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Old 18th May 2006
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Mom fucked by Uncle

I'm 19 years old boy from a small family. Mom dad and myself. I was studying for my examinations when this incident was happen. My dad is an engineer and was working at abroad and coming only once in two years. He is having medium size body and in his mid 50s. But mother, Sulochana is just 42 and still having very lusty figure. She is very fair in color and a typical Indian lady with plump body. Her gorgeous figure was around 40/34/44. And her butt was the sexiest assert she had. It was so soft and round and was jiggling with her every move. She had nice belly with lot of flesh in it and had deep round navel. And her boobs were bit sagging due to her age but was so big and round. She normally wears sarees and her sexy navel was open in most of the time. And it was not a secret that most of our neighbors were targeting he big butt and was dying to fuck her. But none of them had a chance even to touch it.
Now back to the story. Couple of months ago, one of my dads friends came from abroad and visited us. His name was Raj and was a very talkative person and became very friendly with us. And he became a frequent visitor of our home. He used to bring me gifts and used to talk with mom for hours. And I noticed him using double meaning jokes with mom and touching her body. Mom ignores him each time and heard warning him not to exceed limits.
One day i went to one of my friend's house to study and told mom that I'll be returning on next day. But there was a power falier at his place and I returned home around 10.00p.m. without informing mom. When I reached home I saw the main door was closed and most of the lights were off. I thought that mom was sleeping and i did not want to wake her up. So I used my extra key and came in. There was an empty glass in the living room and saw half burned cigarette in the ash tray. So I understood that Raj uncle had come. But then I saw very strange thing. The saree which mom was wearing on the evening was on the floor. I was wondering why mom left it there. Then few feats away, I found out her torn blouse. There I understood something is happening. Then I went towards moms room and found out that it was locked from inside. And I heard hissing sound of mom.
I peeped through the keyhole and almost got stunned by the seen. Mom was there inside the room. And uncle was holding her tight and pressing her against the wall. He was trying to kiss her and she was moving her face away from him. She was on her bra and petticoat. I clearly saw her breasts pressing against uncle's chest. I was about to shout but was stunned by seen her bra covered boobs. So I wanted to have look at them and wait till uncle uncovers them.
She wanted to get away from him. But he was well built man with strong body, so it did not get work. She began to beg him and said "Oh please Raj, please don't do this to me. I'm married, and I'm a mother. Please, this is wrong".
But he was not in a mood to let her go. And said "Sulochana, dear all that you said was correct, but there's nothing wrong here". "Come on dear, first of all you are a lady ... Lady of this house who needs to be loved by a man"
By telling this, he undid the knot of her petticoat and it felled down making her almost half naked with only pink panty and the bra. Uncle squeezed her huge butt over the panty. And he put his hands on both sides of the panty and lifts it by holding its hem. With that, the back side of the panty got disappeared in-between her butt cheeks and her butt flesh was visible to me. Mom let out a moan when the panty pressing against her ass hole.
Mom's back side was towards the door, so on the back side every activity was clearly visible to me. He started to press the whole butt of my mother. He started to pump one part and a large amount of flesh was squeezed away from his grip. He tried to cover all the fleshy portion of her GAAND and madly pumping all through. In the mean time her panty got stucked more and more in-between her butt cheeks and rubbed tightly on her gaand hole.
Mom seemed getting aroused by his act. Her resistance seemed to be getting reduced. By doing this, uncle put one hand on her bra and undid it. Mom moaned again and tries to resist a bit. But He was on control. And he turned her round and started pressing her boobs by putting his arms from back.
Oh my god! I haven't seen such big boobs ever in my life. They were so nice and round and seemed to be soft. She had dark brown round nipples. He kept his arms under her armpits and started squeezing her big breasts. Mom was unable to bear the feeling and was trying to remove his arms. His palms were not enough to keep those biggies. He got mad with the feeling and pressed moms breasts so hard making her scream in pain.
Mom got weaker with his acts. And he understood it was the best time to take her to bed. On the bed he again started licking her boobs. Then his attention was changed into her hairy armpits. He was licking the hair of her armpits while holding he hand over her head. He lifted his head for a while and said, "Oh Sulochana, your armpits are so salty. Yes dear, those are real womanish armpits with lots of smell."
I got even harder by hearing those words. He then came down on her body and stopped at her fleshy belly. As I told you earlier, mom have typical Indian belly with deep round navel. Mom got aroused by his touch and started struggling. Uncle put his toung in her deep navel and started moving it round. While doing this, he put his hand on her panty and started pulling it down. Mom was afraid by that, and tried to hold it. She was trying to hold her last protection. But the luck was on uncle's side as usual. It did not take much time for her panty to fly over.
Finally mom got naked, first time in front of another man. She was in shy and tried to cover her asserts by her hands. Her choot was all cover with hair. Uncle stared enjoying her and his toung was running on each and every part of her sexy body. He acts as a child how got a ripe fruit. And he thought that it was the time to go for the ultimate act.
Uncle sat on mom's body and started removing his cloths. Once he removed his underwear, his big lund came out like a pressed spring. Oh my god! It was the biggest lund that I have seen ever. It was near 10 inches long and thick with a huge reed top. Mom even got so afraid by seeing it. Her mouth got open and I saw her fear from her eyes. She was even afraid to look at it and turn her face to a side. "Oh no...." came out of her mouth.
"What's wrong Sulochana. Haven't you seen a lund before?" uncle asked her. "Oooo...h No... It's so big." She moaned. "How big is your husband?" Uncle asked while rubbing the lund on her thighs. Mom felt shy and turned her face away. "Tell me Sulochana. How big is he?" He asked again. "Mmm....h o...h not as big as you. Just half of your size" She moaned. Uncle got even aroused by hearing it. And He tried to insert in. But mom got afraid and tightens her legs. And begged him not to do so. "Oh please Raj. Don't do that thing to me. It's so big and will hurt lot" she cried. "Shhh Sulochana. Come on dear! Don't be afraid. Be my dulhan for this night" He whispered. By the time, mom had no powers. He easily parted her thighs and started guiding his monster to its target.
"Oooh no it hurts" mom cried in pain. But by the time, uncle was deaf for her cries. I saw his monster disappearing in-between her thighs. And mom screamed loud. Uncle slowly started going up and down. And mom let out a moan with each stroke. Her big boobs started to jump up and down. Once uncle reached the bottom of her choot, he started giving her deep strokes. Mom was struggling with both pain and pleasure. She was unable to hold any more and begged uncle to slow down. But he got more and more aroused by her cries. It was so hot seen to watch their naked bodies struggling on that bed.
Finally uncle was about to finish. Mom also understood it and begged him to take his lund out. But he was deaf for her cries. And he tighten her to bed and with a hard deep stroke, he started to cum inside her. Mom let out a deep and loud moan and felt on bed helpless. After that everything remained calm and uncle rolled away from her body.
Mom got up from the bed and immediately she bend down with some pain. It seems that uncles huge member had done some interesting operation inside her. I saw her pussy hair was shining with his semen. And some was still oozing out of her hole. She went to bathroom to get clean up. Uncle was on bed having a cigarette. When mom came back, she started getting dress. She was putting some effort on wear her panty and while having a look at it, uncle got hard again. He lean towards mom and pull her on him by holding her panty. This time mom shown less resistance. She just said "Oh no, not again". By the time she understood that there's no result on begging on this hungry man. So he had the opportunity to get whatever he wants from her.
This time uncle spends even more time enjoying mom's sexy naked body. Mom became a doll on his hands. She started her usual painful moans. But with less resistance on this time. And the ending was almost the same. Mom's hole again got filled with his hot cream. This time, mom did not bother to get cleanup. Or rather she was too tired to go to bathroom. Uncle hugged her tight and they went to sleep. I was also honey and went to backyard and masturbate twice and wait there. And I felt sleepy.
But my sleep was restricted to only three hours and I got wake up by hearing moms painful moans. I wonder whether there was another round left. And checked their room again. I was shocked by the seen. Mom was on her stomach and uncle was pressing his monster on her huge butt. For a movement I thought it can't be. I was wondering how he'll put that monster inside her anal.
Mom struggled and begged him as usual. And she said she had never done this before. Uncle was even happy by hearing that. He said her 'Sulachana darling… don't be worry, there's always a first time for everything'. And he positioned his lund in-between her large buttocks. 'Oh, no Raj…please…. why you are doing this to me' mom cried. 'You knows why… This is a dream that I had for years.. Not only mine.. I'm sure it's a dream of all your husbands friends… to fuck this big gaand. And today, I got that opportunity and I'll not miss that chance for anything. So, don't even think about getting away'. By telling, he pushed her to bed and give her gannd a sudden thrust. Mom almost jump and cried in pain.
I was so honey by seeing that act. Uncle was now pushing again and again his lund inside moms gaand. And that 10 inc monster was disappearing more and more in-between her 44 inc gaand. Those two were prefect match. Her cries got louder with each thrust. I saw her butt was shivering with pain.
And finally he went all the way in and his balls were pressed against her butt. I was wondering how she is keeping that monster inside. By getting know that he was successfully in, uncle released mom's hands. He put hands under her chest and got hold on boobs. Then he lifted his lower body, took he lund half way out, and gave her a deep hard thrust. Mom screamed and struggle hard. But uncle controlled her well. And he gave her another one. Then he slowly increased the speed and started fucking her gaand.
I have never seen such a thing before. His monster was hitting hard against her big butt. And a thump.. thump..' sound came out. Those fleshy buttocks were jumping up and down and I was sure that she had fire inside. She was moaning and crying and he was enjoying it. I did not know how he had so much strength to do such sex. He became a machine and she got weaker and weaker. And finally he groaned loud and pushed her hard against the bed. And I saw his lower body shaking. Yes, he was filling her with his thick cum. Mom was feeling cum inside her gaand for the first time in her life. With that, mom lost all her power and fell down.
Finally uncle got up from her body. And I saw mom was unable to get up due to her back pain. So, he had to take her to bath room. I saw white thick cum comming out of her butt crack and going down on her thighs. And when they came back, I noticed mom was still in pain. And they went to bed like newly married couple. He hugged her and went into sleep. I was so excited and went out home. I came back on the next morning, after uncle left home. Mom was still on the bed and said she has a bad backache. But I laughed myself since I knew her real ache.
After that, it bacame normal act of mom. And uncle used to come on day time when I was away. Sometimes he spend night at our place and slept in the front room. But as soon as I go to bed, he used to having fun with mom. And I used to watch it. Hope you enjoyed.

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Old 18th May 2006
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My horny Mother

My mom's name is Sukanya. We stay in Kandivili. She is 40 yrs old but looks ten years younger. Any body would mistake her for my sister. I am in college second year. My father is in Germany as he has business there. He would come thrice a year, stay for a month or so and then leave. My mom is a stunning gorgeous looking lady with a sexy sweet smile, sharp nose, full lips, twinking eyes and high cheek bones. She was neither skinny nor fat just the right kind of body which could turn on any man or boy. She is tall 5'7 and about 57kgs. Whenever she would go to the market to buy things, the men and galli ka boys would check her out. I would feel guilty and angry but I could not do anything. My mom would not expose anything, it was just that she was so sexy and beautiful. I noticed that when she would walk her lovely round full ass would shake and roll sexily. I could make out the guys and men, even the baji wallas would secretly stare and glance at her ass and tits. I felt lucky that when other boys in my colony had real boring mothers, mine was a hot goddess with real charming look. I knew that the boys were discussing about her behind my back.
This is the incident which happened 1 yr ago. Since then she is not only my mother but my best friend, whore and lover. Nobody knows about this except for her and me.
At times when dad would come to Mumbai, I could make out that they were busy fucking in their room. I would hear a shy giggle and dad's moan at times. But I could not see a thing. One day I had seen my mom cooking kheer for us. I was watching cricket. This was when I was in tenth standard. I wanted to go to pee. Since the toilet was in the way to the kitchen, my eyes darted toward that place. I saw my dad bending over mom who looked as if she was stirring the kheer with a spoon.
I didn't make a noise and just witnessed the scene. He was licking the back of her neck and squeezing her ass over her saree.
My cock began to rise slowly. She was not wearing a petticoat. I saw dad slowly lifting her saree slowly. Wow! I came to see her legs, long and silky sexy. He slowly lifted it up till I saw my mother's ripe pumpkin shaped ass in a red panty. It was the most erotic thing I saw round and big. I could not see the full thing as it was hidden in her panty but it looked declicious, I saw dad's index finger going inside her ass. Dad was fingering her anus. I became mad with lust as I saw the scene. He removed his finger out and began to suck it. In her excitement mom moaned and dropped the spoon. Suddenly they realized that I would hear and mom pulled her saree down. I disappeared from the scene.
The sight of her ass made me mad. I was so charged with lust that I masturbated for a week continously thinking of the sight I had scene. I wished to see that lovely ass of hers again. When she would go the toilet to shit in the morning, I would imagine seeing her naked ass and sexy asshole and would get excited. I could hear the buzzing sound of her peeing and would get excited.
Let me tell you that this sound would be magnetically arousing to my dick. One day, I was reading my college book in my study room. Like always my mom would come to the room to sweep the room. I was addicted to watch her body while moving in the house doing house hold work. She moved her ass seductively and I watched her. Her ass was just inches away from me.
Suddenly there was a funny beep sound and then a deep eggy smell. My lovely mom had just expelled some gas in front of me. I loved the aroma and my cock was growing hard as I breathed in that lovely sweet smell. I was so much in love with that dirty sweet funny fart smell that I would have even inhaled it. My mom looked at me and smiled shyly knowing that I was aware of what she did. I loved her smile.
After some time, she went to the loo. She was taking time. I knew that she had gone to shit. I was growing hornier. I wanted to see her doing her thing. Quite out of lust, I took my cock out and began to masturbate furiously.
I listened to the sound of her flushing and I saw her coming out. I could not complete my act of masturbation. Mom came out and saw the front bulge of my pant swollen like a tent. "What were you doing?" she asked, "how did it become swollen?"
I was afraid and did not say it.
She said,"You were playing with it, no? Go to the toilet and piss. It will become small," she did not sound angry.
I went to the toilet. The toilet was still smelling of my mom's shit. I looked in the bowl. The bowl had still some round and curly snakes which had come from her asshole. They were floating in the water. The smell in the air was turning me on as I masturbated furiously. I kept on shagging wildly. Mom was calling from the other side,"Beta, are you finished peeing?"
I said,"Mom, I have to do no 2. too"
I could hear her laughing. I began to masturbate till I came. I flushed the toilet throughly and came out.
Dad had gone abroad and there was no one in the house except for mom and me. One morning at 5.00 clock, I felt my eyes opened. I went to the other room where my mom was sleeping. Her saree was lifted on to the thighs. She could not see me. But I could see in the dark that her fingers were between her spread fair soft full thighs. My mom was masturbating. I knew she was missing my dad's cock. I saw her moaning softly as she orgasmed. I could not see her cunt as it was dark but I could see her eyes closed and the pleasure in her face as she orgasmed. My cock was so hard that I began to feel like fuck her then and there.
One day in school, my friend passed some obscene comment on my mom. He said,"Karan ki maa ka gand tho sabse mast hai"
I got angry and fought with him. I called his mother a whore. He insulted my mom and said that my mom was a whore. Because of the fight both of us were injured.
My mom saw me and began to scold me for fighting. I told her what happened. She began to apply balm on my wounds and iodex. After some day my mom got my friend in front of me. I was angry to see this. My mom said that you boys should not fight on small things. Friendship is more important. My friend began to thank my mom for kindness and said sorry to me. Then we boys became friends. After one week my mom asked me if I loved her that much that I had to fight with a boy, Akash. I said,"Mom if he says dirty things again, then I will break his face."
My mom said,"Forget it. He is just a despo guy. He is just hungry for sex. Most of the boys at this age are like that only. Even you said dirty things about his mom" I said,"But mom you are sexy, he told this because .... she cut me,"what how do you know I am sexy... she began to laugh...
I began to caress her neck. She smiled and asked me,"What are you doing?" "Feeling the softness of your skin, mom, I wish I could kiss it." "Then kiss it" I began to kiss her neck and then kissed her lips. She stopped me and said,"Dont do this..I am your mom"
I made a sad face and said,"This is my bad luck. All the boys and men can ogle at you but I cannot do so because I am your son. If I was your lover, I would have kissed you up and down" She made a face and said,"See if you are horny what can you expect your friend to be?" I caressed her shoulders," Mom your boobs can make even a small kid's cock hard" She slapped me on my face,"Enough."
I started to weep, she consoled me. Seeing my plight, she cuddled me and said,"Why do you talk such things ?" I told her,"Mom, I know that you are missing dad, I saw you masturbating one day. I also saw dad fucking you in the kitchen"
My mom was dumbfounded and then embarrassed. She did not know when I had seen her getting fucked in the kitchen. I told her about the kheer incident. She did not know how to react. She told me,"Beta..since you saw everything let me tell you, I was masturbating because I was missing your dad"
I kissed her on her cheek. I stroked her face and said,"Mom, I want you to be the happiest woman in the world. She had tears in her eyes. My hand was caressing her right breast cupping it gently applying pressure as I kissed her. My erect cock was rubbing against her calf as I kissed. I whispered in her ear as I squeezed it more,"mom can I play with your ball"
She gave a sexy smile and said,"Let me remove the pallu". She removed it and I could see her breasts looking tight and hot, medium sized in her blouse. I put my head down and began to suck on the left one through the fabric. She smiled and said,"Go slow, it is a woman's breast not a ball that you use to play cricket" as I squeezed the other pulpy meat of flesh.
"Mom, you know when people stare at your boobs, I feel so mad"
She caressed my head and said,"Karan, you love me, you are entitled to see me. They have not seen my boobs...I will show you, you dont have to be mad anymore but promise me you will keep this a secret. I am showing you because you wanted to see me in nude. I dont want you to feel dejected"
There were two pins which held her blouse together from the front. She went ahead and opened them. Her blouse flipped apart and my eyes feasted at those two full ripe apple like boobs of mom.No wonder dad was a fan of these. She does not wear a bra at home.
I asked her,"Mom dont you ever wear a bra?
She said,"I wear dear but only when I go out"
I looked at her nipples. They wear dark brown strong nipples looking sexually attractive. I told mom," I want to suck your nipples"
She caught one breast in her hand and offered to me as if feeding me. I began to suck on her nipple. The pleasure was extra ordinary. I left sucking for a moment and wanted to ask her something," Mom why are your nipples dark while other girls have light colored ones?"
She said," Young girls have light ones but once they give birth to kids the nipples become fatter and darker"
I loved my mother's knowledge. I began to suck again like an animal. She could not take the pressure and lied down. I began to attack her breasts like an animal, kissing and licking her whole area of breasts, massaging it slurping at it. She, getting turned on let her hand wander around my crotch area. She found my hardon jutting out through my shorts and pressed it. Her eyes popped out as she gasped at my size. She didnt say anything but her eyes said it all. We ended smooching each other. I loved the feel of her bangles as she touched my dick through my shorts. I left her and removed my shorts as my mother watched in excitement. I removed my brief and my cock naked and proud jutted out in the open waving up and down in front of her lovely face. She smiled and said,"Tere papa se bhi mota hai" She caressed it and I felt sexual current running through my body. This was the woman who had touched my cock when I was small while bathing or helping me pee and now she was about to suck it. "mom please suck it"
Understanding my lust, she closed her mouth over my rigid piece of meat. I was in seventh heaven. My mother was a good cocksucker. She was giving that kind of a pleasure he can never dream of. I was very jealous of papa and I wished I was older enough to be her lover or husband. Mom wanted to have fun, she was a horny bitch just like a horny dog I am. She knew that if she has fun with me, I would not tell anybody as I was born out of her vagina. I wanted to see her pussy but the way she was slurping and teasing my dick with her mouth made me forget everything else. There are little hairs around the base of my balls. She was nuzzling at it, licking my balls alternately as she sucked my lollipop. Then she just gave a sexy blowjob on my dick as if trying to remove my dick out of my body. She also began to skillfully tease my balls with her fingers and bob her mouth on my dick, I felt a warm rush of fluid coming through the tip and it shot through my pee hole and on her face, lips and inside her mouth. I shouted,"OHHH mommmmmmm" through out my orgasmic tremors. She looked at me and my dick as it vibrated and shook through the orgasm. The way my mom was staring at my orgasmic penis and the pleasure on my face was out of this world.
After some time, I felt real guilty. I don know whether to thank my mom for giving me oral pleasure or say sorry for being such a beast in lust. She being an experienced woman understood my confusion told me to lie down for some time.
She said,"Karan I know what you are thinking...you are feeling guilty, it happens with men, first they are in lust and after orgasm they begin to feel sleepy and embarrassed. Does this not happen to you after you masturbate?"
I replied frankly,"Yes mom, what about you?"
She smiled and said,"Dont worry about that. You wanted to see my breasts and you wanted pleasure. I dont want you to be so sexually obsessed. If you are horny come to me, I will make you feel good and relieve your horniness. Nothing more than that. Now just lie down, I will get you water." She picked up her blouse and wore it back.
I was feeling bad. MY mom was a woman a mother who cared about me. A woman will always hide her inner feeling and give pleasure and happiness to her mate,husband or brother. I wanted to give her her share of happiness. She might be buring with sexual hunger and I should give to her. Like a devoted son and a passionate lover I must fulfil my sonly obligation and give her romantic sexual delights also as a lover. If she had seen and pleasured my dick, even I should lick and fuck her cunt.
Mom was taking time. I knew she had gone to get water. She came late in two minutes, her hair was tied and her face was looking preety.
She gave me the bisleri bottle to drink,"Drink."
I drank and I was looking at mom with interest. My cock was soft like a small fat noodle resting between my legs.
"Wear your underwear," she said but I did not agree to her.
I asked: why did you take time?
she replied: I went to the loo
I asked: what for?
She replied sarcastically:what do people go for, to pee and freshen up.
I said: I thought you went to shit
She made a face and said: chee, at this time... I went to pee,
I made a face,"If you had called me, may be I could have got a chance to look at your chooth"
The dirty hindi word made her stare at me. Somehow she said," You know it is raining and one feels like peeing a lot in these days, I was controlling it from fifteen minutes, I could not have left in the middle of the thing we were doing and gone to the toilet."
I told mom," Mom you have great control"
She did not reply and then scolded me kiddishly: why are you naked? Wear something or do you want to pee?
I told her,"Mom you have gr8 control on your bodily functions but you should not curb your sexual desires."
She did not answer. I took her palm in my hand and caressed it. "You gave me pleasure, showed me your tits, made me touch and suck them, sucked my dick...may be I should give you pleasure by sucking your cunt"
She told me flatly,"Karan I cant show you my cunt"
She replied,"Because it is a woman most sacred thing, I showed you my boobs, if you want I can even flash my ass to you, but not my cunt...It will drive you mad. You might have the urge to enter me. Even I will not be able to control it. "
I said,"so what dont you want pleasure?"
She said,"But this is incorrect, imagine a son licking his mother's pussy and fucking it."
Her language was turning me on. She could see my cock rising as she said these words. She tried to avoid seeing my erection coming up. It was half hard now.
I told her,"What is wrong mom, if you can give me a blow job and satisfy me desires, why cant I? Who knows about what we do here? You are a woman first and I want to give you happiness and satisfaction."
she said,"Listen I did it to you because I wanted to make you free from sexual thoughts."
I replied," Have I become free? Look at my hardening cock, mom. Does it look free. It still wants more, it wants to give you satisfaction. I dont want you to feel sexually empty,I have seen you masturbating alone. Dont you want a man't touch, the pleasure of having a healthy hard tight cock inside you, a mouth to lick every inch of your soft cunt. Even you are a human being. Even you want to be free. Let me quench your thirst."
My words were turning her on. She was looking at my cock which was hard and stiff again. She gave a last attempt. She argued," No I can do this, I fear about a lot of things. I am having my periods(actually this was the reason why she was horny), and I could get pregnant. Let us do when I am not having my periods, after 5 days."
I know she was not agreeing to do because she felt that showing her pussy to me will look messy and smelly.
I told her,"Mom, It is okay if you have periods. I am not bothered about the smell. I just want to taste your pussy. Today it might taste like a burger covered with tomato ketchup"
She laughed at my sexy comment. "Where did you learn this from?"
I said,"My friends"
She smiled,"Guys your age come up with such innovative things to say about the vagina"
I asked her,"Tell me the names you know for the cock?"
She said,"dick, cock, prick, saaman, kela, lund, lauda?"The words lund and lauda from her sexy mouth was such an erotic poetry. I told her huskily,"please touch my lund"
She caressed it once again and I began to touch my right hand at the saree region where her cunt sits. I was rubbing it up and down. She giggled at the way I was frantically touching her cunt and rubbing it. "It is below"
I was embarrassed. I began to rub down and I knew I was hitting the target with my fingers. Her eyes were closing as she was enjoying. I whispered in her ears," Mom you want to hear the names for the vagina"
She nodded and I said,"cunt, pussy, fuckhole, bur, chooth,bhosda"
She just smiled with closed eyes as she enjoyed the pleasure I was giving by rubbing her cunt through the saree. She has a sensitive vagina. Her facial expression were as if she had been drugged in pleasure.
Then I lifted her sareee up as I cupped her left breast. Mom understood my horniness and she got up from the bed and began to remove her saree. She was in her blouse, removed it and I saw her familiar full tits. I went near her and removed the nada of her petticoat and let it slip to her legs. What fleshy long fair legs, silky and velvetty. I knelt down and began to lick her feet, toes. It was as if I was taking a sexual blessing from my mom! I looked up at her, instead of telling me,'tatastu' she was closing her eyes and enjoying the pleasure and tickling.
She was wearing a white panty and it was swollen because of the pad she had worn inside.
I began to caress, fondle and kiss her ankles,calves, and shins. I went behind and looked at her bums, glorious ripe and well formed, rounded and curvy.
I kissed her ass and felt the heat coming from her butt cheeks. My mom was waiting for me to pull down her undies. From behind, I lowered her red panty as her ass emerged, the twin domes of erotic pleasure. I was seeing Mrs.Sukanya Karkera's naked ass, my mom's lovely big butt, the endless source of sexual entertainment for the bhajiwalas, the peons, my father, the gali ka bachaas and my frieds. All of them were mad behind for her ass and wanted to touch it and I was just a millimeter away from her nude butt. Let me tell you my mom's ass is the most wonderful erotic piece in the world, soft and hard at the same time. It is firm, tight and quite fleshy. My mom knew that I was so hypnotised by her nude butt that I was not even looking at her cunt.
I started kissing her butt, massaging those cheeks and feeling the heat. I slapped her butt, spanking it as if I had seen it in some erotic movies. I had the feeling of fucking her in the ass. I was superaroused. I pushed her cheeks apart and looked at the small hole which she uses for shitting. There were tiny hairs jutting out from that dark hole of secret pleasure. I began to lick the crack between her butt. She was moaning now.
I parted her firm, round tight cheeks and looked again at the cranky poop hole which looked really cute and sexy at the same time. I remembered of the time when she had farted before me and the smell thereof, dirty but such a turn on because it shot from her butthole.
I wished she could punish me by releasing the toxic perfume(fart) through her anus again for being such an anal pervert. It was such a pleasure to lick her asshole and she was busy moaning as her ass was explored like never before. I knew for a fact that papa would not go to such an extent to pleasure her asshole.
Then I left her ass temporarily and went in front to look at my birth place. It was hairy and I blew slightly on that hairy mound. On the ground had fallen a blood stained pad of her period. I could smell the primal smells of her cunt. Her sexy pubic hairs, soft and rough at the same time, began to shake like small grasses as her cunt was exposed. My mom moaned as I began to kiss her cunt. Sukanya's cunt was wet and sticky because of the arousal. I could see that it was almost shiny with her secretions. Her vagina was slutty looking like an open flower, fleshy outerlips pink with blood. There were some saucy stains of her periods on her pussy, I began to lick it. I loved the rank smell and the sexy saucy tangy taste. She could not control her feeling and moaned. I saw her clitoris. At that time I did not know it but it was like a small prick. I began to kiss it and she was biting her lips as she lost her mind in lust. She was writhing her hips and pushing her crotch towards me letting me taste her sexy pie between her thighs. I was kneeling down smooching my mom's pussy like a mad man. I sucked on her clit and cupped her ass. She began to orgasm on my face. I tasted blood and her tangy cum. She began to moan saying,"uhhhhh hmmmmmmmaaaa." While she orgasmed I slapped her ass playfully and fingered her ass. After one more orgasm, she stood her legs feeling weak. But I wanted to give her more. I began to suck on her clitoris, while I dug her shithole. I removed my finger which was deep in the depths of her ass and then sucked it. Sukanya was seeing her son doing nasty things and then again had an orgasm due to my tongue pressure on her clit.
She was looking flushed and relieved after two orgasms. Her cunt taste was still lingering in my mouth. She got to the bed and spread her legs. I knew she was superturned on and she wanted me to enter her and pleasure her. I still went between her legs and ate her cunt. I made her pussy clean off all the blood and now it looked shiny, wet and dripping.
I whispered in her ear,"Mom do you want me to fuck you?"
She said,"I am not your mom, call me Sukanya,"
I called,"oh my Sukanya, you are so beautiful and I began to kiss and suck her tits.
My mom knew that she could be pregnant but we were in so much lust that we could not care less. I felt her nude body against me with the mangalsutra around her neck and hanging on her tit valley. I felt the sound of her bangle as she lifted my dick and guided it to her cuntal hole.
My dick went inside easily into her slurpy hole and there was a farty sound as her cunt took my cock inside. Her nostrils flared as she took me in. She moaned,"Oh Karan, it is so thick" I stopped and just gave strong pushes as she enjoyed the sexy jolts which my prick was giving. I felt the tight cunt contracting on my dick, heating it up. My cock was bathed in my mom's pussy fluids. Due to her periods, my dick was bloody sight. I felt my cock and balls immersed in her shiny blood as we fucked. As my movements increased, I started giving long hard thrusts. She was smiling as she saw her son become a man fucking her with great intensity. She spoke between her breaths,"Take care"
I shortened my thrusts and asked,"Does it hurt ma?"
She scolded me,"Dont call me mom when you have your lund inside me. I am sukanya now. It doesnt hurt me. I am enjoying it. But you take care because you had just had an orgasm, it might hurt your cock because of my cunt pressure..."
I said,"No it does not hurt, thanks for caring sukanya."
I began fucking again at top speed. My mom was so horny that she wrapped her thighs around my waist. She was scratching my back as she was pounded and stabbed by my dick.
Suddenly I knew that I was coming. I wondered whether I should spray it inside her or outside. But the feeling was so good and her grip was so strong that I felt her orgasm once again. I squeezed her boobs in pleasure as I shot my semen inside her. I looked at Sukanya. She was smiling. I said,"How was it?"
She said,"Hmmmm"
She was in my arms and it felt great. Sukanya got up and said,"You have made me your whore, are you happy now?"
I was sad. She took me in my arms and consoled me and said,"It is okay, it was wonderful, you are a passionate lover. You ared too mature for your age sexually."

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Then we kissed again and we slept like husband and wife.
After she got up nude, she felt guilty though she was satisfied. She told me that I should be careful not to have sex with her because she is my mother and she could get pregnant. I was worried but then I could not control because she was really attractive.
The next day, papa came. She was in his bed everynight then while I was burning in lust for her. I had to control my sonly feelings and it was getting bad day after day. I could imagine my mother being fucked by dad every night or so. I could hear sounds and my mom's fucked look in the morning and I became very horny. I would masturbate in her bra and panties which she would find early in the morning.
One day in the morning when papa had gone to the post office, she was humming a tune to herself. I was blinding with lust. I went to her and kissed her on my lips.
She struggled from my grip and told me,"What are you doing?"
"You are getting your share of cock, but what about me?"
She told me angrily to shut up. I insulted her and called her a whore. She slapped me. I kissed her ferociously. I stripped her saree and began to squeeze her breasts. I tore her blouse. She told me to stop,"What are you doing, you devil. Your papa might see us."
But I could not care less. I was seeing her naked tits after a long time. I began to feast on her nipples. I removed the rest of her saree. She gave in to her bodily urgings and let me take her.
I licked, and sucked both the breasts. It was a great experience preying on my dear old mother's wonderful and juicy breasts after almost a month.
My mother stopped her resistance by now so I started enjoying her naked body. I kissed sucked and licked her beautiful body everywhere I could and it was great. Then I finally turn my vision to the spot between her legs. The spot where I came to this world and where I can fulfil my lust to make myself a man to my mother. I used my legs to part her legs by pushing them outward and set myself comfortibly between her legs. Mother though did not put any pressure. She did not want to help me because she wanted to stop my behaviour. However she was enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. She just laid there with her head turned to one side and her eyes closed. I ran my free hand over her mound and inserting my index finger into her vagina. Her vagina is still dry as I started finger-fucking her. I was raping her as she was dry in her cunt. It didnot take long before I could feel her juices oozing out as I increased my rhythm. I kept finger fucking her for a while before I decided she is ready for the ultimate reunion. Still holding her hands above her head, I leaned on her body so I was covering her body with mine. With my free hand I felt between us, took my cock, and began to guide it towards her cunt.
As I reached her entrance I paused and touched her entrance my tip of the cock. I felt shivers along my spine as I unioned with my part of my mother's flesh with her flesh again. I could not wait anylonger as I pushed forward. My dick entered her cunt. I pushed even harder. I heard my mother gasp, and cry a little, as I pushed inside her completely. I then held there, for a while enjoying my sexual union with my mother. I let go her hands to balance myself for a long fuck. I withdrew my dick a bit and pushed forward again. Mother stayed still. I was not understand why she is behaving this. I knew she was not turned on. So I removed my dick and began to lick her pussy like a dog. I began to nibble her clitoris. She began to moan as her juice started. She started to get turned on as she brought her legs to my head as I ate her. She was having an orgasm. Then I crept above her. She smiled at me, giving that lovely smile and guided my angry dick inside her wet pussy. But this time I wanted to teach a lesson to the bitch. I began to move my dick around the pussy lips and clitoris without penetrating her. She urged me,"andhar dalna(push it in), finish it please, fuck me" It was a pleasure to see the woman of my dreams, urge me to push the rod inside her. I pushed it in, watching her expressions change and then drew back again this time to be out of her and thurst back again. Mother gasped.
Then I settled to a steadier rhythm. I had achieved what I wanted. Fucking my own mother. My cock was inside her vagina and I am fucking her. I am fucking the same cunt my father quuenches his lust and flooded it with his sperm to create me. I finally managed to spread the same legs my father has spread on the same bed. Finally I managed to make the same woman my dad made as woman of the house. I am squeezing the same breasts my dad squeezed and my mother used to feed me as a baby. I am enjoying the same body I shared when I took shape in her. I am reaching the same inside of my mother where I was spawned. I am kissing the mouth that had given me guidance, sweared on me and ...encouraged me. It felt great, that I am using the same woman that loved me motherly to love me sexually. I am showing my gratitude towards her upbringing by ravishing her cunt with my dick. After few more strokes, I felt my balls exploding gobs of semen I have been storing for her. I humped on to her vigourously before I came. I could not help stop but gasp as I shot my wad into her. I could feel my semen flooding mother's vagina as I reached my climax.
Our sexual act is complete as I laid on my wonderful mother fulfilled and gasping for my breath. I could hear my mother too is breathing hard. Our naked bodies still connected together with my chest firmly pressing her naked breasts. My cock by now started getting limp but still inside her transfering the last remains of my semen.
It was time for my father to come back. She got up and began to wear her saree.
She was in tears. She told me that I would have to promise her that I would not fuck her in the cunt again. I asked her why? She did said that she enjoys sex with me more than her husband but it is not good because she would get pregnant. She confessed that she has sexual intercourse only with her husband and if I also have sex with her, we might have diseases. She said that she will allow me to fuck her only with the condom in the cunt. "we can have oral sex because it is safe"
She took me to the loo so that we could clean our genitals. She told me to pee first, then we kissed again. As I peed, She apologized for slapping me unneccessarily,"you are right, I am your whore, a sexy secret whore" she smiled. She flushed.
Then she told me to leave as she had to pee herself. "Please pee before me, I want to see how women pee"
She squatted on the commode and showed me,"See this small thing this is where we pee from"
I looked with interest as her pee emerged out with a sexy sound pitter patter sound echoing the toilet. I was so awed with the urine streaming out that I was getting another hardon. She watched the effect it was having on me. I playfully put my hand in the stream and she laughed."Hey, what are you doing, you are so...."
Suddenly there was a knock. It was dad. She was started. She had finished peeing. She told me,"Get out fast, open the door" I licked my finger and palm covered with her pee, tasting like sweet sugar. I cursed papa and went out closing the toilet door. Suddenly I realized I was naked. I immediately put on my dress and went out to open the door.
Dad asked me,"Where is mom?
I replied,"She is in the loo"
After sometime, I could feel some hustling and I knew dad was kissing her. I could hear her saying,"Abhi nahi, mood nahi"
I felt victorious.
In the night, I thought that if mom denies me access to her cunt, I can always screw her ass.
Fifteen more days passed. Dad had to leave for abroad. I knew that now I had her to me. But I did not want to fuck her without her permission. Relations between her and me became more frank. We would tell each other secrets. She told me what positions her husband and she had used to fuck. She told me how she had been fucked in the fields in the village by the farmer's son when she was 19. He had removed her virginity. She also told how her father's friend, a photographer had stealthily taken some pics of her when she was taking a bath in a resort. He used the photos to black mail her. She was scared and agreed to give sexual favours in return for the favor. At that time I was not born. However he was real handsome, and wonderful with sexual tricks. Her husband was abroad when this was happening. This camera guy, whose name was Manoj gave her a lot of sexual satisfaction and gave her a lot of oral skills and pleasure. He had even fucked her ass. She emotionally admitted to me that this camera guy was my actual father. However he died in a freak accident. I consoled my mother as she broke down. She told me the way I fuck is reminiscent of my dad. We both have the same rampant raw sexual desires. She told me that her husband is of the belief that I am his son while actually it is not so. Sukanya admitted that she feels the same sexual hunger, lust, love and childish nature in me like she felt in Manoj.
She told me her husband is preety orthodox in love making but she admitted that she will still admit only him in her pussy as she does not want any trouble of pregnancy and diseases. She told me that I could fuck her with a condom.
There after our relations became more frank. I took care to see that my mom was never upset. We became best of friends and bed partners. She would joke with me. We would talk dirty, say smutty jokes, crack toilet jokes and even watch blue films together. However she would always tell me to finish my home work and study first. After our studies and her kitchen work we would watch an erotic film together. We would pass wicked sexy comments and then we would cool each other's heat by masturbating each other. I would pull her saree up and finger her while she would shag me to orgasm. We would also do lots of oral sex if we did not want to fingering.
On her birthday, I cut the cake and applied it in her vagina. I also inserted the candles which wear on the cake inside her pussy fucking her and making her come. Mom moaned as I ate the cake through her cunt. She applied the rest of the cake on my dick and licked it as I orgasmed on her face. Then I bought some KS condoms and we fucked with me wearing a condom. For the society we were mother and son while between us we were sexuallovers.
I would always leave for college early with my mom sleeping so I would miss out on my mom's early morning rituals. However I was glad that one day my college timings changed for the afternoon.
One night we were watching an anal video where females were getting fucking in the ass. My mom was giving me a hand job and I orgasmed in her palms. I asked her as we were going to sleep,"How did it feel when you werefucked in the ass,by papa?"
Mom told me smilingly that she was very tired with the work. She told me to sleep as she had to get up early and go to the temple.
I got up at 5.00 clock. Mom was brushing her teeth in the washbasin.
Mom was looking at herself in the mirror admiring herself. What a sexy whore she is, I thought. I looked at her ass looking tight firm and round in her white gown. I felt a strange desire to grab her butt.
Sukanya looked at me and looked at the tent formed at the shorts. She gave a warm smile and told me,"Go pee, you look so disgusting down there."
I knew that this is the way of her teasing me. Girls always cover up the things they love sexually but telling something like ' disgusting'. In face they love disgusting things. Bitches, all of them. She was reading my mind. Sukanya asked me,"what are you thinking?"
I said,"You are the one who eats it and gets fucked by it and now it is disgusting!"
She smiled and said,"Okay just pee and come because it looks funny with that huge thing sticking up your shorts."
I knew that it was hurting her eyes. But I did not listen to her. She came back to the bed with the tea. She sat close to me as I watched the ITV. They were playing a Hindi song which featured Priyanka chopra. My erection was getting harder as she shook her Mom looked at the effect the song was having on me. She remarked,"Priyanka is turning you on, I can see your dick jumping ..."
I said"Her ass is so hot,even if she farts, I would sniff it"
She made a face and told me," My..my....With a morning erection like this, anything can make you horny.
I told her," Mom, who do you think has the sexiest ass in Bollywood?"
She laughed and told me,"I am a woman, how do I know?"
I said,"I love Amisha's, Bipasha's, Madhuri's Urmila's bums."
She said,"Because they are big and round, aren't they?"
I nodded. Sukanya told me,"God knows how many producers they have given their asses to fuck."
"What about Priyanka?" I asked.
She told me,"See if a woman's ass shakes when she walks up and down, it means she could be fucked in the ass. In bollywood, producers need to get a piece of ass, if they have to give a role. It is common sense. Beta, this world is dirty. To get to the top you have to show your bottom. Priyanka might have also done it. Mostly Punju girls are fucked in the ass because their men are big butt freaks."
"How about you mom, how many times?"
"Manoj was an ass freak. He fucked me once only but it was very enjoyable. Sridhar does not like to do it there. He thinks it is filthy."
"Should we do it?"
"Do you want to put your butt in danger, you are going to be late. Anal intercourse requires time ,otherwise it could be painful."
I loved her talk. I removed my dick out of my shorts and began to show it to her. She told me,"You have to go to college, stop this thing, you will be late, close the tv and freshen up."
I gulped the tea. She went to the basin. I asked her from the drawing room," Are you going anywhere?"
" I will go to the temple for the pooja, karva chauth. Then to the doctor."
I asked,"Why?"
She replied,"I am feeling bloated. Yesterday chicken tandoori is making me feel constipated. I passed motions early after I woke up but it was very little."
She was searching for something in the kitchen and when she did it she had to bend. Her ass looking tightly wrapped in the gown was making me mad. I just went and touched her ass. "Mom I want to kiss your ass"
Before she could answer me anything, I began to move my tongue around her earlobe and neck, turning her on. I cupped her braless boobs through the gown. She forgot about her schedule and my work and just stood there giving herself to me as I nuzzled the back of her neck and started fondling her ass. I whispered in her ears,"Sukanya teri gand tho sab heroine ko maat dengi(your ass will beat the butts of all heroines)
I lifted her gown up and I saw her white panty. I bent down and kissed the undercurve of her ass tracing my tongue to her asscrack. I removed it down so that it slipped down to her legs. I had tasted and done many things to her cunt. Now it was my turn to see that her ass gets due respects. I began to luxuriate in the warm heat of her naughty bums. I began to kiss those wholesome half moons of pleasure which my father had kissed. I parted her cheeks and looked at that lovely sexy shithole. She was moaning in pleasure as I began to gently lick her butthole. I put my finger inside her anus and explored digging her shitchannel. It was morning and I knew that the only thing I would find would be shit. I removed my finger and tasted it...delicious. Then I began to lick again parting the cheeks. Due to my pressure, she could not supress a fart which escaped her bumhole and filled my senses. The gas smelled heavenly as it aroused me. She looked at me and saw me. She apologized for indiscretion but I continued licking her anus. I knew that mom's anus could not take the torture of my wicked tongue. I kept on tonguing and fingering her anus making the hole bigger so that it could take my cock inside.
I took a banana which was lying on the table, peeled it and inserted it in her ass. The cold banana made her shiver in excitement. Due to the feel of her ass heat and the grip, the banana broke. She looked at my perversion and asked me,"What are you doing to my ass?"
I answered,"Banana is good for constipation" Some pieces of banana was stuck in her butt crack.As I explored her anus with the banana coated finger, I felt her hard shit in her rectum getting softer. I removed my finger and began to taste....it was like tasting her shit and banana together. I knew her shit channel has become clearer now.
As I cleared the banana out of her ass, she farted again with a prrrrr sound. She looked at me and blamed me,"If you torture my asshole this way, what can you expect?" This time there was just a faint smell. "Are you sniffing it?"
I got up and gave some banana which was left on the table for her to eat. She looked at me and said,"I am sorry, you should have moved out when I farted. It is dangerous."
I told her,"Your farts aroused me because they come out of your ass, anything from your ass is sexy."
We smooched sharing the banana between us. I was fingering her pussy. I told her,"Mom I dont want to go to college today"
She moaned,"You know what I am feeling a lot more better now. I am not feeling constipated anymore."
I asked her,"Will you allow me to fuck your ass?
She smiled as I twiddled with her clitoris,"if you ahhhn...do it this way then I will come from both sides, from my cunt and ass."
I stopped the kissing and asked,"What?"
She laughed and said,"I feeling like shitting."
I put my finger in her ass and said,"Even I feel it."
We went to the toilet. She squatted on the commode. I looked at her ass which protruded sexily at my face. I looked at her anus which had become fairly big opening and shutting. It opened once again and a huge shiny brown turd emerged out slowly and fell on the pan.
I kissed her ass and said,"Sukanya that was a biggie."
She looked embarrassed because she was shitting in front of her son. But then I had cured her of her discomfort and I was seeing the results. She was making an effort to eliminate her waste. I could see it in her face which looked beautiful. She farted again with a whoosh sound and an obscene smell.
Sukanya said,"It stinks, please leave, it will smell more."
I showed her my erect penis. I told her,"It is turning me on, mom to see young sexy girls shitting and farting. By the way I thought women dont fart as much as men."
She was peeing now. She answered me,"Ofcourse women fart as much. But they dont make an issue of it. They do it in secret or in the loo. Even your Priyanka chopra farts."
"Pure methane and sulphur" I said. She laughed with me.
I told her how one day I had masturbated on her turds. She looked at me in bewilderment. But I knew that such talk and actions of a horny kid like me was turning her on too.
She smiled and said,"I never knew you could be such a devil."
I asked her,"Is it over?"
She did not respond. I could see her lovely face contorted and then I checked her behind. Her ass was opening and in a sudden blast there was a shower of crap of all shapes and sizes coming out.
Then she farted again with a popping sound as it echoed in the room and then she shat some more as I watched with interest at the shiny logs popping out.
She looked behind me and said," I guess it is over, I might have dumped a load."
She had indeed dumped a huge load, I couldnt believe sexy women were such sexy shitters. It was such a preety sight. "It is a neat choco pie" I teased her. She was embarrassed but I kissed her and said," sit right there, I will wash." I flushed her contents.
I washed her anus with the water. She told me not to do that because it was a demeaning act but did not listen to her. After hers was over, I felt like shitting. She asked me,"Do you wanna potty?"
I said,"yes."
I did it infront of her. She cleaned me after I was over. Then we headed to the bathroom. In the bathroom we were engaged in kissing, pressing each other's balls and ass. I told her to bend against the shower railing as I washed her ass and soaped her asshole. It was the drier side of the bathroom. I indulged in another round of foreplay as I licked her shithole and kissed it. The n as she was bend doggie style, I put my dick inside her anus and began to slow move it in and out. She began to moan as she got a cock inside her ass after a lot of time. She was enjoying the pleasure as i mounted her ass. My speed increased as I tweaked her nipples and gave it to her ass hard and furious. I thought I was tearing her apart. She was shouting,"Fuck me you big dick bastard, apni maa ka gand maar madarchodh."
I was pounding inside her as I left her hand from her tits and caught her ass cheeks seperating it more. My other finger was exploring her cunt and clitoris. I also screamed,"Yesss..you farting horny sexy assed bitch take my lund inside..yes yess ahhhh"
She was moaning,"unnnnghghhhg mat roko aur zor se zorr seee.
I did not know it was paining her but she was hitting her ass back at me taking my dick inside.
I was screaming,"I am coming bitch, your ass is so tight, my dick is squaaashhhed...ah ah"
I felt like I was coming. She increased the pressure of her ass hiting it back with my dick, her cunning hand juggling my balls. I began to shoot my come inside her anus. I was tired and collapsed on her back, my dick still connected in her ass, tired and softening. She was gasping, sweating like a bitch.
Suddenly I felt like peeing. I began to pee inside my mom's buns. She felt the hot liquid inside her rectum. She immediately removed her ass away from pee."Dont do that, it burns, tereko moothne ke liye mera gand mila."
I said that it just happened and I was still peeing. I aimed the spray on her thighs. I pushed her down and before she could realize I had sprayed her face with pee.
I had not peed from morning so the flow was high and I knew I had bathed her entirely with urine.
After that we had to take a bath again to remove all the mess. Mom was experiencing pain in her asshole. She told me it was not because of anal intercourse but because of hot pee. I applied dettol in her asshole. She was okay and alright in half an hour. She told me that she had to go the temple. I dropped her to the temple in the rickshaw.
I cupped her now familiar ass when she got from the rickshaw. You can imagine how close mom and I are. She gives her ass readily to me and we are not tired. We fuck in all the possible positions and places in the house, kitchen, bedroom bathroom toilet etc. Only when dad comes, we know we have to be careful. Mom is happy that her lover and papa is born again in my form.
Now let me tell you of Akash whom I had a fight with over mom. Mom told me that he was trying to charm her. He is a rich kid. I told mom that if she wants to have a sexual fling with she can, it is her life. Mom told that she would only take him to fuck her in a condom. Akash had even agreed to pay her 1000 bucks per session of fuck. Mom told me that Akash has kept it secret and would not tell anyone.
Now my mom being sexually active has satisfied him so much that he is addicted to her. Mom told me that she is using him as a sweet revenge. Since he had insulted her earlier and fought with me, she is going to take his money and save it. I could use the money to date Akash's sister who is also a money hunting bitch. I have fucked Akash's sister Riya by dating her and lavishing her with the money that Akash bring to my mom.
My mom is so good that she always let me see Akash fucking her or the oral intercourse, or vaginal intercourse. She has never given her ass to him, telling that it is painful. With Sridhar her husband it is straight forward penis to vagina intercourse. But with me we have sex in all varieties and form. At times she has let me fuck her without a condom but she gets disturbed so I dont do much of that. Sukanya tells me that her ass is only for her true lovers Manoj and his son that is me. You guys should see the extreme pleasure on Akash's face as his dick is sucked by mom. Thanks to mom, I have made Akash's demurely clad sister Riya a real whore and cocksucker training her with the fine art of dick sucking.
My mom tells me that every woman by the time she is 40 might have seen atleast ten cocks in her life and played around with an average of five. My mom has so many lovers, Manoj, sridhar,the village boy, Akash and me.

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My horny son

It was a Sunday morning. Ali's college was closed but Mrs.Khalid had some work in her office so she was leaving the house. In the half way she remembered that she had forget some files, to bring them she again went to her house. She always had a key so she entered the house with out ringing the door bell. when she entered Ali's door was closed. First she went to her own room and took the files and then went to Ali's room to tell him to lock the door but when she reached near the door she heard some voices. When she looked in the keyhole of Ali's door she saw Ali totally naked grabbing his dick in his hands and the voices were coming from the TV. There was a sexy blue film on it. She was amazed by watching such a thing and decided to leave the house without confronting himi. In the office she was just thinking about Ali.
She now knew that her little son was a mature person and has some sexual needs. When she reached home after some hours Ali was studying. It seemed like that he have not done anything in her absence. She said to Ali "How are you son”, "fine " replied ali. Then she went to the kitchen to cook and the whole day passed. That night was quite different for Mrs.Khalid. She can’t stop thinking about her son's dick. It was almost same to his Dad's but Ali's dick was a little bigger and thick. Mrs.Khalid's sexual needs were rising. After all she went to sleep. Amazingly she had a wet dream that night it had happened after a long time. The next day she decided to know more about her son she checked his room in his absence and found a CD, there was a nude pic on it she played it and found it to be the same one which ali was playing that day. She also watched Ali in his bathroom and many times and found him masturbating. Days were becoming quite difficult for her and her sexual needs were growing and growing. She has started masturbating. But she badly needed a person who can fuck her hard. She decided that the best person for her is her own son. Now she wanted to catch her son masturbating.....
Atlast the weekend came and it was Ali's holiday. She decided to do the thing through which she came to know about Ali. So she told Ali that she is going to the office. Instead of going to the office she went to the general store and bought some pills which will able her to have cum inside her pussy but not get pragnent. After buying them she reached her home. She opened the door with out making any noise. Luckily Ali's room was closed. She watched inside by the keyhole. Same situation Ali was naked with dick in his hand .A smile came on her face. She quickly opened his door .Ali looked toward her. There was a sense of fear on his face. His mind was blowing like atom bomb. He quickly putted a cloth on himself and closed the movie. Some thing came in Mrs.Khalid'mind and she decided to leave.
The whole day passed and she did not talked to Ali. Also Ali was afraid of her. After the dinner Mrs.Khalid went to her room and Ali to his. She decided it was the time to talk to ali.she wore her nightdress through which her beautiful body could be seen a little. She went to Ali's room. He was lying in the bed when he saw his mother entering the room, he stood up. He thought it might be the time for his punisment. His mother went to the cupboard and took out the BP CD There was a nude pic on it. She asked, "What is it???" Ali was unable to reply her question. She then asked " Tell me how long you are seeing such movies and don’t tell a lie??" "M...mmm..Mom!!!!" ali said. "Just tell me??" she asked with a harder voice. "The first movie I watched was two years ago"Ali said. "And for how long you are been masturbating??" Mother asked. "About 3-4 years" Ali said. "I thought my son is still a child and do not know anything about sex but you are doing such things for years!!!"
"Sorry mom I will not do it again please forgives me!!!" Ali said. "I want to tell you one thing Your father died when you were a kid since then I haven't gone to any man for my sexual habits. I just wanted that my children become educated. “sorry mom " ali said. Mrs. Khalid did not replied just went to the computer and played the CD.The movie started in which a girl was sucking the cock of guy. She then asked Ali "Tell me one thing, have you ever thought of your sis or me to be your sex partner???" "Nnnn...no..no mom never"ali said. "I want to hear the truth I will not say anything to you,” she said. Ali replied "well.... yes but I am...""Ok I just wanted to hear this. I have Visualized that you are a grown up now and you have some sexual needs. Have you had a sexual intercourse ever?" "No" replied Ali. Mrs. Khalid came near to Ali put her hands in his hairs and smiled. Her other hand was moving on Ali body then she said "Take your clothes off " "What !!!" Ali said. " I said take your clothes off " She said. Ali first of all hesitated but then did as ordered.
His long dick was waving in air. It was erect. Maybe because the sexxxxy movie was on and the nude voices were coming. After seeing his dick mother smiled and said, " You know your dick is just like your dad’s. What a wonderful feeling it was when it entered in me!!. There were hairs on his dick. Mrs Khalid said, " I have came here because I want you to make me feel good. I have not even masturbated since many years. But your beautiful dick has again brought back my sexual needs .I want you to make your mom happy!!!" Ali's dick became more harder after hearing this. Now he went to his mom slowly moved his hands on her body. "Mom you are beautiful"Ali said. "Ok take my clothes off " mother said. Ali could not believe his ears. He went to her mother and putted off her nightgown .
He was also moving his hands over her body. He picked up his mom and laid her on the bed. Now she was only in bra and undy. Her boobs were trying to come out of bra. Ali opened her buckle of bra and took it off. He could not stop himself of sucking them HARD. "Come make your mom totally naked.” she said. Ali now slowly took her panty off. Her Pussy was covered with a large amount of hairs. I looked like that she have not shaved since years."Hey moms don’t u under shave???"Ali asked. "No my dear son your father liked it like that” she replied. Ali then said” I love it and now I will give you real pleasure"Then he made a space to finger her pussy. He first of all putted his finger inside. But then started licking it. His mother was getting aroused slowly soon she started to moan"SSSSSS AAAAAAAHHHHHH OHHHH YESSSSSS"
After some time he told his mother " Mom you haven’t had sex because of me I will now make to feel cool. But ur pussy is really tight!!” "Yeah son but you were so small when you came out from hear. Now your first home is too small for you. Only your dick can fit in. Now lay down I want to suck your dick."She said. Ali did as she ordered. Now she took his dick in her hands and then spitted on it."Hay feel your moms hands" Then she licked it slowly, soon it was in her mouth and she was bring it in and out. Ali’s facial expressions were looking wonderful. After some time he cried " MOM I want to fuck you"."All right son " she replied.
Ali then stood up and went to the cupboard and gets some oil. His mother was fingering herself. Soon he started putting his dick in. He slowly putted it in .His mom was crying with joy. He slowly started moving it in and out. His mother stopped him and asked him to abuse her she said "Hay you bloody ass fucker abuse me it will make me more horny." He said, "OKKKK you bitch today I will make you cry” and started fucking her. "Don’t you have power will you do it like that with your wife??? Come fuck me hard” This made me Ali more fast and now he was fucking his mother toooooo hard."Bitch, Gashti, Rundi, Wehshia I will make you cry” now she has started moaning fast "AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSSS Bhanchod Faaaaaasst Fuck meeeeeee aaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhh yeessssssssss yeahhhhhh wait wait wait waaaaiiiittt " Ali have to wait " What happened did i heart you?"
"No you cant cum inside my pussy I have not eaten the pills also I want to drink my sons tasty cum"Then she stood up and went to her room took the pills and came back."Ok let me drink your cum" "Alright suck my cock "She started sucking it "Faster bitch randi " It really worked and she started sucking faster and faster.” I am about to cum"ali said. And loads of his cum were inside his mothers mouth .She drank all of it. Then she said now lick your sexy moms pussy you madarchod (mother fucker). He not even waited her to lie down he picked her up putted on the bed and started licking. "Faster my son faster make your mom feel good AAAAAAAHHHHHHH OOOOOOOO HHHHHHHH Yeah" Soon she also cummed. Her son was making his mom feel good.
His dick was erect again.”Now your ass mommy " "No it will heart” mom replied. But Ali did not hear her and started putting his dick in her ass. It was really tight and hot. But he did not stopped. His mom was crying "AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA hhhh AAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHH STOOOOPPPP ITTTT" but Ali did not stopped " MOM don’t worry it will be cool after some time" Soon it became cool for his mom and she started to moan with joy. "Yeeeeaahhhhh Make me feel good Fuck me hard YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH.BLoody son of a bicht fuck your mom fast fast fast" Soon Ali cummed in her ass. Now he was lying on her back.” thanks son you are really cool I love you and your metal rod (dick)."Then she started kissing his son on his lips his ass, his dick and every part of his body. Both of them were tired and went to sleep in on another arms.
Now Mrs. Khalid had a playboy who was her companion at nights. And Ali was trying his best for his mother that she forgets her loneliness.

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My mother

OK. Its time mommy takes some punishment. I am of the view that if you don’t punish mommies too often, they may deviate from the path of being a nice, obedient slaves to their sons. So here I go in her room again, reminding myself that since last two days, mom haven’t had punishments from her beloved son, so its time to make up for those two missed days.
She is lying in her bed. What she is wearing isn’t going to hide what she has got. Smooth arms that I love to kiss and lick, nice lovely well manicured hands that look lovely when they engulf my dick, fingers long and artistic that I love to suck, shoulders, plump and pleasurable when I dig my fingernails in them. Oh my mother is so pretty, that I don’t think I can ever stop loving her and punishing her is the most pleasurable thing I can think of.
So many ways I have devised to express my love to her in my peculiar way. I love to slap her, on her face, cheeks and wherever I can lay my hands on, until she cries and begs for mercy. I hold her hair in my hands and give her violent jerks, her face in violent throes, I keep on slapping her while I am pulling her face and this mostly happens when I am naked in front of her and with every jerk of her hair, she gets my dick probing in her soft chummy face. I love when I make her naked and make her lie down on my naked thighs and she gets lots of smacks on her soft pretty butt. Oh how pleasurable is it to slap her soft plump butts. They are the cutest pair of butts in this world and how pleasurable is it when my hands come with force and slap them in all earnest. She moans like a bitch in pain and how sweet to my ears is it to listen to her cries and sobs and tears flow down her eyes and cheeks. My dick gets erect whenever I think of my mommy getting lovingly punished at my hands.
There are so many ways of punishing mommy and every time I come up with a new innovative way to punish the lovely bitch. So much so, that she is afraid at my innovativeness and is afraid what’s in store for her, each time I approach her bed room. Of course I love water games. So I enjoy whenever I pee on mommy’s face. Her royal, elegant face getting drenched with my golden showers. This usually happens when we are done with all the punishments and I have come once or twice on her face, and she cannot take any more punishments without getting killed. So after the entire usual painful lovemaking and punishments towards mommy, in the end she gets her face wet with my pee and I stand close to her face while urinating. My pee comes out with large force, making splashes and large sound hitting her face and her every pore of upper body as well as my groin gets wet with smelly hot water. This signifies the end of punishments for her so she usually spells relief on her face, whenever I come close to her face and start urinating.
And yes, I love it when the motherly bitch, cries “No ..No ..No...” while she is getting punished at my hands. So she is strictly ordered to cry these words. So while she likes some of the acts that she is habitual of, she has to say NO loud and clear from her motherly lips. Else I have tricks of making her go mad with pain.
Whenever we are alone at home, and this happens often, I have instructions for the bitch to be stark naked. She doesn’t have a shred of clothing on her and I can lay my hands on whatever piece of her flesh I want. Of course I hit her without any reason , bite her, blood comes out at various parts of her body and most of the times whenever we are alone , she spends her time crying and begging for mercy from her lovely son. I see her working in kitchen bending over sink and I wanna have feel of her soft motherly ass, so I just go and land a forceful kick on her butt’s. This makes her swirl and sometimes fall on cold floor. From there I make her turn and lie on her stomach so that I can view and if I like, kick her butt many times over. Sometimes I have leather boots on, sometimes I like the touch of my bare feet on her soft lovely ass.
Sometime when she is sleeping in middle of night in her nighties and I wanna screw her. So I just go in her room, climb on her bed, start slapping her face, tear her nightie and insert my hard, warm dick in her lovely soft puss. She cries in pain as she isn’t expecting me to screw her in middle on night, and of course she moans “No No” as instructed, but that doesn’t stop me, rather excites me and I finish my need with her body and when spent my mommy’s pussy, I just urinate on her if I feel like and relaxed, spent, hug her and go to sleep with her, while she cries and sobs softly in my arms.
Of course she has to worship my dick like a god’s statue. She has to lick it clean everyday, and whenever I feel like having the touch of mother’s soft mouth on my smelly, unclean dick, I just order her and she comes, happily sucking on dick and we have fun. Same applies to my arse, and she has to smell it, sometimes I fart on her face, whenever her food gives me trouble and she has to put her fingers in my arse and look for any uncleanness. Sometimes I poop on her face when I feel too bad about her, but that isn’t very frequent. Whenever that happens, I order her to lie down on bathroom floor and I bend on her face and empty my stomach on her face.
Most of the time, we are a normal couple and I just make soft love to her like tying her down to bed post , stripping her naked, beating her so that she acquires pink glow all over her motherly plump body, and then licking , biting, fondling her all over. Her boobies are center of my attention as I fondle them hard for hours, bite and lick the nippies and mom goes crazy shouting at top pitch begging me to screw her, but I won’t oblige. I keep on teasing her tied down body and kicking whatever body part I want to kick and biting her wherever and watching her beg , sob and moan for more or less of the treatment.
I wonder why she plays all these games with me. The answer is that of course she loves to be humiliated and loved all over like no-ones does to her better than I do, her sweet young son.

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added reps KAMBI bhai
Plz dont Repp Me friends becos i dont visit daily and wont be able to repp you back.so plz dont add reps in the future

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juicy stories

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Stories Sari Achi He Lekin Yar Family Or Mother Wali Story Plz Urdu Me Send Karo

I Thank Full To U

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stories is good. but plzz send in hindi dear plzzz.

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