of course, I didn't want to turn on the light so my inspection was hampered. When I retrieved Anita's panties from the hamper, I felt an obvious wetness. In fact, the crotch was thoroughly sopping. Instinctively, I brought the soiled panties to my nose. The aroma was striking. While I immediately recognized the feminine smell of Anita's sexual lubricants, there was some other smell even more evident. It was a familiar, pungent aroma ...it was the same fragrance that I smelled twenty minutes earlier when my balls spewed my second load of the night.
Oddly, these mixed remnants were not in the least bit offensive. I slipped the panties into one of my drawers for further examination in the daylight hours.
When Anita exited the bathroom, she had already turned out the light so again my vision was impaired. But, she did walk as if she had just finished a 15k road race. Anita slipped a white nightgown over her head and climbed into to bed.
There was no effort by Anita to make physical contact with me. Instead, she rolled over on her stomach with her face away from me towards the wall. Within seconds, I could hear the sound of her deep breathing as if she was already in REM sleep.
I didn't want to wake her, but my curiosity persisted. After about thirty minutes, I extracted my pen light from my bed stand and flicked it on under the covers. Anita's nightgown had ridden up, fully exposing her legs and ass. Just then, she moved her right leg giving me a clear view of her pussy from behind. I was amazed by what I saw.
Anita's labia were swollen and pink. In the place of her normal little slit was a gaping opening where I thought I could see all the way up her vagina to the cervix. There were no apparent fluids; she must have cleaned and dried herself in the shower. I marveled at the sight. It was something I'd never even seen, not even on our wedding night. I could only imagine the size of the organ that must have done this damage to Anita's womanhood. I certainly wouldn't be enjoying the pleasures of Ann's tight cunt for some time. If ever again.
Approach avoidance. In the morning, while Anita slept, my feelings alternated between abject depression and wanton lust. Fortunately, when I began to slip in the abyss of bemoaning the fact that Anita had been unfaithful, I pulled out Anita's panties. The negative thoughts dissipated as my erection grew. The fluids had dried into an obvious yellowish stain, but the odor remained unmistakable. I found the aroma intoxicating.
I found myself masturbating frantically in the bathroom as I held Anita's soiled panties pressed to my nose. As I came, I knew that this intense sexual experience was addictive, and not one easily dismissed.
Yet, as I drove to work the depression began to set in. My self-esteem was suffering from being cuckolded.
A little after 11 AM, my secretary buzzed in to let me know that Rohit Robertson was on the line. I knew that this call would come, but my heart began to race nonetheless. Surprisingly, Rohit said nothing about the night before, instead concentrating his comments on my draft of the Berringer contract. He then suggested that we get together for lunch to discuss some of the deal points.
I felt strangely uncomfortable around Rohit at lunch. Every time he looked at me, I wondered what he was thinking. Was he remembering how he'd fucked Anita last night? Was he wondering what kind of a wimp I was to allow my wife to be screwed by another guy? Had Anita said anything about my sexual prowess?
After we'd finished talking about the Berringer deal, there was a very pregnant pause. Rohit just sat there and stared, a smirk beginning to form on his face. I couldn't bear to look him in the eyes. I felt as if I was out of control, in a free fall.
Finally, Rohit ended my misery. "So, I guess I proved my point. And, gee, Varun, I'm really sorry about the condition of Anita's pussy. I never dreamt that she could be so tight after years of marriage."
Rohit had done it again: pushed my button. I really should have just admitted it and walked away with my tail (or dick) between my legs. But, I don't know if it was masochism or simply sheer stupidity, I took an indefensible and idiotic position.
"Rohit, you've proved nothing. Anita was out last with her friend Kavita. I know it for a fact. You have no evidence that you nailed Anita, other than the fact that you sat at home and called my phone number late last night. The fact that you know how to dial my phone number proves nothing."
Rohit was honestly taken aback by my vigorous defense. After a moment, he just shook his head incredulously and laughed. "Okay, if proof is what you want, proof is what you'll get."
As we parted, Rohit was still smiling and shaking his head. On the other hand, I was kicking myself. What had I done?! I'd just invited Rohit to go after Anita again! As I continued to marvel at my incredible gaff, I began to suspect that my subconscious may have played a very significant role in my actions. Indeed, I could feel my cock swell as I considered the prospect of a return engagement between Rohit and Anita.
The next week, Anita asked for another "girls' night out." Of course, I had to agree. This time she dressed in a more provocative manner: a black silk slip dress, no bra (something I'd never seen Anita do before) and I think she was wearing black thong panties (to my knowledge Anita didn't own any underwear of this type). Anita concocted no alibi this time; rather she simply kissed me on the cheek and said not to wait up.
After the kids were asleep, I drank three beers and retired to my bed sans clothes. With absolutely no sense of personal dignity, I fondled and sniffed Anita's cum soaked panties while imagining the salacious things that she and Rohit must be doing at that very moment. I stroked myself to at least two good climaxes before falling asleep.
Even in my dreams, I saw Anita's slender legs wrapped around Rohit's torso, bucking frantically as he battered her crotch repeatedly with his thick, erect penis. Just as I heard Anita moaning in orgasm in my dream, and visualized Rohit's balls tightening and shooting their load into Anita's convulsing cunt, a piercing sound returned me to consciousness. It was the phone.
In an almost Pavlovian manner, I sat up in bed on the first ring. With the second ring, I regained my orientation. The third ring brought a tingling sensation to my testicles and nipples. The fourth ring triggered another eruption from my dick. Then there was only silence as my semen pooled on my belly and I looked over to see the clock radiate 2:49 AM.
When I heard Anita come in about 15 minutes later, I wondered what Rohit's idea of proof might be. Anita staggered into the bedroom. She pulled her slip dress over her head. While the only light source was the LED on our alarm clock, I could tell that she had no panties on.
"Damn," I thought. No chance for a fresh source of masturbatory smells.
Then, to my surprise, Anita just climbed into bed naked, without taking a shower or putting on a nightgown. I could smell alcohol on her breath and, I think, Rohit's cologne in her hair. She rolled over towards me, and kissed me, deeply thrusting her in my mouth. Her lips were loose and her saliva flowed freely all over my cheeks and chin. Anita had never kissed me in such a wanton and messy fashion before. The taste of alcohol was unmistakable, but mixed in were flavors with which I was unfamiliar. I don't know if it was the alcohol, but when Anita finally withdrew her lips, my face was coated with a sticky and slimy residue.
Before I could fully assess the situation, Anita grabbed the back of my hair with both hands and forcefully guided my head underneath the sheets. My cheek brushed her left nipple which was erect and harder than I'd ever experienced. Anita kept pushing my head until I was between her legs. This was quite out of the norm; Anita had never demanded oral sex before. If I went down on her, it was always at my instigation.
There I was in the darkness, under the covers. For all intents and purposes, I was blind. Yet, my other senses were heightened. The aroma emanating from Anita's crotch was pungent. It was the same odor I remembered from her soiled panties, only intensified. There were squishing sounds coming from her pussy, and every so often, a little "fart" of air would escape.
Impatiently, Anita ground my face into her groin. I could feel a hot, slimy, sticky pool of fluids soaking her pubic hair and cradled by the folds of her spread labia. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and extended my tongue into the void between her thighs. The opening to Anita's vagina was enormous. It seemed wide enough to consume my nose, mouth and chin. My tongue caught a huge glob of the flow which oozed from her cunt. The strong taste was foreign to me: tart and salty with a tinge of the musky flavor of Anita's vaginal juices.
Now there was no denying it. I was swallowing the semen Rohit's cock had deposited deep in my wife's pussy. Common sense, Judeo-Christian morality and years of heterosexuality dictated that I should be revolted. But, my rigid dick and throbbing prostate said otherwise. With a fervor, I began tonguing Anita's swollen and distended labia lips seeking to savor the remnants that had already escaped from her cunt. I sucked what seemed like an endless stream of semen from the depths of her vagina. All the while Anita moaned and rocked her pelvis against my jaw. I heard myself whimpering with satisfaction as if I were a suckling infant taking nourishment from a mother's tit.
Time and time again, I tried to extend my tongue and swab Anita's cervix, but I couldn't. Rohit's dick must have been not only thick as a redwood but long as one. He must have pounded Anita's cervix well up into her belly.
After Anita had convulsed in orgasm, a thicker flow of cum poured forth. I lapped it up and became to wonder if Rohit's sperm had made its way into Anita's womb. Even though I knew Anita was on the pill, the thought of Rohit's virile seed swimming in search of one of Anita's eggs, sent me over the edge. Without even touching myself, I came again, my semen pooling on the mattress as I continued to coax every drop of Rohit's semen from my wife's folds.
After what must have been ninety minutes of furious efforts, Anita had climaxed three times and was clean as a whistle. I, too, was hard again, but Anita was asleep and there was nary a dollop of sperm left in her vagina. With some hesitancy, I decided to fuck Anita myself. I positioned my penis at her gaping hole. Literally no pressure was necessary as my dick disappeared. It was a loose, warm sensation as I moved my erection around this vast expanse that had once been a tight little pussy known only to me. There was ample room for more and Anita's vagina almost engulfed my balls as well. Apparently, the absence of friction allowed Anita to sleep through the five minutes of my squirming inside of her. I tried to hold off as long as possible, but the thought slipping around in my wife's used pussy was too much. I added my light load to the scene of the crime and fell into a deep sleep.
The next morning (which seemed to come too soon), I awoke with a crusty residue coating my face. Rohit and Anita's combined juices had dried like a tight mask. I showered and left for work, leaving Anita asleep. Her face seemed contented.


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Predictably, Rohit called mid-morning to schedule a lunch. I was resigned to the continued humiliation of picking up the check for the man who made me a cuckold.
Rohit was beaming with his sense of achievement when I met him at the cafe'. As we sat down at our table, Rohit crowed "So, how's my boy? I hope your mommy taught you to be a good loser."
Perhaps I lacked the depth of conviction from my earlier denials, but I surprised myself by conjuring up enough strength to say: "Rohit, I'm really tiring of this entire charade. You haven't accomplished anything, and you certainly have no proof."
"Tsk, tsk, tsk.." Rohit replied as he shook his head condescendingly. As he did, Rohit reached into his jacket pocket and retrieved a pair of black silk thong panties which he deposited on my plate.
I immediately recognized the panties as the pair that I'd seen on Anita for the first time, the night before. After regaining some composure, I picked the panties up with my finger and, while dangling them in front of Rohit, said "Rohit, I'm surprised, I never knew this side of you. After all, a man of your station in life shouldn't wear women's underwear!"
Rohit was not amused. "Look, pencil-dick ... this is your proof. Those are Anita's panties that I kept as a souvenir from last night."
"Oh, that explains the phone call in the middle of the night." I smirked. "It was you up to your old games. Damn near woke both me and Anita up. Oh, by the way, Anita doesn't wear or own any thong panties."
As I surreptitiously slid the panties in my jacket pocket (for later examination and sniffing), Rohit's face got red and angry. Then, he relaxed and suddenly began to laugh loudly.
"Okay, okay, I get it. I think I know what's going on." Rohit gasped after stifling his guffaw. "Kinda strange, but whatever floats your boat! If you want undeniable proof, you shall have it."
The rest of the lunch proceeded without mention of Anita or the wager. But, I did catch myself noticing Rohit's cologne, the same smell that Anita brought home. I also began to imagine what Rohit looked like in the nude with particular time spent visualizing his erect cock and heavy testicles. Indeed, kinda strange for a married, hetero guy.
For the next few days, I wondered what kind of proof Rohit had in mind. To my disappointment, Anita did not ask for any "girls' nights out." I was doubly disappointed to discover that the "prize" thong panties did not have any dried semen. There was the discernible aroma of Anita's juices, but missing was the pungent odor of a man's ejaculate.
The next Wednesday, Rohit called and invited me to lunch, again. I was surprised. Anita hadn't gone out at all the preceding evenings. My curiosity was piqued as I hurried to keep the lunch date. I was anxious and it didn't help that Rohit was running late. I was so nervous that I ordered a drink, something that I never do at lunch. After about ten minutes of fidgeting, the waiter came over and handed me an envelope with my name on it. I opened it and found a novelty greeting card with the picture of a shapely young woman bending over to reveal an ass comparable to Anita's with lace panties. On the inside, it read "The End is in Sight!" Underneath was handwritten: "Your absolute proof awaits you in the master bath of your house ...Rohit"
I threw a $20 down on the table and left the cafe' like a bat out of Hell. Fortunately, there were no speed traps between the restaurant and my house. When I arrived, I noticed that Anita's car was still in the garage, but she was nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, I headed straight to the master bath. But, to my frustration, there was nothing! Absolutely, nothing was amiss or out of the ordinary! Like a fumbling treasure hunter, I looked in every drawer and cupboard, under ever towel, even in the toilet tank. Zippo! I was ready to go track down Rohit and knock the shit out of him, when I heard the front door open. Anita's laughter was immediately recognizable. But, she was talking to someone else and moving towards the bedroom.
My instincts motivated me to hide or run. In retrospect, it was absurd. Here I was in my own home, feeling like a burglar.
Since I knew that the French doors to our bedroom were looked, I was trapped in the master bath. I switched off the light, and hoped that Anita didn't need to use the facilities.
Initially, I sat quietly on the commode. Anita's voice grew louder as I heard her enter the bedroom. When I could make out what she was saying, I was shocked.
"God! I'm dripping wet! My panties are soaking." Anita exclaimed breathlessly.
Whether by serendipity or by plan, I realized that I could see most of the bedroom including our bed in the reflection of the vanity mirror. There, I saw a reversed image of Anita unzipping a stylish red skirt and letting it fall to the floor where she kicked it away from her feet. She was still wearing matching red pumps and thigh-high stockings. The tail of her white, silk blouse covered her panties.
Although I was somewhat disoriented by the mirror image, I realized that she was looking towards the door to the living room as she began to slowly unbutton her blouse. As she did, she licked her lips in a seductive manner I had never seen before. With a glistening pout, she finished with the last button. Anita opened the blouse that slipped from her shoulders to the floor. To my surprise, Anita was not wearing a bra. Her 34B breasts were fully exposed with her nipples erect. With her blouse gone, I could finally see Anita's panties. They were skimpy, high-cut and, she was right. There was a very noticeable dark wet spot seeping through the crotch.
Anita's gaze was still directed towards the bedroom door. "Do you still like what you see?" Anita asked in a deep voice.
I heard a male voice reply "umm-hmmm."
"Prove it. Show me that you like it." Anita commanded.
From my angle, I couldn't see her male guest, but I knew it had to be Rohit. I heard the sound of rustling clothes and, then, an unzipping zipper. With that sound, Anita's eyes grew very large as she looked down. Her breathing grew faster, and she started manipulating her hard nipples.
"God. It looks even larger in the day light." Anita licked her lips again while working her nipples.
Suddenly, Anita squatted down gracefully keeping her balance in her high heels. With her legs spread, emphasizing the growing wet spot that now almost saturated the entirety of her underwear, Anita beckoned with her index finger. "Please ... bring it here. I need to taste it, feel it ..."
In anticipation, both Anita and I waited. The on the edge of the mirror, I saw a bulbous cock-head, pre-cum fluid dribbling from the hole. It was a little difficult to estimate its size given the absence of a reference object. But, it seemed abnormally large. Slowly, the shaft came into view. It too seemed thick and had bulging veins. I expected to immediately see Rohit's body, but more and more shaft followed until it culminated in dark brown pubic hair with commensurate testicles swaying heavily between Rohit's muscular legs.
When Rohit reached Anita, I could finally appreciate the massive size of Rohit's genitals. His cock-head touched the bottom of her chin while brushing Anita's nostrils. Its length and girth were far greater than my slim 6 inches. I mentally guessed 9-10 inches in length and, as Anita grasped his dick, her hand could not quite encircle it.
In a worshipping manner, Anita's tongue dabbed up Rohit's pre-cum. She then closed her eyes and kissed the tip of the mammoth rod. Just as Anita's lips parted wide, in an optimistic effort to give passage to Rohit's erection, Rohit motioned to the bed stand and said: "Shouldn't you cover up Varun's picture?"
With a wicked smile, Anita got up and retrieved our wedding photo that she kept next to the bed. She strategically placed it on the bed, inches away from Rohit's cock. Then Anita lifted Rohit's cock to the photo and, in a flaunting manner, slurped the head into her mouth.
The humiliation excited me. Anita's lips were stretched taut and her jaw wide open as she did her best to fellate Rohit. In the background was our wedding picture. Despite her efforts, Anita's petite mouth could not accommodate more than 4 inches of Rohit's dick.
After about five minutes of valiant efforts, Anita stopped sucking and stood up. She slipped her sopping panties off and laid back on the bed. Her legs were splayed wide and I could clearly see her engorged labia glistening with her lubricants.
"Rohit, I need you to fuck me good! It's about time that I get really well fucked in this bed!"
That hurt, but my own erection throbbed.
Anita positioned our wedding portrait at the end of the bed between her legs. Rohit climbed between her thighs and began to run the tip of his cock up and down Anita's slit. It seemed to dwarf Anita's crotch. Anita's eyes shut and she began to moan softly as Rohit prepped her for entry. As he did, there was a squishing sound as Anita's juices flowed.
"I think your pussy is starting to get use to me, its opening wide," Rohit remarked.
"Ummm-hmmm. It misses your thick, long cock. It wishes that you were fucking it raw 24 hours a day."
I was amazed. The impossible seemed to begin to happen. Anita's petite pussy was expanding beyond anything I'd ever witnessed. Rohit's cock-head disappeared and Anita sighed, breathed in deeply and tilted her pelvis to aid the invader. The lips to her vagina were stretched around Rohit's girth as he slowly plunged deeper. After about three minutes of maneuvering, I could no longer see Rohit's cock; his grapefruit-sized balls rested in the crack of Anita's ass. It was an awesome sight.
Rohit began to pump the full length of his cock in and out of Anita's distended cunt. Anita became very vocal as Rohit's tempo increased, moaning and whimpering in obvious ecstasy. The slurping noises coming from her pussy as Rohit pounded away were nasty. With each thrust, Anita's body would recoil and her breasts wiggle as Rohit's penis rammed her cervix further back into her abdomen.
To my amazement, Anita's stomach began to undulate with an orgasm after about five minutes of frantic fucking. Rohit wouldn't let up and allow the spasms to subside. Instead, he worked Anita's pussy like a finely tuned instrument, bringing her again and again to climax until I lost count.
By know my own dick was throbbing as if ready to explode. Suddenly, in the reflection of the mirror, I saw Rohit's pace reach a crescendo, his sperm-laden balls tightened and with an enormous grunt he launch his cum into the deepest regions of Anita's over-stretched vagina, at the door to her womb. Rohit's load was so voluminous that there was inadequate space in Anita's vagina to accommodate both Rohit's semen and his convulsing cock. Thick, white cum oozed out around Rohit's embedded shaft.
Then, I realized that my own cum was saturating my pants and running down my leg.
After a momentary respite in which Rohit and Anita (and I) caught their breath, Rohit withdrew his still erect member with a "plop" from Anita's gaping opening. Anita proceeded to suck Rohit for all she was worth. Anita's cultured restraint and manners were all but gone; she slurped and lapped with utter abandon. After about fifteen minutes of ministrations, Rohit rolled Anita over on to all fours and plunged back in doggy-style.
Rohit spent the next 90 minutes fucking Anita in every imaginable position. Twice more he spewed his semen into her pussy, each time his load seemed, incredibly, to be as large as the first. Rohit cum matted Anita's dark pubic hair and flowed freely from her cunt after Rohit withdrew for the last time. Anita had had innumerable orgasms and collapsed, naked but for the sweat glistening all over her body. Rohit dressed walked over and kissed Anita fully on the lips. Exhausted, she mumbled, "Thank you for cumming ...please cum again."
Before Rohit left the bedroom, he turned to the darkness in the master bathroom and looked directly into the vanity mirror. It immediately dawned on me that reflections work both directions. Staring with a satisfied smirk, Rohit zipped up his fly with an arrogant flair. Without saying a word, he turned and left.
I waited for another fifteen minutes to see if Anita would also leave, but she was sound asleep. As I emerged from the bathroom, the smell of sex permeated the room. I looked at my satiated wife splayed nude on our marital bed with another man's sperm running out of her well-worn pussy. The picture was too much for me to take. I climbed into bed between her legs and proceeded to lick the remnants of the illicit coupling from her folds. Anita moaned quietly, as my tongue darted in and out of her swollen labia, but her eyes never opened. My own frenzy increased as I slobbered, face down in her crotch. After sucking every available drop out, I noticed that I'd come again. Then, exhaustion overtook me as well, and I fell into a deep sleep.
When I awoke, it was 9:30 PM; Anita was out in the den watching TV with the kids who'd since come home from school. Embarrassed, I didn't say anything to Anita. She, too, was silent although there was a contented smile on her face.
In the nine months which have passed since Rohit gave me "absolute proof," Anita will go out once or twice a week and return home in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes Rohit will still call before she comes home and let the phone ring four times. When Anita comes in, there is no doubt that she has been well-fucked. Without mentioning anything, she strips out of her clothes, climbs on top of me, straddles my head and lowers her sopping, oozing pussy onto my mouth for cleaning.
This past week, after sucking down the last dollop of Rohit's semen from her now-permanently enlarged pussy, Anita surprised me by mentioning that she was thinking about having another child. Instantaneously, I shot my load... You see, I hadn't cum inside her vagina for almost five months. I wonder how she plans on getting pregnant?!

<---------------THE END--------------->

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